300+ Biblical Girl Names And Meanings [Ultimate List]

Are you searching for the best biblical girl names for your baby girl?

A name that has meaning and has stood the test of time?  

Then find inspiration from our ultimate list of biblical girl names and meanings!

The Bible has been a source of inspiration for many parents when choosing their baby girl’s name!

Bible names for girls are deeply historical, meaningful, and timeless.  

From traditional biblical girl names like Rebecca and Sarah, which always rank on the most popular girls names lists, to more modern biblical girl names like Reba, Becca, or Betsy, you’ll find it easy to find a Christian baby girl name you’ll love!

So, to help you with your search to find the perfect biblical baby girl names, we have gathered the best biblical girl names we could find in the Bible and derived from names in the Bible.

Here you’ll find, unique biblical girl names, biblical baby girl names meaning gift of God, pretty biblical girl names, modern biblical girl names, cute biblical girl names.

But, of course, if you’re not finding out if you’re having a boy or girl, you’ll want to also check out our Biblical boy names list too!

Pretty Biblical Girl Names


Adriel: my help is God
Agape: love
Angela: messenger of God; angel
Bekah: half a shekel
Beth: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Bethany: house of welcome
Bilhah: bashful
Carmi: God is my vineyard
Channah: God has favored me
Charity: generous love
Clementine: female version of Clement; mild; good; merciful
Elisabeth/Elizabeth: my God is my oath
Euodia: sweet fragrance
Faith: loyalty; belief
Grace: favor; blessing
Hannah: favor or grace
Hope: expectation; belief
Jessica/Jescha: God beholds; foresight
Joanna: Yahweh is gracious
Julia: downy; soft and tender hair
Lael: belonging to God
Leah: unloved; weary; tired
Magdalen: woman of Magdala; watchful
Michelle: variant of Michal; “who is like God?”
Miriam: beloved
Neriah: lamp of the Lord
Philippa: lover of horses
Phoebe: shining; pure
Priscilla: ancient
Rachel: ewe
Rochelle: rest
Ruth: companion; friend
Salome: peace
Sapphira: that relates; tells
Sharon: a fertile plain
Simone: she who hears; God has heard
Tabitha: gazelle
Thomasina/Thomisine: female version of Thomas; twin

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Biblical Baby Girl Names Meaning Gift Of God


Abia/Abiah: God is my father
Abijah: Jehovah is my father
Abishag: my father strays
Abital/Avital: dew
Ahinoam: brother of pleasantness
Aholibamah/Oholibamah: my tabernacle is exalted
Apphia: productive; fruitful
Asenath: peril; misfortune
Azubah: deserted
Basemeth: fragrance
Beulah: married
Bithiah: daughter of Yahweh
Carmel: green orchard
Damaris: gentle
Davina: female version of David; beloved
Drusilla: watered by the dew
Elisheba/Elisheva: God is her oath
Ephrath: fruitful
Fortunatus: fortunate; lucky
Genesis: beginning
Hagar: flight
Haggith: festive
Hammolekheth: the queen
Hamutal : the shadow of his heat
Havilah: that suffers pain
Hazzelelponi: shade-facing
Hepzibah/Hephzibah: my delight is in her
Herodia: song of the hero
Herodias: song of the hero
Hodesh: newness; new moon
Hodiah: majesty of God
Hogla/Hoglah: partridge
Huldah: weasel
Hushim: hurry or hasten
Iscah: she will weave a cover
Jawad: noble; generous
Jecholiah/Jecoliah: God makes able
Jehoaddan/Jehoaddin: pleasure; time of the Lord
Jerioth: breaking asunder
Jerusha: inheritance
Jochebed: God’s glory and honor
Kandake: queen mother
Keilah: citadel
Kerioth: the callings
Keturah: incense
Lo–Ruhamah: not having obtained mercy; not pitied
Maacah/Maakah: crushed
Mahalath: stringed instrument
Mahlah: infirmity; a harp; pardon
Matred: wand of government
Me-Zahab: waters of gold
Mehitabel: God rejoices
Micaiah: who is like God
Michaiah: who is like God
Naarah: girl; maiden
Noadiah: witness; ornament of the Lord
Noemi: pleasantness
Nogah: brightness; clearness
Persis: persian woman
Puah: to cry out
Reumah: lofty; sublime
Rizpah: hot coal
Sheerah: kinswoman
Shelomit/Shelomith: my peace; my happiness
Shulammite: beloved
Syntyche: common fate
Taphath: distillation; drop
Tryphena: delicious; delicate
Tryphosa: thrice shining
Tzipporah: bird
Yael: mountain goat
Zeresh: misery
Zibiah: the Lord dwells
Zilpah: uncertain


Abishai: gift of my father
Dolly: derived from doron; gift of God
Dorothy: derived from doron; gift of God
Dot: derived from doron; gift of God
Jesse: king; God’s gift
Jessie: gift

Modern Biblical Girl Names


Abihail: the father is strength
Abra: female version of Abraham; father of multitudes
Abran: alliance
Adalia: God is my refuge; noble one
Andrea: female version of Andrew; manly, virile
Aquila: eagle
Ariel: lion of God
Artemis:goddess of wild animals
Baara: flame
Bela: devouring
Berenice: bearer of victory
Bernice: victory bringer
Bethel: house of El
Bethesda: house of mercy
Bethlehem: house of bread
Danielle: female version of Daniel; God is my judge
Deborah: bee
Dinah: vindicated
Dorcas: a gazelle
Drew: derived from Andrew; manly, virile
Eglah: chariot
Elisha: my God is salvation
Esther: secret; hidden
Eunice: joyous victory
Ezra: helper
Gabi: form of Gabrielle; God is my strength
Gabriella: female version of Gabriel; God is my strength
Gabriela/Gabriella: female version of Gabriel; God is my strength
Gabrielle: female version of Gabriel; God is my strength
Galilee: wheel; revolution
Jael: mountain goat; one that ascends
Jahel: variation of Jael; mountain goat; one that ascends
Jasper: treasure holder
Jedidah: well loved; amiable
Jehosheba /Jehoshebeath/Josaba: fullness;Jehovah’s oath
Judith: She will be praised
Martha: mistress of the house
Milka/Milcah: queen; ruler
Rahab: spacious
Tamar: palm or date
Tamara: palm or date
Victoria: victory
Zeruiah: pain or tribulation of the Lord


