Baby Wipe Alternatives

Looking for the best baby wipe alternatives?

Whether you can’t find baby wipes, run out and need some in a pinch or you’ve discovered that your baby wipes have gone bad or grew mold and you need an alternative.

Or you are looking to make a green change to help reduce your carbon footprint when you realize just how many diapers wipes land in the dump each year.

Then our guide to what to use instead of baby wipes is for you!

These baby wipe alternatives will fill in the gap so you never have to worry about what you can use instead of baby wipes when you’re in a pinch or help you replace using baby wipes all together.

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Baby Wipe Alternative

Baby Wipe Alternatives

Let’s dive into what you can use for a baby wipe alternative:

1. Make Your Own Baby Wipes

You can make your own baby wipes. This is a great option if you are in need of baby wipes but you can’t find them in stock or you need an option that doesn’t cost anything.

Making your own baby wipes is easy but because they do not have chemical preservatives in them you should avoid making more than you can use in a few day’s time.

For the base of your homemade baby wipes, you will need paper towels. The thick and strong ones do best for holding up as a diaper wipe.

The best brand for diaper wipes and even to use as liners if you are cloth diapering is Viva paper towels as they hold up much better than other brands.

You will need an air-tight container to seal your wipes in. This can be your normal wipes box, a food storage container, or even a zip lock bag. Anything you have that can seal.

Grab your paper towel and fold sheets for stacking on top of each other in the container. This makes it easier to get a single wipe at a time.

Place your paper towel sheets in your container and add water.

If you would like you can add a bit of aloe or lotion to your water for a wipe solution.

Avoid adding baby wash which is commonly suggested for homemade baby wipes as this will not be washed off after use and could leave your baby with a rash.

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2. Make Reusable Baby Wipes

You can make your own reusable wipes. Many cloth diapering moms do this to help make diapering easier.

The process of making your own cloth wipes is easy.

Find nice soft flannel baby wash clothes or make your own by cutting up flannel receiving blankets your baby has outgrown.

This material is perfect because it doesn’t need to surge on the edges and will stay smooth without any extra work while being gentle on your baby’s skin.

Place these wipes into an air-tight container and add water or like above add a bit of baby-safe lotion or aloe for soothing your baby’s skin.

When you are done using your homemade reusable baby wipe simply toss it into your diaper pail or wet bag and wash it with your cloth diapers.

If you are not cloth diapering but are using this wipe option, you can wash these in with your baby’s clothes or bathroom linens. Do a double wash hot wash to be sure everything is nice and clean.

3. Use Washcloths and Water

You don’t need to make wipes to have an alternative to baby wipes.

Some cloth diapering moms simply wet a washcloth with warm water and use that.

It’s easy, it’s simple, and you never have to worry about mildew if you don’t change it often enough.

For moms that have run out of diaper wipes and don’t typically use cloth diapers this is usually the easiest alternative for baby wipes. And the warm water is a lot more pleasant on your baby’s bottoms compared to cold baby wipes.

alternative to baby wipes

What Can You Use As An Alternative To Baby Wipes For A Cleaner Baby Bottom?

Many moms are shocked to find that baby wipes do not contain soap.

This is because baby wipes do not get washed off of your baby’s skin and soup could be an irritant. If you want to use soap on your baby’s bottom for a better clean you can do so in a two-step system.

Step 1 – Add baby wash and warm water to a washcloth for the first step to help get a cleaner clean.

Step 2 – Then follow behind with a clean wet washcloth to remove the soap residue to avoid irritating your baby’s skin.

If your baby has a rash this can be a great way to encourage healing.

What Should You Not Use As A Baby Wipe Alternative?

When making homemade baby wipes to use as an alternative you will likely see a lot of recipes that call for things like baby wash and essential oils.

These things should not be used in a simple single-step baby wipe, and some shouldn’t be used at all.

Using and leaving soap on your baby’s skin, soap with chemical fragrances and contaminants like most baby washes is even worse to leave on your baby’s skin. This can lead to irritation and painful rashes.

The best thing you can do is to use a baby-safe moisturizer or lotion in your solution. This will help nourish your baby’s skin instead of drying it out.

Essential oils are not safe for infants.

They should never be used directly on your baby’s skin. For babies under two, you should avoid using essential oils in the same room as your baby.

This is because essential oils are strong and can be irritating to the skin and lungs. Instead, you can use something called hydrosols. Hydrosols are the bi-product of making essential oils and have all of the components that are found in essential oils in a much milder concentration that is safe for your baby.

Do not use alcohol or disinfectant wipes in place of baby wipes.

These are often found in packs similar to baby wipes now and are great for taking around with you for killing germs on surfaces like the restaurant highchair but should never be used on your baby’s skin. These can dry out your baby’s skin, cause irritation, and even lead to chemical burns.

Final Thoughts on What to Use Instead of Baby Wipes

When it comes to alternatives to baby wipes it is important to find an alternative that best suits you and your child to help keep them clean!

There are lots of great options on this list to choose from so you’re sure to find a substitute for baby wipes to suit your needs.

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Baby Wipe Alternatives