Elegant Girl Names

Are you on a quest for the best elegant girl names that are both classy and beautiful for your daughter? Then you are going to love these elegant baby girl names!

From beautiful names like Ariella, Isabella, and Viviana.

To classy names like Charlotte, Evelyn, and Penelope.

To elegant baby names for girls like Amelia, Audrey, Delilah, and Olivia, my list is full of elegant names you’ll adore!   

elegant girl names

I love sophisticated girl names! They are names that have been around for generations and never lost their popularity.

In fact, there is a current resurgence in vintage girl names like Amelia which currently ranks number 4 on the US girl name charts. Whilst this trend can be connected to the resurgence in period drama like the popular Netflix series Bridgerton (binge worthy if you ask me), I think these names are going to stick given their classy and timeless appeal.

So, to help you find the perfect beautiful elegant girl names, I have put together this list of all my favorite old fashioned girl names including their meanings so you can find easily find a fancy girl name you love!

elegant girl names



Amelia is one of my favorite graceful girl names! It is of Latin and Germanic origin and means ‘work’ or ‘industrious’. It is also a very popular baby name amongst parents, ranking 4th in the US baby name charts!


The name Ariana is of Italian origin and means ‘most holy’. It is also thought to have roots in the Welsh name ‘Arianwen’, which means ‘silver’ or ‘fair’.

The name Ariana has become popular in recent years, currently ranked at number 88 in the USA, likely due in part to the popularity of the singer Ariana Grande.


Aryana is a variation of Ariana which is of Italian origin meaning ‘very holy’ or ‘utterly pure’. It could also be a variant of the Persian name ‘Aryan’ which means ‘noble’ or ‘of the Aryan people’.


Audrey is another one of my favorite fancy beautiful girl names! This stylish girl name is of Old English name origin meaning ‘noble’ and ‘strength’. It is derived from the Old English words ‘æðel’ meaning ‘noble’ and ‘ræd’ meaning ‘counsel’ or ‘power’. It’s also associated with Saint Audrey, a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon princess who founded a monastery at Ely, England as well as the famous Belgian-born British actress and fashion model Audrey Hepburn. At the moment, the name Audrey is very popular. It is the sixtieth most popular name given to baby girls. You may also like these nicknames for Audrey!


With it ties to Princess Beatrice of York, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, I think this is a great princess name for girls that starts with B. Ranking at #565, the name Beatrice is of Latin origin, meaning ‘she who brings happiness’ or ‘voyager through life’.

I love that it can also be shortened to the cute nickname ‘Bea’ for a more modern twist.


The name Bianca is of Italian origin and means ‘white’ or ‘pure’. It was originally a medieval Italian nickname for fair-haired women. In Shakespeare’s play ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, Bianca is the name of the younger, gentler sister who is sought after by many suitors.

I think this is a very cute girl name which will remain timeless. It is currently ranked at #447.


Bridget is a name of Irish origin, meaning ‘exalted one’ or ‘strength’. It was originally spelled Brighid, after the Irish goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom. The name was popularized in Ireland by Saint Brigid, who founded a monastery in Kildare in the 5th century. Today this classy girl name ranks at #722.


The name Ceillia of Latin / Old Welsh origin meaning ‘blind’ or ‘the way of the blind’. It is derived from the Latin word ‘caecus’ meaning ‘blind’. Cecilia is the name of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music. The name Celine is currently ranked at number 390.


This beautiful old money name is of Latin origin meaning ‘heavenly’ or ‘of the sky’. It is derived from the Latin word ‘caelum’ meaning ‘heaven’ or ‘sky’. Celine is a variant of the name Celeste, which means ‘heavenly’ or ‘of the sky’ in Latin. Famous people named Celine include Celine Dion an elegant Canadian singer, occasional songwriter, actress and entrepreneur.


This simple one syllable girl name is of French origin meaning ‘clear’ and ‘bright’. It is derived from the Latin word ‘clarus’ meaning ‘clear’ or ‘bright’. Claire is a variant of the name Clara, which also means ‘bright’ or ‘clear’ in Latin. In 2022, Claire was ranked the 85th most popular girl’s name in the USA. You may also like these sweet middle names for Claire.


The name Claudia is of Latin origin meaning ‘lame’ or ‘limping’. Claudia is a feminine form of the Roman family name Claudius which was derived from the Latin word ‘claudus’ meaning ‘lame’ or ‘limping’. Claudia Schiffer is a famous German model and actress who rose to fame in the 1990s reaching supermodel status.


