Baby Items Starting With A to Z Checklist

If you’re looking for a full list of baby items that start with A to Z, then you’re in the right place!

In our ultimate checklist of baby items A to Z we have conveniently listed out all the baby items you can think of (and more) in alphabetical orders so you can easily see any baby items you might need. Or for any baby shower games you’re planning.

As a new parent we know how overwhelming it can be preparing for your newborn baby.

There are a ton of baby items out there so it can be all too easy to miss essential baby items or end up buy things you don’t really need.

That’s why we wanted to put together this baby necessities from a to z guide.

Here you’ll not only find the baby items a-z but also a description to what each item to help take some of the confusion away.

We’ve also added links to the relevant guides we have on these items so you can easily learn more about each item and our ‘best of’ recommendations if you choose.

From baby items starting with A to baby items starting with Z, here you’ll find tons of baby items for every letter of the alphabet on our baby items checklist!

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baby items

Baby Items Starting With A to Z

So, let’s dive in and check out all the different baby items from a to z that there are!

Baby Items Starting with A

Activity Mat

A baby activity mat is a soft and thickly padded mat used as a comfortable place where your baby can play.

It provides a few benefits from a strengthening support during tummy time and whilst your baby is learning to roll over as we as encouraging your little one to engage with their surrounding like reaching for a toy or looking at the bright colors.

All-Terrain Stroller

An all-terrain stroller is a stroller specifically designed to travel across a variety surfaces including soft grass, pavement, and gravel roads.

They have large tyres that can either be air-filled or puncture proof rubber as well as suspension to ensure the comfort for both baby and parent. They can generally come with three wheels to enable better maneuverability across the different surfaces.

For more check out our guides on the best all terrain strollers and best all terrain double strollers.

Our Top Pick
Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller
$139.99 $109.99

The huge composite tires on this Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller are designed for all-terrain! And the 3 wheel system (with a locking front swiveling wheel) makes this stroller very easy to maneuver.

Better yet it comes with an extra large storage compartment, is compatible with the Baby Trend car seat and is very reasonably priced!

05/17/2024 03:03 pm GMT

Alphabet Toys

Alphabet toys are toys that showcase the letter of the alphabet. They can come in the shape of wooden or plastic blocks, puzzles, magnets, soft toys, abacus, bead, and more!

Whilst not all will be appropriate for your baby, alphabet toys are designed to help teach your child letters, words, and spelling.

Baby Items Starting with B

Baby Bathtub

A baby bathtub is just like what it sounds. A small, portable bathtub that allows you to safety and comfortably wash your baby. 

Baby Bath Seat

A baby bath seat is typically made of plastic and are waterproof seats that give your baby a place to sit up in the tub safely. They support your baby with rails and a non-slip grip, preventing your baby from sliding down into the water.

Baby Blanket

A baby blanket is primarily a piece of fabric that is used to keep your baby warm and cozy, whether it is during the night or while your baby is playing.

Yet surprisingly, there are several different types of baby blankets available. There are receiving blankets, wearable / swaddling blankets, security blankets, stroller blankets, milestone blankets, and more!

Here is our guide on the different types of baby blankets and how many blankets does a baby need!

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers (also known as a soft structured carrier – an SSC) are a device that allows the baby wearer to carry a baby close to their body.

Baby carriers have a structured fabric seat for the baby with a waistband and two shoulder straps that support the baby. In addition, soft-structured carriers have buckles that keep the shoulder straps and belt in place.

You can read more here on baby carriers vs wraps, best baby carriers for plus size moms, best baby carriers for petite moms, and best baby carriers for bad backs.

Our Top Pick
Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier
$179.00 $143.63

The Ergo 360 is an all in one carrier that grows with your baby from newborn to toddler (0-48 months; 7-45lbs). From forward facing in to forward facing out, hip and back carry it's hard to go past the versatility of this baby carrier!

We love it for forward facing baby wearing as it is easy to adjust and provides head & neck support for your baby. This is in additional to the padded lumbar back support and extra padded shoulder straps that provide maximum comfort.

The Omni 360 is so incredible for warm weather because it's made with soft, durable mesh fabric that keeps both you and your baby cool. It also has a detachable storage pouch and a UPF 50+ baby hood for sun protection and privacy.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/23/2024 03:04 am GMT

Baby Food

Baby food is food that is made specifically for babies. Depending on the age of your baby this could be simple fruit purees when they are starting to try solid foods to more complex and textured baby foods that contain meat, vegetables, and pasta as they develop.

Baby Food Storage Containers

Baby food containers are small containers that allow you to portion your baby food into ideal portion sizes for your baby.

Baby Gate

A baby gate is a safety device that is used to prevent children from accessing dangerous areas of the home. They are typically made out of metal or plastic and are designed to be installed at the top of a staircase, doorway, or other opening.

Baby Grooming Kit

A baby grooming kit is a set of items that parents use on their babies to keep them clean and healthy. A baby grooming set may included items such as:

  • A baby brush is used to brush the baby’s hair.
  • A nail clipper, scissors, and tweezers are used to trim the baby’s nails and cut off any loose skin around the nails.
  • A thermometer is used to take the temperature of a sick or feverish child.

Baby Lotion

Baby lotion is a type of lotion that is used to moisturize the skin of babies and prevent dryness. Baby lotion can be used on any part of the baby’s body, including their face and hands.

Baby Memory Book

A baby memory book is a book that records all the precious milestones and achievements of your baby’s first years.

There are many ideas to include in your baby memory book, but essentially it is filled out by parents with pictures and memories of the first year of a child’s life.

Our Top Pick
Promptly Journals - Baby Memory Book

This Promptly Journal is filled with thoughtful prompts to help you easily capture the most important memories of your baby's first year and beyond. From pregnancy to graduation it is your one stop spot to capture each phase of your child's life. The journal comes in a beautifully linen or leatherette bound cover and contains 254 pages of meaningful prompts, making it a wonderful keepsake!

05/25/2024 06:03 am GMT

Baby Powder

Baby powder is a product that is used to keep babies dry and reduce the risk of rashes by absorbing moisture from around your baby’s skin.

There are also several baby powder alternatives you can use if you don’t have any baby power on hand or are looking for a more natural alternative.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is a baby bath time essential that is used to clean and moisturize the hair and scalp of infants. Baby shampoos have milder cleaning agents that regular shampoos, so they are more suited for using on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are moist towelettes that are used to clean a baby’s sensitive skin. They’re typically made of water, soap and a softening agent, and they come in a plastic container.

For more on baby wipes, check out these guides on how many baby wipes do I need, do baby wipes expire, and baby wipe alternatives.

Baby Wrap

Baby wraps are long strips of woven or stretchy material used during baby wearing as a way to wrap around you and your baby.

There are several different baby wraps on the market, all made from different fabrics. Some wraps are made from cotton or linen; natural materials allow air to flow through making them an ideal baby wrap for summer and warmer weather. Others are made from synthetic materials, like polyester or spandex, which may not be as breathable.

