200+ BEST Baby Names That Mean Water [For Girls & Boys]

Are you looking for the best baby names that mean water for you new baby?

Well, look no further, as our ultimate list of water baby names for girls and boys is sure to inspire you!  

If you are looking for a baby name full of depth and meaning then water is the perfect place to take inspiration from.

Water is peaceful, cool, and refreshing. 

Yet it can also be turbulent, stormy, and fierce.

And let’s not forget to mention that it is essential for life!

Just like water, a baby brings moments of peace and tranquility, as well as storms to weather through. But, most importantly they also give you life! A life full of happiness and love that you never even knew was possible before they arrived!

So, to help you find the perfect baby names related to water we have put together this water inspired names list!

Here you’ll find the best names that mean water, boy names that mean water, girl names that mean water, unique baby names that mean water, and Japanese names that mean water!

And if you love these nature-loving water names, make sure to check out our outdoor boy names and hippie girl names!

Japanese Names Meaning Water


Abital: my father is the night dew (Hebrew)
Adva: small wave, ripple (Hebrew)
Aeron: a small river in Wales (Welsh)
Aqua: from the color aqua (Latin)
Ara: brings rain (Arabic)
Arna: wave; stream (Indian)
Baia: bay (Portuguese)
Bay: broad inlet (English)
Bayou: a small stream (French)
Beckett: stream (English)
Brooklyn: small stream (Irish)
Cascade: falling water (French)
Clyde: one who washes (Scottish)
Como: a lake (Italian)
Coral: underwater semi-precious sea groth (Latin)
Dallas: valley of water (Irish)
Dylan: tide flow (Welsh)
Eira: snow (Welsh)
Euri: rain (basque)
Eyre: from Lake Eyre
Fisher: fisherman (English)
Fjord: pass over water (Norwegian)
Harbor: protection; shelter (German)
India: river (Sanskrit)
Isa: Ice (German)
Isla: island (Scottish)
Itzel: dew; nectar; fluid (Native American)
Jamaica: land of food and water (Native American)
Jordan: descend or flow (Hebrew)
Jubal: stream (Hebrew)
Kai: water (Hawaiian)
Kelby: dweller at the farm by the spring (English)
Kenga: river (Indian)
Kline: river (Scottish)
Laguna: pond or lake (Italian)
Lake: lake (English)
Leith: wet or damp (Celtic)
Locklyn: lake land (Scottish)
Lynn: lake (Welsh)
Mar: sea (Portuguese, Spanish)
Maris: of the sea (Latin)
Marlowe: driftwood (English)
Maya/Mayim: water (Hebrew)
Monroe: dweller at the red marsh
Morgan: sea born (Welsh)
Nebula: misty (Latin)
Nira: pure water (Indian)
Nirvelli: water child (Native American)
Nixie: water sprite or nymph (German)
Oceane: Ocean (French)
Rain: rain (English)
Raine: rain (English)
Rainey: rain (English)
Rayan: land lush and rich in water (Arabic)
River: river (Latin)
Shandy: wise river (English)
Shannon: from the river Shannon
Shore: seashore (English)
Whitney: from clear water (English)
Winslet: Wynn’s stream (English)

Water Names For Girls


Adair: river near oaks (Scottish)
Afron: river (Welsh)
Afton: from Afton River (Celtic)
Alon: wave (Tagalog)
Alton: town or source of river (English)
Andreus: on of river Peneius (Greek)
Arnon: rushing stream (Hebrew)
Bergren: mountain stream (Scandinavian)
Brodny: one who lives near a stream (Slavic)
Brookes: small stream (English)
Brooks: running water (English)
Calder: stream (English)
Chilton: a town by the river (Anglo-Saxon)
Dalas: valley of water (Irish)
Dallan: valley of water (Irish)
Doug: dark water (Scottish)
Douglas: dark water (Scottish)
Douglass: dark water (Scottish)
Dougy: dark water (Scottish)
Fenton: marsh town (English)
Firth: arm of the sea (Scottish)
Ford: river crossing (English)
Gafar: stream (Arabic)
Hudson: from Hudson River or Hudson Bay (English)
Jafar: little stream (Hindi)
Kallan: flowing water (Scandinavian)
Kalloll: large waves (Indian)
Kaveri: sacred river of India (Hindi)
Kelvin: from the narrow river (Gaelic)
Lincoln: settlement by water (English)
Malik: wave (Greenlandish)
Maren/Marin: sea (Latin)
Moses: drawn from the water (Hebrew)
Moss: drawn from the water (English)
Ninad: gentle sound of water (Indian)
Odine: little wave (Latin)
Ohio: large river (Native American)
Paroo: graceful flow of water (Indian)
Pavati: clear water (Native American)
Pulin: river (Indian)
Redford: red river crossing (English)
Rilian: small stream (German)
Rio: river (Spanish)
Ryver: river (Anglo-Saxon)
Sachiel: angel of water (Greek)
Sagara: Ocean (Hindi)
Sailor/Saylor: boat man (French)
Salil: water (Indian)
Severin: river in England (English)
Siva: Lord, water (Indian)
Strom: stream (German)
Tahoe: edge of the lake (Native American)
Troy: water or foot soldier (French)
Wade: river crossing (English)
Wayde: river crossing (English)

