6 BEST Bassinet Strollers [2022 Review]

Looking for the best bassinet strollers for your newborn baby?

Then you’ll want to read this ultimate guide to choosing the best strollers with bassinet!

If you are a new parent, it can be overwhelming to be faced with all the choices that come with having a baby.

Alongside picking the right stroller, you’ve also got to find the best baby monitor, crib, bottles, diapers, and all sorts of other baby essentials before you feel like you’re prepared to look after your baby.

And let’s not forget your perfect bassinet stroller!

Bassinet strollers combine the safety and comfort of the walled bassinet with the mobility and functionality of a stroller.

They’re the best stroller for ensuring that your baby is safe and protected, and able to get a good sleep in, while you are on the go together.

When you are looking to purchase any sort of product these days, you are faced with countless brands and model options that it can be impossible to know where to start.

Even if you’ve narrowed your stroller style down to a bassinet stroller, you are still going to have to decide between all the different types of bassinet strollers on the market.

We know that when you’ve recently become a parent, you don’t have the time to try out every stroller, or to spend hours scrolling through the internet, trying to find the perfect one for you and your baby.

That is why we have done the hard work for you, and have researched all of the best strollers with bassinets that money can buy, and put them into this article.

We have compared almost every stroller feature you can think of, to narrow down your options.

Carry on reading to find out which bassinet stroller has the best canopy, which is easiest to carry around, which has the best tires, and which one is made for you!

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Our Top Pick
HAGADAY Bassinet Baby Stroller with Reversible Seat

This stroller is its 2-in-1 capacity; you can either have the bassinet in sitting mode or in sleep mode, making it suitable for children from zero to three years!

In fact, there are six ways in which you can arrange the bassinet on this stroller, making it a proper investment!

It also comes with all the accessories you could want for from a mosquito net to cup holder to foot covers and more!

01/10/2022 12:08 am GMT

List of 6 Best Bassinet Strollers

Our Best Bassinet Strollers Reviews

1. Hagaday Baby Stroller

This first stroller ensures that the comfort of your baby is not compromised when you are out and about on adventures.

This stroller is suitable for children from zero to thirty-six months old, meaning that once you have it, you can keep on using it for up to three years! It’s a proper investment.

Something that is great about this stroller is its 2-in-1 capacity; you can either have the bassinet in sitting mode or in sleep mode.

In fact, there are six ways in which you can arrange the bassinet on this stroller, meaning you can tailor the positioning to your baby, or to the activity you are doing.

The seat is reversible, so that you can either have the baby facing you or the direction in which you are going.

Having the option to have your child facing you is really important, as it increases your interaction with your child while you are walking around, and can make both you and your baby feel more at ease.

The canopy of this model is complex, and ensures a safe experience for your child.

It is multifunctional, and has three protective layers, including a sun visor within the canopy that protects your child from the sun’s harsh rays.

This bassinet stroller is easy to use. You can put on the breaks with the push of one button, and all you need to do to fold the stroller is push a button on the right side and pull up!

Along with the main parts of the stroller, Hagaday have also added in some extras.

When you purchase this bassinet stroller, you also get:

  • A mosquito net, to cover the open bassinet and keep your baby bite-free
  • A cup holder, to hold either your baby’s drink or your morning coffee
  • A foot cover, which can be attached to the bassinet to keep your baby covered and warm when outside
  • A safety wrist wrap, which connects you to the stroller and prevents you from being separated from your baby
  • A rain cover, keeping the whole stroller and your baby dry when it starts to drizzle
  • A seat cushion, which keeps your baby comfortable, no matter how long the outing is

The thing that we love most about this stroller is that it comes in three gorgeous colors. You can choose from a rosy baby pink, a cool bluish-gray, or a neutral dark beige. There’s one for every mood!


  • Easy to use and fold up
  • Lots of great extras included
  • 6 modes to suit each occasion and mood


  • You cannot attach a stroller riding board to this model, so if you have a slightly older infant with you they will have to walk alongside you
Our Top Pick
HAGADAY Bassinet Baby Stroller with Reversible Seat

This stroller is its 2-in-1 capacity; you can either have the bassinet in sitting mode or in sleep mode, making it suitable for children from zero to three years!

