TSRETE S12 Breast Pump Review

The TSRETE S12 is a budget friendly, wearable electric breast pump, designed to offer convenience and comfort during pumping sessions.

This wearable breast pump is designed to be worn inside a bra, allowing busy moms to pump discreetly while going about their daily activities. The S12 also features various suction modes and levels that allow you to easily customize their pumping experience according to their preferences and needs.

Additionally, the TSRETE breast pump has been noted for its quiet operation and user-friendliness.

So, if you think the TSRETE wearable pump might be for you, then you’re in the right place!

In this TSRETE breast pump review, I will discuss the standout attributes of the TSRETE S12 that distinguish it from other breast pumps.

And to ensure you get an unbiased perspective in this TSRETE S12 review, I will also include essential factors that you should consider when deciding if the TSRETE S12 pump is the right breast pump for you.

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TSRETE Double Wearable Breast Pump
$116.99 $89.99

The TSRETE S12 is a very affordable, hands-free, portable breast pump pack with features.

This lightweight, portable pump comes with 9 different suction levels and 2 modes (massage and pumping) so you can easily tailor your pumping experience all from its user-friendly LED screen.

The battery last 80 mins or up to 3 to 4 pumping sessions and also comes with a handy USB charger.

You love how easy to clean this pump is with its minimal parts, closed system design, and BPA free silicone parts.

It also comes with a range of accessories including an additional flange size, storage bag, and bra adjustment buckles.

Noise level: < 40db

Suction Power: Up to 245mmHg

04/07/2024 01:04 am GMT
tsrete breast pump review

The TSRETE Brand

TSRETE’s philosophy is ‘everything comes from love’. And it’s with this concept in mind, they have created a mother and baby brand with a strong focus on improving the breastfeeding experience and the overall well-being of mothers and infants.

They blend cutting-edge technology and design aesthetics into their products while prioritizing sustainability and environmentally safe materials.

Their mission is to simplify the challenges of raising a baby by addressing the fundamental needs of both mothers and infants, especially in the realm of breastfeeding.

TSRETE’s innovative products aim to make breastfeeding more convenient and enjoyable, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for mothers and babies, and fostering a closer connection between them.

tsrete wearable breast pump review

Benefits of TSRETE S12

The TSRETE S12 wearable breast pump offers several benefits for breastfeeding mothers, making it a convenient and efficient option for expressing breast milk. Here are the key advantages:

Adjustable Suction Levels and Modes: With 9 adjustable suction levels and 2 modes (Massage/Pumping), the pump allows mothers to customize their pumping experience according to their comfort and milk flow needs.

Memory Function: To recall your preferred pumping session settings.

Portable Design: The S12 breast pump is designed to be lightweight, wireless, and portable, offering convenience for mothers with busy schedules, including those who work. Its compact design removes the need for wires and external parts, allowing for hassle-free use even during work meetings and other situations.

Dual Pumping Option: The TSRETE can be used to pump both breasts simultaneously or one breast at a time, allowing moms to feed the baby on one side while pumping on the other.

Ease of Use: The S12 is user-friendly with only four buttons, making it simple to set up and operate.

LCD screen: The breast pump is equipped with a LED screen, providing a user-friendly interface that displays important information. This includes the selected pumping mode and suction level, allowing mothers to easily monitor and adjust their pumping settings.

Built-in Timer: The S12 comes with a built-in timer so you can easily keep track of your pumping session.

Auto Shut-off: The pump has an auto shut-off feature after 30 minutes, preventing unnecessary battery drain.

Closed System: Being a closed system means there is no tubing on the pump that is exposed to breast milk, making it more hygienic.

Spout-Design Collection Cups: The collection cups have spouts, making it easier to pour expressed breast milk into reusable containers or bottles.

Affordable Option: The S12 is surprisingly affordable considering all its features! It is definitely one of the most affordable wearable breast pumps on the market, providing cost-effective convenience for busy mothers.

Downside of TSRETE S12

Limited Battery Life: The battery life on the TSRETE S12 is only 60 to 80 minutes or 3 to 4 pumping sessions. For mothers who need to pump frequently or for extended periods, I feel this battery life may not be sufficient and could result in interruptions during pumping sessions. Especially as it takes 2.5hrs for the pumps to be fully recharged.

Suction Strength: With a suction strength up to 245mm/Hg, this is not as powerful as other pumps on the market.

Hand-Wash Only: The pump requires hand-washing for cleaning, which might be time-consuming compared to pumps with dishwasher-safe parts. This could add to the overall maintenance and cleaning routine for users.

LED Light Stays On: The light emitted from the LED screen is relatively low, however the light stays on for your entire pumping session. This can make the pump less discrete depending on your setting.

Lack of Advanced Features: The S12 may lack certain advanced features that other more expensive breast pumps offer, such as Bluetooth connectivity, mobile app integration, or more sophisticated pumping modes like vibration.

