150+ Tough Boy Names With Meanings [Strong & Masculine]

Looking for the best tough boy names, that are both strong and masculine, for your bold baby boy?

Then this list of strong, cool, and tough boy names with meanings is for you!

Let’s be real, is there anything cooler than badass boy names?

From cool tough boy names like Dash and Hunter, that make you think of survival skills and rugged strength, to unique tough boy names to Ernesto and Relic, these badass boy names are edgy, raw, and full of grit.

Perfect for any little tough guy! 

So, to help you in your search for cool boy names with serious spunk and swagger, we have put together this list of rough and tough boy names that are bold and spirited, strong and masculine!

Here you’ll find the roughest, boldest, and edgiest tough baby boy names!

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Badass Boy Names

Best Tough Boy Names

Alexander: defender of man
Alister: man’s defender
Andrew: manly
August: to increase
Baron: young warrior
Beckett: bee hive
Brendan: prince or king
Brooks: dweller by the brook
Callan: battle; rock
Cannon: official of the church
Clyde: keeper of the keys
Colton: swarthy person
Dean: valley
Denali: the great one
Duncan: drak warrior
Faris: iron-strong
Gabriel: God is my strength
Gage: pledge
Hendrix: estate ruler
Jameson/Jamison: son of James
Justice: to deliver what is just
King: sovereign
Kylo: sky
Lex: man’s defender
Logan: descendant from the warrior
Luther: soldier of the people
Maximilian: greatest
Nixon: son of Nicholas
Onyx: black gemstone
Paxton: peace town
Raddix: root
Rhys: enthusiasm
Rockwell: rock spring
Roman: one from Rome
Valen: strong and healthy
Wyatt: strong; brave; hardy
Zane: God is gracious
Zayn: beauty and grace

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Unique Tough Boy Names

Aadi: beginning
Abir: aroma; strong
Amin: faithful, loyal, true heart
Aziz: the all-powerful
Baratheon: mighty
Brock: badger-like
Cadmus: one who excels
Champion: warrior
Crockett: crook
Cutler: knife maker
Daxton: warrior who conquers great obstacles
Diesel: petroleum-based fuel
Eagle: large bird of prey
Edge: border
Enzo: rules the home
Ernesto: serious
Garrison: fortified town
Hunt: pursuer
Jax: God has shown favor
Joaquin: lifted by Yahweh
Kace: watchful and alert
Kanye: give honor or tribute
Leonidas: lion strength
Major: greater
Maxim: Greatest
Napoleon: lion of the new city
Orion: mighty hunter
Relic: artifacts
Rocco: rest
Rock: stone
Sanjay conquering, triumphant
Stone: dweller by the rocks
Storm: tempest
Talon: large claw on a bird of prey
Thorn: : one who lives by a thornbush
Thunder: stormy weather
Timber: wood; strong
Zaccai: pure
Zenon: gift of Zeus
Zephyr: west wind

Rough And Tough Boy Names

Arrow: projectile fired from a bow
Axel: father is peace
Bear: strong and brave
Blade: knife or sword
Brick: mason
Buck: male goat or deer
Caesar: head of hair
Cyrus: lord
Damon: one who tames
Dexter: fortunate
Draco: dragon
Fender: the defender
Fox: wild animal
Gunnar/Gunner: battler; warrior
Hamlin: little home-lover
Harvey: battle ready
Hawk: bird of prey
Jack: God is gracious
Kane: battle
Knox: round-topped hill
Marco: warlike
Max: greatest
Maximo: greatest
Phoenix: dark red
Pierce: son of Pier
Quinton: Queen’s farmstead
Ragnar: army counsel
Rockford: rock
Rogue: savage
Ryker: brave power
Slater: hewer of slates
Steel: like steel
Valerian: strong and healthy
Wolf: wolf
Wolfgang: traveling wolf
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Cool Tough Boy Names

Ace: expert
Alonso: nobel and ready
Andrei: man or warrior
Angel: messenger of God
Arnold: Eagle ruler
Augustus: esteemed
Bond: peasant farmer
Bronco: unbroken horse
Bruin: brown
Butch: butcher
Cason: marsh dwellers
Chase: hunter
Colt: young horse
Dante: enduring
Dash: fast
Elvis: all wise
Harland: army land
Harley: long field
Hunter: hunter
Jagger: one who cuts
Kenji: intelligent second son
Lincoln: Roman colony at the pool
Maverick: independent one
Nicolas: victory of the people
Porter: gatekeeper
Presley: priest’s meadow
Raiden: thunder and lightning
Rainier: deciding warrior
Ransom: warrior’s shield
Reid: red-haired
Rockefeller: from Rockenfield
Rocky: rest
Smith: to hit
Tad: praise
Thor: thunder
Tyson: fiery temper
Zander: defender of men
Zeke: God strengthens
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Tough And Edgy Boy Names

Aiden: little fire
Anakin: warrior
Ari: lion
Ash: of an ash tree
Axton: from the ash town
Bernard: strong, brave bear
Blaze/Blaize: stutter
Boris: small
Bronn: dark-skinned
Bruce: from the brushwood thicket
Bruno: brown
Calum: dove; purity, peace
Cassius: helmeted warrior
Cliff: cliff-side slope
Drake: dragon
Edric: rich, powerful
Griffin: fierce or dangerous
Homer: hostage
Jett: black stone
Luis: famous warrior
Maddox: fortunate
Murphy: sea warrior
Neo: new
Odin: frenzy
Pax: peace
Ryder: cavalryman; messenger
Ryland: land where rye is grown
Sergeant: to serve
Spike: long, heavy nail
Sylvester: wooded
Titus: title of honor
Topher: bearing Christ
Tormund: Thor’s protection
Victor: champion
Waldo: powerful ruler
Xavier: new house; bright
Xeno: foreign voice
Zayden: growth; increase

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Final Thoughts On Tough Names For Boys

Finding the perfect tough boys names is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a boy name that you love!

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Cool Tough Boy Names