Names related To Water


Adria: sea or water (Latin)
Adriana: sea or water (Latin)
Alda: wave (Icelandic)
Alma: river in Crimea (English)
Amaya: night rain (Basque)
Anahita: water and river goddess (Persian)
Asita: River Yamuna (Sanskrit)
Avonlea: field by the river (English)
Beverley/Beverly: beaver stream; meadow (English)
Breena: little drop of water (Gaelic)
Brenna: moisture; drop (Irish)
Brennan: moisture, drop (Irish)
Brooke: small stream (Irish)
Brooklynn: small stream (Irish)
Chamiree: crooked stream (French)
Chandania: river (Indian)
Cherith: winter stream (Hebrew)
Cordelia: daughter of the sea (Welsh)
Darya: sea (Iranian)
Dayla: to draw water (Hebrew)
Delta: triangle of land formed by water (Greek)
Doris: gift of the ocean (Greek)
Dwyn: wave (Welsh)
Evian: spa town; Evian (French)
Guadalupe: river with black stones (Spanish)
Guinevere: white wave (Welsh)
Hali: sea (Greek)
Jenna: white wave (Welsh)
Jennifer: white wave (English)
Kaimana: power of the ocean (Hawaiian)
Kendra: clear water (Anglo-Saxon)
Lindsey: linden trees near the water (English)
Loire: from Loire River in France (French)
Lucerne: lake (Swiss)
Lupe: wolf river (Spanish)
Lupeta: wolf river (Spanish)
Lyre: fork in the river (English)
Marella: shining sea (Latin)
Marilla: shining sea (Latin
Marina: a basin on a shore of a body of water
Meredith: protector of the ocean (Welsh)
Michal: tiny drops of water (Hebrew)
Mira: ocean; sea (Sanskrit)
Misty: mist
Moana: sea (Polynesian)
Muriel: of the bright sea (Celtic)
Nahla: first drink of water in the desert (Arabic)
Naida: water nymph (Latin)
Namra: delicious water (Indian)
Narelle: from the North; a river in New South Wales (scandinavian)
Noelani: heavenly mist (Hawaiian)
Oceana: ocean (Greek)
Reva: rain (Hindi)
Rhea: flowing (Greek)
Rheanna: stream; goddess (Welsh)
Ria: flowing (Danish)
Rihanna: nymph (Celtic)
Rosemary: dew of the sea (Latin)
Sabrina: from the river Severn (Celtic)
Salila: water (Indian)
Sarita: river (Indian)
Sereia: mermaid; siren (Latin)
Talia: gentle rain (Hebrew)
Tallulah: leaping water (Native American)
Zarna: sweet water (Indian)
Zarya: water priestess (Slavic)

Names Than Mean Water


Ahti: Finnish god of the sea (Finnish)
Anan: cloud (Hebrew)
Araxie: river (Armenian)
Avani: river (Sanskrit)
Barse: freshwater perch (English)
Burim: spring, well (Albanian)
Cauvery: river (Indian)
Chitrani: River Ganga (Indian)
Churni: a river (Indian)
Clodagh: Irish river; saint (Irish)
Danu: water goddess (Celtic)
Derya: sea, ocean (Turkish)
Deverell: upland river (English)
Dima: downpour (Arabic)
Ea: house of water (Sumerian)
Evadne: water nymph (Greek)
Gal: wave (Israeli)
Gali: wave (Hebrew)
Gatita: river (Indian)
Ginevra: white wave (Italian)
Glaw: rain (Welsh)
Iara: lady of the water (Native American)
Ibai: river (Basque)
Idoia: pond (Basque)
Indra: possesses rain (Sanskrit)
Irvine: green water (English)
Isolde: ice (German)
Isuel: dew (Korean)
Jalela: magnificent water (Indian)
Jarita: earthen water jug (Indian)
Johila: river (Indian)
Jora: autumn rain (Hebrew)
Jorah: rain (Hebrew)
Kleiner: river (Scottish)
Lohita: River Brahmaputra (Indian)
Malini: river (Indian)
Meara: pool; lake (Irish)
Morwenna: waves of the sea (Welsh)
Nalin: lotus; water (Indian)
Nerida: sea nymph; mermaid (Greek)
Nimue: Lady of the lake (Welsh)
Tarik: one who crosses the river (Indian)
Thalassa: sea (Greek)
Toya: water (Indian)
Tyne: river (English)
Usri: river (Indian)
Usria: river (Indian)
Vari: water; sea (Indian)
Varsha: rain (Hindi)
Varun: lord of the water (Indian)
Yareli: water lady (Native American)
Zambezi: great river (Kaonde – Zambia)


Akua: water (Japanese)
Anna: water (Japanese)
Doremi: waterway (Japanese)
Ema: bay; inlet (Japanese)
Enkai: deep sea (Japanese)
Enyo: blue water, open sea or high sea (Japanese)
Hachi: river (Japanese)
Hama: shore, beach (Japanese)
Hamako: child of the shore (Japanese)
Izumi: fountain; spring (Japanese)
Kaimen: sea level (Japanese)
Kairi: sea (Japanese)
Kaito: sea or ocean (Japanese)
Kaiyō: ocean (Japanese)
Kishi: beach, seashore (Japanese)
Kishiko: child of the seashore (Japanese)
Minakami: aquatic or on water (Japanese)
Mizu: water (Japanese)
Mizuko: water child (Japanese)
Mizuwokakeru: water (Japanese)
Nagisa: seashore (Japanese)
Nami: surf, wave (Japanese)
Nori: seaweed (Japanese)
Oki: blue water or high sea (Japanese)
Oshan: ocean (Japanese)
Ran: water lily (Japanese)
Shimesu: dampen, moisten, or wet (Japanese)
Shimizu: pure water (Japanese)
Shizue: quiet inlet (Japanese)
Suiiki: water area (Japanese)
Taura: many lakes; many rivers (Japanese)
Umi: sea (Japanese)
Umiko: child of the sea (Japanese)

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