This popular Biblical girl name is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘delicate’ or ‘delicate and weak’. It is derived from the Hebrew word ‘dalal’ meaning ‘delicate’ or ‘delicate and weak’. Delilah is famous for being the woman in the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, where she was a Philistine woman who was bribed by the lords of the Philistines to discover the secret of his strength. In 2022, Claire was ranked the 46th most popular girl’s name in the USA. So, if you too love the name Delilah, then I recommend pairing it with one these middle names for Delilah make for a very elegant name indeed!


The name Eloise is of French origin meaning ‘famous warrior’. This chic girls name is also associated with the book ‘Eloise’ written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight, it was published in 1955 and tells the story of Eloise, a precocious six-year-old girl who lives at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Love the name Eloise? Then match it with one of my classy middle names for Eloise.


This 7 letter girl name is of Latin origin meaning ‘star’ or ‘star of the sea’ which is a reference to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church, who is often referred to as ‘Stella Maris’ meaning ‘Star of the Sea’. This is a reference to Mary as a guiding light and source of guidance for the faithful, much like the North Star, which was used by sailors to navigate the seas. It is also a symbol of Mary’s role as the mother of Jesus, who is often referred to as the ‘Morning Star’ or ‘Star of the Sea’ in the Bible.


The name Esther is of Persian origin meaning ‘star’ or ‘secret’. It is derived from the Persian name ‘Ēstēr’ meaning ‘star’ or ‘secret’ and it is also associated with the Biblical queen Esther, who was a Jewish queen of the Persian king Xerxes. Esther is also known for her bravery and wisdom in saving her people from extermination.


If you’re looking for long girl names then this 8 letter girl name could be it! The name Gwyneth is of Welsh origin meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘blessed’. It is a strong, positive name that speaks volumes about the person who bears it – someone who is cheerful and blessed with good fortune. It is famously associated with the American actress and business woman Gwyneth Paltrow.


Lauren is of Latin origin meaning ‘laurel tree’. This upscale is associated with victory and honor, symbolizing strength and wisdom. It is also said to be a feminine form of the name Lawrence, which means ‘one who is from Laurentum’. I think it’s a classic name that will never go out of style!


If you’re looking for a more elegant version of the name Lucy, then I think it is hard to go past Lucille. It is of French origin meaning ‘little light’. The name Lucille symbolizes the inner light and strength that lies within each of us. It is also a reminder to be kind and generous with our time, energy, and resources. Lucille encourages us to be positive, brave, and resilient in the face of adversity. Lucille Ball is a famous American actress best known for the television series ‘I Love Lucy’.


Ranked at number 194, Margot is a more unique girl name than others on this list. This distinguished name is of French origin meaning ‘pearl’ or ‘child of light’, emphasizing the beauty and grace of the person who bears it. The name also has a connection to the Australian actress Margot Robbie. Margot is a modern form of Margaret. I wouldn’t be surprised if the name Margot grows in popularity over the coming years with people looking for old fashioned names that also have a modern girl name appeal.


The name Martha is of Aramaic origin meaning ‘lady’ or ‘mistress’. It has been popular since the Middle Ages and is often associated with strong, independent women. In the Bible, Martha looked after the material welfare of Jesus when he was a guest in her home. Martha Washington was the first First Lady still has something of a prim and proper image, academic and efficient. Martha is an empowering name that has been used for centuries and continues to be popular today ranking number 728 in the top USA charts.


Miriam is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘wished for child’. It is derived from the Hebrew root meaning ‘rebellion’, and was popularized by the Biblical figure Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron. The name is also associated with strength and determination.


I think Natalia is a very elegant variant of the name Natalie. It is of Latin origin and means ‘birthday’ or ‘Christmas day’, it is derived from the Latin word ‘natalis’ meaning ‘birthday’ and also ‘Natale Domini’ meaning ‘birth of the Lord’ (referring to the birth of Jesus Christ). Traditionally, the name was given to girls born on or around Christmas Day which I think makes it a gorgeous Christmas girl name


The name Olivia is of Latin origin meaning ‘olive tree’. It is derived from the Latin word ‘oliva’ meaning ‘olive’ and symbolizes peace, victory, and fertility. The name became popular in the English-speaking world after Shakespeare used it in his play ‘Twelfth Night’. It Olivia has been a top 10 girls name in the US since 2001 and current sits at number 1 making it the most popular elegant name on this list!

