Nicknames For Ella

Looking for the best nicknames for Ella that are cute and unique?

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Ella is an elegant name, and nicknames for the name Ella are no exception!

The sweet baby girl name, Ella, is a timeless name of unknown origin that seems to have roots all over the globe!  

In modern Hebrew, the name Ella means “goddess”, in ancient Hebrew it is the name of a tree in the pistachio family! In Greek mythology, Ella was the daughter of Athamas and Nephele. In Spanish, Ella means “her”, and in French, Elle means “she”.  In German Ella means “other”, based on the El- as in Elinor, Elizabeth, and Ellen.

And in English, Ella can mean “beautiful fairy woman”!

Of course, no matter which way you look at it Ella is a beautiful feminie name!

And we’re not the only ones to think so. The name has become greatly popular in the past few centuries, since the Victorian Era.

The name was wildly popular at the end of the 1800s, and has risen again in ranks in the past 20 years to the top 10 baby girl names!

It’s really no wonder that Ella is such a popular name, and you know us, we’ve got the best Ella nicknames to inspire you on to nickname excellence!

Check out our best nicknames for Ella, cute nicknames for Ella, funny nicknames for Ella, and cool nicknames for Ella! And, of course, no ultimate list of Ella nicknames would be complete without famous people named Ella… and there are a lot of them!

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Cool Nicknames For Ella

Best Nicknames For Ella

  1. Adella
  2. Ellie
  3. Aelia
  4. Ellie Bean
  5. Castella
  6. Ellie Belly
  7. Cella
  8. Ellinette
  9. Cinderella
  10. Ellipop
  11. El Bell
  12. Ells
  13. Ela
  14. Elly
  15. Eleanor
  16. Elly Dear
  17. Eli-Bell
  18. Elly Jelly
  19. Elianna
  20. Elly-Pie
  21. Elin
  22. Lily
  23. Elite
  24. Shelly
  25. Ellaphant
  26. Stella
  27. Ellasauraus
  28. Tella
  29. Ellasaurus
Nick names For Ella

Cute Nicknames For Ella

  1. Alia
  2. ElleBear
  3. Bella
  4. Ellebear
  5. Della
  6. Ellie Berry
  7. Ell
  8. Ellie-Baby
  9. Ella B
  10. Ellie-Belly
  11. Ella Bear
  12. Ellie-Luv
  13. Ella Bella
  14. Ellie-Sweetie
  15. Ella boo bear
  16. Elly Bear
  17. Ella Bug
  18. Elly Boo
  19. Ella Dear
  20. Elsie
  21. Ella Doe
  22. Estrella
  23. Ella Doll
  24. Gabriella
  25. Ella Dove
  26. Isabella
  27. Ella of Frelle
  28. Selah
  29. Ella-cita
  30. Selly
  31. Elle
  32. Shell
Funny Nicknames For Ella

Funny Nicknames For Ella

  1. Acapella
  2. Elsicle
  3. Acapella Ella
  4. Elvis
  5. Belly
  6. Foefella
  7. Belly Elly
  8. Gorella
  9. Cinders
  10. Mozzarella
  11. Eel
  12. Nutella
  13. Elephant
  14. Prunella
  15. Ella Bella Fo Fella
  16. Rubella
  17. Ella Boo
  18. Silly Elly
  19. Ella Elf
  20. Smellie
  21. Ella Enchanted
  22. Smelly Elly
  23. Ella Foefella
  24. Umbrella
  25. Ellie Poop
  26. Umbrelle
  27. Els Bells
Cute Nicknames For Oliver

Cool Nicknames For Ella

  1. Bella Beats
  2. Elliegant
  3. Bellah
  4. Ellina
  5. Cinder-Ella
  6. Ellmeister
  7. E
  8. Elm
  9. EL
  10. Elmi
  11. Elf
  12. Els
  13. Eli
  14. Elz
  15. Ella Frella
  16. Enchanted
  17. Ella Gorella
  18. L
  19. Ella Hart
  20. Lala
  21. Ellen
  22. Lea
  23. Elli
  24. Novella
  25. Elliana
  26. Quella
  27. Ellie-vate
  28. Vella
Famous People Named Ella

Famous People Named Ella

  • Ella (Fictional, character from “Cinderella”)
  • Ella Anderson (American actress)
  • Ella Baker (African American civil rights and human rights activist)
  • Ella Cara Deloria (American educator, linguist, and novelist)
  • Ella Chen Chia-hwa (Taiwanese singer, actress, and television host)
  • Ella Eyre (Brittish singer)
  • Ella Henderson (English singer and songwriter)
  • Ella Hoag Brockway Avann (American educator, and writer)
  • Ella Jane Fitzgerald (American Jazz singer)
  • Ella Khan (Fictional, character from “West Is West”)
  • Ella Koon (Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress.)
  • Ella Mai (English singer and songwriter)
  • Ella Maria Ballou (American stenographer, reporter, essayist, and educator)
  • Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, Lorde (New Zealand singer-songwriter)
  • Ella Montgomery (Fictional, character from “Pretty Little Liars”)
  • Ella of Deira (King of the Deirans, 6th century)
  • Ella of Frell (Fictional, character from “Ella Enchanted”) 
  • Ella of Northumbria (King of Northumbria, 9th century)
  • Ella T. Grasso (American politician)

Final Thoughts On Ella Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

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Nicknames For The Name Ella