Best Sit And Stand Strollers

Sit and stand strollers help you with a unique problem.

You have two children but their ages are different – one is a baby, and the other is too big to fit in a double stroller, but still too small to walk alongside you without trouble.

Finding something that suits two children of very different stages of development can be difficult.

That’s where bench seats or platforms come in! They’re a handy invention that transforms a regular stroller into something that can carry two children of different ages.

Your baby can be safe and secure in the main chair, and your toddler can ride along at the back on a platform. In recent years Sit and Stand Strollers have improved in terms of technology and design, so now there are lots of different options you can find online or in stores.

That’s both a good and a bad thing. With so many different options available it can be difficult to work out what the best stroller for you and your children might be.

If trying to pick a stroller feels more like searching for a new car – then don’t panic! We’re here to help you!

Below is a comprehensive guide for picking the right stroller for you, with pros and cons at the end of each product to give you quick information.

We’ve also included a buyers guide and frequently asked questions section to help you decide and answer all of your questions.

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Our Top Pick
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller
$179.99 $161.99

This high quality stroller gives you a great deal of space and options that a lot of other strollers don’t. 

It comfortably accommodates two children up to 50 pounds each and with its front-wheel suspension it allows for easy maneuverability and a smooth ride for your children. 

You'll also find a bunch of practical features such as multiple cup holders and easy folding making this sit and stand stroller a great choice for any parent!

04/14/2024 07:03 am GMT

List of 5 Best Sit And Stand Strollers

Sit And Stand Stroller Reviews

1. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller, Phantom

The Sit N Stand Tandem Stroller gives you a great deal of space and options that a lot of other strollers don’t.

You have an option to face your newborn in either the front or back, and likewise, your older child can either sit or stand depending on whether they want to use the padded jumpseat or standing platform.

It has front-wheel suspension which allows your children to enjoy a smooth ride without bumps.

The child tray with a cupholder has the option to be placed in the front or back which isn’t something we’ve seen in many other strollers, as well as five cupholders overall.

It also has a massive storage basket underneath which allows you to carry extra toys or baby supplies you might need.

We really liked how easy this stroller is to fold, with a simple, one-movement procedure that makes folding and storing simple.

It’s also important to note that the main chair comes with a five-point safety harness, to ensure your child gets the support that both you can be thankful for. We would also like to point out that in terms of style it comes in a modest black color that looks great.

If you’re looking for something with customizability and versatility then the Sit N Stand Tandem Stroller is one of the best you can find.


  • Padded seats – comfort for your baby
  • Sturdy frame – for support and durability
  • Weight – accommodates two children up to 50 pounds each
  • Cup holders – multiple
  • Car Seat – detachable


  • Size – larger and more awkward than some other strollers.
Our Top Pick
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller
$179.99 $161.99

This high quality stroller gives you a great deal of space and options that a lot of other strollers don’t. 

It comfortably accommodates two children up to 50 pounds each and with its front-wheel suspension it allows for easy maneuverability and a smooth ride for your children. 

You'll also find a bunch of practical features such as multiple cup holders and easy folding making this sit and stand stroller a great choice for any parent!

04/14/2024 07:03 am GMT

2. Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Sport Stroller

If you’re looking for something more compact, then it might be better to go for the Sit N’ Stand Sport Stroller.

Although much smaller than the previous stroller mentioned, it still has some of the same features. The Sport Stroller has a large, foldable canopy as well as a large storage basket.

It has padded seats and covered armrests, it also comes with an adjustable 5-point safety harness, as well as an easy fold trigger which allows for a quick pack down and easy storage.

We mostly liked the size of this stroller because it would be great for somebody looking for something smaller, perhaps if you’re not often going out on long trips with your two children.

It also has an option to add Baby Trend’s infant car seat, though this is sold separately.

We’ve also heard reports from other customers that the wheels don’t provide the smoothest ride on uneven terrain, so if you’re looking for something more robust and ‘off-road’ then this stroller is not the one for you.


  • Lightweight – for easy movement
  • Comfort – well-padded seats
  • Canopy – large canopy


  • Wheels – the wheels are not great for difficult terrain
  • Size – a lot less room than other strollers.

3. Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller, Clark

The Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller gives you a few different options for your children.

