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Having a baby brings joy, happiness, and adventure to our lives, but it’s fair to say it also comes with a lot of challenges. One of those challenges is traveling.

Now you have a baby, traveling just got a whole lot harder. You need to travel with all your child’s essentials, travel toys, and a stroller.

Your child might only be in a stroller for a couple of years but if it’s heavy and cumbersome, it can feel like a lifetime.

If you’ve ever struggled to trying to put your stroller in the trunk or hide it away on a plane, you’ll know just how important a high-quality, compact travel stroller is.

Whether you’re a keen traveler or like to have a stroller for occasional use, a lightweight, compact, and portable stroller will make maneuvering a lot easier, while still ensuring your child’s comfort and safety.

To help you find the best compact stroller for travel, we have compiled a list of the best travel strollers on the market now. We will look at their pros and cons, design, and any unique features. We’ve even included a handy buyer’s guide. 

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Our Top Pick
Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller
$199.95 $149.99

The Pocket Air All-Terrain weighs only 4.6kg making it the perfect travel companion!

It has a weight capacity of 55 lbs making it a great stroller for bigger kids.

Its super-lightweight frame is easy to maneuver, lift and carry, whilst your child moves around in comfort.

Best of all the ultra-compact folding mechanism of the Pocket Air All-Terrain reduces the stroller into a handbag-shaped package in seconds and is airplane hand luggage compliant.

02/19/2024 11:03 am GMT

List of 6 Best Compact Travel Strollers

Best Lightweight Travel Stroller

1. GB Pockit Air Ultra All-Terrain Travel Stroller

We kick our list off with a solid option for anybody looking for an ultra-lightweight and compact travel stroller. 

Providing your child with plenty of comfort as you travel, this stroller is actually a record-breaker. The lightweight Gold Pockit+ stroller is the smallest folding stroller in the world.

In just two simple steps we can fold the stroller down into a 34 x 20 x 42 cm handbag-like package. Being able to switch between carrying and pushing in a matter of seconds makes the stroller perfect for places with lots of stairs or any mode of transport. 

Despite weighing just 12 lbs, this stroller is capable of carrying children from 6 months to approximately 4 years. In terms of weight, the pockit+ is suitable for children weighing up to 37 lbs.

We were impressed with the design of this stroller. Made from aluminum, polyester, strong plastic, and rubber, you can rest assured that this stroller is durable and sturdy.

Thanks to the breathable mesh, solid wheels, and secure straps, your child will sit comfortably and safely while on the move. 

The only downside to this stroller is the lack of rain cover and additional inlay. These two features will have to be bought separately which is a shame. 


  • Record-breaker – This stroller is the world’s smallest folding stroller.
  • Easy to carry – Folded into a handbag-shaped package, you can easily carry the stroller.
  • Easily stored – Thanks to its small size, you can easily store the stroller away when traveling by car, boat, bus, or plane.


  • Added weight with extras – Any extras you may need will add weight to the stroller.
Our Top Pick
Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller
$199.95 $149.99

The Pocket Air All-Terrain weighs only 4.6kg making it the perfect travel companion!

It has a weight capacity of 55 lbs making it a great stroller for bigger kids.

Its super-lightweight frame is easy to maneuver, lift and carry, whilst your child moves around in comfort.

Best of all the ultra-compact folding mechanism of the Pocket Air All-Terrain reduces the stroller into a handbag-shaped package in seconds and is airplane hand luggage compliant.

02/19/2024 11:03 am GMT

2. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Travel Stroller

The next stroller on our list is another hugely popular travel stroller, seemingly loved most by parents who have spent long days pushing their stroller around Disney World. 

The Baby Jogger Tour 2 stroller is a little heavier than the GB Pockit+ with a weight of 14 lbs, but that doesn’t take away from its versatility.

Suitable for both newborns and toddlers, one of this stroller’s best features is its ability to be compatible with your car seats. The car seat adapters make traveling even easier.

In regards to the design of the stroller, things couldn’t get much easier and more reliable. With an ultra-compact design and neat one-hand folding system, you can easily switch between pushing and carrying the stroller in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the included carry bag, you won’t struggle to carry the stroller around either.

