How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need?

A changing pad cover is more than just a pretty accessory for your changing pad.  It helps protect your changing table pad from damage, keeps it clean, and makes changing clothes and diapers as comfortable as possible for your baby.

Sound great right, but you might wonder how many changing pad covers do I need to buy?

How many changing pad covers do you need depends on how often you wash laundry and if you change your baby’s diaper each time on the pad or if you only do so occasionally.

Realistically, one isn’t enough since messes happen regularly, but you don’t want to buy too many and waste your money.

So, to help you better answer how many changing pad do I need, we have put together this changing pad covers guide with everything you need to know about buying changing pad covers.


What Are Changing Pad Covers?

Changing pad covers are like sheets that come in various materials that you use to cover your diaper changing pad. They fit like a pillowcase and typically zippered shut.

Diaper changing pads sit on top of your changing table, which might be attached to your baby’s crib or be a separate piece of furniture. This is the area that you change your baby’s diaper and clothing each day.

As you might guess from the name, changing pad covers go over the pad, protecting it from stains and accidents when changing a diaper. They’re easy to use, fitting over the pad like a fitted bed sheet that goes around the entire pad. It only takes a few seconds to put one onto the pad.


Why Do I Need Changing Pad Covers?

If you have a changing pad, you might wonder if changing pad covers are necessary.

Covers and liners aren’t an essential must-have item, but it’s a good idea to have a few on hand. They serve a purpose; the pad keeps your baby comfortable while changing his diaper and the changing pad covers protect the pad.

Let’s be honest; changing diapers is a messy time. It’s not uncommon for babies to pee while you change their diaper, and pooping happens from time to time too (especially if you have an unexpected diaper blowout). If your changing pad is foam, it’ll soak up the pee and poop, staining it and making it stink.

That’s where changing pad covers come into play.

Covers soak up any pee that might happen when you take your baby’s diaper off, and if poop gets on the cover, you take it off and toss it into the washing machine. The pad itself is protected from any stains or damage.

Another benefit of using changing pad covers is that they make the pads more comfortable for your baby. Some pads are enclosed with a plastic, waterproof layer that feels cold on your baby, and some foam is itchy. So, by using a changing table cover it gives your baby a more comfortable surface to be changed on, which is a big plus when it’s the middle of the night and you are trying not to fully wake your baby!


How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need?

You only need to buy two or three changing pad covers. Some people handle only having one cover, which might work if you stick to a laundry routine. However, if you’re like normal people who don’t do their laundry all the time, you need to have two or three (we recommend keeping your spares on hand in your diaper caddy).

At first, you might stick to a washing routine, but as time goes on, it’s easy to fall behind. If your baby soils a cover, it needs to go into the laundry, and you put on a new one. That soiled one might sit for a day or two before you wash it.

That’s why I like to have three on hand. If the second one gets dirty before I can wash the first one, I still have a backup. Having a backup for your backup makes a huge difference when it comes to motherhood.

What to Consider When Buying Changing Pad Covers

What to Consider When Buying Changing Pad Covers

Picking changing pad covers isn’t too complicated; the best options will have four factors that you like. Here’s what you should consider.

1. Material

One of the most important factors is the material. You want the cover to be soft because your baby will lay on this multiple times per day. It should feel warm and comforting on your baby’s bare bottom; you don’t want materials that cause rashes or irritation.

Some parents prefer to buy organic cotton covers because they’re perfect for year-round use, and the material is soft and absorbs liquids. Organic cotton is also easy to wash, and some use fleece for winter months.

Other parents use vinyl material for pad covers because they’re wipeable and easy to clean, but they’re not breathable and won’t absorb liquids.

2. Price

Compared to other baby gear items, changing pad covers are relatively cheap. There are some more expensive options out there that might be made with specialty fabrics, but in general, it’s easy to find something that fits your budget range.

3. Appearance

You’ll want to make sure the cover matches your nursery decor. Since there are dozens of choices, it’s not too hard to find a cover that fits the colors you picked.

4. Absorbability

Ideally, the cover that you use will absorb pee rather than repel it. Otherwise, it’ll pool up and drench your baby’s back or bottom.

Final Thoughts on Buying Changing Pad Covers

Once you decide that you want to have a few changing pad covers, you’ll have to determine how many changing pad covers do I need.

Most parents grab two to three, but you might want four. Having one isn’t enough because babies get the pads covers; you need a minimum of two covers, but more is better for those of us who don’t wash clothes daily.

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