It comes with two stroller seats, front and back facing which give you options for two smaller children.

It also has a bench seat on the back, so your older child can sit down as you ride, alongside a standing platform. It also accepts 2 infant car seats, though these are sold separately.

This stroller comes has been designed to support your children as they grow through different age groups.

We’re impressed with the foreward thinking design of this product, and it’s a great investment if you’re looking for something that you can keep for years as your children grow.

Another thing to note are it’s large wheels which allow for smoother traction on different surfaces.

They are plastic, but they seem to have a rubber coating as well as traction marks which make movement smoother. The breaks beside the back wheels are also very easy to operate and intuitive.


  • Small and compact – for easy storage.
  • Versatility – fits children at different ages.
  • Folding – easy fold.


  • Heavy – for its size at 32 pounds.

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4. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stroller

The Joovy Caboose Graphite Stroller has a few features that make it stand out.

Firstly, it has a car seat adapter that fits most major brands – this is great if you have already bought a car seat and don’t want to have to shell out again for one that matches your stroller.

Another feature that sets it apart is its 3 positions adjustable recline seat, which allows your child to nap as you’re moving.

There’s also a child tray with two cup holders as well as a parent organsie that holds two drinks and has pockets for your wallet, phone or keys.

Joovy is a trusted brand and one of the first ever sit and stand strollers ever made, created in the UK by a man named Bert Fairclough.

Much like you, he was trying to find something to help his older son who was too old to ride in a stroller, but too young to walk far on his own.

Since its inception, Joovy has updated its stroller, and it now has a modern look with a graphite matte finish and a much larger canopy for more sun protection.

We found this stroller to be quite small and compact and easy to manouvre. However, with the weight of two children it did become a little harder to steer.

There’s also no comfortable seat for your older child at the back of the stroller, though you can buy a detachable rear seat if you like.

We recommend Joovy if you want a reliable stroller with multiple options, but also don’t want something too complicated, big, or awkward.


  • Includes Carseat Adapter
  • Canopy – large canopy for sun protection
  • Snack tray and cup holders – for comfort and ease
  • Wheels – four-wheel suspension and swivel from wheels for a smooth ride.


  • Folding – takes some effort to fold
  • Steering – hard to steer with the weight of two children.
04/13/2024 05:03 pm GMT

5. Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

The Chicco Bravo For2 is a stroller for if you’re looking for something bulky. It has one of the largest canopies we’ve seen and is by far the sturdiest stroller on this list.

It has a large iron frame which makes it much bigger than some of the other strollers on this list.

Some of the Chicco Bravo’s unique features include a one-hand fold with a handle that lets you quickly pack it up or down – we found this especially useful considering its size.

It also has a useful parent tray with two robust cup holders as well as a zippered storage compartment to keep your essentials safe.

Like other strollers, it also includes a detachable child tray so you won’t miss out there.

For the child riding on the platform there are two great features here – first is the inclusion of a seatbelt harness for the rear seat which can give you some peace of mind depending on your child’s age, and secondly is the back cushion for the standing platform which is sure to offer your child a lot more comfort.

Another feature we really liked for the standing platform is the inclusion of a kid-sized storage compartment at the back of the main stroller chair, so your older child can take things along on whatever adventure you’re starting!

The last thing to note about this stroller is its rubber tires, which we found to be a lot more practical and more durable than other strollers.

If you’re looking for something tough and reliable without losing some of the more innovative features of modern strollers, this might be the one you’re looking for!


  • Canopy – adjustable and large
  • Platform – the standing platform has easy-grip handles and a backrest
  • Child Tray – detachable
  • Handle – a fold/carry handle.


  • Harness – 3 point harness instead of 5.
  • Recline – seat does not recline much.

Buyer’s Guide on Choosing the Best Sit / Stand Strollers

We know that when looking for your perfect stroller, it can be overwhelming to see all of the different options and jargon, so to help remedy this, we’ve created an extensive buyers guide that will help you understand what things are important to consider when selecting your stroller.

We’ve aimed to break anything technical down in easy language, as well as to explain some external factors personal to your life that might influence your decision!

Standing Bench/Platform

We thought we’d start with the standing bench/platform because it’s the unique selling point of sit and stand strollers and probably the main reason you’re reading this article.

