What To Wear Under SNOO Sack?

Are you wondering what to wear under SNOO sack for your baby?

Then you’re in the right place, as we are going to discuss what to wear under SNOO swaddle no matter what the season.

A SNOO sack is, it’s a fairly new product to help swaddle your baby for sleep, whilst also helping to prevent SIDS.

Whilst it is fantastic in design, you may be like many other parents wondering what a baby should wear underneath a SNOO sack.

After all you don’t want them to be too cool in winter or overheat in summer.

So, in this article we will explain what the SNOO sack is and how to keep your baby comfortable in their SNOO sack.

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What Is A SNOO Sack?

SNOO Sack is a new product that essentially swaddles your baby while also comfortably buckling them into their bassinet. The product sounds strange from the off, but once you see it in practice you understand the operation of the product and how it can help against SIDS.

Swaddling is a common practice to prevent SIDS, among other reasons, but is also not wholly effective most of the time.

Swaddling is the act of restricting your babies movement by wrapping them somewhat tightly in a blanket. Again, this may sound strange but is likely something you have seen before.

Swaddling has other benefits like making your baby comfortable and safe. It is a common practice that when described sounds uncomfortable for the baby but it can be better for them at an early age.

Swaddling can potentially lead to SIDS when not done correctly, but the SNOO helps you swaddle without this risk.

A SNOO sack essentially swaddles your baby for you in amore secure position that is potentially more comfortable.

On top of all the benefits swaddling can bring, the SNOO sack has the added security of having buckles which you can strap around the mattress. This means your baby is strapped into their journey into that good night, safe from rolling over and risks of SIDS.

A SNOO Sack can really give you peace of mind so you can get some rest and sleep yourself. Your baby will likely sleep well while swaddled, and in  emergencies they can be removed easily.

But many parents who are into this concept wonder what they should wear underneath the SNOO Sack.

What Should A Baby Wear Under A SNOO Sack?

The SNOO Sack is a great idea but many parents wonder about what a child should wear underneath, should they be naked, does the SNOO Sack replace their clothes? We’re here to clear this up for you.

There are a few things worth establishing with the SNOO sack, some facts that are worth pointing out.

Firstly, it’s up to you if you want the baby to wear clothes in the SNOO Sack, there isn’t any requirement to, just as there is no requirement for your child to to be dressed when they are swaddled in a blanket.

Secondly, there should never be blankets in a baby’s bassinet, and this remains even more true with the SNOO sack, there doesn’t need to be anything in the bassinet otherwise.

Thirdly, there is no objective way that your baby should be dressed in the SNOO Sack, this can completely depend on your climate and what they feel comfortable with. 

With that being said, SNOO suggests that a combination of regulating room temperature and some easily removable and thin clothes might be the best suggestion. But this can completely depend on how hot or cool your room or climate is.

For example, what to wear under SNOO sack summer in Texas will be very different to what to wear under SNOO sack winter in Wisconsin.

Other Ways To Ensure The Baby Is Comfortable

Here are some other ways to consider how to make your baby comfortable beyond simply what they are wearing.

Consider The Room Temperature

Sometimes it can be best to think about room temperature before thinking about how to clothe them. If the room is hot then you won’t have to clothe them, if the room is cold then it may be worth considering.

Most pediatricians suggest that the ‘golden range’ in terms of temperature for babies is somewhere  around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-22 degrees celsius. A room which is too hot can also lead to SIDS, unfortunately.

Avoid Direct Air Contact

While this doesn’t necessarily cause SIDS, it is worth keeping in mind when it comes to your baby’s comfort. 

While you want to control the temperature of a room, you want to be careful about leaving them near a heater or fan. If your baby is in direct contact with heated air or cooled air this could easily make them uncomfortable.

They could easily have trouble sleeping when direct contact with air heating.  

Consider Buying A Nice Mattress

If your baby is struggling sleeping then a nice mattress, potentially an anti rolling one, could be super helpful in getting them to sleep.

FAQs on What To Wear Under SNOO Sack

How to dress baby for Snoo

When dressing your baby for a Snoo, you should look for a comfortable, easily removable layers. You may opt for a bodysuit, onesie, or a footed sleepsuit. Or even a combination of a bodysuit with a sleepsuit. How many layers you use will depend on the temperature of the room.

What to wear under Snoo sack winter

What to wear under a Snoo sack in winter will depend on how cold your baby’s room gets. The rule of thumb when using a Snoo sack is to dress your baby in clothing similar to yours. For example, if you are wearing long sleeve pjs you may want to dress your baby in footed pajamas.

What to wear under Snoo sack summer

The rule of thumb is to dress your baby in clothing similar to yours. If you’re wearing shorts, dress your baby in shorts. However, keep in mind the Snoo sack is an additional layer. So, depending on the room temperature, you may want to dress your baby in a short sleeve onesie or just a diaper and bodysuit.

Does Swaddling Cause SIDS?

Not as directly as the question suggests. Yes, swaddling can lead to SIDS, a baby if not swaddled properly can still roll over if they manage to unfurl the swaddle.
It is the act of rolling over that leads to SIDS, not the swaddling. Or rather it is the Blanket that causes the SIDS, not the swaddling.
This is exactly the purpose of the SNOO Sack, it allows you to swaddle your child, which has many benefits, but actually leaves much less chance of SIDS due to its design.
You can’t mess up putting the baby in the SNOO Sack, so the chance of SIDS are largely decreased.

When should a baby stop being swaddled in a Snoo Sack?

It is recommended that you stop swaddling your baby in their Snoo Sack once your baby can roll, which can happen as early as 2-3 months. Once your baby shows signs of rolling, look to transition them from the swaddling phase by allowing their arms to be free.

Final Thoughts on What to Wear Under SNOO Swaddle

What is evident is that there isn’t a clear cut answer to what the baby should wear underneath the SNOO Sack. It generally will depend on the climate of the room you are in.

Like we suggested, the first five months of your baby’s life might have fallen right in the middle of summer, or they may have fallen in the coldest months.

Two things that should be clear is that while the room should be heated correctly, around 75 degrees fahrenheit, a child should not come into contact with the air of a localized heater ro from a fan, they will have further trouble sleeping.

The best approach here is to use common sense and dress your baby in clothing similar to yours.

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