If you love the name Olivia, I also have these adorable middle names for Olivia and nicknames for Olivia to go with it!


Ramona is of Spanish origin, meaning ‘wise protector’ or ‘wise guardian’. It is derived from the Spanish words ‘rama’ meaning ‘branch’ and ‘mona’ meaning ‘wise’ or ‘protector’. It is also a variant of the name Ramon. The name became popular in the English-speaking world after the 1884 novel ‘Ramona’ by Helen Hunt Jackson.


The name Rosalie is an opulent name of French meaning ‘rose’ and ‘graceful’. It is derived from the French words ‘rose’ meaning ‘rose’ and ‘alie’ meaning ‘graceful’ and symbolizes of beauty, innocence and love. The name became popular in the English-speaking world in the 18th century. It is also a variant of the name Rose.


Another one of my favorite strong elegant female names is Vivian. It is of Latin origin meaning ‘full of life’ or ‘lively’. It is derived from the Latin word ‘vivus’ meaning ‘alive’ or ‘full of life’. The name was originally a masculine name but later became more popular as a feminine name in the English-speaking world. It is also a variant of the name Vivien.

elegant vintage girl names


Adelaide– of Old German origin meaning ‘nobility’ 
Adriana – of Latin origin meaning ‘sea’ or ‘water’
Anastasia – of Greek / Russian origin meaning ‘resurrection’
Annabeth – of English name origin meaning ‘full of grace’ and ‘my God is an oath’
Annalisa – of Latin origin meaning ‘graced with God’s bounty
Ariella – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘lion of God’
Audrina – of English origin meaning ‘noble strength’
Aurora – of Latin origin meaning ‘dawn’
Camilla – of Latin origin meaning ‘perfect’
Colette – of French origin meaning ‘people of victory’
Cordelia – of Latin / Welsh origins meaning ‘heart’ and ‘daughter of the sea’
Eliana – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God has answered’
Evangeline – of Latin / Greek origins meaning ‘bearer of good news’
Giovanna – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘gracious gift from God’
Illiana – of Greek origin meaning ‘bright’
Isabella – of Spanish / Italian origins meaning ‘God is my oath’
Juliette – of French name origin meaning ‘youthful’
Kristiana – of Latin origin meaning ‘follower of Christ’
Liliana – of English name origin meaning ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’
Lillian – of Latin origin meaning ‘lilium / lily’
Rosaline – of English origin meaning ‘horse’ and ‘tender / soft’
Scarlett – of English origin meaning ‘bright red’
Sophia – of Greek origin meaning ‘wisdom’
Valeria – of Latin origin meaning ‘strong, brave, and health’
Violetta – of Italian origin meaning ‘violet flower’
Viviana – of Latin origin meaning ‘alive’

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Alexandra– of Greek origin meaning ‘one who comes to save warriors’
Anastasia– of Greek meaning ‘resurrection’
Angelica– of Latin origin meaning ‘messenger of God’
Annabelle– of French origin meaning ‘loving’ and ‘favored grace’
Annette– of French origin meaning ‘gracious’ and ‘merciful’
Arielle– of Hebrew meaning ‘lion of God’
Cicely– of English origin meaning ‘blind’
Claudette– of French origin meaning ‘lame’
Daniella– of Hebrew name origin meaning ‘God is my judge’
Eleanora– of Greek origin meaning ‘shining light’
Esmeralda– of Greek origin meaning ’emerald’
Francesca– of Latin origin meaning ‘from France’ or ‘free’
Gabrielle– of French origin meaning ‘ God is my strength’
Genevieve– of Germanic / Celtic origin meaning ‘woman of race’
Gwendolyn– of Welsh origin meaning ‘white’
Jacqueline– of French origin meaning ‘may God protect’
Jeannette– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is gracious’
Josephine– of French origin meaning ‘Jehovah shall grow’
Lucinda– or Latin origin meaning ‘light’
Tabitha– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘beauty’ and ‘grace’
Vanessa– of Greek origin meaning ‘butterfly’
Veronica– of Greek / Latin name origin meaning ‘she who bring victory’
Vivienne– of Latin origin meaning ‘alive’
Beautiful Elegant Girl Names


