650+ Biblical Baby Boy Names And Meanings [The Ultimate List]


Unsure what to name your baby boy?

Then find inspiration with this ultimate list of Biblical baby boy names and meanings!

Let’s face it, naming a child is a huge responsibility. 

Especially, if you are looking for a name with meaning and depth.

So why not choose a name that has stood the test of time!

The Bible is a great source of strong Biblical boy names such as Andrew or Ethan as well as unique Biblical boy names like Azzur or Timeus. 

There are even cute Biblical boy names like Uzzi or Millo.   

It has been a source of inspiration for many parents when choosing their baby’s name!

So to make your search for the best Biblical boy names, strong boy names, and unique boy names that much easier, we have put together the ultimate list of Biblical baby boy names and meaning listed A-Z!

You’re sure to find a few Christian baby boy names and Bible names you love!

And if you love these Biblical boy names make sure to check out our list of short four letter boy names!

Unusual Biblical Boy Names


We’ve taken our ultimate list of Biblical boy names and meanings and broken it down into a list in order from A to Z to make it easier for you to search!


Aaron: teacher, mountain of strength
Abaddon: a destroyer
Abarim: regious beyond
Abba: father
Abda: servant
Abdiel: servant of God
Abednego: servant of Nego
Abel: vanity; breath, vapor
Abez: lofty
Abia: great
Abidah: father of knowledge
Abidan: father of the judge
Abiel: God is my father
Abiezer/Abieezer: father of help, helpful
Abijah: the Lord is my father
Abimelech: father of the king
Abinadab: nobel
Abiram: proud
Abner: father of light
Abraham: father of a great multitude
Abram: exalted father
Absolom: father of peace
Achaia: grief
Achbor: mouse
Adaiah: Yahweh passes by
Adail: ornament of God
Adam: red earth
Adami: my man; earth
Adar: highest
Addon: lord
Adino: ornament
Adonijah: the Lord is my master
Adrammelech: splendor of the kings
Adriel: God is helper
Aeneas: the praised one
Agar: a stranger; one that fears
Agee: a valley; deepness
Agrippa: one who causes great pain at birth
Ahab: uncle
Ahasuerus: prince; head; chief
Ahaz: one that takes or possesses
Ahaziah: vision of the Lord
Ahi: my brother; my brethren
Ain: spring, well
Alammelech: oak of the king
Alian: tall
Alpheus: successor
Amad: highly praised
Amal: hope
Aman: trust, safety, protection
Amariah: the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord
Amaziah: the strength of the Lord
Ammi: my people
Amminadab: my people are noble
Ammon: teacher, builder
Amnon: faithful
Amon: wealthy protector
Amos: burden
Amoz: strong; robust
Anab: grape-town
Anah: one who answers
Ananias: the cloud of the Lord
Andrew: a strong man
Andronicus: male victor, winner
Annas: humble
Apollos: one who destroys; destroyer
Aquila: an eagle
Arad: a wild ass
Arah: wayfaring
Aram: height
Aran: wild goat
Archelaus: the prince of the people
Ard: one that descending
Ardon: bronze
Armageddon, the hill or city of Megiddo[158]
Arnon: roaring stream
Asa: physician; cure
Asahel: made by God
Asaiah: the Lord has made
Asaph: who gathers together
Ashan: smoke
Asher: happiness
Ashkenaz: spreading fire
Ashur: black
Asiel: created by God
Assir: captive
Assos: approaching
Atad: a thorn
Augustus: venerable
Azaliah: Yahweh has reserved
Azaniah: Yahweh listened
Azariah: he that hears the Lord
Azaz: strong
Azor: a helper
Azriel: help of God
Azubah: forsaken
Azzan: their strength
Azzur: one who helps


Baal: Master; lord
Baaseiah: Jehovah is bold
Baasha: boldness, offensive, he who lays waste
Babel: confusion
Balaam: a pilgrim, devouring, lord of the people
Balak: who lays waste or destroys
Balthazar: Bel protects the king
Barabbas: son of the father
Barak: thunder, or in vain
Barjesus: wise
Barnabas: son of the prophet, or of consolation
Barsabas: sabbath
Bartholomew: a son that suspends the waters
Bartimeus: son of the honorable
Baruch: who is blessed
Benaiah: son of the Lord
Benjamin: son of the right hand
Beno: son
Bildad: old friendship
Boaz: in strength