Babyproofing Supplies

Babyproofing Supplies are items that parents use to make their home safe for their children. Babyproofing supplies can be the type of product that is used to block off areas of the house or they can be the type of product that protects children from dangers in the home.

Common babyproofing supplies are baby gates, door locks, outlet plugs, and corner guards.


A bassinet is a sleep space that’s specifically designed for infants during their first few months. They are often smaller than cribs and more portable making them ideal to be placed in the parent’s bed for easier access and to help reduce the risk of SIDS.

You might also like these guides on:

Our Top Pick
Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet

Arm's Reach is a well trusted brand in the bassinet industry, creating quality, functional co-sleepers for parents. And the Cambria is no exception!

You can use the Cambria in two modes; a bedside bassinet, attached to the parent bed or stand-alone bassinet, anywhere you would like to put it.

The drop down mesh side makes for easy access to your baby, whilst features such as the the storage pockets as well as a platform enables you to store essentials close by. Perfect for C section and breastfeeding moms!

This bassinet also comes with everything you need including a mattress, fitted sheet, and a nylon strap, plus most importantly a plate to attach to the adult bed for safety.

05/18/2024 06:03 pm GMT

Bassinet Mattress

A bassinet mattress is a special type of mattress designed to fit snuggly in your bassinet. It should be made from baby-safe materials and be thinner and harder than a normal mattress so if you baby ends up face down it will still allow them to breathe.

Bassinet Mattress Protector

A bassinet mattress protector is a thin, padded cover that is placed on top of a bassinet mattress to protect it from dirt, spills, bodily fluids and other substances.

Bassinet Sheet

A bassinet sheet is a thin, fitted, fabric-like material that is often used as a mattress cover or to protect the mattress from spills and to provide comfort to your baby.

Bassinet Stroller

A bassinet stroller is simply a stroller frame with wheels that has a removable bassinet attached to it in place of the conventional seat.

Want to learn more? Then check out our guide on the best bassinet strollers


A baby bathmat is a plastic mat that can be adhered to the bottom of a bathtub (usually with suction cups) to provide an anti-slip surface for your baby to sit on.

Bath Thermometer

A bath thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of a bath so you can check that the water is the ideal temperature for your baby.

Bath Towel

A baby bath towel is a towel that is specifically designed to be used for drying off a baby after a bath. It is much smaller than the average towel.

It can be used to wrap up a baby after bathing them or as a protective layer for when the baby is being carried around. It can also be used as a mat or changing surface.

Bath Toys

A baby bath toys are toys that are used for babies to play in the water. They can be made of rubber, plastic, or cloth and often have a variety of textures.

Beach Stroller

A beach stroller is a type of stroller that is meant to be used on the sand.

Some features that make these beach strollers different from traditional strollers are:

  • Bigger wheels so they can easily move over the sand and avoid sinking in.
  • A large canopy to protect from harsh sunlight or rain.
  • Canopies with mesh screens to allow for airflow and visibility.
  • A small basket underneath for storage of items such as a towel, sunscreen, and snacks.

To help guide you on choosing a beach stroller we’ve put together our list of the best beach strollers!


A bib is a cloth or plastic object that is worn around the neck and covers the front of your baby’s body. Bibs are often used to protect clothing from milk and food spills whilst eating.

Booster Seat

A booster seat is a type of car seat that is used to elevate the height of a child once they no longer need to be restrained in a baby car seat but are still too small for an adult car seat. Booster seats provide support for the back and hips of the child by raising them up to the same level as an adult.


Baby booties are a type of footwear that is worn by babies. They are typically made from soft material and are tightly fitted to their feet. Baby booties are primarily worn for warmth, but they can also be used to protect the feet from injury or prevent them from sticking to surfaces like a blanket or mattress.


A baby bottle is a device that is used to feed babies.

These bottles are made of glass, plastic, or silicone and have a nipple at one end. The nipple usually has a teat or spout at the end which makes it easier for the baby to suck on.

Bottles are used for both formular fed babies and babies that are breastfed with expressed milk.

You can read more about baby bottles in our guides on best bottles for breastfed babies, how to warm bottles on the go, and do baby bottles expire!

Bottle Brush

A baby bottle brush is a tool used to clean the inside of a baby’s bottle. It has a long handle and bristles that can be twisted back and forth to remove any gunk from with inside of your baby’s bottle.

Bottle Drying Rack

A baby bottle drying rack is a drying rack that is specifically made for drying baby bottles and nipples.

The main purpose of these racks are to prevent mold growth and to keep the nipples from touching one another.

Bottle Sterilizer

A baby bottle sterilizer is a device that cleans and sterilizes baby bottles. It is essential for parents that are bottle feeding their children.

It works by heating water to a boiling point and then spraying the hot steam on the bottles to sanitize them. There are different types of sterilizers available in the market, such as microwave, electric or dishwasher safe basket. Some also have a drying rack so that you can dry your bottles too.

Bottle Warmer

A baby bottle warmer is a device that is used to warm up a baby’s milk or food before feeding.

This is done by heating up the milk in an enclosed container with a water bath. The device is usually plugged into an electric outlet, and it has a timer to control how long it takes to warm up the milk.

It is often used in the middle of the night, when it can be difficult to prepare food.


A baby bouncer is a device that can sit your baby in and it allows your baby to bounce up and down.

There are several types of bouncers from bouncers that are powered by baby’s own movements or by giving it a quick nudge with your hand or foot to powered bouncers that generally come with other functions like a vibration mode and music. There are also hybrid bouncers that also include a swing function. 

Breast Milk Fridge

A breast milk fridge is a refrigerator that is specifically designed to store and keep breast milk at the right temperature.

There are many benefits of a breast milk fridge for breastfeeding mothers. Apart from providing the right environment for storing breastmilk, it also helps in keeping track of how much breastmilk has been pumped and stored.

You can read our guide on how to choose a breast milk fridge and our top recommendations.

Breast Pads

Breast pads are a small round piece of cotton or other absorbent material that are placed inside a bra to absorb breast milk and prevent leaks.

Breast pads can be made of many different materials and come in many shapes and sizes. Some people prefer breast pads that are contoured to fit their breasts, while others prefer flat breast pads. Breast pads can be disposable or reusable.

Breast Pump

A breast pump is a device that is used to extract milk from the breasts. A breast pump can be manual or electric, and it can be used to express milk for storage or to feed an infant.

A manual breast pumps, like the Lansinoh manual breast pump, is operated by hand and consists of a bottle, a valve, and two cups. The cup is placed over the nipple and then squeezed, which creates suction that pulls at the nipple. The other cup is placed over the other nipple and then squeezed in order to create suction on both nipples simultaneously.

Electric breast pumps like the wearable Elvie breast pump and Spectra S2 breast pump that are powered by plugging them in or batteries. They are often more efficient than manual pumps because they create more suction with less effort on the part of the user.