To ensure your child rides comfortably, the Tour 2 travel stroller is equipped with a reclining seat, offering adjustable calf support, a UV 50+ canopy, and of course plenty of super-soft padding. 

To make the stroller more movable when traveling across tougher terrains, Baby Jogger has fitted the stroller with lightweight and extremely durable tires that provide an effortless, safe, and smooth ride.


  • Carry bag included – Easily travel with the stroller thanks to the handy carry bag Baby Jogger include in your purchase.
  • One-hand folding system – Collapse the stroller with one hand and look after your child with the other. 
  • Reasonably priced – As far as baby strollers go, this one is very fairly priced.


  • Heavier than other models – This stroller is heavier than other travel strollers on the market.

You can read more in our baby jogger city tour 2 review.

3. Bugaboo Butterfly Stroller

This compact travel stroller is designed to fit in the overhead storage bin on most planes when folded up.

Not only is it IATA compatible, but the Bugaboo Butterfly can be folded away and unfolded again in a single fluid motion. This helps to make the stroller less of a hassle when passing through airport customs and will save you a lot of valuable time. 

However, its folding design doesn’t compromise its stability or durability, and you will find it to be a very reliable stroller for navigating cities. 

This stroller has spring-loaded suspension on all four of its wheels, allowing it to deal with uneven surfaces such as cobblestones.

As such, your little one can nap peacefully without waking up when the terrain gets a little bumpy.

The seat can recline making it easier for your toddler to take a nap when they need it, although it can’t go completely flat, which may be an issue for newborns. 

There is also no option to fit the Butterfly with a bassinet instead of a seat, which is another drawback that makes this stroller unsuitable for newborns.

The reason for the lack of bassinet is that this stroller is built for travel, and as such numerous steps have been taken to cut back on weight and size wherever possible. 

However, the seat can be turned to face the parent, it offers more space for your little one and can recline backwards when they want to take a nap.

The Butterfly has a large extendable canopy that is great for shielding your infant from rain or intense sunlight.

This canopy has a breeze window on one of the sections, which helps to prevent your child overheating and gives them a chance to peek at their surroundings.

The Butterfly also comes with accessories such as a footrest and a shoulder strap for carrying the stroller. 


  • Extra large seat with an adjustable back and footrest
  • Shoulder strap for carrying the stroller when it is not in use
  • Can be folded and unfolded with one hand
  • Large under seat storage bin with raised upper lip to stop things falling out
  • Large canopy with a breeze window
  • Fully IATA compatible, what folded


  • Limited selection of fabric colors
  • The handlebar is not adjustable
  • No bumper bar on the seat
  • Expensive

4. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

If you have two little treasures, Baby Jogger also has an excellent compact double travel stroller.

Like the popular single travel stroller, Baby Jogger has designed this stroller with comfort, portability, and move ability in mind.

As you can imagine this stroller comes with some additional weight due to the fact it holds two children, but in all honesty, we still found it extremely lightweight and easy to carry. 

Weighing 37 lbs, the stroller can still be folded with one hand, making it easier for you to control your children as you handle the stroller.

Each seat on the mini double stroller is capable of holding children from birth up to the age of four or five. The recommended weight limit for each seat is 50 lbs. The recommended height limit is 44 inches. 

When it comes to handy features, this stroller has many. The best of these include padded, reclining seats that can be adjusted to suit each child, a secure 5-point harness to guarantee safety, adjustable handlebars, two canopy hoods, and four customizable riding options. 


  • Great design – This stroller looks great.
  • High-quality tires – The forever air rubber tires and all-wheel suspension provide a comfortable experience for your children, even across uneven, rough terrain.
  • Easy transportation – Baby Jogger’s patented one-hand folding system lets you quickly fold away the stroller ready for transportation.


  • Heavy – With two toddlers in the stroller, you could find yourself pushing nearly 100 lbs of weight.

5. Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller

With an all-wheel suspension, one-hand quick fold, and a narrower design, this lightweight, compact stroller from Britax offers all the features you would expect from a bigger travel stroller in one convenient unit. 

The Britax B-lively stroller has a simple, yet stylish design, packed with a range of useful features that make traveling easier and more comfortable for you and your child.

In terms of your child’s comfort, this stroller is equipped with a comfortable padded seat that reclines all the way back.