Unique Biblical Boy Names


Cabbon: as though understanding
Caesar: ruler
Cain: possession, or possessed
Caleb: faithful devotion
Camon: His resurrection
Canaan: merchant, trader
Careah,: bald
Carmel: garden, orchard
Cedron: black, sad
Cephas: rock
Cesar: head of hair
Christ,: the Anointed One
Christian: follower of Christ
Claudius: lame
Clement: merciful
Cornelius: of a horn
Coz: world
Cush, Cushan: Ethiopian
Cyprus: fair
Cyrus: sun


Dagon: be cut open
Damien: tame, subdue
Dan: God is my judge
Daniel: judgment of God; God my judge
Darius: he that informs himself of a king
Darkon: bearer or scattering
Dathan: belonging to law
David: well-beloved, dear
Dedan: low, their friendship
Dekar: lance bearer, perforation
Demas: ruler of people
Demetrius: belonging to corn, or to Ceres
Didymus: twin, double
Dilean: that is poor
Dimon: where is red
Dionysius: God of wine
Dodo: gift of God
Dothan: the law, custom


Ebed: servant, laborer
Ebenezer: stone or rock of help
Eber: one that passes, anger
Ed: rich in friendship
Eder: flock
Edom: red
Ehud: He that praises
Ekron: barrenness
Elam: forever, eternal
Eleazar: the Lord will help; court of God
Eli: the offering or lifting up
Eliab: God is father
Eliah: God the Lord
Eliam: God is my nation
Elias: Yahweh is God
Elijah:God the Lord, the strong Lord
Eliphaz: the endeavor of God
Elisha: salvation of God
Elkanah: God the zealous; the zeal of God
Elon: oak tree
Emmanuel: God with us
Emmaus: people despised or obscure
Enoch: dedicated; disciplined
Ephraim: fruitful; increasing
Esau: he that acts or finishes
Ethan: strong; the gift of the island
Ezekiel: the strength of God
Ezra: help; court

Top Biblical Boy Names


Felix: blessed; merry; fortunate; good; pleasant, desirable, happy
Festus: festive; belonging to the feast
Fortunatus: fortunate; lucky


Gabriel: God is my strength
Gad: fortune
Gaius: to rejoice
Galal: belonging to royalty; greatness; glory
Galatia: white, the color of milk
Gallim: who heap up, who cover
Gallio: milky
Gamaliel: God is my reward/recompense
Gareb: a scab
Gazer: a dividing, a sentence
Geber: manly, strong
Gera: pilgrimage, combat; dispute
Gershom: a stranger there
Gershon: his banishment; the change of pilgrimage
Gideon: he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer
Gilead: hill of testimony
Gimzo: fertile in sycamores
Ginath: protection
Goliath: exile


Habakkuk: he that embraces; a wrestler
Hadar: splendor or glory
Hades: Hell
Hagabah: grasshopper
Haggai: feast; solemnity
Hai: heap of ruins
Halah: a moist table
Ham: hot
Haman: mother; fear of them; alone, solitary
Hamath: anger, heat, a wall
Hamor: an ass, clay, or dirt
Hanan: grace
Hanes: banishment of grace
Haniel: grace of God
Hannathon: gift of grace
Hanniel: grace or mercy of God
Haran: mountaineer
Harim: dedicated to God
Harod: song
Harran: a singing or calling out
Harum: aromatic
Havilah: stretch of sand
Hazaiah: God has seen
Hazo: prophesying
Hazor: discerner
Heber: enclave
Hegai: Meditation
Heli: Ascending
Heman: faithful
Hena: he has driven away
Heres: an earthen pot
Hermas: refuge
Hermon: devoted to destruction
Herod: hero, warrior
Hezekiah: Yahweh strengthens
Hezron: the dart of joy
Hiel: God lives
Hilkiah: God is my portion
Hillel: greatly praised
Hirah: liberty
Hiram: benevolent brother
Horeb: glowing, heat
Horem: offering dedicated to God
Hosah: He saves
Hosea: savior; safety
Hur: liberty; whiteness; hole
Huz: fastened

