Bellababy W40 Wearable Breast Pump Review

The Bellababy W40 stands out as an affordable wearable electric breast pump, carefully designed to provide both convenience and comfort during your pumping sessions.

This innovative breast pump is crafted to be discreetly worn within your bra, enabling busy mothers to pump discreetly while tending to their daily tasks.

What stands out to me with the W40 is their four suction modes for ultimate suction control! It also comes with 9 suction levels that allow you to easily customize your pumping experience according to your preferences and needs.

Additionally, I love that the Bellababy breast pump comes with an easy to use, extra-large LED display.

So, if you think the Bellababy wearable pump might be for you, then you’re in the right place!

In this Bellababy breast pump review, I will discuss the standout attributes of the Bellababy W40 that distinguish it from other breast pumps.

And to ensure you get an unbiased perspective for Bellababy wearable breast pump reviews, I will also include essential factors that you should consider when deciding if the Bellababy W40 pump is the right breast pump for you.

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Bellababy W40 Double Wearable Breast Pump

The Bellababy W40 stands out as an affordable wearable electric breast pump, carefully designed to provide both convenience and comfort during your pumping sessions. 

This lightweight, portable pump comes with 9 different suction levels and a huge 4 modes (stimulation/expression/variation/depth), so you can easily tailor your pumping experience all from its extra large, user-friendly LED screen.

It also comes with an in-built timer and handy memory recall function.

The battery last 140 mins or up to 6 to 7 pumping sessions and also comes with a handy USB charger.

You love how easy to clean this pump is with its minimal parts, closed system design, and BPA free silicone parts.

Suction Power: Up to 280mmHg

05/17/2024 10:03 pm GMT
bellababy wearable breast pump review W40

The Bellababy Brand

Bellababy is known for providing a range of breast pumps and accessories, catering to the needs of mothers who sought efficient and convenient solutions for breastfeeding and expressing breast milk.

One of the most notable aspects of Bellababy’s products is their affordability. The Bellababy brand is positioned as a provider of budget-friendly baby products, making these products accessible to a wide range of mothers.

Products in their range include breast pumps, bottle and wipe warmers, baby swings and walkers, as well as bassinets, high chairs, baby carriers, and other baby related accessories.

bellababy double wearable breast pump

Benefits of Bellababy W40

The Bellababy W40 wearable breast pump presents numerous advantages to support breastfeeding mothers, providing a practical and effective means of expressing breast milk. Let’s explore the primary benefits:

Affordability: Bellababy was known for providing affordable breast pump options, making it accessible to a broader range of mothers who may have budget constraints.

Adjustable Suction Levels and Modes: With 9 adjustable suction levels and a huge 4 modes (Stimulation/Expression/Variation/Depth), the pump allows mothers to customize their pumping experience according to their comfort and milk flow needs.

Extra Large LED screen: The breast pump is equipped with an extra-large LED screen, which displays important information about your pumping session.

Discreet and Hands-Free Pumping: One of the primary advantages of wearable breast pumps like the Bellababy W40 is their discreet and hands-free nature. Mothers can wear it inside their bra, allowing them to pump discreetly without the need for holding the pump in place. This feature enables multitasking and makes it easier to pump while on the go or during daily activities.

Dual Pumping Option: The Bellababy can be used to pump both breasts simultaneously or one breast at a time, allowing moms to feed the baby on one side while pumping on the other.

Battery Life: The battery life on the Bellababy W40 is around 120 to 140 minutes or 6 to 7 pumping sessions.

Memory Function: To recall your previous pumping session settings.

Ease of Use: The W40 is user-friendly with only three buttons, making it simple to set up and operate.

Built-in Timer: The W40 comes with a built-in timer so you can easily keep track of your pumping session.

Dish-washer Safe Parts: The silicone parts on the pump are top shelf dishwasher safe.

Auto Shut-off: The pump has an auto shut-off feature after 30 minutes, preventing unnecessary battery drain.

Closed System: Being a closed system means there is no tubing on the pump that is exposed to breast milk, making it more hygienic.

