300+ BEST 4 Letter Girl Names With Meanings [Cute & Unique]

Are you looking for short and sweet 4 letter girl names with meanings? 

Then you’re in luck, as we’ve searched high and low and found the the best four letter girl names you’re sure to love! 

Little girls are filled with sugar and spice, and everything nice, at least the saying goes. 

So, whether you’re expecting a sweet pea or a spicy diva, you’re going to want to pick one or a few baby girl names that speaks to you!

That’s why we put together is ultimate list of 4 letter girl names with meanings to inspire you!

From cute names like Emry, Ivey, and Lara.

To unique names like Rain, Raya, and Zuri.

To girl names with 4 letters you’ll love like Abby, Adel, Kaci, and Luna.

You’re sure to find a 4 letter baby girl name you’ll love!

So, to help you on your search for the perfect 4 letter names, here you’ll find the best unique 4 letter girl names, 4 letter names for girl, cute four letter girl names, sweet 4 letter baby girl names, and more!

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Sweet 4 Letter Baby Girl Names


Abby: my father’s joy
Adel: noble
Alex: defender of man
Alva: elf
Aqua: water or sea
Asia: lively
Babs: traveler from a foreign land
Bell: bell ringer
Beth: God is my oath
Brio: vivacity; zest
Cary: pleasant stream
Cece: blind
Cleo: pride
Dani: God is my judge
Desi: desired
Dior: golden
Diva: goddess
Elsi: pledged to God
Emmi: rival
Emmy: hardworking
Etta: estate ruler
Evin: God is gracious
Fate: destiny
Fern: shade-loving plant
Fran: free one
Gail: Father of exaltation
Gene: well born
Jane: God is gracious
Jean: God is gracious
Jeri: ruler with a spear
Jill: child of God
Joan: God is gracious
Judy: woman of Judea
Kaci: alert
Kali: black one
Kate: pure or clean
Kris: follower of Christ
Lane: the long path
Lena: light or sunlight
Lesa: consecrated to God
Lexa: man’s defender
Lexi: man warrior
Leya: the law
Luma: light
Luna: moon
Maye: the fifth month
Miya: palace; shrine; temple
Mona: noble or aristocratic
Nola: white shoulder
Onyx: black gemstone
Page: assistant or helper
Prue: caution; discretion
Quin: counsel
Rene: born again
Rhia: flowing
Ruth: companion
Sage: wise
Tina: river
Tobi: God is good
Viki: conqueror
Wynn: friend
Yael: desert dwelling goat
Zena: belonging to Zeus

4 Letter Girl Names


Anna: full of grace
Arie: lion
Ayla: halo of light around the moon
Bebe: baby
Bibi: delight
Bria: noble
Chey: little Cree
Coco: chocolate bean
Cody: helpful pillow
Cora: maiden
Cove: small coastal inlet
Dina: from the valley
Dona: lady
Dora: gift
Dory: gift of God
Dove: bird of peace
Elin: sun ray
Emry: brotherly love
Enya: little fire
Evah: life
Evie: life or breathe
Fifi: God will increase
Gaby: woman of God
Gina: queen
Hedi: warrior in war
Ivey: creeping vine
Izzy: God Is my oath
Jaci: moon
Jana: God is gracious
Jess: the Lord exists
Kami: lord
Katy: clean
Keri: fair and blessed
Kyra: lord
Lani: sky
Lara: protector
Laya: weary
Lilo: generous one
Lisa: God’s promise
Liza: God’s promise
Lola: sorrows
Lora: laurel tree
Lyra: harp or lyre
Mady: woman of Magdala
Mags: pearl
Miri: wonderful
Nila: blue
Noel: Christmas
Nora: light
Oana: God is gracious
Olga: blessed, holy, successful
Opal: gem
Ovia: egg
Pepa: Jehovah increases
Perl: pearl
Plum: a small purplish fruit
Reba: fourth born
Romi: dew of the sea
Rona: mighty strength
Rory: red-haired king
Rosa: rose
Rose: rose
Rosy: rose colored
Samy: name of God
Vada: famous ruler
Vivi: alive
Wila: valiant protector
Zina: guest
Zoey: life

