Big Sister Announcement Ideas

Looking for the best big sister announcement ideas to tell the world that your daughter is becoming a big sister? Then find fun, creative, and heartwarming big sister pregnancy announcement ideas with this guide!

What better way to tell the world that you’re expanding your family than with a big sister announcement?

A big sister announcement is a fun nod to the major changes that are happening, and a good way to get an older child excited about the new arrival!

Creating a big sister announcement is a chance to integrate a former only child into the pregnancy, and make them feel part of this exciting time. And you create some keepsakes along the way, plus some new pictures for the family album! 

There are many ways to announce the transition from only child to big sibling, but you should pick a method that displays the personality of your family.

To help spark your imagination, we’ve put together this guide to creative big sister announcement ideas.

Let’s start spreading the news!

big sister announcement ideas

Fun And Heartwarming Big Sister Announcement Ideas

Whether you’re playing it straight, aiming for laughs, or creating a celebration, we’ve rounded up some of the best big sister pregnancy announcement ideas for inspiration.

Big Sister T-Shirt

An easy method for announcing a little sibling is on the way is by officially designating the bigger sister!

A “Big Sister” t-shirt can be the focal point of your pregnancy announcement, as you tell friends and family that your family is expanding.

Big sister t-shirts are easy to make, but you can also find some cute examples for sale. A big sister t-shirt like this one from Olive Loves Apple is sure to become your daughter’s new favorite outfit. 

And even better — you have the outfit for the first meeting of siblings sorted! You can even invest in a matching little sister onesie, to complete the photoshoot.

Kisses For The Bump

Simple and sweet, an image of the new big sister kissing your bump is a subtle way to announce a new pregnancy.

One of the loveliest things about this idea is that you can create a keepsake for you and your children.

It doesn’t have to be a big photoshoot, but capturing an image of you and your daughter spending time with the bump conveys the love in your family.

Only Child To Big Sister

Going from an only child to a big sister is a pretty big change for any child! Incorporate this into a pregnancy announcement by removing the old status at “Only Child” and updating to “Big Sister”.

Create a chalkboard sign with the words “Only Child” scribbled out, replaced by “Big Sister” below. You can make up a t-shirt conveying the sentiment, or find one for sale online.

You can play this theme as an exciting announcement from a sister who just can’t wait to start their new journey.

But if you have a younger baby who has a tendency to cry in front of the camera, this can make for a funny photo as they appear to resist the new status!

Matching Outfits

We all love a matching outfit, and any mom of two (or more) will admit it’s always tempting to dress your little superstars in coordinating clothes.

Get a head start with an adorable pregnancy announcement that’s guaranteed to melt the heart of anyone looking at it! 

You can find matching “Big Sister, Little Sister” outfits, or simply shop around for a cute party dress and a onesie in a matching print. 

Doing The Research

There’s a lot to prepare before a new baby comes along, so it’s time for the big sister to figure out her new role!

This can make an adorable photoshoot, as you show your daughter preparing for her new “job” as a big sister.

Books such as You’re The Biggest by Lucy Tapper and I Am A Big Sister by Caroline Jayne Church can be used to set the scene, with your little one taking notes on all the important lessons.

Finish the announcement with a blackboard announcing the good news: “Researching How To Be The Best Big Sister”.

A Brand New Dress Up Doll

Of course, a baby is never just a new toy for an older sister! But when you announced the news to your daughter, she probably got a little excited thinking about all the new dress up games she gets to play with the baby.

If your child loves styling her dolls, you can bring these into the pregnancy announcement. Sit your daughter in the middle of her favorite dolls, each one dressed up in an outlandish outfit. Bonus points if your little designer is wearing some of her favorite dress up clothes as well!

Add a blackboard announcing the date of the new arrival, and how excited big sister is to have someone to dress up!

Superhero Announcement

Every superhero needs a sidekick, right? And with a new baby on the way, the big sister is about to gain the best sidekick for all her upcoming adventures!

If your little girl loves to play at saving the day, a superhero themed announcement indulges her interests while sharing the good news. You can keep this theme simple, or go for a whole movie premiere of an announcement!

There is one essential that you absolutely need to pull off this announcement, and that’s the superhero outfit. Try creating your own character, or borrow one of the classics. 

Then all you need to do is write the announcement! Draw from the movies and release a “Sidekick Coming Soon” poster, or borrow from comics for an “Every Superhero Needs A Sidekick” reveal. 

Waiting For My Backup Singer

Are you a musical family, the kind that introduced baby instruments at 6 months even though you knew the tiny keyboard was going to drive you mad?

Bring your passion for music to the pregnancy announcement with a photoshoot waiting for the best new backup singer!

Big sister will obviously take center stage in this announcement strategy, as they sing their heart out into a toy microphone.