Strong Biblical Boy Names


Ibhar: he will choose
Ibneiah: God builds
Ibnijah: whom Jehovah will build up
Ibri: Hebrew
Ibsam: fragrant
Ibzan: father of a target
Ichabod: where is the glory
Iddo: God’s friend
Igal:, may God redeem
Ijon: look
Imla: whom God will fill up
Imlah: God does fill
Immanuel: God with us
Imri: exalting;
Ira: watcher; watchful
Irad: wild ass
Iram: watchful
Iri: Jehovah is watcher
Irijah: God does see
Isaac: laughter
Isaiah: the salvation of the Lord
Iscah: who looks
Iscariot: a hireling
Ishbah: praising
Ishbak: free, empty, exhausted
Ishmael: God that hears
Ishmaiah: may God hear[
Ishod: man of honor, man of splendor
Ishpan: firm, strong
Ishuah: equal, self-satisfied
Ismaiah: Jehovah hears
Israel: he strives with God, ruling with God
Issachar: reward; recompense
Ithamar: island of the palm-tree
Ithiel: God is with me
Izhar/Izehar: olive oil
Izrahiah: may God shine forth
Izri: creative, former
Izziah/Jeziah: Jehovah exalts


Jaakan: intelligent
Jaalam: he will be hid
Jaasau: Jehovah makes
Jaasu: created
Jaazaniah: Jehovah does hear
Jaaziah: God consoles or determines
Jabal: a river, moving, or which glides away
Jabez: sorrow; trouble
Jabin/Jabneh: God discerns or intelligent
Jachan: afflicting or troublous
Jachin: he does establish or founding
Jacob: cheater; that supplants, undermines; the heel.
Jadon: he that rules or abids
Jahath: revival or grasping
Jahaziah: Jehovah reveals
Jahaziel: God sees or reveals
Jahdo: union
Jair: my light; who diffuses light
Jairus: my light; who diffuses light
Jakeh: pious or hearkening
James: same as Jacob
Jamin: right hand
Japheth: enlarged; fair; persuading
Jareb: a revenger
Jared: he descends
Jaresiah: the bed of the Lord
Jason: he that cures
Jathniel: gift of God
Javan: deceiver; one who makes sad
Jazer: helper
Jed: friend of God
Jedaiah: invoker of the Lord
Jedidah: well beloved
Jehovah: to be, exist
Jehu: God is he
Jered: ruling, coming down
Jeremiah: exaltation of the Lord
Jeremy: exaltation of the Lord
Jeriah: taught by God
Jericho: city of the moon
Jeroboam: the people contend
Jerusalem: city of peace
Jeshua: saved our savior
Jesiah: the Lord exists
Jesse: gift; oblation
Jesus: God saves, saviour
Jether: surplus
Jethro: his excellence; his posterity
Jezer: island of help
Joab: paternity; voluntary
Joachim: raised by Yahweh
Joah: God is brother
Joash: who despairs or burns
Joatham: the perfection of the Lord
Job: he that weeps or cries
Jobab: sorrowful, hated
Joel: he that wills or commands
Joha: who enlivens or gives life
Johanan: Jehovah is or has been gracious
John: the grace or mercy of the Lord
Jokim: That made the sun stand still
Jonah: a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer
Jonan: God is gracious
Jonas: dove
Jonathan: given of God
Jordan: the river of judgment
Jose: Jehovah
Joseph: increase; addition
Joses: who pardons
Joshua: a savior; a deliverer; the Lord is Salvation
Josiah: the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord
Josias: the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord
Jotham: the perfection of the Lord
Judah: praised
Judas: the praise of the Lord; confession
Jude: the praise of the Lord; confession
Julius: downy-bearded
Justus: just or upright

Short Biblical Boy Names


Kamon: his resurrection
Kedar: dark one
Kemuel: God hath raised up
Kenan: buyer; owner
Kenaz: bright
Kerioth: the cities; the callings
Keros: crooked
Kidron: obscure
Kinah: buying; possession
Kir: a city wall
Kish: hard or difficult
Kishon: hard; sore
Kitron: making sweet; binding together
Kolaiah: God’s voice
Korah: baldness


Laban: white; shining; gentle; brittle
Lamech: to make low
Lazarus: assistance of God
Lemuel: God with them, or him
Leor/Lior/Lyor: my light
Levi: associated with him
Lot: hidden; veiled
Lubin: beloved
Lucas: luminous; white
Lucifer: morning star
Luke: luminous; white


