150+ Western Girl Names With Meanings [Wild West Inspired]

Have you been on the hunt for the best western girl names with meanings?

Well, hold your horses, and saddle up!  We’ve got the best western baby girl names around!

Picking the right baby girl name can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make, but we’re here to help you!

If your search for the perfect baby girl name has got you thinking of cowboy boots, jeans, and rodeos, then our ultimate list of country western girl names is for you!

We have country western girl names, old western girl names, wild west girl names, unique western girl names, cute western girl names, and more!

Whatever your heart desires, we have the most winsome western girl names in the wild west… and everywhere in all of tarnation!

And if you’re still on the search for more baby girl names that are southern and classic, check out our southern baby girl names or if you’re not sure if you are having a girl or a boy you’ll also want to take a look at these country boy names!  

Wild West Girl Names


Abby: my father is joyful
Amelia: industrious; strong
Bailey: berry clearing
Claire: clear
Cora: girl; maiden
Ella: light
Emma: whole; universal
Emmy: work; universal
Esther: star
Hannah: God has shown favor
Hope: hope; optimism
Ida: labor work
Judith: woman of Judea
Lark: playful, lighthearted songbird
Laura: protection
Lillian: lily
Lily: pure; passion; rebirth
Lydia: noble one; beautiful one
Maddie: maiden; young unmarried woman
Matilda: mighty in battle
Millie: industrious
Minerva: the mind
Nora: honor
Rachel: ewe; one with purity
Rebecca: moderator; to tie firmly
Rose: rose; a flower
Sammy: God heard
Sandy: man’s defender
Sierra: mountain range

Old Western Girl Names


Aggie: virtuous and good
Betsy: pledged to God
Bobbie: foreign or strange
Carter: transport by cart
Cheyenne: stranger; foreigner
Dolly: gift of God
Dorothy: God’s gift
Elvira: foreign; true
Etta: estate ruler
Frankie: free; truthful
Georgia: tiller of the soil
Jewel: plaything or delight
Josie: Jehovah will increase
Leann: shining light; bright one
Lenora: sun ray
Lorraine: region of France
Mariah: the Lord is my teacher
Patsy: noble; patrician
Rebekah: captivating; knotted cord
Selina: moon
Shirley: wood clearing; meadow
Tammy: twin; palm tree
Wynonna: first born daughter

Western Girl Baby Names


Abigail: my father’s joy
Alice: nobility
Anna: grace; beautiful
Betty: oath of God
Bonnie: pretty; good
Charlotte: free man
Clara: clear, bright; famous
Clementine: merciful
Dee: sacred goddess
Delilah: languishing; lovelorn; seductive
Edwina: rich friend
Eleanor: bright shining one
Eliza: my God is an oath
Eudora: good gift
Fay: fairy
Gertie: strong spear
Hattie: home ruler
Helen: light; bright
Josephine: Jehovah increases
Mae: may; mother
Mamie: pearl
Nettie: gracious; favored
Patricia: noble
Pearl: pearl; treasure
Ruth: friend
Winnifred: holy, blessed reconciliation; joy and peace


Annie: grace
Bessie: house; God’s promise
Billie: resolute protection
Calamity: disaster
Casey: vigilant or watchful
Cassidy: clever or curly haired
Cassie: unheeded prophetess
Dakota: friend
Fanny: free one
Frances: free one
Grace/Gracie: favor or blessing
Jane: God is gracious
Jessie: wealthy
Jo: God is gracious
Lil: passion
Lou: renowned warrior
Martha: the mistress; the lady
Maybelle/Maybell: loveable
Montana: mountain
Nellie: horn; sun ray
Nelly: light
Oakley: meadow of trees
Ruby: deep red precious stone
Sally: princess
Shannon: wise river
Susannah: true beauty
Tess: harvester; to reap

Western Girl Names


Abilene: grass
Arizona: good oak
Calico: multi-colored
Carlin: little champion
Dale: valley
Dallas: a waterfall field
Gussie: great and magnificent
Hallie: dweller at the hall meadow
Jessamine: jasmine
Juniper: young
Lucinda: light
Lula: famous warrior
Marty: dedicated to mars
Minnie: of the mind; intellect
River: river; blue
Rowena: fame and happiness
Ryan: little king
Sage: wise
Scout: one who gathers information covertly
Shiloh: peace
Sparrow: small bird
Stella: star
Tallulah: leaping water
Willa: helmet protection


Ada: noble
Addie: noble
Becky: captivated
Belle: beautiful
Cady: pure
Callie: beautiful
Daisy: flower; “day’s eye”
Dillon: like a lion
Dot: gift of God
Drew: strong and manly
Effie: well spoken
Ellie: shining light
Evie: life
Flora: flower
Hadley: heather meadow
Isabel: pledge to God
Kate: pure, clean
Lucy: light
Molly: sea of bitterness
Myra: myrrh
Polly: sea of the star
Poppy: poppy
Rosie: rose
Sadie: princess
Sky: sky; cloud
Stevie: crown
Sunny: sunshine; happy or cheerful disposition
Tillie/Tilly: mighty in battle

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