First And Middle Baby Girl Names

Are you looking for some super cute first and middle baby girl names?

Then our list of first and middle names for girls is sure to inspire you!

Whether you are expecting a baby girl or keeping it a surprise, you’ve probably been searching the internet for unique girl names and unique boy names (and meanings) trying to find the perfect first and middle name combination to suit your new baby.

Yet, finding the perfect baby name is hard, especially when you want to find a super cute middle name to go with it!

You’ll want to find a first and middle name combination that just rolls of the tongue like they were made to go together.

That’s why we put together this list of cute baby girl name combinations to inspire you!

Here you’ll find our favorite baby girl first and middle names, unique baby girl middle names, baby girl name combinations, and twin girl name ideas!

Baby Girl Quotes - Something tells me I am going to love her forever. Baby Girl Quotes - Something tells me I am going to love her forever.

Popular First And Middle Baby Girl Names

Here are some beautiful girl name combinations for some of the more popular girl names:

Middle Names For Amelia

The name Amelia is of German origin and means ‘work’ or ‘striving’. It is a variant of the name Amalia, which is derived from the Germanic word ‘amal’, meaning ‘work’.

It has been in the top 100 most popular names for girls in the United States for over a decade. In 2021, it ranked #4 on the US Top 1000 girl names list!

Many people consider the name Amelia to be an elegant girl names, and I would have to agree. It is a classic name that has been around for centuries, and it has a timeless, sophisticated feel to it.

As such when choosing a middle name for Amelia you may want to pair it with either old fashioned girl names like Ada, Grace, and Florence or vintage girl names like Anne, Edith, and Elizabeth.

Here are my top picks:

  • Amelia Elizabeth
  • Amelia Jane
  • Amelia Anne
  • Amelia Joy
  • Amelia Edith
  • Amelia Kay
  • Amelia Grace
  • Amelia Pearl
  • Amelia Florence
  • Amelia Faith

You can find even more name ideas in our middle names for Amelia guide! Or find the perfect nicknames for Amelia!

Middle Names For Ava

The name Ava is of German origin, and it means ‘like a bird’ or ‘living one’. It is derived from the Germanic name Avis, which was a medieval form of the name Ava.

This 3 letter girl name is also a variant of the name Eve, which is the name of the first woman in the Bible.

Ava is one of my favorite short girl names. And because it is so short, you can easily pair it with some great girl names! You can use one syllable girl names like Brooke, Eve, and Hope to create a short and punchy name or even look at using Biblical girl names like Beth, Mary, and Phoebe to tie it back to it’s Biblical variant Eve.

Here are my personal favorites for Ava middle names:

  • Ava Grey
  • Ava Marie
  • Ava Christine
  • Ava Nicole
  • Ava Hope 
  • Ava Ruby
  • Ava Leigh
  • Ava Sophia
  • Ava Louise
  • Ava Zoe

Want more? Check out these middle names for Ava and nicknames for Ava!

Middle Names For Charlotte

The name Charlotte is of French origin, and it means ‘free man’ or ‘petite’. It is derived from the French name Charles, which is a variant of the Germanic name Karl, which means ‘free man’.

The name Charlotte is also considered a popular royal girl name, shared with Princess Charlotte of the United Kingdom.

So whether you want a nod to royalty or are looking for sweet southern girl names to pair with the name Charlotte, I think you can’t go wrong with these Charlotte middle names:

  • Charlotte Anne
  • Charlotte Millie
  • Charlotte Eve
  • Charlotte Rae
  • Charlotte Hope
  • Charlotte Rebecca
  • Charlotte Imogen
  • Charlotte Rose
  • Charlotte Mia
  • Charlotte Vivian

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Middle Names For Emma

The name Emma is of German origin, and it means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. It is derived from the Germanic name Erma, which was a short form of names that began with ‘ermen’ meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.

This 4 letter girl name is a classic and timeless name that has been popular for centuries and still remains popular today.

If I were to have called my daughter Emma, I probably would have gone for the middle name ‘lee’ to create a cute double barrel girl name, Emma-Lee. But if that doesn’t take your fancy, here are some more great Emma middle name combos:

  • Emma Joy
  • Emma Mia
  • Emma Claire
  • Emma Reid
  • Emma Fay
  • Emma Rose
  • Emma Kate
  • Emma Sofia
  • Emma May
  • Emma Grace

Love the name Emma, but want some more middle name options? Then check out our full middle names for Emma list! Or even these cute nicknames for Emma!

