Best Hiking Strollers

Need to find the best hiking strollers so you can take your baby with you on the trail?

Then you’ll love this ultimate guide to the best stroller for trails!

Taking your child on a hike or a long walk can be a lot of fun.

They will get plenty of fresh air and will get to experience some stunning natural settings. Not only will your baby enjoy this experience, but so will you.

Unfortunately, not all strollers are built for hiking conditions.

Many of these strollers will not be able to deal with the steep and uneven terrain. As a result, your standard stroller could end up being damaged during the process.

Luckily, there are some strollers out there that have been designed for hiking environments.

So to help you find the right hiking stroller for you, we have created a list of the best strollers for walking trails on the market.

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Our Top Pick
Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus
$299.99 $239.99

This is both a stroller and a wagon which means you can use it in either a push or pull mode, depending on whichever you find easier. This will make traversing steep paths much less strenuous.

It also comes with all the key things you need for hiking any trails including tons of storage for all those snacks and fitted mosquito netting for added protection.

And it can also seats up to 2 children! 

06/10/2024 04:03 pm GMT

List of 5 Best Hiking Strollers

Our Best Strollers For Trails Reviews

1. Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus

Firstly, this stroller from Baby Trend is ideal for hiking. It is a 2-in-1 product, meaning that it is more versatile than your everyday baby stroller.

You can decide which mode works best for you, giving the customer more customization.

Aside from that, this stroller will give your little ones plenty of space. It also contains lots of features that make it perfect for long days spent outside.


  • 2-in-1 – this product is two products in one. It is both a stroller and a wagon. You can either put it in a push or pull mode, depending on whichever you find easier. This will make traversing steep paths much less strenuous.
  • Pockets – for ease of use, this stroller features built-in storage pockets. This is ideal for storing whatever objects you require during the hike, such as water bottles.
  • Storage console – in addition to these outer pockets, this stroller has further storage in the form of a console. You can use this console to hold all of your essentials. There is a console for both the parents and the children. These consoles contain cup holders, allowing you to access refreshing beverages whenever you need them.
  • Large seating area – this mat has enough space for two seats. Both of these seats contain safety harnesses, enabling you to secure your children whilst hiking.
  • Mosquito netting – let’s face it, the outside world can present some hazards. To protect your children, this stroller has been fitted with mosquito nets. This will stop these dangerous insects from getting to your kids. Moreover, this netting will defend your little ones from harsh weather conditions, such as sun and rain.


  • Quite bulky – though this stroller can be folded into a smaller unit, it is still quite large. This will make transporting it more difficult since it will take up a lot of space in your car. As a result, it is not recommended for parents with small vehicles.
Our Top Pick
Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus
$299.99 $239.99

This is both a stroller and a wagon which means you can use it in either a push or pull mode, depending on whichever you find easier. This will make traversing steep paths much less strenuous.

It also comes with all the key things you need for hiking any trails including tons of storage for all those snacks and fitted mosquito netting for added protection.

And it can also seats up to 2 children! 

06/10/2024 04:03 pm GMT

2. Creative Outdoor Pack Folding Stroller Wagon

The next stroller on our list is from Creative Outdoor. Like the previous stroller-come-wagon, this product has pockets, a protectable canopy, and space for two children.

What makes this product unique is its easy folding and its wheels, which have 360-degree maneuvrability.

What also sets this product apart from its competitors is its customization in terms of color.


  • 2 color options – this product is available for purchase in two separate colors. The first color combo is brown and tan, while the second combination is gray and black. This variety gives customers the power to choose whichever stroller most appeals to them.
  • Foldable – Creative Outdoor’s stroller will collapse into a smaller unit. Consequently, transportation will be a more straightforward affair. This also makes storing the product easier, since it will take up less space.
  • 5-point harnesses – two of these incredible safety harnesses have been fitted in this stroller, thus keeping your children safe when hiking.
  • 360-degree swivel – thanks to these wheels, you will get a wide range of movement. This feature will be especially useful for hiking.


  • Limited canopy protection – compared to the Baby Trend stroller, this model offers little protection. Though the canopy will protect your children from the sun, the fact that it covers only the top will not provide protection from all weather conditions. It will also not secure your little ones from insects.

3. Delta Children Jeep Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger

If you are looking for a more traditional stroller, then look no further. Though this stroller looks like a standard model, it makes use of features that make it exemplary for exercising, such as hiking.

These features include its durability and wheels which have been adapted for rough terrain.