There are many different types of breast pumps, but all work on the same basic principle: suction and compression.

Breastmilk Storage Bags

Breastmilk Storage Bags are a simple and convenient way to store breast milk. They are used by mothers who have to pump milk for their babies or even those who want to keep breast milk in the freezer for later use.

The bags come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They also vary in terms of how they are sealed and how they can be opened. The most popular ones are the ones that can be opened from the top with a zipper seal. This type is more convenient than those that have a twist-tie closure because it makes it easier to remove milk from the bag.

Burp Cloth

A burp cloth is a small square of fabric that is typically placed over one’s shoulder or around the neck to protect clothing from spit-up or drool from an infant.

Here we discuss are burp cloths really necessary and how many burp cloths do you need!

Baby Items Starting with C

Car Seat

A baby car seat is a safety device that is used to hold an infant or small child in a vehicle. It provides protection in the event of a collision and may also be used to keep the child secure when not in the vehicle.

Car seats are often made with foam, plastic, or metal and come with straps that allow them to be secured tightly into place and fastened securely into the vehicle’s seat belt system.

Whilst you can purchase a baby car seat that is stand alone it is also common to purchase a stroller car seat combo which enables you to remove the car seat from the vehicle base and place it in your stroller without the need to remove your baby from their seat.

Here are some of our top picks for:

Our Top Pick
Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat

The Uppababy Mesa is a leading car seat that employs a SmartSecure system that provides a self-retracting latch installation. This enables you to quickly and easily install the car seat with accuracy. 

It is suitable for weights of 4-35 lbs and heights of up to 32" making it suitable for infants and newborns.

Car Seat Base

Baby car seat bases are a safety product sold separately from the infant seat that allows you to simply click the infant seat on and off the base. They often come with indicators to show it is fitted properly, which reduces the risk of incorrect fitment and misuse.

Baby car seat bases are design to remain permanently fitted in the vehicle which also makes your life easier with not having to fiddle with seat belts.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide detector is an instrument that detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas in the air. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can be fatal at high concentrations, especially to young children.

Carbon monoxide detectors are often used by parents in nurseries to ensure the safety of their baby.

Changing Pad

A changing pad is a soft, padded surface that sits on top of a baby’s changing table and is used in the process of changing a baby.

It is typically made of foam with a waterproof outer layer for easy cleaning.

Changing Pad Cover

A changing pad cover is a piece of fabric that is placed on top of a baby’s changing table in order to protect the surface from spills, leaks and other accidents.

There are many different types of material that can be used for this purpose. Some are more durable than others, but all are designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need? Read our changing pad cover guide to learn more.

Changing Table

A changing table is a piece of furniture that is used to change a baby’s diaper. The changing table usually consists of a flat, raised surface with a hole in the center, and four legs.

The changing table may also be called a changer, or changing station. It is typically made from wood or plastic. Some models are designed with an integrated dresser underneath the surface, while others are free-standing pieces of furniture that can be moved around the room as needed.

Cloth Diaper Covers

Cloth diaper covers are exactly what they sound like – covers that go over the top of cloth diapers. You need covers if you use flats, prefolds, fitteds, or contour cloth diapers.

Most covers are made with either PUL or TPU. PUL stands for polyurethane laminate; it’s a laminated fabric that is water-resistant. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, and it’s a heat reactive plastic that is water-resistant. It’s not fabric but rather a thin, stretchy plastic.

Another cover option is wool. Wool fibers repel moisture, so instead of your diaper leaking, it absorbs the urine. Using wool covers is expensive, but it’s a beloved choice. You have to lanolize the fabric, and the care instructions are tricky at times.

Want to learn more about covers and inserts? Then check out our full guide on how many cloth diaper covers and inserts you need!

Cloth Diaper Inserts

Cloth diaper inserts are an essential part of cloth diapering. They are the part of the diaper that absorbs liquid. They are essentially the “workhorse” of the cloth diaper.

Inserts come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common materials for inserts are cotton, hemp, bamboo, microfiber, and fleece.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are a type of reusable diaper that is made from cloth. Cloth diapers are often used as an alternative to disposable diapers, and they can be washed and reused for many years.

Whilst there are many different types of cloth diapers, all with pros and cons, essentially they are more environmentally friendly, they save you money and they offer a lot of benefits for your baby compared to a disposable diaper.

Cloth Wipes

Cloth diaper wipes are an alternative to disposable wipes. Essentially cloth diaper wipes are a type of cloth that is used to clean a baby’s bottom after they go to the toilet.

Cloth baby wipes are made from natural fibers like cotton and bamboo, which means they’re safe for your baby’s skin.

Compared with disposable wipes, cloth diaper wipes are less expensive, better for the environment, and reduce the amount of chemicals your baby’s skin is exposed to.

Convertible Car Seat

A convertible baby car seat is a type of car seat that is designed to be used rear-facing for infants but can be converted to a forward-facing position for toddlers.

This type of car seat is typically more expensive than a traditional rear-facing only model because it can accommodate an infant and toddler.

The forward-facing position often includes additional safety features, such as harness straps and an energy absorbing headrest.

Convertible models are available in both rear- and front-facing positions.


A crib is a bed for a baby. It can be used for many purposes like sleeping, playing, and so on. It is also used as a safe place where the baby can sleep and play.

You can learn more about the best crib for you an your baby in these guides:

Our Top Pick
Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

The Babyletto Modo is a fantastic choice for parents looking for a low profile crib.

With the assembled height of 34.75 inches, this Greengaurd Gold Certified crib is not only a stylish but practical addition to your nursery.

It has 3 different settlings enabling the crib to transition from crib to toddler bed and daybed, with the toddler bed conversion kit included.

There are also 4 adjustable mattress positions to make putting your child to rest easier based on their development.

05/17/2024 03:03 am GMT

Crib Mattress

A crib mattress is a mattress that fits snuggly into a crib. It is usually made of foam or polyester and covered by fabric.

Many crib mattresses are double-sided. These mattresses have a firmer infant side and a softer side that is more appropriate for toddlers who still use a crib or convertible toddler bed.

Keep in mind though, these models might be more expensive than some infant crib mattresses.

Crib Mattress Protector

A crib mattress protector is a cover that is usually made waterproof material and is designed to fit over a baby’s mattress. The purpose of the crib mattress protector is to protect the mattress from urine and other bodily fluids that may be spilled during sleep.

Crib Sheets

Crib mattress sheets are fitted sheets that are placed on a baby’s crib mattress in order to keep the child safe and comfortable. They have to be soft and breathable in order for the baby not to get hot and sweaty.

Baby Items Starting with D


A diaper is a type of underwear designed to be worn by a person to absorb urine, feces, and bodily fluids. Diapers can be made from cloth or disposable materials.

Diaper Cream

Diaper cream is a topical cream that is used on the skin of babies and young children to prevent or treat diaper rash. Diaper rash typically develops when skin is exposed to urine or feces for prolonged periods of time.

