Flower Names For Girls

Are you weeding through the best flower names for girls for your little flower child?

Then these girls names that are flowers are the perfect inspiration for your beautiful baby girl!  

There is something to be said about drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature when choosing your baby name.

Flowers are colorful and fresh, they are refreshing and sweet! 

Plus, you can’t help but smile when seeing flowers grow which is just how you’ll feel watching your sweet little flower grow!  

And just like a flower, flower girl names are elegant, beautiful, and timeless.

From cute names like Bloom, Daisy, and Poppy.

To pretty names like Ambretta, Marigold, and Willow.

To popular baby names from flowers like Heather, Rose, and Lily!  

You’re sure to find baby girl names from flowers you’ll love!

And to help you on your search for the perfect flower girl name, we have put together our ultimate list of the best unique flower names for girls, cute flower girl names, beautiful flower girl names, pretty flower girl names, baby girl names from flowers that make great middle names, and more!

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irl Names That Are Flowers

Best Flower Names For Girls

Acacia: thorn
Alyssum: anger or bitterness
Aster: star
Brioni: climbing plant
Cicely: blind of self beauty
Corymbia: flowering gum tree
Daphne: laurel
Erica: sole ruler; monarch
Hazel: greenish-brown color
Heather: evergreen flowering plant
Ivy: vine
Jacinda: hyacinth
Lilac: bluish purple color
Linden: made from linwood
Maryam: beloved
Meadow: field of grass or vegetation
Olive: olive tree
Orchid: testicle
Primrose: habitational name from a place in Fife
Tansy: immortal
Verbena: holy plants
Zaria: princess; blooming flower

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Flower Names Girls

Unique Flower Names For Girls

Aletris: corn grinder
Alloeh: (Aloe) shining and bitter substance
Betony: flower name derived from the Vettones tribe
Calix: husk or pod
Chamomile: close to the ground apple
Clematis: climbing plant
Clover: she who clings lovingly
Florent: flower
Florian: yellow; blonde
Garance: angrier
Ilan: tree
Iolanthe: violet flower
Ixora: lord; scarlett blooms
Patchouli: green leaf
Pema: lotus
Rhododendron: red tree
Yarrow: rough stream
Baby Names From Flowers

Cute Flower Girl Names

Bloom: flourishing
Blossom: flower; bloom
Bluebell: blue bell
Calla: beautiful
Cassia: cinnamon
Cherry: dear one; darling
Daisy: day’s eye
Fern: one who lives among the ferns
Flora: flower
Holly: dwelling by the clearing by the hollow
Iris: rainbow
Lilly: purity; innocence
Lotus: the flower
Pansy: flowering plant with velvety petals
Parsley: to pass or cross the water
Peony: prosperity, good luck; honor
Pepper: hot spice
Petal: leaf
Picotee: marked with points
Ponga: tall tree fern
Poppy: the milk of happiness
Posey: a bunch of flowers
Posy: small flower
Flower Girl Names

Beautiful Flower Girl Names

Abelia: sigh; breath
Begonia: Begon’s flower
Chenille: soft nubby fabric
Clementia: merciful
Columbine: a dove
Dahlia: flower named for botanist A. Dahl
Embelia: tropical woody vine
Florentina: flower; proseper; flourish
Fuchsia: flower of color
Gardenia: garden’s flower
Juniper: evergreen
Kalina: viburnum flower
Kassia: pure
Lilium: purity; innocence
Marjoram: herb and flower
Narcissus: daffodil
Plumeria: named for C. Plumier
Rose: famous type
Rosemary: dew of the sea
Sharon: a fertile plain
Vinca: benevolence, purity, nostalgia
Violet: truth and loyalty
Zinnia: acclaim, affection, friendship

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Pretty Flower Names For Girls

Amapola: Spanish for Poppy flower
Ambretta: evergreen with yellow flowers (modern version: Amber)
Camellia: Kamel’s flower
Chrisoula: golden
Clementine: mild and merciful
Coleus: a sheath
Elowen: elm tree
Evanthe: good flower
Freesia: friendship; trust; innocence
Geranium: crane
Jasmine: God’s gift
Jessamine: jasmine
Marguerite: french word for daisy
Marigold: resplendent Mary
Oleana: light
Rosanna: gracious rose
Saffron: yellow
Susan: above, higher
Suzette: lily
Veronica: she who brings victory
Willow: enchantment and immortality
Yasmin: jasmine; beauty and love

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Baby Girl Names From Flowers

Baby Girl Names From Flowers That Make Great Middle Names

Amaranth: everlasting
Amaryllis: sparkle, shine
Azalea: dry
Bay: sea inlet
Chrysanta: chrysanthemum flower
Chrysanthemum: gold flower
Forsythia: brilliant yellow shrub
Glory: glory to God; happiness
Hana: to shine, glow; give out radiance
Hibiscus: mallow
Hyacinth: blue larkspur flower or the colour purple
Leilani: heavenly child
Magnolia: magnolia flower
Manuka: tree that produces flowers used for manuka honey
Myrtle: evergreen shrub
Penthia: flower
Prunella: small plum
Rhodes: topographic name for someone who lived in a clearing in woodland
Rue: regret
Sage: wise man
Sorrel: reddish brown hair
Thorne: ornamental name for thorn
Vera: faith

Girl Names That Are Flowers You’ll Love

Acantha: prickle or thorn
Basil: royal
Calathea: basket
Canna: reed
Clove: a nail; spice
Crisanta: golden flower
Daffodil: yellow flower
Diantha: divine
Elestren: a trusted person
Ginger: dealer in spices
Indigo: dye from India
Laurel: sweet bay tree; honor and victory
Lavender: lavender flower
Nanala: sunflower
Oleander: evergreen tree
Ornella: flowering ash tree
Palesa: flower
Petunia: flower with white or pink blossoms
Rhoda: rose
Savannah: large, grassy plain
Tulip: perfect love
Wisteria: long-life and immortality

Final Thoughts On Girl Flower Names

Finding the perfect girls flower names is never easy, but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a girl name that you love!

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Best Flower Names For Girls