Performance and Efficiency

The suction capabilities of any wearable breast pump are an essential aspect of its performance. Here’s an overview of the performance and efficiency of the S12:

Suction Force

Suction force in a breast pump matters because it directly affects the effectiveness, comfort, and efficiency of the milk expression process for breastfeeding mothers.

Whilst it may not be necessary for each individual, I feel having the option of a high suction force gives you more control over your pumping sessions, potentially allowing you to express more milk from your session.

The most powerful wearable breast pumps have a suction force up to 300mmHg.

The S12 has an adjustable up to 245mmHg.

Whilst this is not as powerful as other pump brands, I feel it is still adequate, for most moms, to allow you to customize the pumping intensity to suit your comfort and milk flow requirements.


There are two modes available for the TSRETE S12 wearable breast pump: Massage and pumping.

Massage Mode: This mode mimics a baby’s initial quick and shallow sucking, helping to initiate milk flow. It is particularly useful for mothers who need some extra encouragement to start expressing milk.

Pumping Mode: The pumping mode is designed to draw out milk more efficiently, making it ideal for obtaining a larger volume of milk during each pumping session.

Whilst I love that the pump has the 2 different modes, it is lacking in comparison to other wearable breast pumps in this price range such as the MomMed S21 which has a third automatic mode.

Adjustable Suction Levels

The TSRETE S12 breast pump features nine adjustable suction levels, providing you with the flexibility to customize the suction intensity to match your comfort and milk flow needs.

Based on my personal experience, this adaptability is crucial because milk flow can vary from person to person.

It’s worth noting that, contrary to common belief, the highest suction setting may not necessarily yield the best results for milk production. Comfort and relaxation are key factors in facilitating a smooth milk flow.

tsrete breast pump flange


When it comes to a breast pump, from my experience, comfort is a major factor! No one wants to be uncomfortable while pumping, or worse in pain!

Comfortable Suction Levels

As previously mentioned, the S12 offers a range of nine distinct suction levels.

This ability to personalize the suction strength allows you to discover a setting that aligns with your unique comfort and milk flow requirements.

Lower suction levels prove particularly beneficial in the initial pumping phase or when using the massage mode, gently stimulating the breast and initiating the milk ejection reflex for a comfortable start to your session.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to fine-tune the suction levels to pinpoint the ideal strength that is both comfortable and effective for milk extraction.

It’s important to keep in mind that the highest setting may not always yield the best results.

Prioritizing your comfort and relaxation during the pumping session is equally crucial for facilitating optimal milk flow.

This level of customization ensures that each pumping session caters to your preferences and body, ultimately enhancing the comfort and overall enjoyment of expressing breast milk.

Customizable Fit

When it comes to the fit of a breast pump, the size of the flange is crucial for your comfort. Too small and you can cause damage to your nipple and too large you won’t get an adequate seal.

There are two choices when it comes to the default flange size of the TSRETE.

You can purchase the pump with a 24mm or 27mm flange size. Just be sure to choose the correct size when you make your purchase!

For added customization, they have added an additional flange size in the kit 21mm with the 24mm size and 24mm with the 27mm size.

For those looking for a 17mm and 19mm flange size for smaller nipple sizes you will need to purchase these flanges separately.

Unfortunately, there is no nipple size chart included in the kit so determining your correct flange size may be more difficult.

Single-Sealed Breast Shield/Flange Design

The TSRETE S12 comes with a standard single-sealed breast shield/flange design.

Whilst this is more than effective and provides a comfortable fit, I think it is important to point out that some other breast pumps offer a double seal/cushioned breast shield.

I feel a double-seal breast shield provides a more secure and comfortable fit, promoting effective milk flow during pumping sessions.

Quiet Operation

Whilst not silent, the TSRETE breast pump operates very quietly, producing sound levels below 40dB which I feel is very quiet!

I believe the noise level is sufficiently low, ensuring a discreet and unobtrusive pumping experience, which is perfect for use at home, in professional settings, or in public venues.

What’s even more advantageous is that the quiet operation minimizes disruptions, enabling you to pump with ease and assurance, without concerns about disturbing your peacefully sleeping baby.

tsrete wearable breast pump led screen


The TSRETE breast pump is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering several features that make it easy and convenient to use.

LED Display

The S12 comes with a compact LED screen that offers straightforward and user-friendly information while in use. This display simplifies the process of switching between various pumping modes and fine-tuning the suction levels to align with your personal preferences.

While I consider the LED screen to be relatively straightforward, likely to maintain the all-in-one design, it does encompass all the fundamental features you’ll require. It provides essential details, such as the remaining battery life indicator and the suction level setting.

Customizable Pumping Settings

As previously discussed, the S12 breast pump offers customizable pumping settings to suit your specific needs.