Though the inclusion of a standing bench might seem simple at first glance, when you look through the options you might notice there are additional features attached to them.

For example, some stroller designs include extra seating for if your older child gets too tired. As well as this, some include back cushions for if they need extra support when standing.

These features, although small, can make a big difference in terms of comfort, and that’s half of what makes a stroller good!

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Tires are the foundation of a good stroller, so it is very important to understand what different tires will mean in terms of comfort and practicality.

Bigger, thicker tires can be more durable and create a smoother ride, but can also be clunkier and make the stroller more difficult to steer.

Smaller tires might give you more maneuverability, but maybe a lot less durable and cause the stroller to shake or veer.

The last thing you want is a stroller with weak or faulty tires, so it’s important to check the material used to make them before deciding on your stroller.

Generally, plastic tires are going to be the weakest material, though some have rubber added for additional durability.


We know that for parents organization is everything.

Stroller companies also know this and have made sure to add in accessories to help you plan your days out or come prepared for anything that might happen.

The first you will often come across are child trays – these are small (usually plastic) trays that clip onto your stroller, with cup holders and a small rivet for food.

Child trays give you and your child some space for drinks and snacks on the go.

The next thing you’ll find is storage baskets. Storage baskets are usually located at the bottom of a stroller and can vary in size and capacity.

Generally, the bigger the better! They’re often made of soft, flexible fabric to make sure they can support weight.

If you’re a parent who likes to come equipped with toys and supplies then checking out the size of the storage tray is important.

The last common accessory you’ll find is parent trays.

Parent trays are usually built up top by the handle of the stroller and come with cupholders and a compartment to keep your valuables.

Usually, these compartments are big enough to carry your phone, keys and wallet but they do vary in size. Some even come with handy zippers to keep your essentials safe and secure!


Canopies offer sun protection to your child and are an important part of any stroller. Some canopies are bigger than others and some have a lot more room to adjust.

When looking for a stroller online or in stores, we recommend seeing how adjustable your canopy is, as well as making sure it offers enough shade for your child.


How big and bulky a frame is, as well as the material used to make it are important factors to consider.

The frame of a stroller can be the difference between it fitting in the boot of your car or in a storage cupboard at home.

Lighter frames tend to take a lot of weight off of the stroller, but also make them much stronger and more durable.

How strong your frame is and how much weight it can withstand are things you should take into account, especially since sit and stand strollers have much more weight due to two children.

It’s also vital that you check how your stroller folds up and down, and how big it is once it’s flatpacked. You’ll want to keep in mind what storage and transportation options you have and how the size of the stroller you’re considering fits with these.

Our Top Pick
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller
$179.99 $161.99

This high quality stroller gives you a great deal of space and options that a lot of other strollers don’t. 

It comfortably accommodates two children up to 50 pounds each and with its front-wheel suspension it allows for easy maneuverability and a smooth ride for your children. 

You'll also find a bunch of practical features such as multiple cup holders and easy folding making this sit and stand stroller a great choice for any parent!

04/14/2024 07:03 am GMT

FAQ’s on Sit And Stand Strollers

How Does Sit And Stand Stroller Work?

Sit and stand strollers work by having two sections – firstly a normal stroller seat like you’d find on other for a small child or baby, and secondly, a standing bench/platform located at the back for an older child to stand on. These allow for you to bring both your children along, even if they’re different ages and in different stages of development.

What Sit And Stand Strollers Hold The Most Weight?

We found that strollers with larger and more robust frames are more likely to hold more weight. Generally, sit and stand strollers are created to hold between 50 to 100 pounds. Most products will have this listed on their box or product page online, so it’s important to double-check before buying!

Are Sit And Stand Strollers Worth It?

Sit and stand strollers are a great way to keep your children together. They’re also a great tool for creating bonds between siblings when you’re out strolling.
They also give independence to your older child who might not yet be old enough to walk long distances on their own, but is too old to be strapped into a stroller.

Final Thoughts on Sit N Stand Strollers

Having a sit and stand stroller can make a world of difference to your every day when you have multiple children.

We hope our guide has been helpful in helping you decide what the best sit n stand stroller is for you and your children.

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