Old Money Names

Are you searching for the best old money names for your budding aristocrat? Then get ready to be inspired by our ultimate list of old money baby names!

If you swoon at the thought of a promenade around the gardens, or would love to sip some lemonade out on the veranda, old money family names just might be for you!

And you’re in luck, we’ve gathered up the best old money names for babies that will leave you feeling rich!

Old money names have stood the test of time, proven themselves elite, and gained approval from even the toughest critic!

From old money names for boys like Benedict, Gerald, and Quincy!

To old money names for girls like Agatha, Margaret, and Sybil!

And all the rich people names you’ll love like Doris, Lilian, and Winston…

We are here to help you find the perfect name for your sweet little society baby!

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old money names

What Makes A Name, Old Money?

A name is considered ‘old money’ if it is associated with a family that has a long history of wealth and social status, often dating back several generations.

This wealth and status is usually the result of inheritance and accumulation of wealth over time, rather than a recent accumulation of wealth through business ventures or celebrity.

These families are often considered to be part of the upper class and aristocracy, and the name has a reputation for being traditional, prestigious, and exclusive.

‘Old money’ families are often considered to have a distinct cultural identity, characterized by their reserved demeanor, traditional values, and commitment to philanthropy.

They are often well-educated, with many members of the family attending prestigious universities and participating in social and cultural organizations.

Why Choose An Old Money Name For A Baby

There are many reasons why a parent may want to choose an ‘old money’ name for their baby, including:


Some families believe that ‘old money’ names have a traditional and prestigious reputation, and therefore choose these names for their children as a way of carrying on family traditions.


Some parents may choose an ‘old money’ name for their child as a way of indicating their own social status and prestige, or as a symbol of their aspirations for their child.


Giving a baby an ‘old money’ name can also be seen as a way of connecting them to a legacy of wealth, social status, and cultural influence.

They Just Like It

Yep like with any name, a parent might just choose it because they like the sound of it!

Best Old Money Names

1. Andrew

– of Greek origin meaning ‘strong warrior’. You may also like these nicknames for Andrew!

2. Angela

– of Greek origin meaning ‘messenger of God’

3. Astor

– of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘hawk’

4. Benjamin

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘son of my right hand’. Love the name Benjamin? Then pair it with one of these middle names for Benjamin to create your perfect baby boy name!

5. Briar

– of English origin meaning ‘thorny bush of wild roses’

6. Cecil

– of Latin origin meaning ‘blind’

7. Charles

– of German origin meaning ‘free man’

8. Clarissa

– of Latin origin meaning ‘clear, bright, famous’

9. Darby

– of English origin meaning ‘deer park’

10. Dean

– of English origin meaning ‘dignitary in charge of ten others’

11. Edmund

– of English origin meaning ‘fortunate protector’

12. Everett

– This strong boy name is of English origin meaning ‘strong boar’

13. Frederick

– of German origin meaning ‘peaceful ruler’

14. Gordon

– of English origin meaning ‘great hill or marshes’

15. Gwen

– of Welsh origin meaning ‘white, holy’

16. Henry

– of English origin meaning ‘son of Henry’

17. Huxley

– of English origin meaning ‘Hugh’s meadow’. Even though this might be a vintage boy name, it also make it to our hipster boy names list!

18. Jacob

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘supplanter’

19. Leslie

– of Scottish origin meaning ‘holly garden’

20. Madelyn

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘high tower’

21. Matilda

– of German origin meaning ‘battle-mighty’

22. Merritt

– of British origin meaning ‘boundary gate’

23. Millicent

– of German origin meaning ‘strong in work’

24. Preston

– of British origin meaning ‘priest’s town’

25. Richard

– of French origin meaning ‘powerful’

26. Robert

– of German origin meaning ‘bright fame’

27. Tristan

– of Welsh origin meaning ‘sad or sorrowful’

28. William

– of English origin meaning ‘descendent of William’

Old Money Names For Boys

29. Alastor

– of Greek origin meaning ‘defender’

30. Albert

– of German origin meaning ‘bright/noble’

31. Alexander

– of Greek origin meaning ‘defender, protector of man’

32. Benedict

– of Latin origin meaning ‘I will bless’

33. Cameron

– of Scottish origin meaning ‘crooked river’

34. Chandler

– of French origin meaning ‘candle maker’

35. Christopher

– of English origin meaning ‘Christ-bearer’

36. Daniel

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my judge’

37. Dorothy

– of Greek origin meaning ‘gift – of the sea’

38. Edward

– of English origin meaning ‘rich guardian’

39. Elliot

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘the Lord is my God’

40. Gerald

– of German origin meaning ‘ruler of the spear’

41. Gregory

– of Latin origin meaning ‘watchful, alert’

42. Harold

– of English origin meaning ‘army ruler’

43. Hunter

– This two syllable boy name is of English origin meaning ‘one who hunts’

44. John

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘graced by God’

45. Michael

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘who is like God?’