This lets your child sit up and observe as the world goes by or lay back and snooze while you take them to their destination. The B-lively stroller can hold children that weigh up to 55 lbs.

Other features that ensure child comfort and enjoyment include a ventilated UV 50+ canopy, a peek-a-boo window, and a strong, yet soft strap. 

When it comes to the parents, this stroller also has plenty of neat design features that make life a lot easier.

Aside from a quick one-hand fold, the B-lively stroller also has a large storage basket, adjustable handle, a large zipper pocket, front storage space, and car seat adaptability. 

Overall, this stroller is definitely one of our favorite travel strollers on the market.


  • Feature-packed – The B-lively travel stroller comes with plenty of useful features.
  • Affordable – This stroller represents great value for money.
  • Portable – You can easily collapse, store, and move this stroller around.


  • Adapters sold separately – You will have to buy the car adapters for this stroller separately.

6. Summer 3D Mini Convenience Stroller

If you’re looking for the most affordable travel stroller on the market, but one that still offers incredible functionality, the Summer 3D Mini Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant could be the perfect option for you. 

Costing almost 50% less than rival travel strollers, the Summer 3D travel stroller makes every outing easier.

Whether it be a trip to the park or a long haul flight to your next vacation, weighing just 11 lbs, this easily folded umbrella travel stroller will let you easily move your children while they sit in ultimate comfort. 

Featuring a full-sized seat, auto-lock, anti-shock wheels, and sturdy lockable rear wheels, you can rely on this stroller to get you from A to B with no hassle.

With a multi-position, padded reclining seat, and a super comfortable and secure 5-point safety harness, your child can ride safely whether they choose to sit up or kick back and snooze.

The maximum weight this stroller can hold is 45 lbs. 

We found the extra storage space extremely useful with this stroller. Having plenty of large storage spaces built-in means that you can carry less, letting you focus more on pushing the stroller.

This also gives you the opportunity to bring any essentials with you for the journey. 

Incredibly priced, you’d have to be crazy not to take a close look at this fashionable, compact, and ultra lightweight travel stroller.


  • Double stroller available – You can also purchase this stroller in a double variation.
  • Versatile – This stroller can be used every day and anywhere.
  • Great safety features – Rear wheel locks, the 5-point harness, and padded seat make this stroller comfortable and safe for your child.


  • Sliding comfort pads – When unbuckled the comfort pads can slide off the harness. Annoyingly this would mean you need to keep putting them back on when buckling your child.
Our Top Pick
Summer 3Dmini Convenience Stroller

This lightweight, compact stroller comes with every thing you'd expect and more, especially when you're travelling.

It's durable aluminum frame only weighs 11 pounds. But don't be fooled by it's lightweight for long-term use as it offers both an everyday and travel stroller option.

It has an adjustable handle making it a great choice for parents of heights, plus you'll love the full sized padded seat, multi-position reclining positions, and padded 5 point safety harness for comfort and safety.

And you'll be impressed by all it's storage additions, like a storage basket, rear storage pocket, and two cup holders.

02/26/2024 04:03 am GMT

Buyer’s Guide to Best Compact Travel Stroller

Before making your final decision regarding which travel stroller you want to buy, there are some things you need to consider. To help you out, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide.

This guide discusses the key factors you need to think about before buying a stroller. By taking these factors into consideration you will be able to make a decision you don’t later regret.

Size And Weight

Arguably the most important thing to consider when buying a compact travel stroller is its size and weight. Most regular strollers are a lot heavier and bulkier than travel strollers, so it is essential to find the right one. 

Lightweight, compact travel strollers might have fewer features than regular strollers, but you can almost guarantee they will be a lot easier to move and fold away.

A travel stroller should be easy enough to lug around all day long without causing any troubles. High-quality travel strollers will do this without sacrificing the canopy, reclining seat, or any storage spaces. 

Generally speaking, a stroller weighing 25 lbs or less is perfect. Anything more than this could start to get a little heavy.

Ease Of Folding

If you’re traveling with your child and need to store away your stroller, you simply HAVE to find one that is easily folded. This is even more important if you’re traveling solo.

A lot of compact travel strollers can be easily folded using just one hand. We recommend looking out for these strollers because they make it a lot easier when it comes to carrying your child with your free arm. 