Spout-Design Collection Cups: The collection cups have spouts, making it easier to pour expressed breast milk into reusable containers or bottles.

Suction Strength: With a suction strength up to 280mm/Hg, this is a powerful wearable breast pump.

Downside of Bellababy W40

Limited Motor Hub Life: The motor hub life for the pump is only 400 hours.

LED Light Stays On: The light emitted from the LED screen is relatively low, however the light stays on for your entire pumping session. This can make the pump less discrete depending on your setting.

No Pause Option: Sometimes you need to take a quick break from your pumping session, unfortunately you cannot pause your W40 pump.

Limited Accessories: The Bellababy W40 comes with very limited accessories, such as additional flange sizes and bra buckles, especially when compared with other wearable breast pumps.

Lack of Advanced Features: The W40 may lack certain advanced features that other more expensive breast pumps offer, such as Bluetooth connectivity, mobile app integration, or more sophisticated pumping modes like vibration.

bellababy w40 breast pump led screen

Performance and Efficiency

The suction capabilities of a wearable breast pump play a pivotal role in determining its overall performance. Let’s delve into an assessment of the W40’s performance and efficiency:

Suction Force

The strength of suction in a breast pump holds significance as it directly impacts the efficiency, comfort, and effectiveness of the breast milk expression process for breastfeeding mothers.

While it might not be a necessity for every individual, having the choice of a high suction force provides greater control during pumping sessions, potentially leading to a more productive milk expression experience.

The most potent wearable breast pumps on the market offer suction forces reaching up to 300mmHg.

In contrast, the W40 is adjustable up to 280mmHg.

While it falls slightly short of the highest suction force levels available from other pump brands, I believe it still stands out as a robust wearable breast pump in terms of its suction strength, offering a compelling option for mothers seeking efficient and powerful milk expression.


One of the things that really sets the Bellababy W40 apart from other budget wearable breast pumps is its four mode. Most come with two or three, so the W40 really steps it up with the four modes.

The four modes available for the Bellababy W40 wearable breast pump are Stimulation, Expression, Variation, and Depth.

Stimulation Mode: This mode mimics a baby’s initial quick and shallow sucking, helping to initiate milk flow. It is particularly useful for mothers who need some extra encouragement to start expressing milk.

Expression Mode: The pumping mode is designed to draw out milk more efficiently, making it ideal for obtaining a larger volume of milk during each pumping session.

Variation Mode: This is a mixed mode that varies the rhythm during the pumping session for increase milk extraction. This is suitable for experienced pumping moms.

Depth Mode: This is an intense mode that gets stronger suction, then releases, stronger suction, then releases. This is suitable for experienced pumping moms.

Adjustable Suction Levels

The Bellababy W40 breast pump is equipped with nine suction levels, granting you the freedom to tailor the suction intensity to suit your individual comfort and milk flow requirements.

In my own experience, this ability to customize is vital since milk flow can differ from one person to another.

It’s important to recognize that, contrary to common belief, the highest suction setting may not always yield the most favorable outcomes for milk production. Achieving comfort and relaxation plays a pivotal role in facilitating a seamless milk flow during the pumping process.

bellababy wearable breast pump flanges


When it comes to a breast pump, from my experience, comfort is a major factor! Afterall, no one wants to be uncomfortable while pumping, or worse in pain!

Comfortable Suction Levels

As mentioned earlier, the W40 provides a selection of nine distinct suction levels. This capability to customize the suction strength empowers you to discover a setting that perfectly aligns with your unique comfort and milk flow requirements.

The lower suction levels prove particularly valuable during the initial pumping phase or when utilizing the massage mode, as they gently stimulate the breast, initiating the milk ejection reflex for a comfortable start to your pumping session. Moreover, you have the flexibility to fine-tune these suction levels to pinpoint the ideal strength that combines both comfort and effectiveness for milk extraction.

It’s essential to note that the highest setting may not consistently yield the most favorable results. Prioritizing your comfort and relaxation throughout the pumping session plays an equally pivotal role in facilitating optimal milk flow.