In fact, there are six ways in which you can arrange the bassinet on this stroller, making it a proper investment!

It also comes with all the accessories you could want for from a mosquito net to cup holder to foot covers and more!

01/10/2022 12:08 am GMT

2. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

Number two on our list is a stroller that guarantees a smooth ride, thanks to its spring-action technology and softer tires.

What makes this stroller stand out from the crowd is its ability to transport one, two, or even three children at once!

We found that the multiple configurations of this stroller make it easy to carry up to three infants, while only taking up the width of a single stroller!

So, if you’ve got more than one child to transport but don’t want the hassle of a triple stroller, this could be your perfect match.

The canopy on this model is easily attached and removed by a zip, and is extendable to make sure that your baby is completely protected from the sun.

The canopy also features mesh panels, which contribute to good airflow and keep the material breathable.

The main seat on this stroller is reversible, which means that you can either have your baby facing you or facing the direction of motion. This enables you to suit the requirements of each individual outing.

The stroller takes only one step to fold, so it can be done easily and in any place quickly. It also conveniently stands upright without added support when it is folded, so that you can store it easily when it is not being used.

Our favorite thing about this stroller was the large size of the storage basket underneath. It was big enough to carry anything from diaper bags to toys, and is really easily accessible.

What’s more, this model has six great colorways to choose from!


  • Can carry up to three children
  • Reversible seat
  • Stands when folded


  • Additional features such as a rain cover or foot cover are not included

3. Mompush Ultimate2 Full-Size Standard Stroller

Our third choice of bassinet stroller is the Mompush Ultimate 2. It can be used for a child from zero months old to three years old, so it is a long-term investment.

There are four different modes that this stroller can be put in, to make sure that it suits every occasion. The Carrycot Mode has the bassinet in a sleep position, and has the baby facing you.

The Infant Carrier Mode enables you to make the stroller seat compatible with a car, meaning that you can easily disconnect it from the stroller and use it as a car seat.

Parent Facing Mode has is suitable for toddlers, and puts them in a sitting position facing you. The World Facing Mode, aptly named, enables your child to sit and face the direction of motion.

These four modes make this stroller suitable for multiple ages and multiple situations.

The bassinet that is used in the Carrycot Mode is detachable; in essence, you get a bassinet with this stroller!

This independent bassinet has a foot cover and canopy, to make sure that whether you are out or at home your baby is protected and warm.

Our favorite part of this whole stroller was how soft the bassinet mattress pad was. This bassinet would be the perfect place for your baby to sleep.

All in all, this stroller package includes:

  • 1 high quality stroller
  • 1 rain cover
  • 1 attachable bassinet
  • 1 car seat adapter

Whether you are out and about on a rainy day, or are traveling by car with your kid, this stroller will give you the ability to transport your child safely and with ease.

The colorways available for this model are simple and understated. Choose from silver gray, black gray, or navy.


  • Multimode enables you to use it with a child from birth to three years old
  • A separate bassinet can be used on the stroller or at home
  • The stroller seat can be converted into a car seat with the adapter


  • Price. This high-quality stroller carries with it a hefty price tag, even when it’s on sale. It is around twice the cost of other strollers, so must be considered a serious investment

4. INFANS Baby Stroller for Newborn

Despite the name of the stroller, this model can in fact be used for infants of up to three years old.

The thing we liked most about this stroller was how shock-absorbent the wheels were, and how smooth it was to move the stroller.

The wheels on this stroller are made out of two different materials, which serve two different purposes. The front wheel is made out of EVA, and includes a spring design to absorb shock.

Even better, the front wheel can also rotate 360 degrees, making it easy for you to change direction smoothly and quickly.

The rear wheels augment the smoothness of motion. The two wheels at the back are made out of rubber, which is durable and provides an anti-skid function.

All in all, the clever technology in these wheels makes the stroller really easy to move, and will keep your baby undisturbed – even when they are sound asleep.