It can be caused by a number of factors, including food allergies, yeast infections, diabetes and diaper-wearing time. Diaper cream can be applied in the form of a paste, lotion or powder. The most common ingredients in these creams are zinc oxide and petrolatum (a type of mineral oil).

Want to learn more about diaper creams? Then check out these guides on:

Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers are a single use diaper that is thrown away after use.

Whilst there are some disadvantages of using disposable diapers for babies they are still a very popular option when it comes to diapering your baby due to their convince.

Here are some things to consider when buying disposable diapers and our top pick for the best disposable diapers.

Disposable Wipes

Disposable baby wipes are a product that is used by parents to clean their babies. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they are disposable.

Disposable baby wipes are made of a cloth-like material that is soaked in water or a wet solution and then wrapped around a cardboard core. This makes them easy to use and dispose of (hence the name). Disposable baby wipes often come with lotion or other skin care products to make cleaning easier on the skin, but these extra features can be found in reusable baby wipes too.

The main use case for disposable baby wipes is as a means of cleaning up after a dirty diaper change. However, disposable baby wipes also have many other uses, such as for cleaning up messy hands or wiping down surfaces or other items that need to be cleaned.

You can read more about disposable wipes in these guides:

Diaper Pins

Diaper pins are a type of fastener that is used to hold some types of cloth diapers in place. They are also called diaper pins, diaper clips, and diaper fasteners.

Diaper pins are made from metal or plastic material and come in different shapes and sizes.

Diaper Pail

A diaper pail is a container that is designed to hold soiled diapers until they can be disposed of or cleaned in the case of cloth diapers.

It is usually made of plastic, metal or a combination of the two and has an opening in the top for inserting soiled diapers into the container. The opening at the top will have some kind of lid to keep odors from escaping. They are generally required to be used with a diaper pail bag.

Diaper Pail Deodorizer

A diaper pail deodorizer is a product designed to be used in a diaper pail in order to reduce or eliminate the odor of soiled diapers.

Some of the most common types of deodorizers are odor absorbing, fragrance diffusing, and antibacterial. Odor absorbing products such as baking soda and activated charcoal absorb odors while fragrance diffusers such as essential oils can mask odors with their own scent. Antibacterial products are designed to kill bacteria that cause odors.

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a bag that is used to diaper bag essentials for children.

A diaper bag can be used for babies, toddlers and even older children. They are often made of cloth, canvas, or leather and are designed for the parent to carry or secure onto their stroller like these best backpack diaper bags for twins.

They also have pockets or compartments where things like diapers, bottles, wipes and other items needed by the child can be stored.

Diaper Subscription

A diaper subscription service is an automated service that deliveries diapers and diaper accessories directly to your home.

There are many benefits for parents who choose to use a diaper subscription service. For one, it will save you time and money since you don’t need to go out and buy diapers every week or month.

You can also get the perfect fit for your baby because the company will send you a variety of sizes and styles.

And finally, it allows you to save space in your home by not having as many boxes sitting around in your house or apartment.

Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy is a bag, box, or container for storing diapers and other diaper caddy essentials. There are many different types of diaper caddies that are designed to suit the needs of the user.

Here are our top picks for the best diaper caddy for every budget and occasion!


A baby dresser is a piece of furniture that is used to store clothes and other items for babies. It can be found in any room in the house, but it is most commonly found in the nursery.

Dressers come in many different sizes, shapes and colors to match the decor of any room. They are typically made from wood, but they can also be made from metal or plastic.

Our Top Pick
Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser
$379.99 $299.99

This high quality, 6 spacious drawer, sleigh design dresser is a classic and timeless piece of baby furniture. So, it's no wonder this is one of the top-selling nursery dressers! 

The drawers are also equipped with safety stops to prevent them from being pulled out too far, which can be a safety hazard for children.

We love that it also comes with an optional changing table topper for versatility and it comes in four different colors; black, espresso, grey, and white so it's sure to suit the rest of your nursery furniture.

05/19/2024 07:03 am GMT

Double Stroller

A double stroller is a type of baby stroller that can be used to carry two children at the same time. It is designed for families with twins, triplets, or other siblings who are close in age and size.

You can read more about double stroller in these guides:

Baby Items Starting with E

Electric Bottle Warmer

An electric bottle warmer is a device that is used to heat up baby bottles. The device can be plugged into an electrical outlet and it has a heating pad that is placed in the bottom of the container.

It can be used to safely warm up milk or formula without the need to boil water and wait for it to cool down.

Eye drops

Eye drops are a product that is used to help treat infections such as conjunctivitis. Eye drops are applied to the eye using a dropper or a spray.

Baby Items Starting with F

Face Cloth

A baby face cloth is a small towel that is made to be used for babies to clean their face and hands. It is typically made of cotton or terrycloth.

First Aid Kit

A baby first aid kit is a set of supplies that contains the items you will need in an emergency. It can be helpful to have a first aid kit for your child, even if they are still in diapers.

A baby first aid kit should include items such as:

  • Baby thermometer
  • Medicine dropper
  • Bulb syringe/nasal aspirator
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Safety pins
  • Blunt Scissors
  • Bandaids (various sizes)
  • Gauze pads (various sizes)
  • Cotton swabs (various sizes)
  • Saline nasal drops (AAP-approved in place of cough and cold medicine)
  • Baby gas drops (AAP-approved Simethicone)
  • Infant Acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol, safe after 12 weeks)
  • Antibiotic cream (safe for ages 2+)


Baby formula is a supplement that is given to babies who are unable to breastfeed. Baby formula is made up of all the essential nutrients that are needed by the infant.

Baby Items Starting with G

Glider Nursing Chair

A glider nursing chair is a type of recliner used to comfortably fed and sooth your baby.

Unlike a rocker nursing chair, gliders move forward and backward on a fixed track (some swivel too). Gliders tend to offer a smoother ride than a rocker. Plus, they’re designed not to trap toes underneath like a rocker can.

They often come with a matching ottoman for a footrest though it usually costs extra.

Check out our best nursery glider and rocker recommendations!

Our Top Pick
DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman

This GreenGaurd Gold certified swivel glider has been designed specifically with parent and baby in mind! Not only do you get great lumbar support but the 360-degree swivel allows for a smooth and gentle glide, so you’ll be comfortable no matter how you glide or swivel. 

It’s safe for little fingers since the swivel construction is under the chair and not accessible by kids.

And as a plus, you'll also get an ottoman so you can kick your feet up and it comes assembled when it’s delivered!

05/25/2024 02:03 am GMT

Gripe Water

Gripe water is a herbal supplement that is given to babies to help soothe their stomachs. It is used by parents for a variety of ailments including gas, colic, heartburn, and indigestion.

Baby Items Starting with H


A baby hamper is a basket to place dirty clothes in before washing. It can also be used for other things such as toy storage.

