Winter Names For Girls

Are you looking for the best winter names for girls?

Then let us inspire you with our ultimate list of winter baby girl names!

Winter is a beautiful season. It brings with it a flurry of snowflakes, the aroma of hot cocoa, and cozy nights around the fire. But winter can also bring something else – inspiration!

So, if you’re expecting a baby this winter, or just looking for that perfect snow inspired name to capture your little one’s unique spirit, then why not consider some of these stunningly beautiful winter inspired names?

From cute winter names like Andri, Eryi, and Wren!

Cool winter names like Ember, Blanche, and Luz!

To female winter names that you’ll love like Aspen, Nevada, and Storm, we’ve gathered up the best winter girl names to inspire you!

Here you’ll find beautiful winter girl names, unique winter girl names, cool winter girl names, and more! With each name having its own special meaning, making them all even more special.

So, let’s explore these delightful winter names for girls, together!

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Best Winter Girl Names

Unlimited beauty and grace – that’s what winter girl names are! They stand out from the crowd with their exquisite charm and elegance. It is almost as if they bring a hint of snowflakes, frosty ice, and twinkling stars to life in each name.

Yet, finding just the right winter girl name can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. After all, there are so many lovely options – both traditional and modern – that finding one you love will be easy-peasy.

From Aster to Wynter, here is our pick of the best winter girl names around!

1. Aster – of Greek origin meaning ‘star’. The name is derived from the Greek word “aster,” which is the name of a type of flower that is often called a “star flower” due to its shape.

Aster plants are related to winter in the sense that they typically bloom during the fall and into the early winter months. These perennial plants typically produce flowers in shades of pink, purple, red, white, and blue. In many areas, the blooming of asters can signal the arrival of the winter season.

Some also believe that the flower’s name, which means “star,” could symbolize the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men to Jesus in the Christian nativity story.

2. Bianca – of Italian origin meaning ‘white’ and ‘pure’, just like snow!

3. Bylur – of Norse origin meaning ‘snowstorm’.

4. Demetria – of Greek origin meaning ‘follower of Demeter’. Demeter is also the Greek goddess of agriculture, grain, and fertility. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘Demeter’, which is the name of the goddess. Demeter is related to winter in that she is associated with the change of seasons from fall to winter, the end of the growing season and the arrival of the winter, the goddess of fertility and agriculture, and her story and festival are closely tied to the winter season.

5. Eirwen – of Welsh origin meaning ‘white as snow’.

6. Frostie – of English origin meaning ‘to freeze’. ‘Frosty the Snowman’ is also a popular Christmas song and television special first recorded by Gene Autry and the Cass County Boys in 1950.

7. Gwenyth – of Welsh origin meaning ‘white’

8. Holly – of English origin meaning ‘holly tree’. The name is derived from the Old English word “holen,” which is the name of the holly tree. The Holly tree is an evergreen tree that is known for its bright red berries and prickly leaves that stay green all year round, this is why it became a symbol of eternal life, and in many cultures, it is associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season.

The Holly tree is also considered as a symbol of protection, good luck, and immortality. The Holly tree is often used as a Christmas decoration.

9. Ivy – of English origin meaning ‘faithfulness’ or ‘evergreen climbing vine’. Ivy is a type of evergreen climbing vine that is known for its ability to cling to surfaces and grow vigorously. Ivy can be associated with the winter season, as it is seen as a symbol of life and vitality during the winter months when many other plants are dormant.

10. Juniper – of Latin origin meaning ‘young’ or ‘evergreen tree’. It comes from the name of a type of evergreen shrub or tree, which is known for its needle-like leaves, and its berries that are used to flavor gin.

The juniper tree is known for its ability to survive in harsh conditions and its durability, which is why it is often associated with strength and endurance. The tree is also associated with protection and healing. In many cultures, it is considered as a symbol of life and vitality during the winter months, when many other plants are dormant.

11. Neve – of Irish origin meaning ‘bright’ or ‘snow’. It is derived from the Irish word “neamh” which means ‘bright’ or ‘snowy’. The name Neve is used for both boys and girls, but it is more commonly used as a girl’s name. It is a relatively rare name but it’s popularity is increasing recently. The association with snow and the winter season is quite common and it’s also used as a symbol of purity and innocence.

