150+ Exotic Boy Names With Meanings [Cool & Unique]

Looking for unique exotic boy names from around the globe?

Then this exotic boy names list with meanings is for you!

Naming your baby boy is no easy feat, especially if you are looking for a boy name that reflects your adventurous spirit and love encountering new people and cultures.

So to help make your search a little easier, we have put together this comprehensive list of some of the most unique and most exotic boy names we could find.

Here you’ll find the best list of cool exotic boy names and meanings for your baby boy that you’re sure to love!

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cool and exotic boy names


Alfie: sage; wise
Amir: king, ruler; treetop
Asher: blessed, happy
Axel: father is peace
Bagan: marsh
Bali: strength
Bancroft: field of beans
Barack: lightning
Barclay: birch tree meadow
Devon: a place in England
Dmitry: devoted to Demeter
Dogon: region in Mali
Dorne: person who lived near a thorn-bush or hedge
Ellison: son of Ellis
Faroe: Isle of sheep
Francesco: frenchman or free man
Gobi: happy
Gozo: joy
Gusti: leader
Hamish: supplanter
Hans: God is gracious
Harper: player on the harp
Kai: pier of a harbor; sea, ocean
Kaleo: sound voice
Leon: lion
Linus: flax
Panem: bread
Peregrino: pilgrim, stranger, foreigner
Rocco: rest
Santi: short form Ognissanti (one born on All Saints’ Day)
Teva: Nature/Rain
Vauquelin: foreign

Boy Names Exotic


Ade: crown, royal
Amit: friend, colleague
Avel: a breath
Bran: broom-covered hill
Danial: derived from Daniel; God is my Judge
Enzo: winner
Farang: guava; white people
Fingal: fair stranger
Fitim: gain, profit
Grigor: vigilant
Haji: born during the pilgrimage to Mecca
Hakim: wise
Jaleel: greatness
Javier: castle; new house
Kato: all-knowing
Kofi: born on Friday
Kojo: born on Monday
Lachlan: from the land of lakes
Manahau: inside power
Manu: greatest; bird of the night; man
Mazin: Rain Clouds, Precipitation
Metua: parent
Mohéli: island of Mwali
Pavel: small
Per: a rock; derivative of Peter
Rai: sky
Rasmus: beloved
Sulaiman: man of peace
Tanetoa: warrior man
Teo: God
Tozeur: city in southwest Tunisia


Alicante: white; bright
Ammiras: commander
Asgard: God’s courtyard
Emil: eager
Ethan: firm, enduring, strong
Fabian: bean grower
Floro: flower
Gaston: stranger; guest; host
Godric: God’s Power
Ivan: God is gracious
Izz: glory, honour, prestige, high standing
Jemal: handsome
Khion: fundamentals
Killian: little church
Lars: crowned with laurel
Mathis: gift of God
Nevis: snow
Orkney: Seal Islands
Ozias: salvation
Paulo: Small
Razi: “the Lord’s secret
Roderick: fame, glory, great
Saunders: defender of men
Saxon: from Saxonny
Sem: name
Shepherd: sheep herder
Slade: a valley, dell, or dingle
Vladimir: of great power
Xenon: Guest, Host
Zane: God is gracious
Zenon: hospitable or gift of Zeus

Exotic Baby Boy Names


Akila: intelligent
Akio: bright, clear
Alani: precious
Alessandro: defending men
Arihere: king of love
Azrael: angel of God
Erland: foreigner
Evander: good man
Hyrule: named from the the Hylians
Jibri: angel of Allah
Joaquin: lifted by Yahweh
Kahuna: hidden secret
Keone: the homeland
Ketut: little banana; 4th child
Kiernan: the dark little one
Lautaro: swift hawk
Mauro: dark skinned
Mekhi: who is like the Lord?
Milan: kind, loving, and gracious
Molokai: rough water
Nyoman: third child
Omari: God is the highest
Ozge: different, unique
Palau: island
Santiago: Saint James
Taaroa: ancestor of the Gods
Thijs: gift of God
Umberto: renowned warrior
Upton: upper structure
Zarek: God protect the king
Zinedine: beauty of the faith


Aeneas: praiseworthy, commendable
Anders: strong and manly
Ansel: follower of a nobleman
Aryan: noble, high-born
Atlas: to carry
Baffin: small or short man
Bane: glorious defender
Coltrane: young horse; frisky
Daan: God is my judge
Derry: gifted ruler
Devin: fawn
Fenton: settlement on the marsh
Florian: blonde
Gershom: a stranger; sojourner
Gotham: homestead where goats are kept
Jett: free or black stone
Kaleb: dog; tenacious and aggressive
Kern: kernel, seed, pip
Lani: Heaven or chief
Lazar: God has helped
Luca: sacred wood
Mauritius: one from Mauritania
Nicolai: people of victory
Phoenix: dark and red; mythical bird
Ren: water lily; lotus
Sylvester: wooded or wild
Ulthar: fictional deity
Verdon: a person from Verdun
Wayan: eldest
Yasur: to become easy


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