Hands Free Pumping Bra

A hands free pumping bra is a bra that allows mothers to pump their milk hands free while they wear it.

Using a hands-free pumping bra means you can collect milk for your baby while you’re doing other things such as on your phone or laptop, reading, having a snack, or playing with an older child.

It also makes it much easier to operate the breast pump controls and deal with your bottles or bags of expressed milk.

If you want to learn more about pumping bras then check out these guides on:


A baby hat is a small, typically soft head covering that may be worn by a baby to protect their head and ears from cold.

There are many types of hats for babies, like beanies, caps, bonnets and more. Some babies wear them every day while others only wear them when they go out in the cold.


A highchair is a chair with a tray that is designed to be used by a baby or toddler during mealtimes. It is usually made of plastic, metal, or wood for easy cleaning. Highchairs can be raised to the height of an adult chair.

Hiking Stroller

A hiking stroller is a stroller designed specifically for going off road on rough terrains such as gravel.

Hiking strollers typically have large wheels, lockable front wheel, hand brakes, adjustable handlebar and offer a good suspension system so they can provide a smooth ride over rough terrain.

Check out our best hiking stroller picks!

Hooded Bath Towel

A hooded baby bath towel is essentially a small bath towel with an attached hood. It is specifically designed to be used for drying off a baby after a bath and keeping them warm whilst you get them dressed.

The hooded bath towel design and small dimensions make for a more seamless transition from the tub to the changing table, especially in the wiggly stage.


A humidifier is a device used to add moisture to dry air. Humidifiers work by creating a fine mist from cold water that is released into the air.

Babies are more susceptible to congestion, using a humidifier can aid in relieving congestion by helping to create optimal breathing conditions. This allows your baby to sleep comfortably and loosen the build-up of mucus.

It can also help prevent your baby’s sensitive skin from drying out.

You may also like this guide on where to put a humidifier in a nursery.

Our Top Pick
Frida Baby 3-in-1 Humidifier with Diffuser and Nightlight

This Frida Baby humidifier is actually 3 devices in 1: humidifier, diffuser and nightlight!

They can be used all together, or individually making the Frida Baby extremely versatile.

It can run for up to 12hours and comes with an auto stop feature when the water tank is empty.

And the mist adjuster goes from gentle mist to tropical rainforest with a twist of the knob.

You can even add Breath Frida Vapor Drops or any aromatherapy-grade essential oil for easier breathing - it covers up to 320 square feet with a 0.5 gallon tank.

05/25/2024 05:03 am GMT

Baby Items Starting with I


Infacol is a product used by many parents to make it easier for the gas to be passed by their baby. The remedy claims to reduce the surface tension of bubbles of trapped gas by joining the smaller bubbles together.

Insect Repellent

Insect repellent, also known as bug spray, is a product used to repel insects such as mosquitos from biting your child. Most repellents now use one of two main active ingredients – DEET or picaridin and can come in a spray or roll-on form.

Baby Items Starting with J

Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are light weight strollers designed to make it easier to push their child whist being physically active. A jogging stroller usually has three large, air filled and rubber wheels for a smooth ride. The front wheel will also have the option to be locked into place when you are jogging to prevent sudden turns and movement. And the handle is adjustable to help maintain a great posture for parents whist jogging.

Here are some jogging strollers we have reviewed:

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller suspension system & air filled tires provide are such to provide an ultra-smooth ride over any terrain, including sand!

We love the 360° swivel front wheel as it means you'll get great maneuverability and it's additional features full upright seat and peak & chat window ensure your baby's comfort too.

And with an extra large cargo basket and phone pocket, you'll be able to have all your essentials on hand.

05/25/2024 06:03 pm GMT


A baby jumper is a play device for babies which has a suspended seat that a baby can sit on and bounce by pushing the toes on the floor.

They come in three main styles:

  • A doorway jumper which consists of a baby seat that attaches to a door frame. With this jumper, the baby is secured by a harness and can jump up and down in the doorway.
  • A stational jumper, which is like a doorway jumper but instead of being attached to a doorway it is attached to its own frame. It’s also safer as the bungee cord is not as long and cannot swing your child as far.
  • An activity center (also known as an exersaucer) which consists of a hoop and seat suspended by elastic straps surrounded by buttons to push, rattles to shake, and other attention-grabbing toys. This allows your baby bounce and keep busy after they are done bouncing.

Baby Items Starting with K

Keepsake Box

A baby memory box or baby keepsake box is a special box used to store all your precious baby mementos and baby items that you want to hold.

Kneeler Pad

A kneeler pad is an extra thick, cushioned, waterproof pad that helps protect parent’s knees from the hard bathroom surface whilst they kneel down and bath their child.

Baby Items Starting with L

Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies are small cookies packed with vitamins and nutrients to help boost and maintain breastmilk supply and help keep breastfeeding parents nourished while their bodies work (overtime) to produce milk.


Baby leggings are thin, lightweight, tight, stretchy pants used to keep your baby’s legs warm and protected. They are great for when your baby starts moving to protect their knees.

Baby leggings can be used for both girls and boys. They also come in tons of colors and patterns, making them a super cute part of any outfit.

Leg Warmers

Baby leg warmers are product used to keep your baby comfortable and warm while allowing for an easy change. Like pants they cover your baby’s leg, however they do not cover your baby’s bottom.

Your baby can wear them instead of tights or pants, especially indoors. Or they can wear them on top of pants outside when it’s cold. They are also perfect to keep your baby’s legs warm if they are required to wear a hip brace for treating hip dysplasia.

Long Range Baby Monitor

A long-range baby monitor is a baby monitor designed for long range use. A standard range for a baby monitor is around 600ft unobstructed. Whilst you can expect a long-range monitor to reach up to 2000 ft in an open range.

There are factors to consider, such as obstructions, that we discuss in our best long range baby monitors guide.


Baby lotion is a lotion applied to your baby’s skin to help moisturize it and prevent dry skin. Unless the baby’s skin is dry, lotions really are not needed.

Adult lotions generally contain ingredients that are too harsh for a baby and may irritate their skin, so if you are applying a lotion to your baby, ensure it is a baby safe lotion.

Baby Items Starting with M

Mini Crib

A mini crib is what it sounds like – a smaller crib than the standard full size. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission sets standardized sizes by law to ensure crib mattresses fit appropriately, and mini cribs measure less than 25.375 inches wide.

Many people think that mini cribs are the same as portable ones, but this isn’t true. Many are meant to be non-foldable and look exactly like wooden cribs, just smaller.

You can learn more in our best mini cribs guide!


A baby mobile is a structure that hangs over your baby in their crib. It might include hanging toys such as animals and flowers amongst other decorative objects. It is designed to entice newborns to focus and reach out for objects of interest, thus helping to foster their developing motor skills.


A baby monitor is a safety device used by parents to remotely listen or watch their baby. Most baby monitors come with video and audio monitors but there are also audio-only monitors.