This degree of personalization ensures that each pumping session is tailored to your preferences and your body’s unique needs, ultimately enhancing the comfort and overall satisfaction of the breast milk expression process.

Customizable Fit

When it comes to the fit of a breast pump, the size of the flange is crucial for your comfort. Too small and you can cause damage to your nipple and too large you won’t get an adequate seal.

Unfortunately, with the W40 there is only the default 24mm flange size included in your kit.

So, for those that require a smaller or larger flange size you will need to purchase these flanges separately.

If you’re new to pumping I highly recommend you work out your nipple size before you purchase your pump so you can have any additional flange sizes on hand for when you’re ready to start pumping.

Unfortunately, there is no nipple size chart included in the kit to help you determine your correct flange size.

Single-Sealed Breast Shield/Flange Design

The Bellababy W40 includes a standard single-sealed breast shield/flange design.

While this design is still very effective and offers a comfortable fit, it’s worth noting that certain other breast pumps provide a double-seal/cushioned breast shield.

In my opinion, a double-seal breast shield offers a more secure and comfortable fit, which, in turn, enhances the effectiveness of milk flow during pumping sessions.

Noise Level

The Bellababy W40 is relatively quiet when in operation. The brand has not specified the decibel output.

For me, the noise level is relatively quiet, but definitely not silent. You can hear the pump in operation even with background noise.

I think this is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for an ultra-discreet wearable breast pump, especially in professional settings or in public venues.

bellababy hands free breast pump reviews collection cup


The Bellababy W40 breast pump is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering several features that make it easy and convenient to use.

LED Display

I love that the W40 comes with an extra-large LED screen that offers straightforward and user-friendly information while in use.

I find the LED screen is very easy to read, even at a quick glance. Especially with the black background and white text.

This display simplifies the process of switching between various pumping modes and fine-tuning the suction levels to align with your personal preferences.

Customizable Pumping Settings

As previously discussed, the W40 breast pump offers customizable pumping settings to suit your specific needs.

With 9 adjustable suction levels and 4 pumping modes, you can tailor the pumping experience to your comfort and milk flow requirements.

I do love that there are only 3 buttons on the pump, so it is very user-friendly in terms of operation.


I feel like a timer is a very handy feature on any pump.

That’s why I love that as a budget pump, the W40 comes with an in-built timer.

I think this convenient feature is perfect for tracking your pumping sessions and allowing you to adjust as required.

Container Capacity

Featuring a 6oz collection container capacity, the W40 provides ample space for storing your expressed breast milk.

Although it can accommodate up to 6 oz, it’s advisable to pump within the 4 oz range for optimal efficiency.

This generous container capacity offers distinct advantages for mothers who express a substantial volume of milk during each pumping session or those who prefer less frequent pumping throughout the day.

I really like that the roomy container minimizes the need for frequent interruptions, allowing you to focus on milk expression without disruptions and ultimately enhancing your pumping efficiency.

Pouring Made Easy

The user-friendly design of the W40 also includes a convenient pour spout on the collection container. This considerate feature guarantees a worry-free pumping experience, eliminating any concerns about accidentally spilling even a single precious drop of breast milk.

Transparent Design

I also appreciate the transparent design of the collection containers on the Bellababy collection cups.

With these transparent containers, you can effortlessly monitor your milk collection progress at any moment, even when the motor is attached and the pump is discreetly nestled in your bra.

This feature ensures that you maintain control over your pumping sessions with ease.


While the W40 boasts a straightforward design with the pump motor connecting to the collection cup.

I found disassembling and re-assembling it for the first time to be a pretty easy, especially as it has minimal parts.

bellababy w40 wearable breast pump storage container

Portability And Battery Life

The Bellababy wearable breast pump has been meticulously crafted with portability in mind, granting mothers the freedom to pump on the move without the constraints of being tethered to a power source. Now, let’s delve deeper into these portable features.


The W40 enhances portability by providing mothers with a discreet and hands-free solution for milk expression.