  • Durable – Jeep’s stroller will be capable of withstanding harsh environments thanks to its sturdy construction. It has been made with a steel frame.
  • Wheels that are designed for adventure – while the front wheel is 12 inches, the rear ones are 16 inches. The 16-inch metal-air spoke wheels have ball bearings to reduce friction. For that reason, they are ideal for hiking.
  • Adjustable handle – this wide handle can be easily adjusted. Thus, you can find the height that is right for you, regardless of how tall or short you are.
  • Undercarriage bin – there is ample storage in this stroller thanks to a large bin underneath the carriage. You can put whatever items you need for your trip in this bin.
  • Reclining seat – This feature means that you can put your child at whatever angle they feel most comfortable. This seat comes with a harness that makes use of comfortable shoulder padding.


  • The seat cannot be put in a straight position – a common complaint has been that this product cannot be put in a straight upright position. From our own experiences, we can vouch that this is a minor issue with the product. It may mean that your child is unable to take advantage of the peek-a-boo window.

4. Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller

Next, this chariot can be used as a stroller for your children. In fact, these chariots make for perfect strollers since they are built to withstand harsh terrains.

One of the most notable features of this stroller is its impressive adjustability. You can alter the suspension and ventilation, giving you lots of customization.


  • Single or double – you can decide whether you want a stroller with a single seat or two seats. Thus, you can find the one that suits the size of your family.
  • Compact folding – to save room, this stroller can easily be folded. Therefore, it will not take up loads of space.
  • Removable padded seats – children can be mucky pups. No parent will want to have loads of hassle when they are cleaning their child’s seat. To stop this from occurring, these seats can be removed and washed separately.
  • Adaptable suspension – this stroller gives you the ability to alter the suspension. This ability will make traveling through hiking terrain much more smooth.
  • Ventilation – you can also adjust the ventilation on this stroller. This will mean you can control the airflow and climate of the stroller.


  • Cost – compared to other hiking strollers, this chariot is significantly more expensive. The reason for its high price is that it is not just a stroller, but also a chariot. Therefore, it should be reserved only for those who are willing to spend a little more on their stroller. If not, you should look elsewhere.

5. Qaba Baby Tricycle 6 in 1 Stroller

Lastly, this tricycle/ stroller is six products in one. As a consequence, it is excellent value for money.

This stroller is sold at an affordable price, making it an excellent option for those who are shopping on a budget.

Because it is both a stroller and a tricycle, it has been made to be more powerful than traditional strollers. From our experience, it is well-suited to hiking scenarios.


  • 6-in-1 – this stroller can be transformed into 6 different vehicles. It can be a stroller or a tricycle depending on your preference. This means that it is a very versatile item that is multi-functional.
  • Canopy adjustments – this canopy can be adjusted, allowing you to provide shade for your children. On sunny days, your child will be protected.
  • 3 color choices – you can pick from three different colors when it comes to this product. These colors are blue, red, and gray. Choose the color that appeals most to you.
  • Safety is a priority – when it comes to this product, you can tell that Qaba cares about the wellbeing of your child. They have included a safety bar and belt, meaning that your child will be very secure when they are in this stroller. The guardrail can be removed if you choose.
  • Strong yet comfortable – this product manages to be simultaneously durable and soft for your child. The seat and backrest have been padded, making them feel snugger.


  • Not user-friendly – we found this stroller to not be overly user-friendly. This includes the difficult-to-decipher assembly constructions. If you do not want a strenuous assembly process for your stroller, it is not advised that you select this product.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Stroller For Hiking Trails

After reading through our 5 most recommended products, you will likely have a better grasp of what makes a good hiking stroller.

Consequently, your knowledge of what makes these products good will now be deeper. You will now be better equipped to find the correct stroller for your needs.

However, you should be warned that shopping for a hiking stroller can actually be significantly more complex than it initially seems.

The reason for this is that there are many elements that you will need to consider whilst shopping.

When it comes to these features, you will need to decide whether you want them to be present in your stroller.

You will also need to decide which of these features you prioritize, since you may not be able to get every desirable feature in one product.

Please seriously consider these features when you are looking for a hiking stroller. You will need to think about the following:


Hiking strollers come at a large range of prices. As a rough guide, you will likely need to spend at least $100 on a stroller, though their cost could be significantly higher.

If you are reluctant to spend much more than this on a stroller, you will be quite limited in terms of the number of strollers you can buy.

Fortunately, there are plenty of outstanding products that you can buy at affordable prices. You should bear in mind that though cheaper models can be excellent, they may be less advanced than their more costly counterparts.

