150+ Preppy Boy Names With Meanings [Unique & Stylish]

Have you been searching for the best preppy boy names with meanings? 

Then our list of cute preppy boy names is for you!

Finding the perfect name for your little gentleman is no easy feat! 

So we’ve done the hard work for you and put together this list of stylish preppy boy names that will have you dreaming of seersucker and rounds of golf.

From elegant preppy boy names to southern preppy boy names this list of popular and unique preppy boy names is sure to have a baby boy name you’ll love!

No matter what your pleasure is, dust off your loafers, because we have enough preppy names for boys to capture your attention and send you dreaming about your future Harvard Graduate.

And if by any chance you still haven’t found the perfect name for your sweet heir, head on over to our strong boy names or our 4-letter boy names lists for further inspiration!

Elegant Preppy Boy Names


Alec: defending men
Andrew: manly
Bradley: broad wood
Brendan: prince or king
Brighton: bright town
Christian: follower of Christ
Christopher: Christ-bearer
Clayton: place with good clay
Clinton: hilltop town
Conrad: bold counsel
Declan: full of goodness
Dorian: child of the sea
Ellis: benevolent
Everett: brave, strong boar
Francis: free man
Garrett: brave, strong spear
Gerald: rule of the spear
Henry: ruler
James: supplanter
Kellan: swamp; slender
Malcolm: Devotee of Saint Columba
Marshall: lover of horses
Nicholas: victory of the people
Nolan: champion
Parker: park keeper
Philip: fond of horses
Radley: meadow of the reeds
Richard: strong leader
Sheridan: seeker
Timothy: honoring
Wade: to go
William: desire protection

Cute Preppy Boy Names


Beau: beautiful
Beaumont: lovely hill
Bennett: blessed
Benton: town of bent grass
Blaine: slender; angular
Brooks: dweller of the brook
Carlisle: fort at Luguvalium
Davis: son of David
Edison: Edie’s son
Elliott: bravely and true
Emmitt: universal, powerful, or truth
Garrison: spear-fortified town; protection, stronghold
Greer: watchful or vigilant
Harper: player of the harp
Harrison: son of Harry
Hayes: hedged area
Jackson: son of Jack
Jefferson: peaceful place
Keaton: place of hawks
Kennedy: helmeted chief
Lawson: son of Lawrence
Quinn: Council
Spencer: steward or administrator
Taylor: to cut
Thatcher: roof thatcher
Tucker: to torment
Walker: a fuller of cloth
Wesley: field to the west
Weston: western town
Yates: the gates


Ashton: ash tree town
Banks: one who lives on the hillside or riverbank
Brantley: sword or fiery torch
Bridger: lives near the bridge
Byron: at the byres or barn
Cooper: container
Dashiell: heaven or sky
Drexel: to turn
Emory: home strength
Ennis/Innis: Island
Faulkner: someone who kept and trained falcons
Fitzgerald: son of Gerald
Hawkins: son of Henry
Holden: from the hollow in the valley
Ingram: raven of peace
Ives: yew wood
Kendrick: greatest champion
Leland: one who lives by unseeded land
Merrill: sea-bright
Montgomery: Gomeric’s hill
Oakes: someone who lives near oak trees
Philips: son of Philip
Quade: son of Uaid
Ridley: reed meadow
Scout: to listen
Sloan: warrior
Sterling: genuine, of high quality
Taggart: son of the priest
Thornton: from a thorn bush enclosure or settlement
Wallis: a Welshman, Celt
York: boar settlement

Unique Preppy Boy Names


Alistair:the one who repels men
Augustine: to increase
Barclay: birch tree meadow
Beckham: homestead by the stream
Brentley: hill or mount
Cadwell: wooded stream
Campbell: crooked mouth
Clifford: ford by a cliff
Donovan: brown-haired chieftain
Douglas: dark stream
Emerson: son of Emery
Frederick: peaceful ruler
Gregory: watchful, alert
Hutchinson: above all others
Jameson: son of James
Jennings: little John
Kensington: a borough of London, capital city of England
Langston: long stone
Laughlin: stranger
Macallister: son of Alasdair
Maxwell: great stream
Prescott: priest dwelling
Quentin: the fifth
Quinton: farmstead estate
Remington: raven settlement
Rutherford: cattle ford
Sebastian: venerable
Sinclair: pure, renowned, illustrious
Sullivan: dark eye
Thaddeus: courageous heart
Winston: joyful stone


Aidan: born of fire
Benson: son of Ben
Booth: small dwelling place,
Brock: badger like
Bryce/Brycen: speckled
Callen: rock
Chandler: candle maker and seller
Clark: secretary
Collin: cub, young one
Crawford: crow ford
Duncan: dark or dark-haired man
Fisher: one who obtained a living by fishing
Fletcher: an arrowsmith or seller of arrows
George: farmer
Grant: large
Hudson: son of Hugh
Jack: God is gracious
Jeffrey: pledge of peace
Jones: son of Loan
Julian: young at heart
Merritt: boundary gate
Mitchell: who is like God
Murphy: sea warrior
Myles: gracious
Pierce: rock
Preston: priest’s town
Quincy: estate of the fifth son
Reid: red-haired
Shepherd: herdsman or guardian
Vaughn: small, little
Wilder: untamed
Worth: enclosure; homestead

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