Nicknames For Alexander

Are you on a quest to find the greatest and best nicknames for Alexander?

Then let us help with these Alexander nicknames!

Just like Alexander the Great or any other number of famous leaders, the name Alexander is certainly great inspiration for your baby boy! And of course such a famous name needs endearing Alexander nicknames!

The name Alexander comes from the Greek Alexandros meaning “defender of men”. The name appears in the New Testament of the Bible, and most famously is carried by Alexander the Great, the King of Greek Macedonia, and perhaps one of the greatest military leaders of all times.  

Alexander is a name borne by royalty, religious leaders, political leaders, inventors, and artists! There are just so many famous people named Alexander!

It is a strong and dignified name, and worthy of unique and clever nicknames for the name Alexander!

So, to help you find the perfect Alexander nickname, here you’ll find cute nicknames for Alexander, funny nicknames for Alexander, cool nicknames for Alexander, and more!

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Nicknames For The Name Alexander

Best Nicknames For Alexander

  1. Al
  2. Axl
  3. Alec
  4. Axx
  5. Aleck
  6. Ender
  7. Alecks
  8. Ex
  9. Alecs
  10. Lander
  11. Ales
  12. Lexan
  13. Alesky
  14. Lexi
  15. Alex
  16. Lexing
  17. Alexei
  18. X-man
  19. Aloco
  20. Xander
  21. Alyosha
  22. Xanders
  23. Andy
  24. Z
  25. Axe
  26. Zane
  27. Axel
  28. Zee
Funny Nicknames For Alexander

Cute Nicknames For Alexander

  1. Alejandro
  2. Alexio
  3. Alek
  4. Alexito
  5. Aleks
  6. Alexy
  7. Aleksander
  8. Ali
  9. Aleksandr
  10. Ally
  11. Alessandro
  12. Eskandar
  13. Alexandario
  14. Lexander
  15. Alexandr
  16. Lexington
  17. Alexandre
  18. Sander
  19. Alexandre 
  20. Sasha
  21. Alexandros
  22. Xela
  23. Alexi
  24. Zandy
  25. Alexia
Famous People Named Alexander

Funny Nicknames For Alexander

  1. A-Licks
  2. Dander
  3. Al-ligator
  4. Dander Zander
  5. Al-oha
  6. Der
  7. Alchoo
  8. Fed-Ex
  9. Ale-ien
  10. Lex
  11. Ale-mazing
  12. Lex Luthor
  13. Ale-oops
  14. Lickety-Split
  15. Alexander the Brave
  16. Ro-Lex
  17. Alexander the Great
  18. T-Rex
  19. Alexander the Strong
  20. The Great
  21. Alexander The Weak
  22. The Lion
  23. Ali-oops
  24. Xandy Candy
  25. Baxxel
  26. Xandy Dandy
  27. Bro-Lex
Cute Nicknames For Alexander

Cool Nicknames For Alexander

  1. A
  2. Anders
  3. A to Z
  4. Dex
  5. A-Bell
  6. Dexy
  7. A-Dawg
  8. Great A
  9. A-Dog
  10. Lexman
  11. A-Legx
  12. Lexter
  13. A-Rod
  14. Lion
  15. Ace
  16. Lynx
  17. Alex Frost
  18. Xan
  19. Alex-Flex
  20. Xandy
  21. Alyx
  22. Z-man
  23. Alz
  24. Zan
  25. Ander
  26. Zander
Cool Nicknames For Alexander

Famous People Named Alexander

  • Alex Ferguson (Manchester United football manager)
  • Alexander Cartwright (Father of baseball)
  • Alexander Flemming (Scientist who discovered penicillin)
  • Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor of the telephone)
  • Alexander Hamilton (Founding father of the USA)
  • Alexander Helios (Son of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony)
  • Alexander I, II, and III of Russia (Rulers of Russia from 1777–1894)
  • Alexander McQueen (British fashion designer)
  • Alexander of Corinth (10th king of Corinth)
  • Alexander Pope (English Poet)
  • Alexander Skarsgard (Swedish Actor)
  • Alexander The Great (King of the Ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia)
  • Pope Alexander (Popes Alexander I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VII, 8 different popes with the name Alexander serving in various years from 95-1691!)

Final Thoughts On Alexander Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

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Best Nicknames For Alexander