Exotic Girl Names

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So, to help you find the perfect exotic name, here you’ll find cute exotic girl names, cool exotic girl names, beautiful exotic girl names, unique exotic girl names, and more!

From exotic names you’ll love like Tatiana, Safiyah, and Exótica!

To beautiful exotic names like Isidore, Solange, and Basimah!

And cute exotic names like Adelita, Nava, and Ziva!

These unique girl names will have you dreaming of foreign travel and adventures yet to come.  

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exotic baby girl names

What makes a name exotic?

A name can be considered “exotic” if it is relatively rare or uncommon, and if it has a unique origin, meaning or cultural significance.

The term “exotic” is often used to describe names that are not commonly found in the culture or language of the person describing them. For example, a name that is commonly used in one culture but not in another may be considered exotic in the latter culture.

Additionally, names that are not commonly used in the English language may also be considered exotic.

Best Exotic Girl Names

  1. Adina – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘gentle, delicate, delicate one or noble one’ or ‘slender’ It is a variant of Hebrew name Dinah, that is found in the Bible, which means ‘judgment’. It can be shortened to Dina.
  2. Amara – of African origin and it means ‘eternal or immortal’ in the Ibo language of Nigeria. It is also a name of Greek origin, meaning ‘grace’ or ‘bitter’ in Greek. This multicultural name has risen in popularity over recent years. In 2021 is was ranked 144th in the USA. Amara is also the name of a well known American journalist and a news anchor for CNN This Morning Weekend, Amara Walker.
  3. Bastina – of Latin origin meaning ‘revered’. This unique name is strong and beatifule making it a great option for an exotic name.
  4. Calliope – of Greek origin meaning ‘beautiful voice’ or ‘fair-voiced’ from the Greek words ‘kallos’ meaning ‘beauty’ and ‘ops’ meaning ‘voice’. It is the name of the Greek muse of epic poetry, and also the name of a minor planet and a moon of Jupiter. In Greece, Calliope is pronounce with the emphasis on the third syllable ka-lee-OH-pee. It can also be shortened to the more common name Callie, like the American actor Calliope “Callie” Thorne.
  5. Catira – of Spanish origin meaning ‘blonde’.
  6. Daija – is a name that has several possible origins and meanings, it could be a variant of the name Daja which is of African-American origin and it means ‘already’ or ‘already there’ or it could be a variant of the name Deja which is of French origin, meaning ‘already’ or ‘again’.
  7. Damaris – of Greek origin meaning ‘calf’ or ‘gentle’ from the Greek words ‘dama’ meaning ‘calf’ and ‘ris’ meaning ‘gentle’.
  8. Fitria – of Indonesian origin meaning ‘pure’. It is also a variation of the name Fatimah which means ‘captivating’ or ‘charming’ in Arabic. Fatimah is the name of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, and it is considered to be an honorable name among Muslims.
  9. Ilona – of Finnish origin meaning ‘joy’. It is also a form of the name Ilene, meaning ‘fair maiden’ or ‘bright one’ in Greek. It is a popular name in Hungry, Poland, Austria, and Czech.
  10. Karasi – of African origin meaning ‘life and wisdom’.
  11. Lucia – of Italian origin meaning ‘light’ or ‘illumination’ from the Latin word ‘lux’ meaning ‘light’. The name Lucia is associated with Saint Lucia, a martyr and saint from the 4th century. The name Lucia is a popular name in Italy, Spain and Latin America. It is a more exotic version of the popular name Lucy.
  12. Naida – of Slavic origin, meaning ‘hope’ or ‘wish’ in Slavic languages. It is a common name in many Slavic countries and is also used in many other cultures. There are several high profile people with the name Nadia, such as Nadia Petrova is a famous Russian tennis player.
  13. Neve – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘bright’ or ‘fair’ and is derived from the Hebrew word ‘nèvē’ which means ‘brightness’ or ‘beauty’. It is also a variant of the name Niamh, which is of Irish origin and means ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’.
  14. Palesa – of African origin, the name is found in many African cultures, specifically in the Sotho languages of southern Africa. It is said to mean ‘flower’ or ‘blossom’ in the Sotho languages. The name Palesa is not widely used, but it’s a name that is recognized and it is a very beautiful name.
  15. Quinetta – of Latin origin meaning ‘fifth-born’.
  16. Rohesia – of Latin origin meaning ‘famous one’. It’s a variant of the name Roesia.
  17. Sabela – of Spanish origin meaning ‘God is my oath’. It is a variant of name Isabel. This beautiful name used in some Spanish speaking countries.
  18. Sauda – of Arabic origin meaning ‘black’ or ‘dark complexion’. It’s a name that is used in some Arab countries, and it has a strong and powerful connotation.
  19. Sunniva – of Old Norse origin meaning ‘sun gift’ or ‘sun’s gift’. Sunniva is said to be the name of an Irish princess who fled to Norway to escape persecution and became a saint in the Norse church.
  20. Valdis – of Icelandic origin meaning ‘goddess – of the dead’.
  21. Yente – of Yiddish origin meaning ‘gentle’ or ‘kind’. It is used in Jewish culture and it is a traditional name in Jewish community. It is also found as a character in the Fiddler on the Roof play and musical, where she is a matchmaker who tries to find a suitable partner for the main character’s daughter.
unique exotic girl names

