Winter Baby Must Haves

Are you trying to work out all the winter baby must haves to help keep your baby warm and content during winter?

Then let us help you put together your winter baby essentials checklist with our ultimate list of winter must-haves for baby!

Having a baby in the winter means preparing for the frigid temperatures outside. Babies, especially newborns and young infants, cannot regulate their body temperatures the same way as adults. So, babies have a more challenging time staying warm in the wintertime.

The problem is that you also must prevent your baby from overheating. Older generations put their babies in multiple layers, but we know that overheating them is also dangerous. Not only does it increase the risk of heat exhaustion and heat strokes, but it also increases the risk of SIDS when sleeping.

Knowing the right gear to use and how to dress your baby in the winter keeps your baby snug and happy.

That’s why we’ve out together this ultimate list of must haves for winter baby so you can easily keep your baby safe and comfortable.

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winter baby must haves

Winter Baby Must Haves

1. Winter Car Seat Cover

A winter car seat cover is one of the first things you will want to grab if you use an infant car seat.

Infant car seats are convenient during the wintertime because you pick it up and take your baby into the store (or wherever you go) in the car seat. A winter car seat cover goes over the top of the infant car seat, protecting your baby from the cold weather and wind.

If you select a car seat cover for the winter, be sure you use one that doesn’t put fabric behind your baby’s back that may disrupt the straps. For example, the JJ Cole has an elastic bottom that fits over any car seat and a zippered top layer you can open and close as needed. The zippered toy lets you take your baby in and out without removing the whole cover, a time-saver.

2. Winter Stroller Bunting Bag

Do you use a stroller regularly in the winter? Some parents, such as those living in a city, may walk to and from work and daycare. If that’s the case, then a winter stroller bunting bag is an excellent must-have for winter.

A winter stroller bunting bag attaches to the stroller with straps and works with a three-point and a five-point harness. They cover your baby nearly entirely, keeping him toasty warm and snug in the car seat.

06/26/2024 06:03 am GMT

3. Universal Stroller Cover

Something else to use with your stroller is a universal stroller cover. This plastic cover covers the stroller and prevents the wind, rain, and snow from reaching your baby.

You can keep this stroller cover and use it in the summer as well; you never know when a rainstorm might happen when out and about with your baby.

06/26/2024 06:03 am GMT

4. Winter Soft Blanket

Adults love cozy, soft blankets, and your baby will also in the winter. So cover your baby in the car seat, hold your baby in the blanket, or protect him in the swing.

However, ensure you never use a blanket in a crib since it increases the risk of SIDS.

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5. Fleece Bunting Suit

Depending on the temperatures outside, a fleece bunting suit will be a great option to keep your baby warm when out and about. These are not ideal for playing in the snow; they are a single layer of fleece. However, they cover their bodies entirely over another layer, such as a cotton onesie and pants.

This bunting suit is safe for car seat use since it is a single layer. Remember, it should be thin if you want to use something like this with a car seat. If you have to adjust the straps, it’s not safe.

6. Room Humidifier

Winter tends to bring dry air with it, and your baby’s skin may become dry and even crack. Putting a humidifier into their room adds moisture to the dry air, soothing irritated skin and creating ideal breathing conditions.

Plus, some babies find humidifiers comforting with their whooshing sounds. Also, since illnesses spread during the winter, a humidifier is handy to have when your baby is sick.

Our Top Pick
Frida Baby 3-in-1 Humidifier with Diffuser and Nightlight

This Frida Baby humidifier is actually 3 devices in 1: humidifier, diffuser and nightlight!

They can be used all together, or individually making the Frida Baby extremely versatile.

It can run for up to 12hours and comes with an auto stop feature when the water tank is empty.

And the mist adjuster goes from gentle mist to tropical rainforest with a twist of the knob.

You can even add Breath Frida Vapor Drops or any aromatherapy-grade essential oil for easier breathing - it covers up to 320 square feet with a 0.5 gallon tank.

07/01/2024 09:03 am GMT

7. Baby Snowsuit

Do you plan to bring your baby out in the snow? If so, you will need a snowsuit Pick one with zippers or Velcro for easy use. Getting a wiggling baby into a snowsuit is no easy task.

Remember, a thick snowsuit is not safe for car seat use!

Columbia created an awesome snowsuit for infants in the coldest environments. It is water and wind resistant with a taffeta shell, keeping your baby snuggly warm all the time. It’s insulated and features a plush, micro-fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort.

8. Baby Carrier Friendly Coat

Moms need things, too, when winter arrives. If you use a baby carrier, get a coat that will be roomy enough to wear over a baby carrier. This keeps you and your baby warm while outside this winter.