Middle Names For Isabella

Middle Names For Isabella

The name Isabella is of Spanish and Italian origin and it means ‘God is my oath’ or ‘God is my abundance’. It is a combination of the name Isabel, which is a variation of Elizabeth and means ‘God is my oath’ or ‘God is my satisfaction’ and the suffix -abella which means ‘little’ or ‘darling’. Many people choose to shorten to name ‘Isabella’ to ‘Bella’ which is also popular nickname for girls.

This soft girl name certainly has a classic and elegant feel to it and could make quite the posh girl name with the right middle name.

  • Isabella Marie
  • Isabella Jane
  • Isabella Avery
  • Isabella Luna
  • Isabella Lynn
  • Isabella Mackenzie
  • Isabella Grace
  • Isabella Wren
  • Isabella Persephone
  • Isabella Hope

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Middle Names For Sophia

The name Sophia is of Greek origin, and it means ‘wisdom’ or ‘sage’. Sophia is also associated with the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena as both names have been associated with wisdom, knowledge and understanding..

In 2021, Sophia was ranked #6 on the US Top 1000 names list produced by the USA Social Security Administration.

I think the the right middle name you can easily turn the name Sophia into a very modern girl name such as Sophia Blaire or Sophia Emersyn.

  • Sophia Jane
  • Sophia Olivia
  • Sophia Adeline
  • Sophia Marie
  • Sophia Colette
  • Sophia Vivienne
  • Sophia Juniper
  • Sophia Willow
  • Sophia Lenore
  • Sophia Winter

Find more inspiration in our full middle names for Sophia guide!

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First And Middle Girl Name Combinations

If you don’t have a first name in mind, then here are some of my favorite first and middle girl name combinations. Just remember, there are many more possibilities to choose from so play around with different options till you come up with a first and middle name you love!

  1. Abigail Marie
  2. Gabriella Michelle
  3. Abigail Faith
  4. Olivia Rose
  5. Charlotte Elizabeth
  6. Mia Elizabeth
  7. Harper Rose
  8. Abigail Rose
  9. Elizabeth Sophia
  10. Natalie Ann
  11. Madison Nicole
  12. Audrey Rose
  13. Riley Elizabeth
  14. Leah Marie
  15. Addison Nicole
  16. Victoria Rose
  17. Scarlett Elizabeth
  18. Chloe Marie
  19. Gemma Quinn
  20. Abigail May
  21. Gianna Lynn
  22. Adalyn Jane
  23. Hailey Sloan
  24. Adalynn Grace
  25. Hallie Valentine
  26. Addison Grace
  27. Hannah Alexis
  28. Adriana Michelle
  29. Hannah Marie
  30. Alana Michelle
  31. Harmony Rae
  32. Alana Victoria
  33. Hayden Raine
  34. Alessia Rae
  35. Hayden Everly
  36. Alexa Kate
  37. Hazel May
  38. Alexis Jade
  39. Imogen Isla
  40. Alexis Linda
  41. India Rose
  42. Angelina Gabrielle
  43. Indiana Ellie
  44. Anika Marie
  45. Ivy Rose
  46. Aria Lynn
  47. Jordyn Elizabeth
  48. Aria Paige
  49. Josephine Grace
  50. Aria Quinn
  51. Julia Elizabeth
  52. Ariana Brooke
  53. Juliana Paige
  54. Ariella Beth
  55. Kaitlyn Jade
  56. Arielle Charlotte
  57. Kaylee Joy
  58. Ashley Joy
  59. Kelsey Jane
  60. Aubrey Lynn
  61. Kensley Michelle
  62. Aubrey Renee
  63. Kylie Monroe
  64. Audrey Grace
  65. Layla Audrey
  66. Audrey Monroe
  67. Layla Beth
  68. Autumn Rose
  69. Liliana Marie
  70. Avery Lyn
  71. Lilianna Grace
  72. Avery Shae
  73. Londyn Elizabeth
  74. Bella Rae
  75. Mackenzie Leigh
  76. Bella Riley
  77. Mackenzie Mae
  78. Berkely Michelle
  79. Madelyn Grace 
  80. Blakely Rose
  81. Madison Avery
  82. Brianna Lynn
  83. Madison Rose
  84. Briella Jane
  85. Maisie Lyn
  86. Briella Mae
  87. Mariah Abigail
  88. Brielle Elise
  89. Maribel Jane
  90. Brooke Elizabeth
  91. Melody Reese
  92. Brooklyn Riley
  93. Montana Sky
  94. Brynlee Rose
  95. Mya Daisy
  96. Brynn Victoria
  97. Nadia Jeanette
  98. Caitlyn Grace
  99. Natalie Katherine
  100. Caitlyn Rebecca
  101. Nevada Rose
  102. Charlie Elizabeth
  103. Norah Abigail
  104. Chloe Paige
  105. Paige Elizabeth
  106. Chloe Paige
  107. Paisley Michelle
  108. Ciara Shae
  109. Penelope Victoria
  110. Claire Savannah
  111. Peyton Grace
  112. Daisy Florence
  113. Rachel Alexis
  114. Daisy Michelle
  115. Ruth Ann
  116. Dela Marie
  117. Ryleigh/Riley Jo
  118. Delilah Avery
  119. Rylie Lane
  120. Delta Rose
  121. Samantha Lynn
  122. Elisa Grace
  123. Sara Katlyn
  124. Eliza Tess
  125. Savannah Rose
  126. Elizabeth Paige
  127. Scarlett Elizabeth
  128. Elizabeth Rose
  129. Scarlett Rae
  130. Elizabeth Victoria
  131. Sienna Indiana
  132. Elizabeth Zoe
  133. Sierra Catherine
  134. Ella Blaire
  135. Sophia Layla
  136. Ella Blake
  137. Stella Brynn
  138. Ella Grace
  139. Stella Rose
  140. Ella Louise
  141. Summer Joy
  142. Ella Rose
  143. Tallulah Jane
  144. Ella Sage
  145. Taylor Rains
  146. Emery Lynn 
  147. Tia Rose
  148. Emilia Louise
  149. Valerie Lynn
  150. Emily Beth
  151. Vera Beth
  152. Everly Faith
  153. Victoria Rae
  154. Felicity Dawn
  155. Violet Ophelia
  156. Fiona May
  157. Zoe Michelle
  158. Angelique Ava
  159. Vida Harper
  160. Emberlynn Emily
  161. Flora Oceania
  162. Murphy May
  163. Arleth Ella
  164. Ocean Lee
  165. Oakleigh Rae
  166. Clover Mia

