Names That Mean Snow or Ice

Celebrate the magic and beauty of winter with these names that mean snow or ice. They are sure to add a touch of frost-kissed magic to your baby’s name.

Just as each snowflake is one-of-a-kind, these snow-themed names often carry a sense of individuality, purity, and magic.

Whether your baby is born during winter, or you have a deep connection to the winter season, this list of names meaning snow is full of options.

names that mean snow

Girl Names That Mean Snow or Ice

  1. Neve: Derived from the Latin word ‘nix,’ Neve means “snow”. Its simplicity adds to its enchantment, capturing the essence of winter’s magic with grace making it a gorgeous choice for a winter inspired girl name.
  2. Alaska: Named after the snowy state, Alaska is a unique choice that evokes a sense of adventure and wonder, much like the vast, snow-covered landscapes of the region.
  3. Yuki: A Japanese name meaning “snow”, Yuki beautifully conveys the tranquility and serenity of a snowy landscape, making it a poetic and evocative choice.
  4. Gwyneira: Another Welsh name that means “white snow”. It’s a longer name, but it has a lovely ring to it.
  5. Lumi: This Finnish name meaning “snow” captures the sparkling essence of winter, reflecting the pristine and glistening quality of freshly fallen snow.
  6. Aneira: This Welsh name means “snowdrop” and is a unique choice for baby girls. It’s a combination of “ane” meaning “very” and “eira” meaning “snow”.
  7. Eira: Originating from Wales, Eira means “snow” in Welsh. This name not only reflects the purity and delicacy of snow but also carries a sense of mystique and charm.
  8. Crystal: An elegant choice, Crystal not only refers to icy formations but also conveys a sense of beauty and purity, making it a timeless and enchanting name.
  9. Eirwen: A Welsh name combining “snow” and “white”. Eirwen signifies not only the purity of snow but also the pristine beauty associated with a snowy environment.
  10. Nieves: A Spanish name meaning “snow”, Nieves is a lovely and delicate choice, carrying with it the imagery of soft, falling snowflakes.
  11. Hima: Of Indian origin, Hima means “snow” and represents the serene and calm beauty of snow-covered landscapes, making it a name with a peaceful and timeless quality.
  12. Frostine: A unique and whimsical name, Frostine is inspired by the frosty beauty of winter. It conjures images of glistening ice crystals and adds a touch of enchantment to your little one’s name.
  13. Winter: A season-inspired name that works well for any gender, capturing the essence of the cold and snowy months.
  14. Nevaeh: A unique and modern name, Nevaeh is “heaven” spelled backward. It symbolizes the pure and heavenly beauty of falling snow.
  15. Gwyneira: This Welsh name combines “gwyn”, meaning “white” or “fair”, and “eira”, meaning “snow”, portraying the fair beauty of snow.
  16. Hemadri: Of Sanskrit origin, Hemadri means “mountain of gold”. It is a poetic name that captures the imagery of snow-capped golden peaks.
  17. Elsa: While not directly meaning snow, Elsa is associated with ice and snow through the beloved character from “Frozen”. It has a regal and magical feel.
  18. Cristiana: A variant of Crystal, Cristiana emphasizes the purity and clarity associated with crystalline snow formations.
  19. Hiver: This French name simply means “winter”. It’s a unique and stylish choice for a girl born during the winter months.
  20. Tuyết: Of Vietnamese origin, Tuyết means “snow”. It adds an exotic touch while capturing the simplicity and beauty of snow.
  21. Zima: With Slavic origins, Zima means “winter”. It’s a sleek and modern choice with a straightforward nod to the season.
  22. Berfîn: A Kurdish name meaning “snowdrop”, Berfîn signifies the delicate and early-blooming snow-white flowers.
  23. Nunzia: Of Italian origin, Nunzia means “snow”. It’s a charming and classic name with a touch of Mediterranean flair.
  24. Aislinn: Of Irish origin, Aislinn means “dream” or “vision”. It alludes to the dreamy and tranquil landscapes often associated with snowy scenes.
  25. Isolde: A name of Celtic origin, Isolde means “ice ruler” or “fair lady”. It carries a regal and icy elegance.
  26. Eirlys: This Welsh name means “snowdrop” and symbolizes the delicate and early blossoming flowers that peek through the snow.
  27. Tundra: A nature-inspired name, Tundra refers to the vast, icy landscapes often covered in snow, making it a unique and evocative choice.
  28. Frigga: Named after the Norse goddess associated with winter, Frigga carries a sense of strength and wisdom.
  29. Icelyn: A modern and creative name, Icelyn combines “ice” and “lyn”, evoking the cool and pristine nature of ice.
  30. Khione: In Greek mythology, Khione is the goddess of snow, capturing the essence of snow’s beauty and power.
  31. Arctic: Inspired by the Arctic region, this name conveys the cold and snowy landscapes of the far north.
  32. Xuĕ: A Chinese name that means snowfall.
  33. Snow: Of English origin that means just that, snow.
  34. January: A name associated with the winter month, capturing the essence of the snowy season.
  35. Boann: A name of Irish origin, associated with a goddess and meaning “white cow” or “white mare”.
  36. Drifa: An Old Norse name meaning “snowdrift”.
  37. Blanche: Of French origin, meaning “white” or “fair”.
  38. Ayaz: Of Turkish origin, meaning “frost” or “gazelle”.