46. Quincy

– of Latin origin meaning ‘the fifth’

47. Simon

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘listening’

48. Thomas

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘twin’

49. Wallace

– of French origin meaning ‘Welshman’

Old Money Names For Girls

50. Agatha

– of Greek origin meaning ‘good, honorable’

51. Agnes

– this old fashioned girl name is of Greek origin meaning ‘holy’

52. Alexandria

– of Greek origin meaning ‘defender, protector of man’

53. Archibald

– of Scottish origin meaning ‘genuine; bold’

54. Arthur

– of Celtic origin meaning ‘bear’

55. Audrey

– of English origin meaning ‘noble strength’

56. Catherine

– of English origin meaning ‘pure’

57. Claire

– of English origin meaning ‘clear, bright’

58. Dinah

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘justified, God will judge’

59. Edith

– of English origin meaning ‘rich and happy’

60. Elizabeth

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my oath’

61. Emma

– of German origin meaning ‘whole, universal’

62. Fiona

– of Latin origin meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white’

63. Helene

– of French origin meaning ‘bright, shining one’

64. Josephine

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Jehovah increases’

65. Lorelai

– of German origin meaning ‘alluring temptress’

66. Margaret

– of French origin meaning ‘pearl’

67. Mary

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘bitterness’

68. Meredith

– of Welsh origin meaning ‘great ruler’

69. Mildred

– of English origin meaning ‘gentle strength’

70. Octavia

– this elegant girl name is of Latin origin meaning ‘eighth’

71. Ruby

– of Latin origin meaning ‘deep red precious gemstone’

72. Sybil

– of Greek origin meaning ‘prophetess, oracle’

73. Veronica

– of Greek origin meaning ‘she who brings victory’

Old Money Last Names

Ever wondered about old money last names and the families are associated with? Then you’ll my list on old money family names below:

74. Rockefeller

The family name Rockafeller associated with the oil and finance industries, the Rockefeller family has a long history of wealth and philanthropy.

75. Vanderbilt

The Vanderbilt family is known for their shipping, railroad, and real estate empires.

76. Astor

The Astor family is associated with real estate, especially in New York City.

77. Morgan

The Morgan family is associated with finance, particularly J.P. Morgan, the investment banking and financial services company.

78. Whitney

The Whitney family is associated with finance, including a large stake in the banking and investment firm J.P. Morgan.

79. Mellon

The Mellon family is associated with finance and banking, including the Mellon Bank, and also with philanthropy.

80. Du Pont

The Du Pont family is associated with the DuPont chemical company.

81. Ford

The Ford family is associated with the Ford Motor Company, one of the largest and oldest automobile manufacturers in the world. We also think the name Ford make a very cute car name for boys!

82. Carnegie

The Carnegie family is associated with steel manufacturing, particularly the Carnegie Steel Company.

83. Hearst

The Hearst family is associated with media, including the Hearst Corporation, which owns several prominent newspapers and magazines.

84. Walton

The Walton family is associated with retail, particularly Walmart, the largest retailer in the world.

85. Kennedy

The Kennedy family is associated with politics, particularly President John F. Kennedy, and also with finance and business.

86. Roosevelt

The Roosevelt family is associated with politics, including President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and also with finance and business.

87. Huntington

The Huntington family is associated with finance, real estate, and philanthropy.

88. Bezos

The Bezos family is associated with technology, particularly Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world.

Names Related To Old Money You’ll Love

89. Ambrose

– of Latin origin meaning ‘immortal or divine’

90. Anna

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘grace’

91. Ashton

– of English origin meaning ‘ash tree town’

92. Blythe

– of English origin meaning ‘cheerful’

93. Brigid

– of Irish origin meaning ‘strength and exalted one’

94. Celine

– of Latin origin meaning ‘heavenly’

95. Chauncy

– of French origin meaning ‘fortune’

96. Constance

– of Latin origin meaning ‘steadfast, constant’

97. David

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘beloved’

98. Doris

– of Greek origin meaning ‘bountiful’

99. Dylan

– of Welsh origin meaning ‘son – of the sea’

100. Eloise

– of English origin meaning ‘healthy and wide’

101. Francis

– of Latin origin meaning ‘free man’

102. George

– of Greek origin meaning ‘farmer/earth worker’

103. Grace

– of Latin origin meaning ‘favor or blessing’

104. Heathcliff

– of English origin meaning ‘heath near a cliff’

105. Herbert

– of German origin meaning ‘illustrious ruler’

107. James

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘supplanter’

108. Lilian

– of Latin origin meaning ‘purity’

109. Martha

– of Aramaic origin meaning ‘mistress – of the house’

110. Matthew

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘gift – of God’

112. Phyllis

– of Greek origin meaning ‘greenery’

113. Prudence

– of Latin origin meaning ‘good judgement’

115. Victoria

– of Latin origin meaning ‘victory’

116. Winston

– of English origin meaning ‘joyful stone’

Final Thoughts On Old Money Baby Names

Finding the perfect old money baby name is never easy, but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a rich name that you love!

And if you’re still looking for more baby names, try these preppy girl names, southern boy names, fancy boy names, and long boy names for more inspiration!

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