Here are our top picks for the best baby monitors and things to consider before buying one.

Baby Items Starting with N

Nail Clippers

Baby nail clippers are small tool used to clip or trim your baby’s nails to prevent them from scratching themselves. The handles themselves are large enough for parent hands, but the blade area of the nail clipper is much smaller than an adult size nail clippers. This is to help you avoid cutting your infant’s fingers along with his nails.

Nasal Aspirator

A baby nasal aspirator is a device that creates suction to remove loose or hard mucus safely from a baby’s nose. This clears up the airways and helps them breathe a more easily. They can be manual or electric operated.


A night light is a dim light that provides enough brightness in your nursery to check on your baby or change a diaper but is gentle on blurry eyes, helping to keep you and your child in sleep-time mode.

They are also a great device to help comfort old children who are afraid of the dark.

Check out the full benefits of a nightlight and our best nightlight for baby picks!

Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

A non-WiFi baby monitor is a baby monitor that does not use WiFi. Some parents prefer to use non-WiFi baby monitors as they do not need a wireless network or app to work. This makes more secure against hackers and a great option for travelling or where WiFi is not an available option.

Nursing Bra

A nursing bra is a bra designed specifically for nursing. Nursing bras have clasps or panels that allow easy access to the nipples for breastfeeding, while maternity and regular bras don’t.

Here are some of our guides on nursing bras:

Nursing Chair

nursing chair is a chair that’s comfortable when nursing an infant.

Many parents opt for a rocker or glider as their nursing chair, as it helps to establish a good feeding position as well as the movement helps to sooth your baby. But you can use any chair that is comfortable for sitting in for long periods and allows you to establish a good feeding position.

Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is a light weight, breathable cover that is designed to keep the breast and baby’s head partially covered while you feed.

They can be great for parents seeking more privacy or for baby’s that are easily distracted during feeding time.

Nursing Pads

A nursing pad, also referred to as a breast pad, is a small pad worn inside your bra to absorb any milk that may leak between feedings. They can be disposable or reusable and come in all different shapes and sizes.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is a pillow design to sit in your lap and wrap around your body whilst you feed your baby. It provides a comfortable and stable position for your baby to feed in as well as helps to reduce your neck, back, and arm strain.

Nursing Supplements

Nursing / lactation supplements, or galactagogues, are products that are aimed to help increase your breast milk supply or improve your milk flow typically by increasing prolactin levels. Common nursing supplements include herbs, teas, medications, and even cookies.

Nursing Tank

A nursing tank is a sleeveless or narrow-strapped top with a built-in nursing bra to allow easy access to breastfeed your baby.

Nursing Wear

Nursing wear is clothing designed to allow you to breastfeed your baby without the need to remove your top or dress. This is done using openings withing your top of dress (often hidden) that can be pulled apart so you can easily feed your baby with a minimal amount of skin exposed.

Items you might need include maternity pajamas (that then double as nursing pajamas), nursing tops, and nursing dresses.

Baby Items Starting with O


A onesie is a one piece, loosely fitted bodysuit designed to conceal your baby’s diaper. They can come with short or long sleeves even no sleeve, covers for hands and feet or no covers, and zippers or press studs.

They are a key part of baby clothing used by most parents for everyday use including sleepwear for babies.

If you’re wondering how many onesies you might need, check out our guide on how many baby clothes do I need.

Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are a plastic safety device used to cover your outlets so your baby or child cannot access them and harm themselves.

Overnight Diapers

Overnight diapers are diapers specially designed with extra-absorbent materials and leak guards to keep your baby or toddler dry for longer periods of time. This enables your little one to last the entire night without a diaper change.

Here are our top picks for the best overnight diapers!

Baby Items Starting with P


A pacifier, also known as a dummy, is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple substitute given to a baby to suckle upon between feedings. They purpose of a pacifier is to help reduce your baby’s stress by satisfying their need to suck when they do not need to eat.

Pacifier Clip

A pacifier clip is a short cord and clip that is attached to the pacifier and your baby to prevent the pacifier from being lost or dropped on the floor. It also allows for quick and easy access for your baby if they choose to self-sooth with their pacifier.

Pack n Play

A Pack ‘N Play is a multipurpose baby product primarily used as a portable crib. It can easily be folded and packed away making it ideal for travelling. It can also be used as a playard, bassinet, and diaper changing station. Or a combination of all three.

Here’s our guides on Pack n Plays:

Our Top Pick
Graco Pack n Play Travel Dome LX Playard

The Graco Pack ‘n Play Travel Dome LX Playard is the best Graco has to offer, a convenient, multi-use pack and play that parents and children will love.

It comes with a bassinet, diaper change center, built-in storage, and a toddler playard. As well as a hanging toy mobile.

The bassinet can be removed from the playard to keep the baby by your side and comes with airy sides and a UV 50 canopy.

05/23/2024 01:03 pm GMT


Baby pajamas are an item of clothing that your baby sleeps in. Commonly this includes onesies / bodysuits or a sleeper that can be worn underneath a sleep sack or swaddle.

Baby pajamas can come in a range of materials like cotton, fleece, bamboo, and terry toweling.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a substance that can be applied to baby’s skin to help treat and reduce diaper rash. It can also be used to heal dry skin and protect minor cuts.


A baby playmat is a soft and thickly padded mat used as a comfortable place where your baby can play.

It is often made from a durable, waterproof material so it is easy to clean.


You may be wondering what the difference is between a playpen, playard, or pack ‘n play. And well, in essence, they are all terms to describe a small, anti-fall, fenced enclosure where babies and young children can play safely.

They can be made from wood and plastic, and some will even come with a metal frame and mess wall.

Whilst most are designed to keep your baby enclosed and safe whilst they play, there are some there are some playpens such as the Pack n Play from Grecco that also double as a portable cot.

Portable Changing Pad

A portable changing pad is a mat that can easily fit in your diaper bag or stroller to give you a clean and safe environment to change your baby’s diaper whilst you’re on the go.

You can buy both reusable and disposable portable changing pads.

Postpartum Diapers

Postpartum diapers are precisely that – diapers that you wear after you have giving birth to prevent leaks whilst you’re bleeding. They have built-in protection with a pad, but you don’t have to worry about leaking onto your underwear.

They are different from postpartum pads that stick to your underwear with adhesive and wings. While these pads are often absorbent, you risk leaking onto your panties and constantly moving around at night.


A potty is a small bowl used by children as an alternative to a toilet. They are portable so can be placed is easy access areas for your child while they are toilet training.

Pull Ups

Pull-up diapers are essentially diaper pants with elastic bands. They are made from the same material as diapers and have the same goal to absorb urine and contain poop.

But the biggest difference is that they can be pulled up and down like underwear. Pull-ups are made to look and fit more like regular underwear.

Pumping Bra

A pumping bra is a bra that is designed with clasps or panels so you can easily gain access to your nipples while using your breast pump.