Alexandria– of Greek origin meaning ‘defender of the people’
Annamaria– of German origin meaning ‘bitter grace’
Antoinette– of French origin meaning ‘highly praiseworthy’
Caroline– of Latin origin meaning ‘free’ and ‘beautiful woman’
Cassandra– of Greek origin meaning ‘to excel / to shine’
Catherine– of Greek origin meaning ‘pure’
Charlotte– of French origin meaning ‘free’ and ‘petite’
Dorothy– of Greek origin meaning ‘ gift of God’
Eleanor– of French / Greek origins meaning ‘bright / shining one’
Elizabeth– of Hebrew origins meaning ‘God is my oath’
Evelyn– of English origin meaning ‘wished for child’
Florence– of Latin origin meaning ‘blossoming / flourishing’
Gabriella– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘devoted to God’
Harriet– of French origin meaning ‘home’
Hattie– of English origin meaning ‘estate ruler’
Katherine– or Greek origin meaning ‘pure’
Madeline– of English origin meaning ‘high tower’
Margaret– of Greek origin meaning ‘pearl’
Margorie– of Scottish origin meaning ‘pearl’
Meredith– of Welsh origin meaning ‘great lord / great ruler’
Penelope– of Greek origin meaning ‘weaver’
Priscilla– or Latin origin meaning ‘ancient’ or ‘venerable’
Rebecca– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘to bind’ or ‘to tie’
Rosemary– of Hebrew / Latin origins meaning ‘dew of the sea’
Samantha– of Aramaic origin meaning ‘listens well’
Susannah– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘lily’
Sylvia– of Latin origin meaning ‘forest’
Victoria– of Latin origin meaning ‘victory’
Virginia– of Germanic origin meaning ‘maiden’ or ‘virgin’
Winifred– of Welsh origin meaning ‘blessed peacemaker’

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Alouette– of French origin meaning ‘lark’
Amarilla– of Greek origin meaning ‘shiny, sparkling’
Athena– of Greek origin meaning ‘goddess of wisdom’
Capriana– of Italian name origin meaning ‘whimsical’ or ‘playful’
Catiana– of French origin meaning ‘blessed, pure, holy’
Cosette– of French origin meaning ‘people of victory’
Darina– of Slavic origin meaning ‘gift’
Delphine– of French origin meaning ‘dolphin’
Desdemona– of Greek origin meaning ‘ill-fated, unfortunate’
Dinah– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘judged’ or ‘vindicated’
Emilia– of Latin origin meaning ‘to rival’
Emiliana– of Spanish origin meaning ‘rival’
Emmeline– of Germanic origin meaning ‘work’
Eviana– of American origin meaning ‘the living one’
Floriana– of Latin origin meaning ‘blossoming, flourishing’
Giselle– of French origin meaning ‘pledge’
Ivanna– of Slavic origin meaning ‘God is gracious’
Julianna– of Latin origin meaning ‘youthful’
Luciana– of Italian origin meaning ‘light’
Millicent– of Germanic origin meaning ‘strong in work’
Ophelia– of Greek origin meaning ‘aid’ or ‘benefit’
Oriana– of Latin origin meaning ‘sunrise’
Persephone– of Greek origin meaning ‘bringer of destruction’
Rochelle– of Italian origin meaning ‘little rock’ or ‘rest’
Seraphina– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘fiery’
Tatiana– of Russian origin meaning ‘fairy queen’
Theodora– of Greek origin meaning ‘God’s gift’
Valentina– of Latin origin meaning ‘healthy, strong’
Venetia– of Italian origin meaning ‘from Venice’
Best Elegant Girl Names