Mom and dad can take on the role of bandmates, playing the drums/guitar/whatever you have available. Don’t have real instruments? Toy props can be a hilarious compromise.

Finish with a light box announcement of the good news: “Waiting For My Backup Singer”!

Waiting For My Best Friend

We love this one, as it’s so super cute, and really easy to pull off! All you need to create a “waiting for my best friend” announcement is the big sister giving her best smile, and a board with the good news on it!

Crib Eviction Notice

There’s a new baby on the way, so it’s time for the crib to be vacated! This might not be the actual reality of your family (older sister might be out of the crib already) but it does make for a funny pregnancy announcement.

It doesn’t require much effort to put together this photoshoot. Print off a fake “eviction notice”, making sure to note that the new tenant will be arriving on the due date, and place it on the crib. Big sister then stands in the crib, looking a little upset about the eviction!

Big Sister Promotion

Moving from only child to big sister is a pretty serious promotion, but we’re sure your little one has earned it! This announcement is another chance to play dress up, and create a scene that’s sure to get everyone giggling.

Create an office using a desk or table, and as much paperwork as you can possibly find. Add an outfit that says “business big sister” (a shirt and tie will do). 

Print out a sign that says “Promoted to Big Sister”, and you have a charming announcement.

To really lean into the office feel, ditch the colorful pregnancy announcements for the kind of print out you’re used to seeing on the bulletin board!


Balloons are a traditional way to announce a pregnancy, and let’s be honest, every child loves a balloon! If you want to create a fun pregnancy announcement with your daughter, consider getting the balloons in.

If you prefer to keep things easy, and you know the gender, go for a big bunch of balloons in either blue or pink. Combined with a sign announcement, or a Big Sis t-shirt, everyone will get the picture!

Alternatively, look for balloons that spell it out. These Big Sis balloons from PartyBox! Are an excellent way to spread the good news.

Put together a little party, and you’ll have a pregnancy announcement the whole family can enjoy setting up.

Recipe For A Big Sister

A cup full of hugs, a few tablespoons of kisses, a pinch of naughtiness, and a big splash of love — that’s just what you need to create a big sister!

If you and your daughter like to spend time in the kitchen, then consider “Recipe For A Big Sister” as the way to announce your new arrival.

With a chef’s hat and apron, you can quickly create the kitchen set up.

Try mixing up a bowl of brownies or cookies, to add some authenticity to a scene (and you’ll have something delicious to eat at the end). But instead of your recipe book, create a recipe for a big sister!

As a fun family activity, discuss all the important qualities a big sister needs. These can then be adapted into your recipe. 

I’ve Got A Secret

Big sister has probably been very carefully keeping the news of their new sibling secret for a while now, and they just can’t wait to spill the beans!

Have your daughter “accidentally” share the big news in a pregnancy announcement where they tell the world they have a secret.

You could have them spilling a literal jar of jelly beans, sharing the scoop with an ice cream cone, or letting the news leak with a knocked over glass of water. 

Or go for a classic big smile and shushing finger, as they try to keep the news to themselves.

Partner In Crime

We all know that adding another baby doubles the chances for mischief, and we’re sure your little girl is planning all kinds of trouble! Lean in to the naughtiness with a big sister announcement for a new partner in crime.

A classic black and white striped outfit creates an instantly recognizable prisoner theme, or go for a bright orange convict style. Finish with a mugshot sign, complete with prisoner number — the due date.

Or you can catch them in the act, as your little burglar tries to make off with all the swag from the nursery!

FAQs on Big Sister Reveal Ideas

What Is A Big Sister Announcement?

Expanding the family is pretty big news, especially for your older child that’s about to become a sibling! A big sister announcement is a fun way of getting your child involved with a pregnancy announcement.
Your child gets to be a part of this special occasion, and you can come up with a new way to show your loved ones that you’re expecting a baby.

What Are The Benefits Of A Big Sister Announcement?

Introducing a new sibling can be tough, and during those busy last few months of pregnancy and first few months of childhood, older siblings can start to feel left out!
A big sister announcement gets the older sibling involved early in the process, and helps foster excitement for meeting the new baby.
The big sister can start to think about what their new responsibilities will be, and all the ways they’re gaining a best friend.

How Do You Announce A New Sibling?

A big sister announcement is a chance to show off your family and interests! Think about your child’s hobbies, and come up with a theme for a photoshoot.
Or show how you’re already building that sibling bond with a mom, daughter, and bump photoshoot.

Final Thoughts On Big Sister Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Is your only child about to become a big sister? A big sister announcement is an excellent way to get your child involved with the pregnancy, and excited about the arrival of their new best friend!

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in this guide to big sister announcements! Creating a big sister announcement is a good way to start making sibling memories, as well as letting everyone know your good news. 

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