Boy Names That Mean Snow or Ice

  1. Bjorn: A Scandinavian name meaning “bear”, which can symbolize the strength and resilience often associated with winter. It makes for a great earthy boy name too.
  2. Frost: A straightforward name that directly refers to the icy charm of frost and snowflakes.
  3. Hemlock: Derived from the evergreen tree, this name conveys a sense of winter resilience and endurance.
  4. Icicle: A unique and literal name representing the frozen, hanging formations of ice.
  5. Lir: An Irish name meaning “song” or “melody”, capturing the serene and quiet nature often associated with snowy landscapes.
  6. Nevan: Of Irish origin, Nevan means “little saint” or “holy one”, adding a spiritual touch to the wintry theme.
  7. Edurne: A Basque name meaning “snow”.
  8. Bora: A name of Albanian origin meaning “snow”.
  9. Fannar: An Icelandic name meaning “snowdrift” or “snowflake”.
  10. Yule: A name of Old English origin, referring to the winter solstice and the festive season.
  11. Zephyr: While traditionally associated with a gentle, west wind, Zephyr can also be connected to the cool and crisp air of winter.
  12. Quilo: Derived from the Latin word “quil”, meaning “storm” or “wind”, this name alludes to the blustery and snowy conditions of winter.
  13. Polaris: Named after the North Star, Polaris symbolizes guidance and is associated with the icy expanses of the Arctic.
  14. Nicholas: While not directly meaning snow, this vintage boy name is often associated with Saint Nicholas, who is linked to winter festivities.
  15. Esker: A name of Irish origin, Esker means “ridge of snow”, emphasizing the wintry landscape.
  16. Solstice: A name that directly refers to the winter solstice, marking the shortest day of the year.
  17. Bylur: A name of Icelandic origin meaning “snowstorm”.
  18. Boreal: Derived from the term “boreal forest”, which refers to the vast, snowy regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
  19. Whittaker: Meaning “white field”, Whittaker emphasizes the snowy expanses associated with winter.

Gender-Neutral Inspired by Snow or Ice

  1. Aspen: Inspired by the majestic snow-covered trees, Aspen reflects the beauty of winter landscapes.
  2. North: Simple and direct, North can be associated with the cold and snowy northern regions.
  3. Glacier: A gender-neutral name evoking immense and majestic frozen landscapes.
  4. Everest: Named after the highest peak in the world, Everest symbolizes the towering, snow-covered mountains.
  5. Wren: This whimsical name is of English origin, referencing a winter bird.
  6. Storm: Another English name with associations to snowstorms and the power of winter weather.
  7. Nevada: A Spanish name meaning snow-capped, evoking wintry landscapes.
  8. Juniper: Of Latin origin, associated with the winter-hardy and drought-resistant Juniper tree.
  9. Blaze: A unisex name of English origin, meaning snowstorm.
  10. Cypress: A strong Greek name linked to a tree often associated with winter and snow.
  11. Avalanche: A powerful and dynamic name, representing the sudden and intense descent of snow.
  12. Fjord: Derived from the Norwegian word for “where one travels across” or “ford”, Fjord brings to mind icy, glacial landscapes.
  13. Chill: A straightforward and modern name, connoting the cool and chilly atmosphere of winter.
  14. Polar: A name inspired by the polar regions, emphasizing the icy landscapes and frigid temperatures.