Malachi: my messenger; my angel
Manasseh: forgetfulness; he that is forgotten
Marcus: polite; shining
Mark: polite; shining
Mash: who is drawn by force
Mattan: gift; giving
Matthew: given; a reward.
Matthias: the gift of the Lord.
Melchizedek: king of justice; king of righteousness
Menan: numbered; rewarded
Mephibosheth: from the mouth of shame
Mered: rebellious; ruling
Messiah: expected savior or deliverer
Methuselah: man of the javelin
Micah: poor; humble
Michael: poor; humble
Milcom: king
Millo: fullness
Mishael: who is asked for or lent
Moab: of his father
Molech: king
Molid: begetter
Mordecai: contrition; bitter; bruising
Moses: taken out; drawn forth

Cute Biblical Boy Names


Naaman: pleasantness
Naaran: juvenile
Naasson: enchanter
Nabal: wilt
Naboth: words; prophesies
Nachon: ready; sure
Nachor/Nahor: hoarse; dry, hot
Nadab: free and voluntary gift; prince
Naham: comforter; leader
Nahum/Nehum: comforter; penitent
Nain: beauty/pleasantness
Naphtali: that struggles or fights
Nathan: given; giving; rewarded
Nathanael: the gift of God
Nathaniel: gift of God
Nazareth: separated, crowned, sanctified
Nazarite: consecrated
Nebat: that beholds
Nebo: that speaks or prophesies
Nebuchadnezzar: Nabu protect my eldest son
Nehemiah: consolation; repentance of the Lord
Nekoda: painted; inconstant
Nemuel: the sleeping of God
Neri: my candle
Nicodemus: victory of the people
Nicolas: victory of the people
Nimrod: rebellion
Nisan: miracle
Noah: repose; consolation


Obadiah (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 18:3 – servant of the Lord.
Obed (Hebrew) – Ruth 4:17 – a servant; workman.
Ohad: will sympathize
Omar: flourishing
Omega: the end
Omri: sheaf of grain
Onan: strength and power
Onesimus: profitable; useful
Ophir: gold
Oren: ash or pine
Ornan: that rejoices
Oshea: a savior, a deliverer
Othniel: lion of God; the hour of God
Ozias: strength from the Lord
Ozni: my hearing


Parah: a cow
Paran: beauty, gold, ornament
Pau: small piece
Paul: small; little
Pedaiah: redemption of the Lord
Pekah: he that opens
Pelaiah: the Lord’s secret
Peniel/Penuel: face of God
Peninnah: pearl or coral
Peor: opening
Peresh: horsemen
Perez: burst forth
Perida/Peruda: separation/division
Peter: a rock or stone
Pharez: to blossom
Philemon: loving; who kisses
Philip: warlike; a lover of horses
Philippi: warlike; a lover of horses
Phineas: bold aspect; face of trust or protection
Pilate: armed with a dart
Pinon: pearl; gem that beholds
Pishon/Pison: Changing; extension of the mouth
Pontius: fifth
Pontus: sea/bridge
Potiphar: bull of Africa, a fat bull
Publius: of the people

Biblical Boy Names That Start With A


Quartus: fourth


Raamah: greatness; thunder
Raham: compassion; a friend
Ram: pleasing; supreme
Ramah: elevated; sublime
Ramath: raised; lofty
Ramiah: exaltation of the Lord
Ramoth: eminences, high places
Raphael: God has healed
Reaiah: vision of the Lord
Rehob: open spaces
Rehoboam: he enlarges the people
Rehum: merciful; compassionate
Rekem: vain pictures
Remmon: greatness, elevation, a pomegranate-tree
Reuben: who sees the son; the vision of the son
Reuel: friend of God
Rhodes: where roses grow
Rimmon: exalted; pomegranate
Roman: citizen of Rome
Rome: strength; power
Rosh: chief
Rufus: red
Rumah: exalted, sublime