The canopy in this design is easily adjustable and has an added sun visor to ensure your baby is protected from UV rays.

The seat in the stroller is fitted with a five-point safety belt, which fits the baby’s body perfectly and makes sure that they are secure in the seat.

The basket in this stroller is convertible and reversible, so that you can choose whether to have your child facing you or facing the outside world.

Another smart function of the stroller is that it only takes one hand to fold it!

Even with a baby in one arm, you can still fold up this stroller with no help. It’s convenient and perfect for being on the go.

Beneath the seat or bassinet there is a mesh storage basket, which can hold your baby’s bottles and small toys.


  • Shock absorbent wheel ensures a smooth ride for the baby
  • 360 degree motion of the front wheel makes it easy for you to change direction quickly
  • Only requires one hand to fold it


  • Mesh storage basket is not as large as some other models’, meaning that you might need to carry your diaper bag and other large essentials separately

5. BABY JOY Baby Stroller

This two-in-one stroller is perfect for babies and toddlers alike. It is multifunctional, and the seat can be adjusted into the shape of either a bassinet or a seat.

Whether your child is sound asleep or awake and attentive, this stroller can be adjusted to suit them.

This stroller is perfect if you have both a baby and a toddler, if you take them out separately, or ideal if you are looking to invest in something long term.

This stroller has multiple features that ensure a safe ride for your baby.

The canopy is comprised of three layers, including a sunroof, to make sure that harmful UV rays d not reach your child.

Plus, it is easily adjustable, meaning that you can have it covering as much or as little of the bassinet as you wish.

The seat in the toddler mode has a very secure five point safety harness, ensuring that your baby is firmly attached to the stroller and cannot let themselves out without your help.

The braking system on this stroller is super easy to use; all you need to do is place your foot on the rear brake, and the stroller will halt immediately.

As well as suiting the needs of your baby, this stroller also has your comfort in mind. The handle and push bar on this model is made of foam, and are adjustable.

This means that you can switch up the angle of the push bar to suit your height or speed, and that no matter how long you are strolling for, your hands won’t get sore!

Alongside the main structure of this stroller, this model comes with some extras:

  • Seat cushion, to make sure your baby’s ride is comfortable
  • Mosquito net, so that your baby can remain bite-free on your adventures
  • Wallet bag, to keep your valuables safe and attached to the stroller as you move
  • Bottle net, so that you and your baby can stay hydrated while out and about
  • Big storage basket, which sits under the stroller seat and can carry all your essentials for you
  • Foot cover, to go over the bassinet to keep your baby warm
  • Diaper bag, which attached easily to the stroller, meaning that you don’t have to carry one separately

This stroller comes in three colorways. You can choose between a neutral gray, khaki, or blue. Our personal favorite was the blue – it was so cute and playful!


  • Comfortable for both you and your child, thanks to the seat cushion and adjustable foam push bar
  • Storage space for your essential items, meaning that you can bring them with you easily without having to carry them separately
  • Included diaper bag, which saves you the hassle of buying one from somewhere else


  • No rain cover is included, so you might need to purchase one separately for when you go out on rainy days

6. Joolz Geo2 Premium Stroller for Babies

As is clear from the name of this product, this is a premium high quality stroller.

The best part of this stroller is that it is designed to be used across all types of terrain.

The wheels are large, and the suspension on the stroller is entirely independent of the main structure of the stroller.

This means that no matter how bumpy or uneven the surface of the ground is, the bassinet or seat will remain pretty much statue still.

This feature allows your baby to sit comfortably or to sleep without being disturbed, even if the ground below them is rough and bumpy.

We definitely felt the difference between this stroller and strollers without independent suspensions. It provides one of the smoothest rides out there for your lucky baby.

The design of this stroller also promises comfort for your child in other ways. The seat can be placed into three different positions, to suit your baby’s mood and preferences.

Plus, the backrest of the seat is particularly supportive. Whether your kid is fast asleep or wants to explore the world around them, there’s a suitable seat position to keep them happy.