Abigail: the father’s joy
Achsah: adorned
Ada: ornament
Adah: adornment
Adina: gentle; mild
Angelica: messenger of God; angel
Anna: grace or beauty
Atara/Atarah: crown
Ayda: jewel; adorned by God
Bathsheba: daughter of oath
Candace: pure and innocent
Chloe: blooming
Cilicia: that which overturns
Claudia: lame
Cleopatra: female version of Cleophus; the whole glory
Delilah: languishing; lovelorn; seductive
Diana: heavenly; devine
Eden: delight
Galilea: born of Galilee; wheel revolution
Hadassah: myrtle tree
Jewel: adorned by God
Jezebel: “where is the prince?”
Josephine: feminine version of Joseph; Jehovah increases
Lillian/Lily/Lilith: elegant flower; innocence; purity; beauty
Lydia: kind; kindred spirit
Magdalena: woman of Magdala; watchful
Magdalene: woman of Magdala; watchful
Maria: version of Mary; rebellion; sea of bitterness
Mary: rebellion; sea of bitterness
Naamah: sweetness, grace, beauty
Naomi: pleasant; beautiful; agreeable
Peninah/Peninnah: pearl; coral
Rebecca/Rebekah: servant of God
Rose: a rose
Ruby: deep red gemstone
Sarah: princess; princess of the multitude
Sarai: my princess
Shifra: beautiful
Shiphrah: beautiful
Susannah/Susanna/Susana: lily; rose; joy
Talia: gentle dew from heaven
Terah/Tara/Terra: wanderer
Zipporah: beauty; trumpet; mourning
Zuleika: bright and fair

Cute Biblical Girl Names


Abilene: the father of mourning
Alvah: brightness
Angel: messenger of God
Angelina: messenger of God; angel
Anne: messenger of God; angel
Athalia/Athaliah: Yahweh is exalted
Becca: version of Rebecca; servant of God
Bess: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Beta: form of Elisheba; oath of God
Betsy: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Calah: opportunity
Cleo: female version of Cleophus; the whole glory
Daniela: female version of Daniel; God is my judge
Edna: pleasure
Elia: form of Elijah; Yahweh is my God
Eliza: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Elsa: form of Elisheva; God is my oath
Eve: living; enlivening
Evin: God is gracious
Gomer: to complete
Helah: rust
Honey: sweet
Jana: derivative from Joanna; Yahweh is gracious
Jane: derivative from Joanna; Yahweh is gracious
Joan: feminine version of John; God is merciful
Jordan/Jordyn: the river of judgment
Judy: she will be praised
Julianne: downy; soft and tender hair
Keren: glorious dignity
Keziah: Cassia tree
Liza/Lisa/Lesa/Lysa: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Mara: bitter; bitterness
Marie: version of Mary; rebellion; sea of bitterness
Merab: God will increase
Mercy: compassion, forbearance
Michal: brook; “who is like God?”
Mishael: who is asked for or lent
Moriah: the hill country
Natalia/Natalie: Christ’s birthday
Olive: olive tree
Ophrah: young deer; fawn
Oprah: young deer; fawn
Pepa: spanish female variant of Joseph; Jehovah increases
Petra: female version of Peter; rock
Rhoda: rose
Sherah: flesh; relationship
Shiloh: peace
Timnah/Timna: restraint
Vashti: that drinks; thread
Veronica: honest image
Zina: shining; going back


Ahlai: beseeching; sorrowing; expecting
Angie: messenger of God; angel
Ann: favor or grace
Areli: light or vision of God
Becky: version of Rebecca; servant of God
Bessie: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Betty: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Camon: his resurrection
Cana: zeal, jealousy; possession
Cozbi: a liar
Dani: female version of Daniel; God is my judge
Dory: form of Dorcas; a gazelle
Elsie: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Eva: living; enlivening
Fifi: form of Josephine; God raises
Gigi: virgin; referring to virgin Mary
Hanna: grace or favor
Hosanna: deliver us; save us
Ilia: Yahweh is God
Isabel: form of Elizabeth; my God is an oath
Izzy: form of Israel; God’s promise
Jean: derivative of Joanna; Yahweh is gracious
Jemima/Jemimah: dove
Jo: feminine version of Joseph; Jehovah increases
Josie: feminine version of Joseph; Jehovah increases
Joy: happiness
Jubilee: ram’s horn; celebration of graces and blessings
Junia: downy; soft and tender hair
Kamon: his resurrection
Liah: version of Leah; unloved
Lois: better
Marah: bitter; bitterness
Myra: flow; pour out; weep
Noa: motion
Olivia: olive tree
Paula: small; little
Phebe: bright
Prisca: ancient
Reba: version of Rebecca; servant of God
Reba: version of Rebecca; servant of God
Sammy/Samy/Sami: God heard
Selah: to praise
Serah: the morning star
Talitha: little girl; young woman
Tirza/Tirzah: she is my delight
Tobi: God is good
Zemira: song; vine; palm
Zilla/Zillah: shadow

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