Just because a stroller can’t be folded with one hand doesn’t mean it isn’t a good choice, but you should always take more care. In our opinion, a travel stroller should at most take two steps to fold or unfold. 

Storage Capability 

Luckily for us, most travel strollers are designed with storage in mind, however, some are better than others.

While most strollers simply fold down, others are capable of being folded into a bag. These strollers are a lot easier to carry, especially if you’re boarding a plane or bus. 

Being able to lift your stroller up by two straps rather than having to fiddle about with the wheel and handles saves you time and effort. The beauty of travel strollers that can be folded into a bag is that more often than not they are also a lot lighter.

Other Features

When looking for the best compact travel stroller, you should always take additional features into consideration.

Usually, travel strollers will come with a reclining seat, sun canopy, and reclining seat, but if you need any additional features you may have to look harder. 

It is possible to find strollers with additional storage baskets, bag clips, cup holders, car adapters, and more so if you require any of these features you seriously need to consider which stroller suits you best.

While it is possible to find strollers with all of these features, you may want to compromise and only choose a stroller with one or two additional features.

The more features the stroller has, the more it will weigh, therefore, you should only pick extra features that are absolutely crucial to you and your family.


When it comes to travel strollers, you can easily spend $100 or $600, so you should always shop around to look for the best deal. You should also consider what you actually require from the stroller.

Usually, a stroller is more expensive because it has more features. This doesn’t always mean the stroller is better than the one you need.

If you need a simple stroller with limited features to get you from A to B easily, it makes no sense to buy a stroller that comes with tons of additional features.

On the other hand, if you require more features, you may have to take into account how much more you will end up spending on the stroller.

It could be a good idea to note down the features you definitely need and the budget you have to spend. That way, you can then look only for strollers you know you can afford.

Our Top Pick
Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller
$199.95 $149.99

The Pocket Air All-Terrain weighs only 4.6kg making it the perfect travel companion!

It has a weight capacity of 55 lbs making it a great stroller for bigger kids.

Its super-lightweight frame is easy to maneuver, lift and carry, whilst your child moves around in comfort.

Best of all the ultra-compact folding mechanism of the Pocket Air All-Terrain reduces the stroller into a handbag-shaped package in seconds and is airplane hand luggage compliant.

02/19/2024 11:03 am GMT

FAQs on Double Strollers

Can Double Strollers Be Taken On A Plane?

Yes, double strollers can be taken on a plane. However, you do need to take their size into consideration. Double strollers are normally too big to fit in the overhead compartment.
While this is frustrating, it doesn’t stop you from taking your stroller with you. Simply check in your stroller with your other bags that will be going in the hold.

Which Travel Stroller Folds Up The Smallest?

Most travel strollers are capable of folding up super small, but one stands out from amongst the rest. The GB Pockit travel stroller holds the world record for being the smallest folded stroller.
When this stroller is folded, it has dimensions of 12 x 7 x 20 inches and can be carried like a purse.

How Do Travel Strollers Go Through Airport Security?

Going through airport security with your travel stroller is easily done. If it is going in the hold, simply check it in with your other bags when you get to the airport.
If you plan on taking the stroller on board simply head through security with it. Also, if the stroller is compact enough to go through the X-ray machine then great – if not, it will just have to be manually checked by a security guard. 

Final Thoughts on The Most Compact Travel Stroller

Owning a compact travel stroller makes life a lot easier when traveling with your child. A good travel stroller will offer plenty of comfort and security to your child whilst also making things a lot quicker and hassle-free when it comes to folding the stroller away.

Whether you need to quickly throw the stroller in the back of the car or store your stroller away when flying, there is a high-quality stroller for you on our list.

The strollers we have looked at all offer excellent portability and functionality. Some are more expensive, giving us a wider range of features, while others are a lot more affordable, getting the job done in a simple, yet stylish stroller. 

Now you’ve got our list at your disposal and know what to look out for when buying a travel stroller, take some time to narrow down your options until you find the compact travel stroller that suits yours and your child’s needs best.

And if you’re looking for more great baby guides, then check out these guides on best travel double strollers, Baby Jogger City Tour 2 review, and best umbrella stroller for tall parents.

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