The Konny Baby Carrier Winter Cover is a fleece jacket that covers your baby and body. It’s made with premium polar fleece to keep you warm

06/26/2024 07:03 am GMT

9. Blanket Sleepers

Blanket sleepers are thicker sleepers with footies, typically made with fleece. These are great for around the house during the day or sleeping at night.

10. Plush Sleeping Bag

Typically, it’s ideal not to use a plush sleep sack and a blanket sleeper together; that may be too warm for your child. If you want to use a thick sleeping bag, put your baby in a breathable cotton sleeper.

06/26/2024 07:03 am GMT

11. Long Sleeve Onesies

Grab a few packs of long sleeve onesies. These are practical pieces for your baby’s wardrobe and great for layering throughout the cold months. A long sleeve onesie with a pair of pants is an easy outfit for around the house, and then toss on another layer when you leave the house.

Consider getting onesies with a foldable cuff if you have a newborn. These keep your infant’s hands warm and stop you from losing the mittens repeatedly.

12. Thick Pants

Another staple for your winter baby must-haves is thick, pull-on pants. Jeans are cute, but fleece is great in the winter. Cotton is great for layering; it’s great to have cotton pants for under fleece bunting suits or pajamas. Fleece pants typically won’t need extra layers.

13. Long Socks

You will need plenty of long socks in the winter for your baby. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature, so wearing socks helps their body maintain just the right temp. Their extremities, such as toes, are the first parts of their body to get cold.

14. Winter Hats

Another one of the top winter baby must-haves is winter hats. It’s best to have several hats available to keep in your vehicle, diaper bag, and around the house.

A baby’s head is large compared to their body, so they lose more of their body heat through their heads than adults. Covering your baby’s head with a hat regulates their body temperature since a lot of heat is lost out of their ears.

Have you ever noticed how warmer you feel when wearing a hat? It’s a considerable difference!

Hats with ear flaps stay put better and keep your baby’s ears warm better than regular hats.

06/26/2024 10:03 am GMT

15. Booties

Booties are like socks but thicker and adorable. Most babies aren’t walking yet, so a soft-soled shoe will keep your baby warm and comfortable while you’re out and about.

16. Baby Mittens

Baby mittens may be one of the most frustrating things to put on your baby, but they keep your baby’s hands warm. An added bonus is that they prevent your baby from accidentally scratching their face with their fingernails.

Babies have sharp fingernails!

When leaving the house, look for a bunting suit or a snowsuit with attached mittens. Mittens fall off easily, so if you head out of the house, you’ll want to avoid losing one.

Cotton mittens are great for around the house or as an extra layer under a bunting suit.

17. Earth Mama Baby Organic Nose & Cheek Balm

Winter air is more likely to chap your baby’s nose, cheeks, and chin. This Organic Nose & Cheek Balm is a comforting, rescue cream, safe for all dry skin. It contains no preservatives, no petroleum, and no lanolin.

Earth Mama used safe ingredients like calendula and coconut cream. Use this balm on runny red noses, dry cheeks, lips, cuticles, and anywhere else. It’s pediatrician-approved and dermatologist-approved.

06/26/2024 10:03 am GMT

18. Forehead Thermometer

All parents should have a thermometer available to use. A forehead thermometer is the easiest to use, but some say it’s not as accurate as other methods for infants. However, they allow you to check your baby’s temperature in the middle of the night without disturbing their sleep.

06/26/2024 09:03 pm GMT

19. Vitamin D Drops

Everyone tends to get sicker during the winter than in other seasons. Your baby won’t receive as much vitamin D from the sun in the winter. So, if your baby is lacking vitamin D, your doctor may suspect you supplement.

Before giving your baby any supplements, speak to your pediatrician. Vitamin D drops help your baby stay healthy, but you want to be sure it’s a safe idea for your infant.

20. Nasal Aspirator

Since illnesses are more often at this time, you should be prepared to tackle any colds that may come your way.

A nasal aspirator is a must-have, no matter the season, but the LittleTora Rechargeable Baby Nasal Aspirator makes clearing your baby’s nose a breeze. The traditional bulb aspirators are frustrating to use and rarely remove as much mucus as you need. The LittleTora works like a dream, and while the way it works feels a bit gross, it keeps your baby’s nose clear for them to breathe easy.

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Final Thoughts on baby winter essentials

Winter babies often need a few more essentials to help keep them warm and comfortable, especially when you are out and about.

We hope this guide has helped you to put together your list of the best winter newborn essentials!

baby winter essentials