12. Nichola – of Greek origin and is a variant of the name Nicholas, which is of Greek origin and means ‘victory of the people’. The name is derived from the Greek words ‘nike’ meaning ‘victory’ and ‘laos’ meaning ‘people’.

Nicholas is the patron saint of children, sailors, merchants, and scholars. He was a 4th-century bishop of Myra, in modern-day Turkey, who is known for his acts of kindness and generosity. According to legend, he gave secret gifts, such as gold coins, to poor families on the night before the Feast of Saint Nicholas, which is celebrated on December 6th. This is the reason why Saint Nicholas is often depicted as a gift-bringer and is often associated with the Christmas season.

13. Noelle – of French origin meaning ‘Christmas’. It is derived from the French word ‘Noël’ which is another name for the Christmas holiday.

14. Robin – of English origin meaning ‘bright fame’ or ‘famous bright’. Robin is also a common name for the European Robin, a small bird with an orange breast that is often seen in gardens, parks, and woodlands. The bird is known for its cheerful song, and it is often associated with the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It is also considered as a symbol of cheer, happiness, and good luck.

15. Shalom – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘peace’. It comes from the Hebrew word ‘shalom’, which is also a common greeting in Hebrew, and it is used to express good wishes for peace, well-being, and completeness. Just as you wish for family and friends at Christmas time.

16. Solstice – of Latin origin meaning ‘sun standing still’. It comes from the Latin words ‘sol’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘sistere’ meaning ‘to stand still’. Solstice refers to the two astronomical events that happen twice a year when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky, resulting in the longest or shortest day of the year. This happens during the Summer Solstice, which occurs around June 21st or 22nd and the Winter Solstice which occurs around December 21st or 22nd. These events mark the beginning of the summer and winter seasons, respectively.

17. Stella – of Latin origin meaning ‘star’. The name Stella could be related to Christmas, and as such winter, through its meaning, ‘star’, and the association with the Star of Bethlehem. As well as the idea of light and guidance, which are themes often associated with Christmas.

18. Tempest – of French origin meaning ‘storm’ or ‘violent wind’. A Tempest is a strong wind with heavy rain, snow, or sleet, often accompanied by thunder and lightning. It is a natural phenomenon that is often associated with the winter season.

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19. Viola – of Latin origin meaning ‘violet flower’. The violet flower is known for its delicate appearance and sweet fragrance, it is often associated with the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It is also considered as a symbol of modesty, faithfulness, and love.

20. Wynter – of English origin meaning ‘winter’. It comes from the Old English word ‘winther’, which is the name for the winter season. Winter is one of the four seasons, characterized by cold temperatures, snow, and shorter days.

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Cute Winter Girl Names

  1. Andri – of Norse origin meaning ‘snowshoe’
  2. Bear – of German origin meaning ‘strong and brave bear’
  3. Candy – of English origin meaning ‘sweet’. The name Candy is often associated with sweet treats, such as candy and confections, which are often enjoyed during the holiday season, just like a Christmas candy cane!
  4. Claire – of Latin origin meaning ‘clear and bright’
  5. Coco – of French origin meaning ‘cocoa bean’
  6. Cole – of English origin meaning ‘charcoal black’
  7. Eira – of Welsh origin meaning ‘snow’
  8. Eryi – of Welsh origin meaning ‘from Snowdon’
  9. Frost – of English origin meaning ‘to freeze’
  10. Iver – of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘warrior/archer’
  11. Lucielle – of Latin origin meaning ‘light’
  12. Nas – of Native American origin meaning ‘snow’
  13. Noella – of French origin meaning ‘Christmas’
  14. Persephone – of Greek origin meaning ‘to destroy’
  15. Rory – of Irish origin meaning ‘red king’
  16. Wren – of English origin meaning ‘small bird’
  17. Xuĕ – of Chinese origin meaning ‘snowfall’

Cool Winter Girl Names

When it comes to winter girl names, there are plenty of cool options that carry special meanings. From classic and vintage favorites to modern picks, we’ve put together a list of some truly awesome winter name choices for your little one.