Ada– of German origin meaning ‘nobility’
Adele– of German origin meaning noble, nobility’
Agnes– of Greek origin meaning ‘lamb’
Alice– of German origin meaning ‘noble, exalted’
Anita– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘gracious’ and ‘merciful’
Aria– of Italian origin meaning ‘song’ or ‘melody’
Ava– of Germanic origin meaning ‘guarantee’
Clara– of Latin origin meaning ‘clear, bright, famous’
Cora– of Greek origin meaning ‘maiden’
Dora– of Greek origin meaning ‘gift’
Edith– of English origin meaning ‘prosperous in war’
Elise– of Latin origin meaning ‘God’s promise’
Ella– of Spanish origin meaning ‘light’
Elsie– of Scottish origin meaning ‘pledge to God’
Eva– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘life’
Fiona– of Gaelic origin meaning ‘fair’
Flora– of Latin origin meaning ‘flower’
Grace– of Latin origin meaning ‘God’s grace’
Irene– of Greek origin meaning peace
Jolie– of French origin meaning ‘pretty’
Julia– of Latin / Roman origin meaning ‘youthful’ or ‘supreme god’
Lena– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘torch’, ‘beautiful’, and ‘light’
Lilith– of Assyrian origin meaning ‘ghost, night monster’
Lillia– of Latin origin meaning ‘lily’
Lorna– of Scottish origin meaning ‘victory’
Lydia– of Greek origin meaning ‘beautiful one’
Nora– of French origin meaning ‘light’
Opal– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘gem’
Pearl– of English origin meaning ‘ smooth, round, pearl’

If you’ve found an elegant baby name you love, the next step is to find the perfect nickname to go with it! So, check out these nicknames for Avanicknames for Juliamiddle names for Nora, and nicknames for Grace for some more inspiration!

Or even these middle names for Alicemiddle names for Ariamiddle names for Grace, and middle names for Nora.


Adola– of Nigerian origin meaning ‘the crown brings honor’
Adriana– of Latin origin meaning ‘from Adria’
Afua– of Ghana origin meaning ‘born on Friday’
Alake– of Nigerian origin meaning ‘one to be honored’
Alika– of Nigerian origin meaning ‘most beautiful’
Amadi– of Nigerian origin meaning ‘highly praised or one who constantly thanks God’
Ameya– of Indian origin meaning ‘boundless’
Annabeth– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘my God is an oath’
Annalisa– of Latin origin meaning ‘grace, oath of God’
Antonella– of Italian origin meaning ‘first born’
Arabella– of Latin origin meaning ‘prayerful’
Ariadne– of Greek origin meaning ‘most holy’
Ariella– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘lion of God’
Armani– of Italian origin meaning ‘child of Armano’ or ‘warrior’
Audrina– of English origin meaning ‘noble strength’
Avalon– of Latin origin meaning ‘island of apples’
Bastiana– of Greek origin meaning ‘respected’
Bayarmaa– of Mongolian origin meaning ‘mother of joy’
Bernadette– of German origin meaning ‘brave as a bear’
Blair– of Scottish origin meaning ‘plain’, ‘meadow’ or  ‘field’
Camilla– of Italian origin meaning ‘helper to the priest’
Celine– of Latin origin meaning ‘heavenly’
Colette– of French origin meaning ‘people of victory’
Eliana– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God answered my prayer’
Evangeline– of Greek origin meaning ‘good news’
Fahari– of Swahili origin meaning ‘splendor’
Fernanda– of Spanish origin meaning ‘adventurous, bold journey’
Flaviana– of Latin origin meaning ‘golden, blond’
Georgia– of Greek origin meaning ‘agriculture’
Giovanna– of Italian origin meaning ‘God is gracious’
Giuliana– of Latin origin meaning ‘youthful’
Hasina– of Arabic origin meaning ‘chaste, virtuous’
Illiana– of Greek origin meaning ‘trojan’
Ingrid– of Galeic origin meaning ‘beloved, beautiful’
Isabella– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my oath’
Jovanna– of Spanish origin meaning ‘God is gracious’
Juanita– of Spanish origin meaning ‘God is gracious’
Juliette– of Latin origin meaning ‘youthful, Jove’s child’
Keeya– of American origin meaning ‘garden flower’
Kenya– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘animal horn’
Kenza– of Scottish origin meaning ‘fair one’
Kristiana– of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘follower of Christ’
Liliana– of English origin meaning ‘lily flower’
Linnea– of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘lime tree’
Mardea– of African origin meaning ‘last’
Margo– of French origin meaning ‘pearl’
Noor– of Arabic origin meaning ‘light’
Olga– of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘blessed, holy’ and ‘successful’
Paris– of French origin meaning ‘name of French city’
Pearla– of Latin origin meaning ‘precious’
Phailin– of Thai origin meaning ‘sapphire’
Ratana– of Thai origin meaning ‘crystal’
Ridhi– of Indian origin meaning ‘prosperity’
Safiya– of Arabic origin meaning ‘pure’
Saisha– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘meaningful life, truth of life’
Salihah– of African origin meaning ‘agreeable’
Scarlett– of French origin meaning ‘red’
Sloane– of Irish origin meaning ‘raider’
Solada– of Thai origin meaning ‘listener’
Soraya– of Persian origin meaning ‘princess’
Suchin– of Thai origin meaning ‘beautiful thought’
Tafariah– of African origin meaning ‘she who inspires awe’
Valeria– of Latin origin meaning ‘strong, brave and healthy’
Vanna– of Cambodian origin meaning ‘golden’
Verona– of Italian origin meaning ‘she who brings victory, true image’
Viola– of Latin origin meaning ‘purple, violet’
Violetta– of Latin origin meaning ‘purple, violet’
Viviana– of Italian origin meaning ‘alive’
Winta– of African origin meaning ‘desire’
Youra– of Korean origin meaning ‘enough silk’
Zaira– of Arabic origin meaning ‘flower’
Classy Elegant Girl Names

