Hippie Boy Names

Are you looking for the best hippie boy names with meanings?

Well you’re in luck, as we’ve gathered up all the cute and unique hippie names for boys to inspire you!

Hippie names are earthy and grounded. 

They’re peaceful and calming. 

Yet, within all Earth’s natural beauty there is also unsurpassed strength and power. 

From loud rushing rivers to soaring mountains to gurgling springs, we think the Earth is the perfect inspiration for your gorgeous hippie boy names!

So, to help you on your search, here you’ll find the best hippie boy names, cute hippie boy names, unique hippie boy names, free spirited boy names, earthy hippie boy names, and more!

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Hippie Baby Boy Names You’ll Love

Best Hippie Boy Names


– of Latin origin meaning ‘ram’


– of Latin origin meaning ‘flame’ or ‘lisp/stutter’


– of English origin meaning ‘water or stream’


– of British origin meaning ‘clay worker’ or ‘earth’


– of English origin meaning ‘charcoal’


– of British origin meaning ‘dweller on the Eure river’


– of German origin meaning ‘blooming flower’ or ‘blond’


– of English origin meaning ‘wild dog’


– of British origin meaning ‘strong, brave, hero’


– of Greek origin meaning ‘praised’


– of Polynesian origin meaning ‘warrior’


– of Latin origin meaning ‘little lion’


– of Scottish origin meaning ‘an island’


– of Greek origin meaning ‘songlike’ or ‘the words of a song’


– of Egyptian origin meaning ‘enduring and beautiful’


– of English origin meaning ‘by the ash tree’


– of Celtic origin meaning ‘champion


– of Greek origin meaning ‘the hunter’


– of French origin meaning ‘pierce the valley’


– of French origin meaning ‘one who pierces the valley’


– of Greek origin meaning ‘dark red:


– of English origin meaning ‘black bird’


– of Irish origin meaning ‘little red-haired one’


– of English origin meaning ‘sheep herdsman’


– of British origin meaning ‘son’


– of English origin meaning ‘a star’


– of German origin meaning ‘untamed

Free Spirited Boy Names

Cute Hippie Boy Names

Archer: bowman
August: venerable
Bridger: bridge
Buzz: village in the woods
Dash: to run quickly
Drummer: one who drums
Echo: reflected sound
Ever: always
Hercules: Hera’s glory
Jett: black
Juniper: evergreen
Lennon: dear one
Leo: lion
Linus: flax
Neo: new
Onyx: nail claw
Pim: resolute protection
Pip: horse lover
Poe: peacock
Puck: mischievous
Rusty: red-headed
Sky: cloud
Snowy: filled with frozen rain
Sunny: sun; happy
Zen: type of buddhism
Zuma: peace

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Unique Hippie Boy Names

Albus: white
Auberon: noble or royal bear
Banjo: a stringed instrument
Bayou: small stream
Black: dark color
Colorado: red colored
Cotton: cottage or hut
Eagle: large bird of prey
Gower: pure
Hiawatha: he makes rivers
Lucifer: morning star
Ludovic: famous warrior
Midnight: 12:00am
Moon: celestial object emanating light in the darkness
Nature: phenomena of the physical world
Pepper: berry
Raoul: wolf-counsel
Reed: red-haired
Remy: oarsman
Taurus: bull
Thunder: stormy tempered. You may also like these names that mean wind!
Trout: type of fish
Tygo: luck
Whistler: one who whistles
Winter: coldest season of the year
Wolf: wild dog
Yarrow: rough stream
Zephyr: west wind
Hippy Names For Boys

Free Spirited Boy Names

Apollo: destroyer
Bodhi: enlightenment
Clove: nail
Cosmo: order, decency, beauty
Cupid: desire
Guido: forest guide
Harmony: concord
Harper: harpist
Honor: dignity
Indigo: dark blue-purple color
Inigo: my little love
Jago: supplanter
Journey: trip from one place to another
Love: full of love
Luca: sacred wood
Lucien: light
Oberon: royal bear
Oz: strength
Pax: peace
Peace: tranquility
Philo: love
Rafi: noble
Rain: abundant blessings from above
Sirius: glowing
Sparrow: small bird
Starling: small bird
Sterling: high-quality

Earthy Hippie Boy Names

Aspen: quaking tree
Astro: of the stars
Atlas: enduring
Bear: strong and brave
Birch: bright, shining
Canyon: footpath
Cedar: type of tree
Falcon: bird of prey
Hawk: bird of prey
Lake: deep body of water
Land: land owner
Lark: a bird
Leaf: dear darling
Mars: god of war
Mercury: roman messenger god
Neptune: god of the sea
North: geographical direction
Oak: tall tree
Ocean: large body of water
Odin: supreme Norse god
Perseus: avenger; destroyer
Pine: evergreen tree
Pluto: god of the underworld
River: flowing body of water
Robin: a small bird
Rock: stone
Saturn: god of wealth
Solaris: of the sun
Earthy Hippie boy Names

Hippie Baby Boy Names You’ll Love

Amias: loved
Asher: happy and blessed
Basil: royal, kingly
Blue: a cool color
Cliff: cliff-side slope
Dylan: great tide
Forest: woods
Gray: color; black mixed with white
Grey: color; black mixed with white
Grover: grove of trees
Jasper: treasurer
Jupiter: the supreme god
Kai: sea
Lorcan: little fierce one
Magnus: great
Marley: meadow near the lake
Orson: bear
Osian: little dear
Rufus: red-haired
Saffron: yellow flower
Sage: herb
Sayer: woodworker
Stone: stone
Storm: tempest
Urban: from the city
West: western stream
Wood: from the woods

Final Thoughts On Hippie Names For Boys

Finding the perfect hippie boys names is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a boy name that you love!

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Hippy Names For Boys