With 9 adjustable suction levels and 2 pumping modes (Massage/Pumping), you can tailor the pumping experience to your comfort and milk flow requirements.

I do love that there are only 4 buttons on the pump, so it is very user-friendly in terms of operation.


I love that the S12 comes with an in-built timer. I think this convenient feature is perfect for tracking your pumping sessions and allowing you to adjust as required.

Bra Adjustment Buckle

The TSRETE S12 breast pump includes a practical bra adjustment buckle feature, which I find incredibly useful and believe you will too! This ingenious buckle simplifies the process of resizing the pump to match your current bras, eliminating the necessity of acquiring new ones exclusively for pumping occasions.

Container Capacity

With a 6oz collection container capacity, the S12 offers ample room for collecting your expressed breast milk. While it can hold up to 6 oz, it is recommended to pump within 4 oz for optimal efficiency.

This generous container capacity proves particularly advantageous for mothers who express a significant volume of milk in each pumping session or those who prefer less frequent pumping sessions throughout the day. Thanks to this spacious container, you’ll find fewer interruptions are necessary, enabling you to concentrate on milk expression without disruption and optimizing your pumping efficiency.

tsrete s12 pour spout

Pouring Made Easy

The S12’s user-friendliness extends to its easy-to-pour spout on the collection container. This thoughtful feature ensures that you can pump without any worries about spilling a single drop of precious breast milk.

Transparent Design

When it comes to user-friendliness, I also love that the collection containers on the TSRETE are transparent. So, even with the motor attached and the pump in your bra, you can easily see your milk collection progress at any given moment, ensuring you stay in control of your pumping sessions.


While the TSRETE S12 boasts a straightforward all-in-one design, I found disassembling and re-assembling it for the first time to be a pretty easy, especially as it has minimal parts.

Portability And Battery Life

The TSRETE wearable breast pump has been designed for portability, offering mothers the flexibility to pump on the go without being tied to a power source. So let’s take a closer look at these features for portability.


The TSRETE enhances portability by offering mothers a discreet and hands-free solution for expressing milk.

Unlike traditional breast pumps that require mothers to be tethered to a stationary machine, the TSRETE is a wearable pump which means it is designed to fit within your bra. It is compact, lightweight, and has no cords.

This enables mothers to move freely and engage in various activities while pumping, whether it’s working, running errands, or simply enjoying some downtime.

That said, I think it’s important to note that you will be able to see the motors of the pumps sticking out of the top of your pumping bra so it in not quite as discrete as other all in one wearable breast pump designs.

Battery Life

While I love that this pump is wearable and comes with a rechargeable battery, I feel that the battery life is somewhat lacking compared with other wearable pumps on the market.

With a usage time of only 60-80 minutes on a single charge, the pump only supports 3 to 4 pumping sessions before needing to be recharged.

I feel this is adequate for part-time pumpers, but you’ll want to take the battery life into consideration if you’re planning to pump full time, as you will need to recharge it throughout the day.

USB Charging

The S12 pump fully charges within 2.5 hours.

Whilst this is not particularly fast, I do love that the pump uses a USB charging port. This makes pumping on the go much easier as you can charge your pump from your car or even your work computer.

The USB charging ensures that you can easily find compatible charging cables and adapters, adding to the pump’s portability and convenience.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

The S12 is equipped with an auto shut-off feature that automatically turns off the pump after 30 minutes of continuous use. This safety feature not only conserves battery life but also gives you peace of mind, knowing that the pump will automatically power down to prevent any potential issues from extended use.

tsrete breast pump review pump parts

Hygiene And Cleaning

Maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness is of utmost importance when using a breast pump, and the TSRETE S12 has been designed to make the cleaning process straightforward and efficient.

Detachable Parts

The S12 comes with detachable components that simplify the disassembly of the breast pump when it’s time for cleaning.

Each pump includes the flanges, valves, and milk container, which easily separates from the main motor unit.

This user-friendly disassembly provides convenient access to all elements that come into contact with breast milk, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process.

Furthermore, the pump is a closed system design, a crucial feature that guarantees breast milk remains isolated from the tubing and motor during pumping. This design plays an essential role in preserving the breast pump’s cleanliness and hygiene by preventing any potential contamination or bacterial buildup within the pump’s internal components.

Food-Grade Materials

The S12 is made from soft, food-grade silicone guaranteeing its safety for both mothers and infants.


The S12’s cleaning procedure is intentionally designed to be straightforward and trouble-free.

After each use, the detachable components can be easily rinsed in warm, soapy water, followed by a thorough rinse with clean water.

It’s vital to clean all elements that come into contact with breast milk to prevent bacterial growth and maintain optimum hygiene.

For thorough sanitization, these parts can be boiled in water for a few minutes or conveniently sterilized using a dedicated steam sterilizer designed for baby products.