My Favorites

Abigail– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘cause of joy’ or ‘father’s joy’
Adara– of Greek origin meaning ‘virgin’, ‘beauty’ and ‘noble’
Adela– of German origin meaning ‘noble or serene’
Alannah– of Germain origin meaning ‘precious’
Alessandra– of Greek origin meaning ‘defender of mankind’
Alessia– of Italian origin meaning ‘defending warrior’
Allegra– of Italian origin meaning ‘joyful’
Amara– of Latin origin meaning ‘grace’
Ambrosia– of Greek origin meaning ‘immortality’
Arwen– of Welsh origin meaning ‘muse’
Aspen– of American origin meaning ‘shaking poplar tree’
Aurelia– of Latin origin meaning ‘the golden one’
Bea– of American origin meaning ‘bringer of happiness’
Cadence– of English origin meaning ‘rhythm’ or ‘metrical beat’
Clementine– of French origin meaning ‘clemency’ or ‘mercy’
Constance– of French origin meaning ‘constant’
Corinne– of French origin meaning ‘beautiful maiden’
Dahlia– of Latin origin meaning ‘flower’
Elowen– of Cornish origin meaning ‘elm’
Emerald– of Greek origin meaning ‘green gemstone’
Etta– of English origin meaning ‘ruler of the home’
Eugenie– of ancient Greek origin meaning ‘noble, well born’
Everly– of English origin meaning ‘woodland clearing’
Evianna– of American origin meaning ‘God is gracious’
Fairleigh– of English origin meaning ‘meadow of sheep’
Fiorella– of Italian origin meaning ‘flower’
Georgiana– of Greek origin meaning ‘farmer’
Hannah– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’
Heather– of British origin meaning ‘evergreen’ 
Helena– of Greek origin meaning ‘shining light’
Jasmine– of Persian origin meaning ‘gift from God’
Juliana– of Latin origin meaning ‘youthful’
Leonora– of Greek origin meaning ‘compassion’
Louise– of old German origin meaning ‘warrior’
Madelyn– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘high tower’
Margaret – of French origin meaning ‘pearl’
Mia– of Egyptian origin meaning ‘beloved’
Mirabella– of Latin origin meaning ‘wonderful’
Noelle– of French origin meaning ‘Christmas’
Octavia– of Latin origin meaning ‘eight’
Philippa– of Greek origin meaning ‘lover of horses’
Rosalind– of Spanish origin meaning ‘beautiful rose’
Serafina – of Italian origin meaning ‘fiery’ and ‘burning’
Vienna– of Latin origin meaning ‘city of music’
Wilhelmina– of Germanic origin meaning ‘helmet protection’
Wrenley– of American origin meaning ‘wren bird’
Yasmin– of Persian origin meaning ‘Jasmine flower’
Zelda– of Germain origin meaning ‘gray fighting maid’
Zella– of African origin meaning ‘lacking nothing, one who knows the way’
Zhara– of Arabic origin meaning ‘beautiful’

Tips For Choosing An Elegant Girls’ Name

From my experience in researching over 100,000 baby names, I’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes a girl’s name elegant.

So, let me share with you my top tips for choosing the perfect elegant name.

1. Keep It Simple

Elegant names are often simple and easy to pronounce. They have a certain understated charm that makes them stand out without being over-the-top. A few baby girl names that I think are prime examples of this are Flora, Ella, and Nora.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean they can’t be long, in fact I think that long names can be very elegant. It means though they are creatively spelt. They are spelt how you’d expect them to be spelt.