Unlike conventional breast pumps that require mothers to remain joined to stationary machines, the Bellababy pump is a wearable device designed to snugly fit within your bra. It boasts a compact, lightweight design and is cordless, allowing mothers to move freely and partake in various activities while pumping—be it working, running errands, or simply enjoying some well-deserved downtime.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the motors of the pumps do protrude from the top of your pumping bra, which means it may not offer the same level of discretion as some other all-in-one wearable breast pump designs.

I do really like the storage containers it comes with though, as I feel these hard containers add to its portability by providing great protection for the pumps.

Battery Life

With a usage duration of just 120 to 140 minutes on a single charge, the pump can accommodate 6 to 7 pumping sessions before requiring a recharge.

When I tested the pump, it lasted for 133 minutes on variation mode, level 6 suction.

I think this battery life should be more than sufficient for those who pump occasionally or part-time, but it’s essential to consider this factor if you intend to pump full-time, as you’ll need to factor in recharging breaks throughout the day. Even as a part-time pumper you will need to recharge your pump daily.

Where I do feel the battery life is lacking is that the overall battery life of the motor hub. It is only around 400 hours. With the average pumping session around 20 minutes this gives you approximately 1,200 pumping sessions.

If you’re pumping exclusively, you may find yourself pumping 8 to 12 times a day, which would only give you around 3 months of use with this pump. So, in my opinion this pump is definitely more suitable for occasional or part-time pumping.

babybella w40 usb charger and port

USB Charging

The W40 takes approximately 1.5 hrs to recharge.

I love the fact that the W40 pump utilizes a USB charging port, as it significantly enhances the convenience of pumping on the go. With the ability to charge your pump from your car or even your work computer, you have added flexibility in maintaining power for your pump.

The use of a USB charging port means that you can also readily find compatible charging cables and adapters, further contributing to the pump’s portability and overall convenience.

I also really like that you can actually have the pump on charge while in use, in case your battery life is very low mid-session.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

The W40 comes with a built-in auto shut-off feature, which activates after 30 minutes of continuous operation.

This safety feature serves a dual purpose: it helps conserve battery life and provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the pump will automatically power down to prevent any potential problems arising from extended use.

Detachable Parts

The W40 is thoughtfully designed with detachable pump parts, simplifying the process of disassembling the breast pump for cleaning purposes.

Each pump consists of flanges, valves, and a milk container that easily separates from the main motor hub unit.

This user-friendly disassembly grants convenient access to all the components that come into contact with breast milk, ensuring a comprehensive and effective cleaning process.

Moreover, it’s important to note that the pump employs a closed system design, a critical feature that ensures breast milk remains isolated from the tubing and motor during pumping. This design plays a pivotal role in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the breast pump by preventing any potential contamination or bacterial buildup within the pump’s internal components.

Food-Grade Materials

The W40 is made from soft, food-grade silicone guaranteeing its safety for both mothers and infants.


The W40’s cleaning procedure is intentionally designed to be straightforward and trouble-free.

After each use, the detachable components can be easily rinsed in warm, soapy water, followed by a thorough rinse with clean water.

It’s vital to clean all elements that come into contact with breast milk to prevent bacterial growth and maintain optimum hygiene.

For thorough sanitization, these parts can be boiled in water for a few minutes or conveniently sterilized using a dedicated steam sterilizer designed for baby products.

The parts can also be placed on the top shelf of your dishwasher for cleaning.

Regular Maintenance

Just as with any breast pump, maintaining the overall efficiency and hygiene of the Bellababy W40 breast pump is crucial.

It is highly recommended to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, which include regular inspections and the replacement of components as necessary. While replacing valve membranes, duck valves, and breast shields may involve an additional cost, it is essential to uphold the pump’s cleanliness and effectiveness during each pumping session.

Bellababy also makes note in their manufacturer’s manual that you need to recharge your pump motor hub regularly, at least once a month, to keep the battery active.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Bellababy W40 comes with a valuable 1-year warranty, providing added assurance and peace of mind for your breastfeeding needs.