Cute Exotic Girl Names

  1. Adelita – of Spanish origin meaning ‘noble’
  2. Carina – of Latin origin meaning ‘beloved’
  3. Elaxi – of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘she with bright eyes’
  4. Elena – of Greek origin meaning ‘bright, shining’
  5. Elvire – of French origin meaning ‘all true’
  6. Gamela – of Arabic origin meaning ‘beautiful person’
  7. Ila – of Hindi origin meaning ‘earth’
  8. Isi – of Choctaw origin meaning ‘deer’
  9. Isla – of Spanish origin meaning ‘island’
  10. Lalita – of Indian origin meaning ‘playful’
  11. Manu – of Hawaiian origin meaning ‘bird’
  12. Nandita – of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘joy’
  13. Nava  – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘lovely’
  14. Oona – of Scottish origin meaning ‘universal’
  15. Palladia – of Greek origin meaning ‘wisdom’
  16. Quintina – of Latin origin meaning ‘fifth’
  17. Signy – of Norwegian origin meaning ‘new victory’
  18. Sofia – of Greek origin meaning ‘wisdom’
  19. Tai  – of Vietnamese origin meaning ‘talent’
  20. Tamika – of Japanese origin meaning ‘child of the people’
  21. Yara – of Persian origin meaning ‘friend and helper’
  22. Ziva – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘radiant’
exotic baby girl name

Cool Exotic Girl Names

  1. Calista – of Greek origin meaning ‘most beautiful’
  2. Chiara – of Italian origin meaning ‘bright, luminous’
  3. Enola – of American origin, a palindrome meaning ‘alone’
  4. Ime – of Nigerian origin meaning ‘patience’
  5. Ines – of Spanish origin meaning ‘virtuous’
  6. Jabari – of Swahili origin meaning ‘brave’
  7. Manara – of Arabic origin meaning ‘guiding light’
  8. Meira – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘light’
  9. Nanea – of Hawaiian origin meaning ‘enjoyable and relaxed
  10. Nicte – of Mayan origin meaning ‘flower’
  11. Paloma  – of Spanish origin meaning ‘dove’
  12. Parthena – of Greek origin meaning ‘pure’
  13. Raquel – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘ewe lamb’
  14. Salome – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘peace’
  15. Shante – of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘peaceful rest’
  16. Soraya – of Persian origin meaning ‘Pleiades constellation’
  17. Velora – of Latin origin meaning ‘strong and healthy’
Cute Exotic Girl Names

