ZOE Double Stroller Review

Most people would agree that the only thing better than having one child is having two. Having two children brings plenty of joy, love, and excitement to your life.

However, it does also come with some difficulties. One of those difficulties is transporting your children around. Instead of pushing one child around you now need to push two.

Luckily, there are plenty of options that make transporting your children a lot easier.

Instead of having two strollers, you can make your life a lot easier by putting both children in one double stroller.

Double strollers also referred to as tandem strollers usually have the same width as a standard one-child stroller but with added length to accommodate a child.

They can make your life as a parent a lot easier, giving you a hassle-free way to move your children.

There are a lot of brands out there to choose from, making it difficult for you to find the best one.

To make your already busy life that little bit easier we have done some research and reviewed a great double stroller for you. This stroller is the ZOE Double Stroller.

In this review, we will give you everything you need to know about this excellent stroller, so without wasting any more time let’s dive straight in.

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ZOE Double Stroller Review

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While the ZOE brand of stroller is relatively new to the scene, the founders are not.

The ZOE double stroller or The Twin+ as it is now commonly called has been well produced by a relatively small family business.

The small family-run business has combined its expertise in fashion design along with extensive knowledge of baby products, to create an affordable, double stroller that looks magnificent and performs well.

The lightweight stroller is every parent’s dream, giving them the chance to transport their children at a very good price, in a way that suits their children.


Unlike other double strollers on the market, this double stroller is a side-by-side stroller.

As mentioned at the start of this review most strollers are tandem, meaning your children sit in front of each other in a stroller that is no wider than a normal product.

With the ZOE stroller, your children sit alongside each other.

When we reviewed this product we found that this was a lot better for you and your children. By sitting next to each other your children can interact with one another whilst on the go.

For you, you can easily see what both of your children are doing at the same time.

Tandem strollers can make it a little trickier to see the child at the front. The one downside we found with this design is the width of the stroller.

This stroller is roughly the same width as two tandem strollers. This could cause you some issues with narrower curbs when people are walking the opposite way to you.

The ZOE stroller might not be designed as sturdy and heavy as its counterparts with smaller wheels and handlebars that can’t be adjusted but it is fair to say its design makes it perfect for traveling with.

The wheels are sturdy and durable enough to offer you great balance and control over most surfaces, allowing you to take your children on long walks with you whilst they still stay comfortable.

We must say though that the design of this stroller isn’t flexible enough for you to take it over trickier terrain with obstacles such as large stones in your path.

The wheels may have to be lifted over in these conditions.

Size And Weight

Parents crave a lightweight stroller and this stroller provides this effortlessly. This stroller is in fact the lightest general-purpose side-by-side stroller on the market.

At just 19lbs you can easily take this stroller away with you whether that be on a road trip or even on a flight with it fitting into airline gate-check weight regulations.

When compared to other double strollers the ZOE stroller comes out on top. Other strollers tend to weigh approximately 25-35lbs.

In terms of size, this stroller is 29 inches wide.

For the most part, this won’t cause any issues, however as we mentioned above if you’re walking along some narrower curbs you may encounter some issues if people are walking in the opposite direction.


Once folded this stroller is nice and compact. It can easily fit into the trunk of most cars without you having to make any changes to the seats in your cars.

This comes in extremely useful when traveling with the stroller before use.

To fold the stroller up, all you need to do is pull the straps up from each seat. It really is as simple as that.

The ease and compatibility of the stroller make the ZOE a top choice for travel. Conveniently once folded this stroller locks itself and has the ability to stand on its own.


Storage space that comes with your baby stroller can be super useful for storing items your children may need or even your shopping.

For a lightweight stroller, the ZOE has a decent-sized mesh bag. Unlike other double strollers, it has one large bag rather than two smaller ones.

When we tested the stroller’s storage space we found that you can easily store all of your baby’s essentials such as food, drinks, blankets, and diapers, or some of your groceries.

If you fill the storage bag you can also hang some things off the handlebars.
Seats, Reclines, and Canopy

The ZOE Double Stroller is much loved for its canopy. The canopy on this stroller is huge. We loved how the canopy on this double stroller is actually split into two.

This is perfect for the times when one child wants more privacy than the other.

We found that the canopy is so easy to use that even the child could grab it whenever they want, giving the child more independence.

This same level of independence goes for the recline features this stroller provides. The recline feature on this stroller is pretty cool.

Each seat can recline separately so that one child isn’t bothered by the other.

One child can sit up straight with the canopy up, whilst the other lies back with the canopy covering them.

One added advantage of this brilliant reclining feature is that when one child reclines it doesn’t change the weight distribution of the stroller, ensuring complete balance and control is maintained.

When looking at how safe and comfortable the stroller is to sit in we were pretty pleased.

The seat can hold a child up to 50lbs in weight and comes with a padded harness so they feel comfortable and safe.

The safety buckles on the stroller also stay firmly in place and don’t open that easily. This is great if you have a cheeky child who can undo things.

A handy footrest is also included with the ZOE stroller that is perfect for naps.

It acts as a great support when your child is sleeping but can also be folded away when they don’t need it. This is something ZOE does a lot better than more traditional stroller companies.

FAQ’s on the Zoe Double Stroller

Is The ZOE Double Stroller Suitable For Traveling?

The ZOE Double Stroller is our top choice for traveling, especially international travel. It is perfect to gate check at the airport thanks to its lightweight. It is so lightweight that you can also carry it around easily, fold it away in your trunk or take it on a long walk with you. The only issue you may encounter is when it might not fit through some doorways as it is wider than a tandem double stroller

Is A ZOE Stroller Worth It?

Yes, a ZOE stroller is definitely worth it. Not only is it a lot more affordable than other strollers, but it is also lightweight and packed with features. Whilst having a high-quality design the stroller also comes with excellent storage, foldability, transport, and canopy features that make the stroller easy to use, easy to transport, and also super safe and comfortable for your children. If you’re a keen traveler with two children the ZOE stroller is an absolute no-brainer.

Can You Jog With A ZOE Stroller?

Whether you are walking on a sidewalk or having a light jog in the park, the ZOE stroller will offer you a smooth ride. In all honesty, other models of stroller will be more suitable for jogging but you shouldn’t encounter any issues if you are jogging on even terrain.

Final Thoughts on ZOE Double Stroller

On a whole, the ZOE Double Stroller is an excellent option if you’re looking for a more affordable, lightweight stroller that does a brilliant job.

They have nailed some pretty big requirements with this product.

With this stroller, you can transport your children safely whilst they can recline to have a sleep or socialize with each other.

In our opinion, it is one of if not the best travel stroller on the market.

It may be less sturdy and flimsier than other strollers but it more than makes up for those downsides.

It won’t feel as sturdy a ride as a heavier stroller but that is the trade-off you make to receive a lightweight stroller that has excellent ease of use, foldability, comfort, safety, and storage space features.

The stroller comes with many luxuries you would expect from a higher-priced stroller at a much more reasonable price.

What more could you ask for? This stroller is perfect for you parents out there that have two small children or twins of 6+ months so why not give it a try.

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