The canopy on this stroller is not only easily adjustable, but it also has a sun protection factor of 50+! No matter how sunny the day gets, you can be certain that your child will not be burned when under this canopy.

Even when the canopy is completely down, though, the stroller will keep the air under it fresh for your child, thanks to the ventilation system within the canopy.

An added bonus of this stroller is that it can be adjusted to fit two children in it!

If your family is growing, this stroller will grow with it, meaning that you won’t have to worry about buying a second stroller if a second kid comes along.

What is even better, is that the two seats are above and below each other, so the width of the stroller never changes from that of a single stroller.

Once you are finished with your stroller for the day, all it takes is one swift motion to fold it up. It folds into a compact size, so that you can store it anywhere really easily.


  • Independent suspension creates an unprecedented smooth ride for your baby
  • Adaptable to fit a second child in
  • UPF 50+ canopy
  • Foldable in one motion


  • Price. The premium quality of this stroller comes at a premium price. This is our most expensive stroller on the list.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Strollers with Bassinet

Whenever you are looking to buy a new product, there are a few different aspects to consider before making any decisions.

It is particularly important to consider your options when buying a stroller, because your choices won’t only affect you, but your baby as well.

Take a look below at some of the things you might want to think about before deciding which stroller to buy.

Comfort, for both you and your child, is top of the priority list when it comes to choosing a stroller.

It is likely that your baby is going to be in the seat or bassinet for long periods of time, and equally likely that you will be pushing it for long periods of time.

When comparing the stroller options, take a look at how padded the baby’s seat is. Has it got a cushion? Is there a foot cover to keep them warm?

Also, look at the strollers’ handles and push bars. If you know you are going to be walking long distances with your stroller, it might be worth investing in one that places importance on your comfort.

One of the strollers on our list, for example, has a foam push bar, so that you have a soft surface to push against.

A few of them also have adjustable angles for the handlebar, so that you can alter it depending on your height or the speed at which you are walking.

If you are only planning on using the stroller for short walks, maybe the comfort of the stroller is less important than other factors for you.


Of course, when taking your child out into the big wide world, you want to make sure that they are safe even when they are not in your arms.

Before choosing a stroller, compare its safety features to find the one that suits your lifestyle the best.

If you have a wriggling toddler, consider purchasing a stroller that has a five point harness, so that they cannot topple out of the stroller.

If you are only planning on having the stroller while your child is a baby, though, that is not a safety feature you will need.

If sun protection is essential to where you live, consider purchasing a stroller that has sun protection built into its canopy.


As with any product, strollers vary enormously in price. Before you go ahead and choose one, make sure you know what you’re budget is, and how much you are willing to spend on this product.

Many of the strollers on this list are an investment, and can last for children of up to three years old, and be used for multiple children.

It might be worth paying a little extra if you want one that will grow with your baby and with your family’s plans.

If you are certain that you only want a stroller while your baby is really young, though, you do not need to invest in one that lasts throughout the ages. It’s entirely up to you!

Our Top Pick
HAGADAY Bassinet Baby Stroller with Reversible Seat

This stroller is its 2-in-1 capacity; you can either have the bassinet in sitting mode or in sleep mode, making it suitable for children from zero to three years!

In fact, there are six ways in which you can arrange the bassinet on this stroller, making it a proper investment!

It also comes with all the accessories you could want for from a mosquito net to cup holder to foot covers and more!

01/10/2022 12:08 am GMT

FAQ’s about Choosing a Bassinet Stroller

Which Stroller Is Easiest To Fold?

That depends on what you are looking for! Some strollers take a few steps to fold up, while others only need one motion. Our pick for the easiest fold would be the Infans baby stroller for newborns, which only requires one hand to fold it!

Is A Bassinet Stroller Worth The Money?

In our humble opinion, yes. The bassinet structure provides your baby with protection and comfort that is not offered by regular strollers. For example, the canopy keeps them safe from sunlight, and the adjustable angle of the bassinet allows your baby to sleep more easily than they would in a regular stroller.

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