Beautiful Exotic Girl Names

  1. Basimah – of Arabic origin meaning ‘smile’
  2. Carminia – of Latin origin meaning ‘poem or song’
  3. Cordula – of German origin meaning ‘heart’
  4. Esmaria – of Spanish origin meaning ‘emerald’
  5. Esperanza – of Spanish origin meaning ‘hope’
  6. Freyde – of Yiddish origin meaning ‘joy’
  7. Isidore – of Greek origin meaning ‘gift from Isis’
  8. Katya – of Greek origin meaning ‘pure’
  9. Mariquita – of Latin origin meaning ‘sea’
  10. Narissara – of Thai origin meaning ‘smart woman’
  11. Nevya – of Spanish origin meaning ‘snow’
  12. Orana – of Aboriginal origin meaning ‘welcome’
  13. Paradisa – of Greek origin meaning ‘garden’ or ‘paradise’
  14. Perrine – of French origin meaning ‘stone’
  15. Roseline – of Spanish origin meaning ‘pretty rose’
  16. Sadira – of Persian origin meaning ‘lotus origin’
  17. Saraid – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘princess’
  18. Solange – of French origin meaning ‘religious’
  19. Tatiana – of Russian origin meaning ‘fairy queen’
  20. Vincenza – of Italian origin meaning ‘to conquer’
  21. Yohana – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is gracious’
  22. Zorana – of Slavic origin meaning ‘dawn’
Cool Exotic Girl Names

Unique Exotic Girl Names

  1. Alinafe – of Chewa origin meaning ‘He is with us’
  2. Altagracia – of Spanish origin meaning ‘high grace’
  3. Corazon – of Spanish origin meaning ‘heart’
  4. Dubraska – of Spanish origin meaning ‘oak grove’
  5. Eydis – of Norse origin meaning ‘island goddess’
  6. Eyota – of Native American origin meaning ‘great’
  7. Ianthea – of Greek origin meaning ‘violet flower’
  8. Iyabo – of Yoruba origin meaning ‘like her mother’
  9. Kidist – of Amharic origin meaning ‘blessed by God’
  10. Limbani – of Chewa origin meaning ‘be strong’
  11. Meital – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘dew drop’
  12. Nehara – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘light’
  13. Njema – of Swahili origin meaning ‘good’
  14. Pragtige – of Afrikaans origin meaning ‘beautiful’
  15. Serilda – of German origin meaning ‘battle armor’
  16. Zaliki – of Egyptian origin meaning ‘well-born’
beautiful exotic girl names

Exotic Names For Girls That You’ll Love

  1. Alina – of Greek origin meaning ‘bright’
  2. Braulia – of Spanish origin meaning ‘bright and radiant’
  3. Chantal – of French origin meaning ‘stone’
  4. Dalila – of Arabic origin meaning ‘delicate, fragile’
  5. Emilie – of Latin origin meaning ‘eager’
  6. Exótica – of Spanish origin meaning ‘exotic’
  7. Godiva – of English origin meaning ‘gift from God’
  8. Jocosa – of English origin meaning ‘playful’
  9. Layla – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘dark beauty’
  10. Leilani – of Hawaiian origin meaning ‘royal child’
  11. Milagros – of Spanish origin meaning ‘miracles’
  12. Neliah – of African origin meaning ‘strong-willed’
  13. Oriana – of Italian origin meaning ‘gold’
  14. Penelope – of Greek origin meaning ‘bobbin-weaver’
  15. Roselani – of Hawaiian origin meaning ‘heavenly rose’
  16. Safiyah – of Arab origin meaning ‘pure’
  17. Sigalit – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘violet flower’
  18. Suri – of Persian origin meaning ‘red rose’
  19. Talia – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘dew from God’
  20. Valencia – of Latin origin meaning ‘brave and strong’
  21. Zada – of Arabic origin meaning ‘fortunate one’

Final Thoughts On Exotic Baby Girl Names

Finding the perfect girl exotic baby name is never easy, but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find an exotic girl name that you love!

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