Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Are you looking for the best pregnancy announcement ideas?

Then let us help with our ultimate guide on cute ways to announce your pregnancy to family and friends!

Congratulations! You’ve found out your pregnant!

But now you’re probably wondering, how should I announce my pregnancy? How long should you wait to announce your pregnancy? What are the best ways to announce pregnancy?

For many new moms, they can’t wait to share the news with loved ones, but many also want to wait till the risk of miscarriage is reduced. 

That’s why we wanted to put together this guide, so you can better decide when to share your pregnancy news, who you might want to tell first, as well as a bunch of fun ways to pregnancy announcement to family and friends. 

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pregnancy announcement ideas

Pregnancy Announcement

Before when dive in and take a look at all the cute pregnancy announcement to family and friend ideas, let’s take a look at when to announce your pregnancy.

When Should You Tell People You Are Pregnant?

Once you have found out you’re pregnant, the next big question most people ask is, ‘when should I tell people I am pregnant’. The decision to tell people that you are pregnant is really a personal choice. There is no right or wrong answer.

Some people will choose to let people know that they are pregnant as soon as they have a positive pregnancy test. Others choose to wait till the end of the first trimester, around week 14 once the risk of miscarriage has significantly reduced. And still some choose not to let people know they are pregnant until they have delivered their baby.

When Should You Tell Family That You’re Pregnant?

Again, this is a personal decision and will depend a lot on what your relationship with your immediate and extended family is like. Some prefer to wait to tell their family in person which may meant that they have to wait longer as they may live in different state or even country. I’ve you are very close to your family you may want to tell them right after you find out.

You will know what feels right.

However, one factor that may influence your decision in telling family you’re pregnant is your pregnancy symptoms.  Will they be wondering why you’re suddenly exhausted and napping a lot more? Or gagging at the smell or sight of certain foods? Morning sickness can really give a pregnancy away. In this case, cluing them in sooner than later may ease your mind and life a bit.

When Should You Tell Your Employer You’re Pregnant?

It makes sense to wait to tell your employer after the 14-week mark, and maybe even later in pregnancy than that. Some prefer to wait until 20 weeks or beyond when they start to show and had a better handle on what they want to negotiate in terms of leave or returning to work. 

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

With so many people in your life to tell at different times, let’s look at creative ways to announce your pregnancy in different realms of your life

  1. Your Husband
  2. Your Parents and Grandparents
  3. Your Extended Family and Friends
  4. Social Media

Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

The first pregnancy announcement you’re going to make is likely to your husband! Whilst you may be tempted to just run out of the bathroom excitedly after taking your pregnancy test, there are a bunch of really adorable pregnancy announcement for husband ideas you can do. Especially if he’s not home when you take the test.

Here are some ideas:

  • Lay out a ‘Hello Daddy’ or ‘plot twist‘ onesie with your positive pregnancy test on the bed for him to find
  • Give him a fake lottery ticket, that when scratched the prize says ‘we’re having a baby’
  • Wrap your positive pregnancy test up, or another gender-neutral baby item. On the box write: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a secret and here’s your clue!
  • Bring him a drink in a ‘leveled up to daddy’ mug or can cooler
  • Buy him a keepsake watch with ‘promoted to daddy’ engraved on the back
  • Write them a message in a pregnancy announcement card
  • Put a slip of paper saying, “You’re Going to be a Dad!” inside of a balloon that is labeled “pop-me”
  • Give them a calendar with your due date pre-marked. Find a reason to get them to flip to that month and watch their reaction
  • Incorporate your pet by putting a sign around their neck or dressing them in a pregnancy reveal bandana
  • Go surprise party-style and decorate the house with signs and balloons before they arrive home
  • Wrap up a cute baby countdown clock and give it to him
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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents

Telling your own parents and grandparents that they are expecting a grandchild is a very special occasion.  Chances are, they are going to be absolutely over-joyed, so why not make the occasion extra special with a thoughtful or funny pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents.

Here are some great pregnancy reveal to grandparents ideas:

  • Give them gifts with grandma or grandpa written on them like this onesie
  • Or a bottle of wine which reads ‘Always read the fine print’, then in fine print says, ‘we’re having a baby’
  • Frame a picture of baby’s ultrasound and give it as a gift
  • Give them a fake lottery ticket, that when scratched the prize says ‘we’re having a baby’ on it
  • Wrap up a onesie with a message about being the best grandparents or being promoted to grandparents
  • Gift them a cute baby countdown clock until they become grandparents

If the season is right, you could also consider a holiday gift like an ornament or a stocking embroidered with “grandma” and “grandpa”.

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Pregnancy Announcements For Friends and Extended Family

Announcing your pregnancy to extended family can be done in several ways. If you are announcing to your family in person, then a great way to do it would be to show up to a large family gathering wearing clever shirt that shares the news you are pregnant.

You could also have a your fur baby doing the announcing for you by dressing your pet up in a cute bandana.

If you have an older sibling or older siblings, then an adorable shirt/s that says “promoted to big brother/sister” is also a fun way to announce your pregnancy.

You can also give everyone a personalized card with your announcement inside or hand out fake lottery tickets.

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Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you prefer to announce your pregnancy to friends and family, all at once then social media is a great way to do it.

You can simply take a photo or a video and post it to your preferred platform such as Facebook.

Social media pregnancy announcement ideas for photos include:

  • Dress in shirts announcing your new roles
  • Take a picture of you two with a chalkboard or sign announcing the news
  • Take a picture of you two holding a onesie or pair of baby shoes between you
  • Take a photo with your pregnancy test to send to people
  • Create a photo using scrabble letters to spell out “love” with the date you started dating, “marriage” with your anniversary date and “baby” with the due date.
  • Line up your shoes, your husband’s shoes, and baby shoes and either capture it or have a sign saying ‘our family is about to grow by two feet’
  • A cute flat lay lay with a calendar circled with your due date
  • A flat lay with a chalk or letter board with ‘coming soon’ and a photo of your ultrasound
  • A flat lay with a funny pregnancy onesie

Funny Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

  • Take a picture of you and your husband taking a “bun out of the oven”
  • A photo of your bump, with the caption ‘I like big bumps and I cannot lie’
  • Take a picture of baking supplies on the counter with a chalk board that reads “bun in the oven”
  • Pose a picture with baby things, laundry, and house a mess, write “Parenthood: coming ____”
  • Take a picture with you partner holding up two bags of ice, put your hands on your belly
  • Get the siblings involved with funny shirts or a chalkboard sign

Final Thoughts On Cute Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

When it comes to announcing your pregnancy to friends and family there is no wrong or right way! You can tell people when your ready and as creatively as you choose. No doubt they will be excited for you!

We hope this pregnancy reveal guide has given you a few fun ideas on how to reveal your pregnancy to family and friends.

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