Do Baby Wipes Expire?

Wondering when do baby wipes expire?

Then you’re not alone! ‘Can baby wipes expire?’ is a common questioned asked by many parents.

Especially, when you find a few unused packets in the back of your closet!

So, to answer the question, in short, no baby wipes do not expire.

But that doesn’t mean the half empty packet you found from when your baby was a newborn is still ok to use.

That’s why we put together this guide, so you can easily determine if your baby wipes have gone bad or are safe to use!

Here you’ll learn do wipes expire, do baby wipes expire if unopened, how long are baby wipes good for, and uses for old baby wipes that you might not have thought of!

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Do Baby Wipes Expire?

If you look at your baby wipes packet for a baby wipes expiration date, you’ll be unlikely to find one as baby wipes do not expire.

So, how long do baby wipes last?

What you will find on your wipes packet is a date for when your baby wipes were packed or a best-by date which can be used as an indication of when the quality of your baby wipes may drop.

This best by date is a protective measure for companies and not an indication of needing to toss a perfectly good product.

A fully sealed pack of baby wipes can last years.

So, if your one to stockpile when you find a great deal or you found a pack at the back of your baby closet or under the bed odds, are they are your baby wipes will be just fine to use.

Though you should always check your baby wipes prior to using to ensure they have not gone bad.

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How Do You Know If Your Baby Wipes Have Gone Bad?

Here are few key signs that your baby wipes have gone bad or will no longer be as effective as they are designed to be.

1. Your Baby Wipes Dried Out

Baby wipe solution is mostly water and because of this evaporation is to be expected.

The plastic baby wipes are stored in does not last forever and will eventually break the seal. When this happens your baby wipes are likely to dry out.

These dried-out baby wipes are fine to use, however may not be as effective as having your wipe moist.

To help make your baby wipe stockpile stay fresh longer, store in a cool dry place while fully sealed in plastic. Place unopened refill packs in an air-tight container to ensure they stay moist until you need your next refill for your everyday use.

2. Your Wipes Have Lost Their Fragrance

The fragrances used in baby wipes are most commonly from plant essences or oils. This means that over time your scented baby wipes will likely lose their scent.

This is most common in containers that have previously been opened because these natural fragrance compounds evaporate very easily. Sometimes even easier than the water in your baby wipes.

Provided your baby wipes only lost their fragrance and have not taken on a new fragrance then they are perfectly found to keep using.

If they have taken on an odd smell or unpleasant smell then that can be a sign that bacteria or mold have begun to grow and you should avoid using them on your baby

3. The Texture Of Your Wipes Has Changed

Many baby wipes have added fragrances and moisturizers that will break down over time. Unscented wipes still often have some form of moisturizer, often aloe.

As this breaks down over time you may notice that your baby wipes have changed their texture.

If the texture of your baby wipes has change or shows signs of irritation on your baby’s skin, then stop using them on your baby and use a different packet or baby wipe alternative.

You don’t however necessarily need to throw the wipes away, rather look for an alternative use around your home.

4. Mold Formed On Your Baby Wipes

The only real reason to throw away a pack of baby wipes is if mold forms.

This can happen if the stabilizers and preservatives in your baby wipes fail. This is most common in all-natural brands and water wipes where there are no chemical preservatives to help prevent mold and bacterial growth.

Mold can happen in both opened and unopened wipes but is most common in opened wipes where the opportunity for mold spores to enter and more oxygen is present. Finding mold in your baby wipes is uncommon but totally possible. If you find or smell mold or mildew on your baby wipes or in the container you should throw them away.

Using moldy baby wipes is bad for your baby’s skin and the lungs of everyone around you. Mold should always be properly disposed of. If you find mold in your wipes warmer or box you can clean it out with a little diluted bleach to kill off the mold before adding fresh wipes.

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How To Remoisten Baby Wipes?

If your baby wipes end up left open and are exposed to the air and end up drying out they can still be used without issues.

Simply add water to the bottom of your wipes container and toss in a stack of wipes.

The water will flow up the stack and your wipes will be ready to use in a few hours.

If you need them faster you can flip the stack over to moisten the whole stack in just a few minutes.

Are Baby Wipes Really Safe After Their Expiration Date?

Most of the time baby wipes are completely safe after the best before date but as will everything you need to use a little judgment.

If your baby wipes smell moldy, looks dirty, or feel slimy they should be disposed of.

These can be a sign that mold or bacteria could be growing on the wipes.

If there are no signs of mold or bacterial growth you are fine to keep using your baby wipes.

If you are unsure about using these wipes on your babies bottom you can still use them for everything else parents often use baby wipes for like:

  • Wiping hands and faces
  • Cleaning up spills
  • Remove stains from clothing on the go
  • Dusting
  • Blowing noses

Final Thoughts on How Long Do Baby Wipes Last

When it comes to baby wipes it is important to note that whilst baby wipes don’t expire they can go bad. Although using baby wipes that have gone bad is not recommended for use on your baby if they have simply dried out then it is possible remoisten them or use them for other things such as cleaning.

We hope this guide has been helpful in answering your questions about how long do baby wipes last.

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