Some pumping bras will also hold your breast pump in place so you can have your hands free while you’re expressing milk, these are also known as hands free pumping bras.

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Baby Items Starting with Q


Baby Q Tips a brand of cotton tips used for baby and toddler care. They can be used to gently sweep over the tiny creases and folds around your baby’s ear to gently dry the outer surface of the ear when wet or anytime to gently remove visible dirt and wax.


A baby quilt is commonly a handmade blanket for babies made from made of a decorated front, an undecorated back, and a layer of insulation between.

Baby quilts are generally around 37″ x 52″ for use with crib or baby size batting at 45″ x 60″.

They can be used for multiple uses including a blanket, floor mat, or even a gorgeous baby keepsake made from upcycled baby clothes.

Baby Items Starting with R


A rattle is a small toy given to a baby that makes a rattle sound. Baby rattles are a great way of helping baby develop auditory skills and gross motor skills. Rattles make great newborn baby toys. 

Receiving Blanket

Just like the name suggests a receiving blanket is used to wrap a newborn baby right before families ‘receive’ their baby in their arms for the very first time.

Whilst they are hold sentimental value, you’ll quickly learn how valuable a receiving blanket can be!

From cleaning up spit ups during burping to keeping your baby dirt free to swaddling, a receiving blanket is one of the most versatile blankets you’ll own.

Rinsing Cup

A rinsing cup is a plastic or silicone cup used during bath time to pour water over your baby’s head. It is designed to keep water and soap out of your baby’s eyes when you’re washing their hair.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a comfortable seat that allows you to rock back and forth creating a soothing motion for babies.

It is different from a glide in that fact that is provides a rocking motion rather than a gliding motion. But ultimately, they both perform the same function – rocking your baby to sleep and giving you a comfortable place to sit and feed your baby.

You can ready more about our top rocker recommendations in this best nursery rockers guide.


A nursery rug is a durable, easy to clean rug added to a nursery to make the space look more inviting. It also doubles as a safe and soft place for your baby to play and move.

Baby Items Starting with S


Swaddle blankets are designed to wrap around your newborn so they can’t wriggle their arms out. They mimic the tight feeling they feel in the womb and prevents their startle reflexes from waking them up, however they are only recommended until your baby starts trying to roll over. Once they begin trying to roll, you’ll need to transition them to a wearable blanket.


A stroller is a hand-pushed vehicle to carry children usually from infancy to 36 months old. Children are transported generally in a sitting up or semi-reclined position by a person pushing on a handle attached to the stroller.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to buying a stroller. From high end luxury strollers to budget friendly strollers, you’re sure to find a stroller you love in our baby travel section.

Sippy Cup

sippy cup is a small, leak proof cup with a spout that lets your baby drink the fluid without spilling it. They are generally made from plastic.


Baby socks are just that – socks! They are essential for helping keep your baby’s feet warm on cooler days.

Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are diapers specifically designed for use in water. There is a common misconception that swim diapers hold in both poop and pee. But that is not how swim diapers work! Swim diapers stop your baby’s poop from compromising the safety and cleanliness of the pool for other swimmers.

Swim diapers come in both disposable and reusable options. You can learn more in this best swim diapers guide.


Sunscreen is a photoprotective topical product applied to skin that absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It’s goal is to protect against sunburn and most importantly prevent skin cancer.

Whilst there are sunscreens available for babies, the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend keeping newborns and babies younger than 6 months out of direct sunlight.


A baby swing is a powered, padded chair that is suspended on a sturdy frame that can swing in a back and forth (or side to side). It’s aim it to help soothe a baby just like the rocking motion inside a mother’s womb. It can generally be used right from birth to when the baby is around 6-9 months old.

Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing wipes are disposable cleaning wipes used by parents to kill germs on surfaces prior to their baby interacting with them such as a table or highchair.

Stroller Fan

A stroller fan is a small, portable fan that can be attached to your stroller. It is powered by an electric current that rotates the fan’s blades, which in turn creates airflow. As babies cannot regulate their body temperature sufficiently, a stroller fan can be a great tool to help circulate the air through your baby’s stroller and help keep them cool.

Stroller Cup Holder

A stroller cup holder is a dedicated place on your stroller to hold a cup for the person pushing it.

Having a cup holder is always helpful. For example, you might have a cup of coffee with you while shopping, or you may need a place to store your water bottle while taking a walk with your friends.

Whilst some strollers may come with a stroller cup holder, but others will not. So, if you fall in love with a stroller that does not come with a stroller cup holder, then you can purchase a separate cup holder or stroller caddy that can be easily fitted to your stroller handle.

Here are our top picks for the best stroller cup holders.

Our Top Pick
Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder/Organizer

Accmor has one of the top-rated universal stroller cup holders! It fits most strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, and others options. 

And best of all this holder is large enough to hold a drink bottle and a cell phone simultaneously.

05/28/2024 03:03 am GMT

Stroller Organizer

A stroller organizer is a small bag that attached to the handle of your stroller. This gives you easy access to your drinks, sippy cups, snacks, and more without needing to search through your diaper bag in the storage basket.

Sit and Stand Stroller

A sit and stand stroller is a stroller that has a normal stroller seat like you’d find on any other stroller for a small child or baby, as well as a standing bench/platform located at the back for an older child to stand on. These allow for you to bring both your children along, even if they’re different ages and in different stages of development.

You can read more about what to look for when buying a sit and stand stroller as well as our top recommendations in this best sit and stand stroller guide.

Spout Cover

A bath spout cover is a safety device used to cover the spout on your bathtub to prevent your child from bumping their head on it whilst in the bathtub.

They often come in bright, playful shapes like whales.

Sleep Sack

A baby sleep sack, also known as a wearable blanket, is like a mini sleeping bag for your baby and toddler. It is a safe alternative for keeping your little one warm without using loose blankets in the crib.

Interested in learning more? Then check out these guide what should a baby wear under a sleep sack and what to wear under a SNOO sack.

Baby Items Starting with T


A teether is an object designed for a baby to bite on during teething to help soothe their gums as their teeth start coming through at around 3 to 7 months of age. Modern teethers are made of silicone but can also be made of wood or rubber.

Teething Necklace

A teething necklace, also known as an amber teething necklace, is a chain of rounded amber chips (fossilized tree resin) that some parents place around a baby’s neck while they teethe. The necklaces are claimed to help reduce teething pain and other ailments.


A baby thermometer is a device used to measure your baby’s temperature. They can be digital or mercury, however digital thermometers provide fast results opposed to mercury thermometers whose readings are slower to realize because you have to wait for the mercury to heat and then slowly rise to display the temperature.

Three-Wheeler Stroller

Three-wheeler strollers are just like they sound, strollers with just 3 wheels. Three wheeler strollers are great for activities such as jogging as they are be able to handle rougher terrain much easier than a four wheeler. They are also much easier to fold which is always a big plus!

You can read more about the pros and cons of three wheeler strollers and our recommendations in this best 3 wheeler strollers guide!