Things To Consider When Choosing Baby Girl First And Middle Names

Here are a few things that you may want to think about before choosing your first and middle names for baby girl:

First, Middle, and Last Name Compatibility

Say the potential first, middle, and last name out together. Write it down. Make sure you love how the whole name sounds together. Consider the number of syllables and the rhythm of each name.

Personal/Cultural Significance

Consider names that hold personal or cultural significance to you and your family. For example, honoring a family member, cultural heritage, or special memory.

Many parents like to pay tribute to a parent or grandparents by using their first name as a middle name for their baby. For my first born, we chose a name that brought both our cultural heritages together.

Length And Ease Of Pronunciation

Whilst long names can be very elegant and beautiful, you may want to consider the overall length of the baby name to see if it is too long or difficult to pronounce, especially since you’ll be saying it often. If you are choosing a long first name, then you may want to choose a shorter middle name.

Sibling/Family Names

When choosing your baby girl’s first and middle name you may want to consider if you’d like the name to match or complement a sibling’s name. Or even if you’d like to continue a family naming tradition, such as all the girls have a flower name for their middle name.

Initials And Monograms

Write down the initial of the full name you love to make sure they don’t spell something untoward. You probably don’t want to choose a name that spells B.U.M. or worse! So think about what the initials of the baby’s first, middle, and last names will form, and whether you like the look of that monogram.


Decide if you prefer a unique or more common name. Keep in mind that popular names can be subject to changing trends and fashions.


Found a baby girl name combo you love? Make sure you also check the meaning of the names to ensure they aren’t a deal breaker. By researching the meaning and origin of names you’re interested you can see if it aligns with your values and beliefs.

It can also be a great way to tie in a special meaning into your baby’s name. For example, you may want to use names that mean strength, names that mean beautiful, or names that mean blessed for that added special meaning.

Celebrity/Pop Culture Associations

Consider if the name is associated with any celebrities or pop culture references that you like or dislike.

I highly recommend googling the name as well to ensure that there are no negative connotations that you were unaware of!

Potential Nicknames

Finally, think about possible nicknames or abbreviations of the name, and if you are okay with any of them.

Decided On Your Baby Girl’s First And Middle Name?

Then check out these gorgeous baby memory books for girls to help you capture all your precious baby memories.

Final Thoughts On first and middle names for girls

Finding the perfect middle names is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a middle name that you love!

And if you’re still looking for more great middle names, try these country girl names, western girl names, earthy girl names, and two syllable girl names for more inspiration! Or if you are not sure on your baby’s gender these cute first and middle boy names are also a must read!

Unique Baby Girl Middle Names