Price And Value For Money

When it comes to price and value for money, I think the Bellababy W40 presents itself as a great budget portable pump option for occasional and part time pumpers.

For me the value lies in its extra-large LED display and customizable suction. I also love that it has an in-built timer and memory function for added user-friendliness.

When you purchase a Bellababy breast pump, included in your kit is:

Single Wearable Pump Kit

  • Pump Motor * 1
  • Milk Collector (180ml) * 1
  • Silicone Flange (24 mm) * 1
  • Duckbill Valve * 2
  • Linker * 1
  • Sealing Ring * 1
  • USB-C Cable * 1
  • Plastic Carry Box * 1

Double Wearable Pump Kit

  • Pump Motor * 2
  • Milk Collector (6oz) * 2
  • Silicone Flange (24 mm) * 2
  • Duckbill Valve * 4
  • Linker * 2
  • Sealing Ring * 2
  • USB-C Cable * 2
  • Storage Container * 1

Whilst the motor hub life is lacking, there is limited inclusions, and you’re giving up some premium features of other wearable breast pump brands, like a tracking app, I really do feel that for the price that it is still a great option to consider, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Bellababy W40 Double Wearable Breast Pump

The Bellababy W40 stands out as an affordable wearable electric breast pump, carefully designed to provide both convenience and comfort during your pumping sessions. 

This lightweight, portable pump comes with 9 different suction levels and a huge 4 modes (stimulation/expression/variation/depth), so you can easily tailor your pumping experience all from its extra large, user-friendly LED screen.

It also comes with an in-built timer and handy memory recall function.

The battery last 140 mins or up to 6 to 7 pumping sessions and also comes with a handy USB charger.

You love how easy to clean this pump is with its minimal parts, closed system design, and BPA free silicone parts.

Suction Power: Up to 280mmHg

05/17/2024 10:03 pm GMT

Bellababy W40 User Reviews

Bellababy – 4.5 out of 5 (15 reviews)

Walmart – 4.8 out of 5 (617 reviews)

And of course, Amazon which features similar highly rated reviews!

Watch The Video

Prefer to see the Bellababy W40 live in action? Then check out my Bellababy W40 wearable breast pump review video!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Bellababy W40 is a great, cost-effective choice for mothers seeking a portable and hands-free breast pump.

It incorporates essential features that are highly desirable in a wearable breast pump, such as customizable suction levels and modes for easy control over your pumping experience. I particularly like the inclusion of an extra-large LED screen with a built-in timer.

Moreover, the Bellababy W40 boasts several other positive attributes, including its closed system design for enhanced hygiene, use of BPA-free and food-grade materials, transparent design for easy monitoring, and a spacious container capacity.

However, it’s important to acknowledge some limitations, including the motor hub life, the continuous LED light, and the limited accessories, which may inconvenience certain users, especially if you’re an exclusive pumper. Additionally, advanced features like a tracking app or Bluetooth connectivity are notably absent.

Nonetheless, I firmly believe that the W40 is a well-rounded and effective breast pump that offers exceptional affordability, convenience, and practicality, particularly suited for occasional and part-time pumpers. Or even those new to breast milk pumping and are wanting a low budget breast pump to test out pumping before making a larger purchase.

Bellababy W40 Double Wearable Breast Pump

The Bellababy W40 stands out as an affordable wearable electric breast pump, carefully designed to provide both convenience and comfort during your pumping sessions. 

This lightweight, portable pump comes with 9 different suction levels and a huge 4 modes (stimulation/expression/variation/depth), so you can easily tailor your pumping experience all from its extra large, user-friendly LED screen.

It also comes with an in-built timer and handy memory recall function.

The battery last 140 mins or up to 6 to 7 pumping sessions and also comes with a handy USB charger.

You love how easy to clean this pump is with its minimal parts, closed system design, and BPA free silicone parts.

Suction Power: Up to 280mmHg

05/17/2024 10:03 pm GMT
bellababy breast pump review