Preppy Girl Names

Are you searching for the best preppy girl names for your darling daughter?

Then get ready to be inspired by our ultimate list of sleek and sophisticated preppy baby girl names!  

Selecting the perfect unique and stylish preppy female names for your little princess is no easy task, but we know you’ll adore these beautiful preppy names for girls!

From unique names like Briony, Kinley, and Zara!

To cute names like Pippa, Ainsley, and Jodie top our list!

To preppy names for girls you’ll love like Carrington and Presely!

You’re sure to find the prefect preppy names for your little princess.  

So, to help you on your search, here you’ll find the best preppy southern girl names, unique preppy girl names, cute preppy girl names, beautiful preppy names for girls, and more!

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Preppy Names For Girls

Best Preppy Girl Names

Addison: son of Adam
Alicia: nobility
Amanda: worthy of love
Aubree: elf ruler
Blaine: yellow
Caitlyn: pure beauty
Claire: clear; bright
Danielle: God is my judge
Diana: divine
Donna: lady
Erika: eternal ruler
Gwen: fair; white
Gwyneth: blessed; happy
Hannah: grace of God
Jessica: rich; God beholds
Juliet: youthful
Kelsey: ship’s victory
Kendall: royal valley
Lindsay: island of linden trees
Lisa: God is bountiful
Maude: powerful battler
Megan: pearl
Payton: fighting man’s estate
Quinn: wisdom
Rose: rose; a flower
Sabrina: nymph of the river Severn; river goddess
Sarah: princess
Stephanie: crown
Veronica: she who brings victory

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Preppy Female Names

Preppy Southern Girl Names

Alexandra: defending men
Berkeley: birch lea
Betsy: God is perfection
Brooke: small stream
Carrington: town of the marsh
Charlotte: free man
Coraline: pearl
Dorothea: gift of God
Harper: harp player
Kennedy: helmeted chief
Leighton: from the town by the meadow
Leonora: compassion
Lilith: belonging to the night
Madison: son of Matthew
Margaret: pearl
Margaux: pearl
Morgan: sea chief
Oaklyn: beautiful oak
Philomena: powerful love
Presley: one who lives near the priest’s meadow
Rebecca: to bind; to tie firmly
Victoria: victory
Preppy Baby Girl Names

Unique Preppy Girl Names

Ansley: hermitage field
Anya: grace
Brinley: beautiful flower
Briony: poisonous climbing vine
Bristol: place at the bridge
Brynn: hill
Cornelia: strong-willed; wise
Cressida: daughter of Chryses
Dabney: from the city of Aubigny, France.
Delphine: woman from Delphi
Eastyn: from the east town
Ellery: joyful; happy
Emerson: brave; powerful
Giselle: pledge
Harlow: pile of rocks on the hill
Isadora: gift of Isis
Isolde: ice ruler
Kimber: from the wood of the royal forest
Kinley: warrior
Lennox: with many elm trees
Moira: destiny; fate
Paisley: church or cemetery
Phoebe: bright
Portia: pig, hog; doorway
Regina: queen
Rosamund: horse protection
Sloane: man of arms; raider
Tatum: chief-bringer of joy
Zara: radiance

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Cute Preppy Girl Names

Ainsley: one meadow
Annabelle: favored grace
Annie: gracious one
April: 4th month
Bailey: bailiff
Belle: beautiful
Debbie: bee
Elle: she
Ellie: shining light
Hadley: healther field
Hailey: hay’s meadow
Hallie: praise the Lord (Hallelujah)
Holly: like a dove
Jodie: God increases
Kelly: warrior
Lucy: light
Macy: weapon
Mallory: bad lucked
Mirabelle: of wondrous beauty
Piper: flute player
Pippa: lover of horses
Reese: confident; ambitious
Tiffany: manifestation of God
Vivian: alive

Beautiful Preppy Names For Girls

Aiden: little fire
Alyssa: noble
Angela: angel
Ashlyn: meadow of ash trees
Brittany: land of Britons
Chelsea: chalk landing place
Christina: follower of Christ
Dana: God is my judge
Deirdre: sorrowful
Elizabeth: God is my oath
Erica: eternal ruler
Jennifer: fair one
Joanna: God is gracious
Kathryn: pure
Laura: bay laurel plant
Linda: beautiful, pretty
Lucinda: light
Matilda: mighty in battle
Mindy: love
Nicole: people of victory
Ramona: wise protector
Sharon: plain
Tasha: Christmas Day
Valerie: fierce; strong; brave
Whitney: white island
Beautiful Preppy Names For Girls

Preppy Names For Girls That You’ll Love

Aerilyn: beautiful or pleasant air
Allison: noble
Amber: jewel; warm honey color
Ashley: meadow of ash trees
Bridget: noble or exalted one
Caroline: strong
Chloe: blooming
Crystal: follower of Christ
Delaney: from the alder grove
Eleanora: shining light
Emily: striving; eager
Felicia: happy; lucky
Heather: flowering evergreen plant
Jenna: heaven
Jill: child of the Gods
Justine: fair; just
Lauren: wisdom; laurel plant
Londyn: from the great river
Marissa: of the sea; mermaid
Michelle: who is like God?
Miranda: to be wondered at
Natasha: Christmas day
Olivia: olive tree
Reagan: little ruler
Rowena: fame and happiness
Stacey: resurrection
Tinsley: fields of council
Wilhelmina: willing to protect

Final Thoughts On Girl Preppy Names

Finding the perfect girl preppy names is never easy, but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a girl name that you love!

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Best Preppy Girl Names