  1. Apricity – of English origin meaning ‘warmth of the sun’
  2. Arwyn – of Welsh origin meaning ‘fair and bright’
  3. Blanche – of French origin meaning ‘white’
  4. Drummer – of English origin meaning ‘one who drums’
  5. Ember – of English origin meaning ‘spark – of fire’
  6. Ginger – of English origin meaning ‘pure’
  7. Gray – of English origin meaning ‘gray’
  8. Haukea – of Hawaiian origin meaning ‘white snow’
  9. Ivory – of English origin meaning ‘white’
  10. Jackie – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is gracious’
  11. Kale – of Gaelic origin meaning ‘calm’
  12. Lucy – of Latin origin meaning ‘light’
  13. Luz – of Spanish origin meaning ‘light’
  14. Nevis – of Spanish origin meaning ‘snow’
  15. Nivia – of Latin origin meaning ‘snow’
  16. North – of English origin meaning ‘north’

Beautiful Winter Girl Names

As the snowflakes start to swirl in time with winter’s chill, it may be a good moment to consider beautiful winter girl names. After all, nothing is quite so lovely as the season of finding that perfect name for your little bundle of joy!

  1. Alba – of Latin origin meaning ‘bright or white’
  2. Bentley – of British origin meaning ‘meadow with course grass’
  3. Cherith – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘winter stream’
  4. Cypress – of Greek origin meaning ‘strong and muscular’
  5. Diamond – of Greek origin meaning ‘invincible’
  6. Edelweiss – of German origin meaning ‘noble white’
  7. Gabriella – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my strength’
  8. Garnet – of English origin meaning ‘dark red’
  9. Guinevere – of English origin meaning ‘white’
  10. Icelyn – of Greek origin meaning ‘bringer of victory’
  11. January – of English origin referring to the winter month
  12. Kari – of Turkish origin meaning ‘covered with snow’
  13. Natasha – of Russian origin meaning ‘Christmas’
  14. Scarlet – of French origin meaning ‘scarlet, red’
  15. Stellan – of Swedish origin meaning ‘clam’
  16. Yukina – of Japanese origin meaning ‘snow’
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Unique Winter Girl Names

  1. Chan – of Chinese origin meaning ‘snow’
  2. Dong – of Chinese origin meaning ‘winter’
  3. Edur – of Basque origin meaning ‘snow’
  4. Epiphany – of Greek origin meaning ‘sudden realization’
  5. Fannar – of Norse origin meaning ‘snowdrift’
  6. Flykra – of German origin meaning ‘snowflake’
  7. Haunani – of Hawaiian origin meaning ‘beautiful snow’
  8. Lixue – of Chinese origin meaning ‘pretty snow’
  9. Miyuka – of Japanese origin meaning ‘beautiful snow’
  10. Nieves – of Spanish origin meaning ‘lady of the snow’
  11. Quilo – of Latin origin meaning ‘north wind’
  12. Skadi – of Norse origin meaning ‘goddess of winter’
  13. Tuhin – of Indian origin meaning ‘snow’
  14. Tushar – of Indian origin meaning ‘snow’
  15. Warrin – of Pitjantjatjara (Australian Aboriginal) origin meaning ‘the cold months’
  16. Yukio – of Japanese origin meaning ‘snow’
  17. Yule – of English origin meaning ‘winter solstice’

Winter Names For Girls That You’ll Love

  1. Aspen – of British origin meaning ‘aspen tree’
  2. Blanca – of Spanish origin meaning ‘white’
  3. Candace – of Latin origin meaning ‘pure, white, sincere’
  4. Claret – of Latin origin meaning ‘bright and fair’
  5. Elsa – of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘oath to God’
  6. Frostine – of French origin meaning ‘freezing’
  7. Freya
  8. Gwyneria – of Welsh origin meaning ‘blessed snow’
  9. Icyln – of English origin meaning ‘ice’
  10. Janara – of Latin origin referring to the Roman god Janus, god – of the snow
  11. Lumi – of Finnish origin meaning ‘snow’
  12. Nevada – of Spanish origin meaning ‘snow-capped’
  13. Noel – of French origin meaning ‘Christmas’
  14. Olwen – of Welsh origin meaning ‘white footprint’
  15. Persimmon – of Algonquin origin meaning ‘dried fruit’
  16. Snow – of English origin meaning ‘snow’
  17. Storm – of English origin meaning ‘tempest’
  18. Winter – of English origin meaning ‘winter’

Final Thoughts On Winter Themed Girl Names

Finding the perfect winter names for girls is not easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a girl name that you love!

And if you’re still looking for more great girl names, try these Christmas girl names, Biblical girl names, and soft girl names for more inspiration! Or help prepare for you winter baby with our winter baby must haves.

best winter names for girls