100+ Outdoor Boy Names With Meanings [Strong & Adventurous]

Are you on the hunt for the best outdoor boy names for your baby boy?

Well, you’re in luck as we have put together the ultimate list of outdoor boy names with meanings!

There is no denying the power of nature and the great outdoors!

It can be strong and fierce and yet peaceful and life giving.

And just like nature, outdoorsy baby boy names can be strong and adventurous.  They are brave, and conjure up feelings of nature and feats of survival.  

And they can also be safe and soothing and leave you with a great sense of peace.

So, if you find yourself having a strong connection to the outdoors, this list of outdoorsy baby boy names, inspired by nature, adventure, and the outdoors is sure to inspire you!

Here you’ll find unique outdoor boy names, strong outdoor boy names, adventurous boy names, and all the outdoorsy boy names you’ll love!

And if you’re feeling inspired by these outdoor baby boy names, be sure to check out our strong boy names and earthy boy names!

Outdoorsy Boy Names You’ll Love


Allan: Rock; handsome (Scottish)
Andrew: manly (Latin)
Axton: sword stone (English)
Bernerd: strong bear (German)
Bernhardt: strong bear (German)
Briar: strong (Celtic)
Bryant: strong (Celtic)
Charles: man; strong (German)
Cliff: steep cliff (German)
Clifton: town near a cliff (Anglo-Saxon)
Clive: from a steep cliff (English)
Dick: strong ruler (Teutonic)
Etan: strong; firm (Hebrew)
Flint: born near outcrop of flint (English)
Forrest: of the woods (Latin)
Griffin: strong lord (Welsh)
Karl: strong man (Greek)
Kennard: strong (English)
Mariner: lives by the sea (Celtic)
Mather: strong army (Gaelic)
Peter/Pete/Petey: rock (Greek)
Pierre: rock (French)
Pietro: rock (Italian)
Rick: strong power (German)
Ricky: strong power (German)
River: river (English)
Rocky: rest (Italian)
Virgil: strong (Latin)
Wayne: wagon builder (English)
Weston: west town (English)
Wood/Woods/Woody: of the woods (English)

Outdoor Boy Names With Meanings


Alcander: strong (Greek)
Andrey: strong; manly (Russian)
Bernardo: strong bear (German)
Canyon: footpath (Spanish)
Chale: strong and manly (Spanish)
Chars: strong (German)
Chas: strong (German)
Clift: cliff town (English)
Cray: rock (Scottish)
Cregge: rock (Scottish)
Dunstan: brown rock (English)
Eitan: strong; firm (Hebrew)
Erskine: dweller on the top of a cliff; Gaelic
Forrester: of the woods (French)
Guilem: strong guardian (German)
Hagan: strong defense (Teutonic)
Kalman: strong and manly (Hungarian)
Neev: strong foundation (Indian)
Neron: strong; stern (Spanish)
Peerce: rock (English)
Pie: rock (Italian)
Silvestro: of the woods (German)
Terrell/Turrell/Terral: strong willed (English)
Trapper: rogue (German)
Valentin/Valentine/Valenton: strong (Latin)
Wesson: west town (English)

Outdoor baby Boy Names With Meanings


Anders: strong; manly (Scandinavian)
Aoko: outside (African)
Arnald: strong ruler (French)
Arsen: strong (Greek)
Bernard: strong bear (German)
Bernt: strong bear (Scandinavian)
Brian: strong (celtic)
Bryan: strong (Celtic)
Cedar: cedar tree (English)
Chuck: strong (German)
Douglas, Douglass: black stream (Scottish)
Dustin: brave warrior (Norse)
Everett: strong boar (Old English)
Gunnar: warrior (Nordic)
Haldon: rock; stone (Scandinavian)
Halsten: rock, stone (Scandinavian)
Imaran: strong (Muslim)
Liam: strong-willed warrior (Irish)
Ricardo: strong ruler (Teutonic)
Rich: strong power (German)
Ritchie: strong power (German)
Tallon: to destroy (German)
Valen: strong (Latin)
William: strong-willed warrior (German)
Wyatt: brave and strong (Old English)

Outdoor Boy Names With Meanings


Beckett: stream (English)
Bogart: strong as a bow (French)
Brazil: brave; strong in conflict (Irish)
Brodny: one who lives near the stream (Slavic)
Cairbre: strong man (Irish)
Cliffton: steep cliff (German)
Craig: rock, craig (Gaelic)
Ethan: strong, safe, firm (Hebrew)
Faron: adventurous (German)
Farran: adventurous (German)
Ferris: adventurous (German)
Fisher: one who fishes (English)
Ford: river crossing (English)
Foster: of the woods (Anglo-Saxon)
Hardy: strong (Teutonic)
Hunter: one who hunts (English)
Kinnel: cliff dweller (Gaelic)
Maverick: independent (American)
Pedro: a rock (Spanish)
Richey: strong power (German)
Richie: strong power (German)
Samson: sun (Hebrew)
Scout: to listen (French)
Tanner: leather maker (English)
Wilder: untamed; wild (English)

Outdoorsy Baby Boy Names


Aaron: high mountain (Hebrew)
Albie: white rock (English)
Archer: bowman (English)
Arnav: ocean (Sanskrit)
Arnon: rushing stream (Hebrew)
Ashton: ash tree (English)
Bergren: mountain stream (Scandinavian)
Boston: town by the woods (English)
Brookes: small stream (English
Calder: stream (English)
Clifford: steep cliff (German)
Colt: young horse (English)
Doug: black stream (Scottish)
Flint: stream (English)
Halle: rock (Scandinavian)
Horst: woods; horse (German)
Mason: worker in stone (English)
Moss: savior (English)
Richard: strong ruler (German)
Rio: river (Spanish)
Rock: rock (English)
Sawyer: woodcutter (English)
Silvester: of the woods (German)
Stone: stone (English)
Strom: stream (German)
Sylvester: from the forest (Latin)
West: western stream (Old English)
Woodrow: of the woods (English)

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