It’s worth noting that these parts should be exclusively hand-washed and should not be placed in a dishwasher, bottle sterilizer, or microwave sterilizing bag.

While I feel this requires a bit more effort, it ultimately ensures the longevity and continued efficiency of the breast pump. The additional care taken in handwashing the parts is a minor trade-off for the confidence in a safe and effective pumping experience, ultimately benefiting the overall well-being of both the mother and baby.

Regular Maintenance

Just like with any breast pump, to maintain the TSRETE S12 breast pump’s enduring and exceptional performance, regular maintenance is paramount.

It is recommended to adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, which encompass regular inspections and the replacement of components as needed.

While the replacement of valve membranes, duck valves, and breast shields may incur an extra expense, it is essential to preserve the pump’s hygiene and effectiveness during each pumping session.

By following these maintenance protocols, you can safeguard the S12’s continued optimal condition, ensuring it consistently delivers a dependable and efficient pumping experience throughout your breastfeeding journey.

I do love that the TSRETE S12 comes with a 1 year warranty.

Price And Value For Money

When it comes to price and value for money, I think the TSRETE S12 is a great budget wearable breast pump option.

Whilst you may be giving up some premium features of other wearable breast pump brands, like a tracking app, I really do feel that for the price, there is a lot on offer.

For me the value lies in its compact, lightweight design and customizable suction. I also love that it has an in-built timer and memory function for added user-friendliness.

When you purchase a TSRETE breast pump, included in your kit is:

Double Wearable Pump Kit

  • Pump Motor * 2
  • Milk Collector (6oz) * 2
  • Silicone Flange (21 mm) * 2
  • Silicone Flange (24 mm) * 2
  • Silicone Diaphragm * 2
  • Valve * 2
  • Bra Adjustment Buckle * 2
  • USB Cable * 2
  • Storage Bag * 1
TSRETE Double Wearable Breast Pump
$116.99 $89.99

The TSRETE S12 is a very affordable, hands-free, portable breast pump pack with features.

This lightweight, portable pump comes with 9 different suction levels and 2 modes (massage and pumping) so you can easily tailor your pumping experience all from its user-friendly LED screen.

The battery last 80 mins or up to 3 to 4 pumping sessions and also comes with a handy USB charger.

You love how easy to clean this pump is with its minimal parts, closed system design, and BPA free silicone parts.

It also comes with a range of accessories including an additional flange size, storage bag, and bra adjustment buckles.

Noise level: < 40db

Suction Power: Up to 245mmHg

04/07/2024 01:04 am GMT

TSRETE S12 User Reviews

  • TSRETE – 5 out of 5 (132 reviews)
  • Walmart – 4 out of 5 (2 reviews)
  • And of course, Amazon which features similar highly rated reviews!

Watch The Video

Prefer to see the TSRETE S12 live in action? Then check out my TSRETE S12 wearable breast pump review video!


What size flange is the TSRETE S12?

The TSRETE breast pump come with 2 options for a default flange: 24mm and 27mm. Depending on your size your kits will include an additional smaller flange either a 21mm or 24mm flange.

What is the suction strength of the TSRETE pump?

The TSRETE S12 has a power suction force of up to 245mmHg.

What are the settings on the TSRETE pump?

There are 9 suction levels and 2 modes on the TSRETE S12 pump. The 2 modes include Massage and Pumping.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, I find the TSRETE S12 to be a great cost-effective choice for mothers seeking a portable and hands-free breast pump.

I think it comes with all the key features you want in a wearable breast pump from quiet operation to customizable suction levels. I love that the LED screen also comes with an inbuilt timer.

Furthermore, the TSRETE S12 boasts several other positive attributes, including its closed system design for hygiene, BPA-free and food-grade materials, transparent design, and ample container capacity.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge certain limitations, such as the battery life, the continuous LED light, and lower suction strength, which may pose some inconvenience for certain users. Additionally, advanced features like a tracking app or Bluetooth connectivity are not available.

Nevertheless, I believe the S12 is a well-rounded and effective breast pump that offers exceptional affordability, convenience, and practicality for breastfeeding mothers.

TSRETE Double Wearable Breast Pump
$116.99 $89.99

The TSRETE S12 is a very affordable, hands-free, portable breast pump pack with features.

This lightweight, portable pump comes with 9 different suction levels and 2 modes (massage and pumping) so you can easily tailor your pumping experience all from its user-friendly LED screen.

The battery last 80 mins or up to 3 to 4 pumping sessions and also comes with a handy USB charger.

You love how easy to clean this pump is with its minimal parts, closed system design, and BPA free silicone parts.

It also comes with a range of accessories including an additional flange size, storage bag, and bra adjustment buckles.

Noise level: < 40db

Suction Power: Up to 245mmHg

04/07/2024 01:04 am GMT
tsrete wearable breast pump reviews