How To Keep Baby Warm At Night

Wondering how to keep your baby warm at night, but not sure how to do that safely?

Then, you’re in the right place as this guide to keeping your baby warm at night is full of helpful hints and tips on what to dress baby in at night!

When the weather cools we often think to throw on an extra blanket on the bed to keep us warm and cozy at night, but blankets can increase the risk of suffocation for new born babies.

That then leaves the question, how do you keep a baby warm at night if they are too young to use blankets?

After all it’s cold and babies need to be kept warm and protected as it’s difficult for babies to regulate their body temperature.

So, let’s dive in and discuss how to keep a baby warm at night, even on those frigid winter nights.

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keeping baby warm at night

Why Do Babies Need To Keep Warm At Night

The bottom line is that everyone needs to keep warm at night regardless of their age.

This is because reaching a temperature that is too cold can be dangerous and even fatal.

Being too cold can make it difficult for the body to function as well as it normally does, it can also lead to illnesses such as pneumonia and frostbite.

The problem with babies getting cold is that the health risks drastically increase, this is because babies have difficulty controlling their own body temperature so they are more reliant on external sources.

How To Keep Baby Warm At Night?

Here are a few things you need to consider for keeping your baby warm at night:

Think About Where They Are Sleeping

When trying to keep your baby warm at night one of the most important things to consider is the position of their crib or bassinet.

If your baby is under 6 months the advice is that they have their bassinet t in your room. So, when deciding where to put the bassinet it is important to think about the temperature in different parts of the room.

For instance, be sure to avoid areas with drafts. You also need to be careful to avoid other major weathers such as direct sunlight.

Once the baby is a little bit older it will probably go through to its own bedroom.

If you have multiple rooms to choose from or can consider restructuring your house then you should think about the temperature of each room.

Once you have chosen a room you should also once again, consider where in the room you would like the crib to go. Certain parts of the room will probably be much colder than others and vice versa.

Set the Room Temperature

When it comes to setting the temperature of your baby’s room, it’s recommended that the room is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Babies are more sensitive to changes in room temperature because they’re so small and their bodies are still growing.

We also recommend that you use a room thermometer to check whether or not your baby’s room stays at a safe, comfortable temperature, especially as the outside temperature fluctuate.

You may also like our guide on the best heater for nursery.

Sleeping Bags

Lots of well trusted advice now suggests that letting your baby sleep with blankets can be really dangerous and even fatal.

The same is said for stuffed animals, cuddly toys and crib bumpers, which are things that you may have previously used to keep your baby snuggly and warm.

So now, it is important to use safer alternatives for keeping your baby warm at night.

One of the most trusted and safest ways of keeping your baby warm and comfortable at night is by using a baby sleeping bag.

A baby sleeping bag is like a large fabric sack with two arm holes and a head hole.

This is safe as babies should not be able to suffocate in them as their head is out of the fabric unlike with a blanket where they can easily pull it up and over their head.

The good news about sleeping bags is that they come with tog rates, much like adult duvets. The higher the tog the thicker and warmer the material.

Your best bet is to buy your baby a few different sleeping bags with different tog ratings, this way you can give them a different sleeping bag that matches the current climate.

You can also get sleeping bags with all sorts of designs on so are you sure to be able to get some to match the nursery theme so, what’s not to love.

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Think About Their Sleepsuits

When putting your baby to bed it is also a good idea to think more specifically about their sleepsuits.

Sleepsuits are a good option because they are an all in one and so they allow little space for the cold air to get to your little one.

Similarly, they also usually have feet on which is important as our feet control a large amount of our overall temperature but socks can be kicked off and also lead to slightly more hazards.

When choosing sleepsuits, much like the sleeping bags, try to get a variety of materials so that there is always one to suit the current temperature.

For cooler nights you may opt for a warmer fleece sleep suit and warmer nights a cotton sleep suit.

You can also pair a sleep suit with a sleeping bag for extra warmth and comfort.

What If You Are Out and About?

When we have a young child we all strive to have a good routine and to have them tucked up and safely in bed by a certain time however, in reality sometimes this might not happen.

If for whatever reason you have to be out in the evening keeping your baby warm can be even more difficult.

So, here are some tips on how to keep baby warm in car seat, stroller, or any other places they may be while you’re out and about:

Use A Raincover

If your little one is in the stroller at night then a rain cover is a must have. Using a rain cover stops the rain from getting on your little one. We all know that being wet makes us more cold and it is the same for babies therefore, it is important to stop the rain in its tracks. It is also important that you use an actual raincover and not a makeshift one as they need to have adequate breathing holes and other features.


A good idea when trying to keep your baby warm while out and about is to layer them up. Layers are fantastic as you can add or take away from them depending on your little one’s temperature and the weather around you. If your baby’s head is hot, then look to remove a layer.


Although it is not advised that your baby sleeps with a blanket, if you can keep an eye on them second by second then using a blanket in the carseat of the pram can be a good idea as we all know that blankets help to keep you feeling warm and cozy.

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Babies and socks don’t go together too well. It feels impossible to keep socks on their little feet, but we want our babies to be comfortable and warm.

And a pair of booties at the perfect solution!


Putting a hat on your baby while you are out and about can help keep you baby warmer but reducing the amount of heat that is lost via their head.

This simple step immediately helps them to feel warmer.

Just note for safety precautions, always make sure your baby’s hat is well-fitting to prevent it slipping down over your baby’s nose. A hooded jacket is also a great alternative.

Try To Stay Inside

If you do have to be out at night then try to stay indoors as much as possible because generally speaking the outdoors has much less predictable temperatures. You will also be safe from extreme weather inside.

Final Thoughts on Keeping Baby Warm at Night

It is natural to want to take as good care of your little one as is humanly possible and keeping them warm is an important part of this.

Warmth is important for both a baby’s health and wellbeing.

Keeping him or her warm at night can be difficult but hopefully the above hints and tips will provide a good starting point.

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