Why Choose A Name That Means Snow?

Choosing a name that means snow can be a thoughtful and meaningful decision for several reasons:

Symbolism: Snow is often associated with purity, tranquility, and a fresh start. Choosing a name with this meaning can symbolize the hope and innocence parents wish for their child.

Seasonal Connection: If your baby is born during the winter months or in a region with snowy winters, a snow-related name can create a special connection to the season of their birth.

Unique Identity: Names meaning snow are often unique and stand out, providing your child with a distinctive and memorable identity.

Cultural Significance: Snow has diverse meanings in different cultures. Choosing a name related to snow can reflect cultural heritage or embrace the global diversity of names.

Natural Beauty: Snow is known for transforming landscapes into breathtaking scenes. Naming your child after this natural phenomenon can be a way of expressing the beauty you see in them.

Literary or Mythological Inspiration: Some snow-related names have roots in literature or mythology, adding a layer of depth and storytelling to your child’s name.

Personal Connection: Perhaps you have fond memories associated with snow, such as winter activities, holidays, or significant life events. Choosing a name related to snow can serve as a reminder of these cherished moments.

Aesthetic Appeal: Snow and ice are often perceived as beautiful and ethereal. Names related to snow can have an aesthetic appeal, capturing a sense of elegance and charm.

Ultimately, the choice of a baby name is a personal one, and selecting a name that means snow can be a poetic and meaningful way to express your feelings and aspirations for your child.

How To Pick A Name That Means Snow Or Ice

Choosing a name that means snow or ice can be a special and meaningful process. Here are some do’s and don’ts to guide you in picking the perfect name:


Research Meaningful Names: Do explore lists of names with meanings related to snow or ice from various cultures. Look for names that resonate with you.

Consider Cultural Significance: Do consider names from your own cultural background or cultures that hold personal significance. This can add a meaningful connection to the name.

Explore Gender-Neutral Options: Do explore gender-neutral names if you want a versatile option that works well for any gender.

Reflect on Personal Connections: Do think about any personal connections you may have to snow or ice. This could include experiences, memories, or locations.

Think About the Season: Do consider the season your baby is born in, especially if it’s during winter or a snowy period.

Consider Sibling Names: Do think about how the new name will fit with the names of your other children, if applicable.

Look for Unique Meanings: Do explore names with unique or symbolic meanings related to snow or ice. This can add depth and significance.

Check Phonetic Sounds: Do pay attention to the phonetic sounds of the names. Choose a name that flows well and has a pleasing sound.

Test the Name: Do say the name out loud and envision how it will sound in everyday situations. Consider any potential nicknames.


Don’t Rush the Decision: Don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision. Take your time to explore options and find the name that truly resonates with you.

Avoid Trends if They Don’t Resonate: Don’t choose a name solely based on current trends if they don’t align with your personal preferences.

Don’t Compromise on Personal Significance: Don’t choose a name that lacks personal significance or meaning to you. It should feel special and connected to your experiences.

Avoid Unusual Spellings Unnecessarily: Don’t opt for unusual spellings unless they hold personal significance. Consider the practicality of spelling and pronunciation.

Don’t Ignore Potential Nicknames: Don’t overlook potential nicknames that may arise from the chosen name. Ensure they are acceptable and enjoyable.

Remember, the process of choosing a name is personal, and there are no strict rules. Trust your instincts and enjoy the journey of finding the perfect name for your little one.

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