Sabeans: captivity, conversion, old age
Sabtah: a going about or circuiting, old age
Sacar: wares; a price
Sadoc: just, justified, righteous
Salem: peace
Salim: undamaged
Salmon: peace
Samos: high top
Samson: his sun; his service
Samuel: heard of God; asked of God
Saph: rushes; sea-moss
Saphir: sapphire
Sardis: prince of joy
Sargon: true king
Sarid: remaining; hand of a prince
Satan: adversary
Saul: demanded; lent; ditch; death
Sebat: Twig, scepter, tribe
Sephar: book, scribe, number
Seraiah: soldier of the Lord
Seraphim: burning ones
Sered: dyers vat
Sergius: servant or protector
Seth: put; who puts; fixed
Shamer: prison, bush, lees, thorn
Shamir: a sharp thorn, flint
Sharar: navel, thought, singing
Shechem: shoulder; seat of a person’s interests
Shem: name; renown
Shemer: guardian; thorn
Shemuel: appointed by God
Shiloh: peace
Shilom: peace-maker
Shimei: that hears or obeys, my reputation, my fame
Shimri: Thorn, dregs
Shoa: kings; tyrants
Shur: wall, ox, that beholds
Sidon: fishery
Silas: three, or the third; woody
Silvanus: wood or forest
Simeon: that hears or obeys; that is heard
Simon: that hears; that obeys
Sinai: a bush, enmity
Sinon: a gift from God
Sion: God is gracious
Sisera: that sees a horse or a swallow
Sodom: burning
Solomon: peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses
Sorek: a color inclining to yellow
Stephan: crown
Stephanas: crowned
Stephen: crown; crowned
Succoth: tents, tabernacles
Sud: my secret
Sur: that withdraws or departs, rebellion

Biblical Boy Names Bible


Tabor: misfortune, bad luck
Tahan: merciful
Tarsus: winged, feathered
Tekel: weight
Telah: greenness
Teman: person from Yemen
Terah: wanderer
Thaddaeus: that praises or confesses
Thaddeus: a heart of courage
Theophilus: friend of God
Theudas: flowing with water
Thomas: a twin
Tiberias: good vision
Tiberius: of the Tiber
Tidal: knowledge of elevation
Tilon: small mound; small walk
Timeus: perfect, admirable, honorable
Timon: reward, honor
Timotheus: honoring God
Timothy: honor of God; valued of God
Tiras: desire
Titus: pleasing
Toah: weapon or dart
Tob: good or goodness
Tobiah: God is Good
Tobias: the Lord is good
Tobit: my good
Toby: God is good
Trophimus: well educated; well brought up


Ur: fire; light
Urbane: from the city
Uri: my flame; my light
Uriah: the Lord is my light or fire
Uriel: the Lord is my light or fire
Uz: counsel; words
Uzzi: my strength
Uzziah:: the strength of the Lord


Vaniah: nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord
Victor: victory; victor

Biblical Boy Name Starting With C


Yahweh: He brings into existence all that exists
Yakob, Yacob: Jacob
Yasaf: Joseph
Yehezkel: Ezekiel
Yeshua: Jesus, a Hebrew Bible form of Joshua
Yoab: Joab
Yoel: Joel
Yohanan: John
Yonah: Jonah


Zabad: gift
Zabbud: given, gift
Zabdi: Gift of Jehovah, my gift
Zabdiel: gift of God
Zaccai: pure
Zacchaeus: pure; clean; just
Zaccur: mindful
Zachariah: memory of the Lord
Zacharias: the Lord has remembered
Zacher: memento; recollection; commemoration
Zachery/Zachary: God has remembered
Zadok: just, righteous
Zaham: fatness
Zair: little, small
Zalaph: wound
Zalmon: shady
Zanoah: marsh
Zared: trap
Zeb: gift of Jehovah or dwelling of honor
Zebadiah: portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion
Zebah: victim; sacrifice
Zebedee: abundant; portion
Zebulon: exaltation or little dwelling
Zebulun: dwelling; habitation
Zechariah: memory of the Lord
Zedad: his side; his hunting
Zedekiah: the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord
Zeke: God will strengthen
Zephaniah: the Lord is my secret
Zepho/Zephi: that sees and observes, that expects or covers
Zephon: God has hidden
Zered: to prune trees
Zerubbabel: a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion
Zethan: shining
Zethar: he that examines or beholds
Zibeon: iniquity that dwells
Zidon: hunting, fishing; venison
Zimiri: my music
Zimri: my music; my praise
Zin: buckler; coldness
Zion: highest point
Zior: ship of him that watches
Zithri: to hide, demolish
Zizah: light in the dark
Zoar: little, small
Zophar: to leap
Zuar: little, small


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