2. Ensure It’s Timeless

You’ll see a lot of classic girl names on my list and that is because these elegant names have stood the test of time. They don’t follow trends or fads, and are unlikely to become dated. Think of royal girl names like Charlotte, Katherine, and Elizabeth they have been around for centuries.

Unsure if a name is timeless? Then try googling when that name was first recorded i.e. ‘when was the name Allison recorded’. This will give you a good indication on how long the name has been around for.

3. Check It’s Meaning

Elegant names often have a meaningful origin or a positive connotation. They can be associated with qualities such as grace, strength, or beauty which can be the virtues that some parents wish their child to embody or be associated with.

The name ‘Grace’ is the perfect example of this.

4. Say It Out Loud

Elegant names often have a pleasing sound or rhythm. They may be soft sounding names which have soft or melodic vowels, or a combination of consonants that flow smoothly like the name Vivian.

I highly recommend saying the full name out loud serveral times. How does it feel with your surname and middle name if you are choosing one?

It’s also important to keep in mind that just because you pronounce it a certain way, others will. For example, my daughter has a hard time pronouncing our cat’s name ‘Scarlett’. She pronounces it ‘Charlett’. Whilst my cat is obviously not bothered, I do wonder if a young girl with be frustrated if her friends could not pronounce her name correctly. It’s at least something to consider, especially as lots of young kids have trouble pronouncing sounds such as ‘L’, ‘S’, ‘Sh’, ‘G’, ‘R’, ‘Th’, and ‘Z’.

5. Think About Nicknames

Love the name Philippa for it’s elegance, but dread the thought of your daughter being called Phil? Nicknames are definitely something you need to strongly consider when choosing your name.

Unfortunately, some nicknames are no where near as elegant as the first name you choose. You can not control what friends and even family choose as nicknames for your daughter, but possible nicknames are something to consider especially if there are some obvious ones you want to avoid.

Real Life Inspiration

If you’re looking for the perfect elegant girls’ name for your daughter, or trying to decide between several names, then it might be time to look at some real life examples to help you decide.

And thankfully when it comes to elegant names there are some great sources. My top picks include:

1. Royalty

If you’ve ever googled royal families, you’ll notice a lot of royal girl names have a regal and sophisticated feel to them. These names are not only elegant but also have rich histories and meanings behind them. So why not choose a name fit for a princess, queen, or even empress!

2. Your Family Tree

I mentioned it earlier, but there is a resurgence in popularity for elegant vintage names. So why not dive into your family history books and see if there are any beautiful names that you can use, or even add a twist to, to pay homage to your own family history.

3. Literary Greats

There is a treasure trove of refined girl names to be found among classics from literary greats such as Shakespeare and Jane Austin. Just look at the novel Pride and Prejudice from Jane Austin, it’s full of elegant names like Elizabeth, Mary, Emma, Elinor, Anne, and Georgiana.

4. Period Dramas

If TV and movies are more your thing, then it’s time to get the popcorn ready and binge watch some period dramas. Some of my top recommendations include Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, The Gilded Age, and Outlander.

5. Famous Women In History

If you’re one that wants to choose a name for it’s associations, then why not look to the history books at some of the women that have helped changed our world! From Anne Frank to Maya Angelou to Catherine the Great you’re sure to find some very inspirational women.


What is the most elegant female name?

When it comes to the most elegant female name there are a ton to choose from! Some of our top picks for the best elegant names for girls include Amelia, Audrey, Isabella, Margot, Scarlet, Seraphina, Sophia, Veronica, Victoria, Viola, and Zahra.

What is the most beautiful name for girls?

Beauty is subjective, and what one person may find beautiful, another may not. That said, some popular names that are often considered beautiful for girls include names such as Aria, Aurora, Ava, Bella, Charlotte, Emma, Isabella, Mia, Sophia, and Olivia.
Ultimately, though, the most beautiful name for a girl is one that resonates with the parents and their child and has a special meaning or significance to them.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for fancy names for girls, luxury girl names, or expensive names for girl, I think any of these elegant girls names with meanings make for a beautiful name choice!

The hardest part will be deciding which classy names for girls to use for your little girl!

I hope I was able to help inspire you to find a few baby girl names that you love!

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