Earthy Boy Names

Are you looking for the best earthy boy names with meanings that will have you feeling connected to nature?

Then look no further, as we’ve narrowed down the best earthy boy names to a list that will have you singing like a songbird!

There is no denying that nature is incredible.

It is raw and powerful, yet also peaceful and calm.

It is is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

So, it is no wonder that you’re looking to seek inspiration from nature with your earthy baby boy names.

And if it is inspiration you need, these nature inspired strong earthy boy names and unique earthy boy names are going to blow you away!

From Ocean to Forest, Cliff to Spring, you’re sure to find a bunch of earthy nature boy names you’ll love!

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Earthy Names For Boy You’ll Love

Best Earthy Boy Names


– of Gaelic origin meaning ‘ford of the oaks’


– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘earth’ or ‘soil’


– of Norse origin meaning ‘eagle’


– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘barley ripening’


– of English origin meaning ‘thorny bush of wild roses’


– of Welsh origin meaning ‘hill’


– of Latin origin meaning ‘cedar tree’


– of Persian origin meaning ‘sun’


– of English origin meaning ‘one who lives in the valley’


– of English origin meaning ‘place of the deer’


– of English origin meaning ‘male duck’


– of English origin meaning ‘dusk (evening)’


– of English origin meaning ‘a tree, strong, straight and leafy’


– of Latin origin meaning ‘iron’


– of English origin meaning ‘fisherman’


– of English origin meaning ‘type of tree’


– of English origin meaning ‘green water’ or ‘river’


– of Persian origin meaning ‘treasurer’


– of English origin meaning ‘black gemstone’


– of German origin meaning ‘larch tree’


– of English origin meaning ‘linden tree valley’


– of Latin origin meaning ‘a star that increases state’ or ‘new’


– of English origin meaning ‘meadow of oak trees’


– of French origin meaning ‘inspired by the olive tree or olive plant’

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– of English origin meaning ‘dweller by the pear tree’


– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘writer with a quill’


– of English origin meaning ‘black bird’


– of English origin meaning ‘flowing body of water’


– of German origin meaning ‘bright; shining’


– of English origin meaning ‘little star’


– of French origin meaning ‘pertaining to spring’


– of English origin meaning ‘wild or untamed’


– of American origin meaning ‘from the lane in the woods’


– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘type of mountain goat’

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Unique Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Baby Boy Names

Ainsley: clearing in the woods
Anise: ancient spice
Arwen: muse
Aster: star
Beaumont: lovely hill
Brent: from a steep hill
Bryce: speclked or freckled
Clay: rich smooth soil
Coral: reef formation
Cyan: light blue-green
Dill: seller of dill
Eden: beautiful garden; delight
Faerie: tall; pretty
Fleet: one who lives near the stream
Frost: freezing
Gardener: keeper of the garden
Guthrie: windy place
Helios: sun
Indigo: Dark blue tropical plant
Juniper: young or evergreen
Knox: round hill
Linden/Lyndon: Linden tree hill
Marsh: one who lives by the marsh
Marshall: horse servant
Opal: A gemstone of varying colors on a dark background
Pacific: tranquil
Phoenix: deep red
Ren: lotus
Rowan: type of tree
Spruce: pine tree; neat
Starling: small bird
Sunny: bright and cheerful
Walden: wooded valley
Wolf: wolf
Nature Boy Names

Strong Earthy Boy Names

Aquitaine: flat rising slopes
Arun: dawn
Atlas: to carry
Auberon: nobel; bear like
Basil: brave and kingly
Bear: bear
Canyon: footpath
Cashel: castle, stone fort
Cliff/Clifford: cliff or slope
Connell: strong wolf
Craig: rock
Everly: boar meadow
Forest/Forrest: woodsman or woods
Garland: land of the spear
Geo: earth
Grover: ditch digger
Haelyn: a waterfall to the sea
Heath: someone who lived at a moor
Lance: land
Lennox: with many elm trees
Merlin: sea fortress
Morgan: sea defender
Moss: savior
Oak: robust tree
Orson: bear
Peter: rock
Pierce: rock
Quilo: Trojan war hero
Rock/Rocky: stone
Slater: slate worker
Stone: dweller by the stones or rocks
Storm: tempest. You may also like these names that mean wind!
Thorn: thorn bush
Tiger: powerful cat
Wyatt: brave, strong
boho earthy boy names

Unique Earthy Boy Names

Adonis: flower named for the man loved by Aphrodite
Allysum: type of flower; madness
Aria: air
Artemis: goddess of the hunting
Badur: owner of health resort
Birk: Scottish for birch tree
Bjorn: bear
Colm: dove
Conall: wolf
Cove: inlet of water; tent or hut
Dionne: child of heaven and earth
Elio: the sun
Elowen: elm tree
Fiore: flower of blossom
Fraser: strawberry
Goran: highlander
Hammon: mountain home
Jonquil: Small fragrant yellow flowers of the narcissus family
Kunal: Sanskrit for “lotus”
Nevis: snow
North: geographical direction
Oleander: evergreent ree
Oren: pine tree
Rafferty: flood tide
Samir: gust of wind
Sky: sky
Sno: snow
Sparrow: small bird
Summer: warmest season
Sylvian: from the forest
Tarragon: serpent
Taurus: bull-like
Twilight: dusk
Vinca: conquering; type of flower
Winter: coldest season of the yar
Zelkova: japanese tree

Earthy Nature Boy Names

Acorn: fruit of the enclosed land
Arbor: tree
Aspen: poplar tree
Bay: berry; inlet of water
Birch: silver-trunked tree
Bramley: woodland clearing
Coriander: romance spice
Crimson: dark red color
Cullen: holly tree
Cypress: adaptable tree
Darragh: oak tree
Dylan: son of the sea
Everest: dweller on the Eure river
Fennel: hay; a spice
Fox: red-haired mammal
Greene: green
Hawk: bird of prey
Idra: fig tree
Kale: Man; calm and strong
Lake: lake
Laurel: sweet bay tree; victory
Leaf: heir
Leif: heir
Lupin: of the wolf
Lynx: brightness
Ocean: ocean
Puma: wild cat
Rain: precipitation from the sky
Shade: shadow
Spring: moving water from underground
Trent: gushing waters
Vermont: green mountains
Wade: ford
Wren: A small songbird
earthy boy names list

Earthy Names For Boy You’ll Love

Acker: field
Alder: type of tree
Arlo: fortified hill
Ash: Ash tree; remains after fire
Barrow: grove
Beech: beech tree
Briony: climbing plant
Buck: deer or cowboy
Conan: wolf
Curry: at the corrie
Demeter: mother earth
Dusty: brave warrior
Eoghan: born of the yew tree
Fern: green plant that loves shade
Finch: to swindle
Flint: born near an outcrop of flint
Glen: valley
Huckleberry/Huck: sweet berry
Jay: brightly-colored bird
Kai: sea
Lark: A small songbird
Marlin: land near sea
Oceane: ocean
Oceanus: the ocean
Oriel: oriole (bird)
Parker: park keeper
Quill: writer with a quill pen
Reed: A tall plant that grows in marshy waters
Rush: one who lives by the rushes
Terran: Earth
Teryn: Irish hillside
Thyme/Tyme: wild herb
Vernon: Alder tree (also means springlike or full of life)
William: a type of flower that symbolizes gallantry
Yarrow: rough stem

Final Thoughts On Earthy Names

Finding the perfect earthy boys names is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a boy name that you love!

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Strong Earthy Boy Names