Safety Features

When it comes to children, their safety is the number one priority. Due to this, you should make sure that a stroller makes use of safety features.

This could include harnesses, seat belts, or nets to protect them from the elements.

Safety nets are great at providing your children with additional protection since they are usually designed to resist rain and the sun. They may also keep harmful insects, such as mosquitos, away.

In terms of harnesses or seat belts, these should be essential when looking for a stroller.

Otherwise, your child could become injured when you are hiking. Consequently, you should avoid any products that do not contain seatbelts or harnesses.


When investing in a stroller, you will want your child to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, it can be hard to gauge whether a product is comfortable without trying it out.

On the other hand, you can look out for the inclusion of features that will enhance comfort. For example, there may be additional padding in the seat of your stroller or on the harness.


In terms of practicality, it will be essential that a stroller utilizes features that will enhance your hiking experience. For instance, these could be storage pockets.

These storage solutions will allow you to have any essential items, such as water bottles, food, sunglasses, or sunscreen, at hand whenever you require them.


As you can see from the products featured in this list, hiking strollers are obtainable in a number of different sizes. While some can be quite large and bulky, others will be smaller and more lightweight.

If you have a small car, you may want to get a small hiking stroller. Even if it can be folded, it may still take up a lot of room in your car.

Likewise, if you do not have a lot of space in your house, you will want to avoid large strollers. Otherwise, they may take up a lot of storage space, making them quite problematic.

If this is the case, you should aim to get a small stroller that can be compacted into a smaller shape when being stored.

Car Seat Adaption

When looking for a stroller, you may want one that can be adapted to fit into a car, thus becoming a car seat for your child.

This will be particularly desirable if you are planning to drive somewhere during your hike. This will save you from having to buy two separate products, instead of coming as a stroller and car seat in one.


While some strollers are capable of holding just one child, others have a higher capacity.

Therefore, they can safely store 2 or 3 children. If you have more than one baby or toddler, you will need one of these products with a higher capacity.

Otherwise, there will not be enough room for them. This will impact the size of your stroller since a higher capacity will normally mean that the product is bigger and heavier.


Most people will not want a hiking stroller that breaks not long after it has been purchased. These items will cost you time and hassle since you will have to waste money in buying a replacement.

To avoid this issue, you should check that your stroller has been constructed to be durable. One way that you can do this is by looking at what materials have been used to make the frame of the stroller.

Materials like steel will be advantageous to you. Meanwhile, flimsy materials should be avoided.


Though some people will not be too concerned about the look of their strollers, others will be. They may want their strollers to look a certain way or be a certain color.

Luckily, some products are available in different colors, giving you the capacity to select an aesthetic that appeals to you.

Our Top Pick
Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus
$299.99 $239.99

This is both a stroller and a wagon which means you can use it in either a push or pull mode, depending on whichever you find easier. This will make traversing steep paths much less strenuous.

It also comes with all the key things you need for hiking any trails including tons of storage for all those snacks and fitted mosquito netting for added protection.

And it can also seats up to 2 children! 

06/10/2024 04:03 pm GMT

FAQ’s About Hiking Strollers

Can You Hike In Jogging Strollers?

Jogging strollers have been designed to withstand more intense scenarios than your everyday stroller. Because of this, some jogging strollers can be suitable for hiking. Of course, this does not mean that all strollers will be suitable for every hiking route. It will depend on the features of the stroller and the steepness of the hiking route.

What Is An All-Terrain Stroller?

What is an all-terrain stroller? As the name suggests, can be used on a variety of different terrains, such as grass, pavements, and more rocky surfaces. These strollers are more adaptable and versatile than standard products. They will be excellent for hiking because they can adapt to this terrain.

At What Age Should You Stop Using A Stroller?

At what age should you stop using a stroller? Strollers are not limited by age but rather by weight. Thus you can continue to use your stroller up until your child reaches the manufacturers weight limit for your stroller.

Final Thoughts on the Best Stroller For Trails

Having a stroller suitable for trails can make all the differences when you want to get off the beaten trail and get some fresh air.

When choosing a stroller for hiking, make sure you look for a stroller that has great suspension to ensure maneuverability over the uneven trails and between obstacles, large lockable (and unlockable wheels), a comfortable seat for your baby, a canopy to minimize the elements, and plenty of storage.

And if you’re looking for more great baby guides, then check out these guides on best compact travel strollers, best sit and stand strollers, and Baby Trend vs Graco.

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