Cute Four Letter Girl Names


Adia: gift
Aida: happy
Aila: bringer of light
Aina: love or affection
Aine: radiance
Alia: noble
Alma: lifts one’s spirits
Alta: high; elevated
Alto: high or elevated
Arla: eagle
Beta: God is bountiful
Bina: understanding
Cadi: pure
Caia: everlasting morning joy
Cala: castle
Cira: sun
Coda: concluding section of music
Cori: maiden
Dara: star
Daya: bird of prey
Deja: remembrance
Deya: light that shines forth
Dian: devine
Diya: light/glow
Eira: snow
Elia: God has answered
Erla: wagtail bird
Fila: loving
Fina: white or fair
Gaia: mother Earth
Hali: sea
Hera: queen
Ilia: God is lord
Kiki: owner of the house
Kimi: righteous
Laia: well spoken
Liah: gift of God
Lita: gladly
Liya: I am the Lord’s
Navi: to name
Naya: new
Nori: doctrine
Nyra: beauty of goddess Saraswati
Olly: olive tree
Orla: golden princess
Peri: outcome or result
Pola: poppy
Pria: dear beloved
Raia: fisherman
Rain: rain
Rani: she is singing; queen
Raya: friend
Remy: oarsman
Sabi: young girl
Sadi: lucky
Shia: followers
Sola: she who is alone
Tula: strength
Tyra: thunder goddess
Ulma: elm tree
Ursa: little she-bear
Vega: dweller in the meadow
Vera: faith or truth
Vida: life
Vina: stringed instrument
Yvie: alive
Zaya: woman who wins
Zuri: beautiful
Zuzu: lily

Best 4 Letter Girl Names


Aliz: sweet
Amie/Amia: beloved
Aria: melody
Aura: soft breeze
Cali: beautiful
Cara: darling or beloved
Cher: dear one
Cloe: blooming
Davi: beloved
Edna: pleasure
Erin: peace
Ersa: gift
Fara: lovely
Flor: flower
Gala: joyful
Gigi: God is gracious
Gini: virginal
Halo: divine aura
Hana: hope
Hope: positive expectation
Iria: peace
Iris: rainbow
Isla: island
Jiya: sweet
Joli: pretty
Kala: most beautiful
Kara: beloved
Kari: pure
Kaye: pure
Lacy: lace
Lark: songbird
Leia: child of heaven
Lila: night
Lily: pure; passion; rebirth
Lois: superior
Lucy: light
Lulu: pearl
Lyla: light
Mary: beloved
Mina: love
Mira: wonderful
Mora: sweet berry
Myla: merciful
Myra: admirable; extraordinary
Naia: water nymph
Nala: queen
Nara: happy
Nina: little girl
Nita: gift of God
Prim: thin, small or delicate
Sara: princess
Siri: beautiful victory
Sive: sweet
Skye: cloud
Star: star
Suki: beloved
Suri: red rose
Suzy: lily
Tara: star
Thea: goddess
Toni: priceless ones
Vana: golden
Wren: small bird
Yara: small butterfly
Yola: violet flower
Zara: princess
Zoie: life
Zola: lump of earth


Addy: noble
Anne: favor or grace
Bess: oath of God
Bree: strength
Brie: marshland
Bryn: hill
Cami: crooked nose
Cate: pure or blessed
Cyra: Sun
Dana: generosity
Dawn: daybreak
Demi: half
Didi: warrior of the people
Drew: strong; manly
Eden: delight
Ella: beautiful
Elle: she
Elsa: God’s promise
Elza: noble
Emma: whole
Emme: entire
Esme: esteemed
Este: star
Fawn: baby dear
Faye: fairy
Gwen: fair or white
Indy: independent
Inez: pure and holy
Jada: wise
Jody: Jehovah increases
June: young
Juno: goddess of marriage and childbirth
Kaya: oldest sister
Kira: mistress or ruler
Kyla: narrow spit of land
Lael: belonging to God
Lana: rock or handsome
Leah: wild cow
Loni: lion
Lori: bay laurel
Lynn: lake
Lysa: God’s promise
Macy: weapon
Mala: woman of Magdala
Mara: bitter
Maya: illusion of magic
Miki: three trees together
Mila: miracles; favored
Nova: new
Posy: bunch of flowers
Rhea: flowing
Rian: king
Rita: pearl
Roma: one from Rome
Roxy: dawn
Ruby: red gemstone
Rudy: red haired
Shay: hawk
Shea: fine or fortunate
Tesa: late summer
Tess: harvest
Tori: conqueror
Vale: lives in the valley
Zora: dawn

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