Toddler Baby Carrier

Baby carriers for toddlers are a device that allows the baby wearer to carry a toddler close to their body.

Toddler carriers are the like baby carriers in such that they have a structured fabric seat for the toddler with a waistband and two shoulder straps that support the toddler. However, they have a higher rated weight limit to accommodate the size and weight of a toddler.


A baby toothbrush is a small, extra soft, angled bristled tooth brush made for gently cleaning baby teeth / milk teeth and gums.

Toy Box

A toy box is simply a large, dedicated box used to store toys. It can be made from various materials such a plastic or wood.

Toy Organizer

A toy organizer is a storage unit that allows for easy sorting and storage of toys. It generally comes with bins or draws to store toys in.


Baby toys are objects suck as blocks and rattles that are designed to help with your baby’s development. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and contrasting colors / patterns to incite babies to play with them thus building their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Travel Baby Monitor

A travel baby monitor is a small, portable device that will allow you to hear your child’s sounds and noises even when you’re traveling. For example, this will enable you to keep a virtual eye or ear on your baby while you’re sitting on the porch watching the beach.

You can learn more in our best travel baby monitors guide.

Travel Highchair

A travel highchair, also known as a booster seat is a small, portable seat, designed to make feeding your baby or toddler easier whilst out and about. They are often required to be attach to another chair, though some are stand alone and can be folded for easy carrying.

Travel Stroller

A travel stroller is a lightweight, compact stroller that is designed to be easily folded away for travelling. They don’t typically come with all the extras like storage pockets, cup holder, and organizers.

Interested in a travel stroller? Then check out our guide to the best compact travel strollers.

Baby Items Starting with U

Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are a lightweight, compact version of a traditional stroller. Similar to a travel stroller they are made to be easily carried around, with some even having a built-in shoulder strap for that very purpose. They are called an umbrella stroller as when they are folded, they are roughly the size of an umbrella.

You may also like this guide on the best umbrella strollers.


A baby undershirt is an upper undergarment with no collar, and short or no sleeves. It is designed to be worn underneath your baby’s clothes in colder weather to help keep your baby warm.


Underwear also known as knickers, undies, briefs, jocks, are clothing worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin. Children don’t generally start wearing underwear until they are potty training.

Baby Items Starting with V


A vaporizer is a device used to moisten dry air. Vaporizers work by heating water to create steam that is released into the air.

Babies are more susceptible to congestion, using a vaporizer can aid in relieving congestion by helping to create optimal breathing conditions. This allows your baby to sleep comfortably and loosen the build-up of mucus.

It can also help prevent your baby’s sensitive skin from drying out.


Vaseline is the original name brand for petroleum jelly. It is a substance that can be applied to baby’s skin to help treat and reduce diaper rash. It can also be used to heal dry skin and protect minor cuts.

Velcro Booties

Velcro booties are baby booties with a Velcro strap that helps to secure the bootie to your baby’s ankle. Baby booties are primarily worn for warmth, but they can also be used to protect the feet from injury or prevent them from sticking to surfaces like a blanket or mattress. The Velcro strap helps to ensure that the bootie remains on your baby’s foot and is not easily kicked off.


A baby vest is another name for an undershirt. It is an upper undergarment with no collar, and short or no sleeves. It is designed to be worn underneath your baby’s clothes in colder weather to help keep your baby warm.  

Baby Items Starting with W


A baby walker is a device used to help aid babies as they learn to walk. They range from push-along to sit-on to hardwood to multi-purpose choices.

It enables them to explore regions on their own and strengthens their legs in preparation for future walking, muscle development, and coordination skills. Walkers should be used for about 20 minutes every day to avoid overstressing developing muscles.

Washable Placemat

A washable placemat is a small, washable mat that is placed underneath a child’s dining plate, used to protect the table from food.


A washcloth is a small, reusable cloth used for washing your baby’s face and body, typically made of terry cloth or other absorbent material.

Waterproof Bib

A waterproof bib is a waterproof piece of cloth, silicone, or plastic fastened round a child’s neck to keep its clothes clean while eating.

Waterproof bibs help add that extra layer of protection for your baby’s cloths against stains from wet and juicy food.

Waterproof Wet Bag

A waterproof wet bag is used in cloth diapering as a storage place to put used cloth diapers before you put them into your diaper bag. They keep the diaper bag clean and dry. However, they are also great to have in your diaper bag even if you don’t use cloth diapers as a way to store wet or dirty baby clothes.

You might also like out guide on the best wet bags for cloth diapers.

Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket, also known as a sleep sack, is like a mini sleeping bag for your baby and toddler. It is a safe alternative for keeping your little one warm without using loose blankets in the crib.

White Noise Machine

white noise machine is a device used primarily to help babies sleep by reducing ambient noise. Many white noise machines have various sound settings including ones designed to mimic the sound within a mother’s womb.

WiFi Baby Monitor

A WiFi baby monitor is a baby monitor that uses WiFi rather than traditional radio-frequency video and audio monitors. These baby monitors often include more features like temperature alerts, included lullabies, and two-way talkback audio.

Plus, if you work outside of the home, many WiFi monitors allow you to watch your baby on your smartphone when you aren’t home. 

You can read our full reviews and our recommendations in this best WiFi baby monitors guide.

Wipes Warmer

A baby wipes warmer is a device used to warm baby wipes prior to using them on your baby. They work by warming baby wipes from the top or bottom, making them more comfortable for your baby’s skin.

Wooden Toy

A wooden toy is a toy constructed primarily from wood and wood products like wooden blocks.

Baby Items Starting with X


A xylophone is a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden bars struck by mallets. They are a great way for babies and toddlers to try to repeat familiar melodies, create fun sounds to stimulate young brains, and help them express their creative talents.

Baby Items Starting with Y

Yarn Animals

Tarn animals are small, stuffed animals made from yarn.

Yogurt Melts

Yogurt melts are a small dried, puff of yogurt. Store-brought yogurt melts are typically shelf-stable and made by dehydrating or freeze-drying flavored yogurt. They are recommended for babies 9+ months of age once they have developed their ability to pick up small bits of food with their fingers.

Baby Items Starting with Z

Zinc Oxide Ointment

Zinc oxide ointment is a medication used to treat and prevent diaper rash and other minor skin irritations (such as burns, cuts, scrapes). It works by creating a barrier on top of your baby’s skin that acts as a protective barrier and locks in hydration and moisture.

Zip Up Onesies

A zip up onesies is a onesie that zips up at the front rather than the traditional press stud onesie. Many parents find them quicker and easier to use, especially in the middle of the night.

Final Thoughts on Baby Items A to Z

When it comes to baby items there are a lot! From activity mats to zip up onesies we have listed all the baby essentials A-Z conveniently in the one place! So, whether you’re creating a fun baby shower game or planning for your next baby, we want to help make sure you haven’t missed anything off your list.

baby items A to Z