Momcozy S9 VS S12

Are you trying to decide between Momcozy s9 vs s12 wearable breast pumps?

Then let us help you decide which portable breast pump is best for you with our Momcozy S12 vs S9 review

Breast pumping used to be a whole lot of hassle!

You had to stop whatever you were doing to pump, and it was hard to be discreet with all the tubes and cords. Hands-free pumping seemed like a dream.

Nowadays, brands such as Momcozy are making hands-free pumping more affordable, and even more convenient.

The Momcozy S9 and S12 are lightweight, hands-free breast pumps that provide effective pumping at a lower price.

The Momcozy S12 and S9 are two variations on the same basic pump — but which is better?

We’ve reviewed each pump in depth, looking at their features, pros and cons, so you can easily decide which pump is the best choice for you.

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Momcozy s9 vs s12 - Image of Momcozy S9 wearable breast pump

Momcozy S9 VS S12

Let’s begin by seeing what the Momcozy S9 and S12 can do.

All About Momcozy S9

The Momcozy S9 is a wearable electric breast pump that delivers a hands-free and convenient performance.

Affordable, this breast pump is a popular choice for moms who want something that simply gets the job done. 

The Momcozy S9 comes with two different modes — massage and suction — and 5 different levels.

While this isn’t quite as adjustable as some breast pumps, you can still tailor the S9 for an effective performance.

BPA free, skin-friendly, and made from food-grade silicon, the Momcozy S9 is comfortable for moms.

Although the build is a little bulky, this is still a portable pump, and quiet enough to use without disruption.

It might not provide a premium performance, but for the price, this is an effective choice.


  • 2 modes and 5 levels allow you to create a comfortable pumping experience.
  • The Momcozy S9 is incredibly easy to use, even for first time moms.
  • The S9 battery lasts for roughly 4 to 6 uses after charging, adding excellent portability.
  • The Momcozy S9 is an affordable, portable breast pump.
  • At just 55 dB, this is a reasonably quiet pump.


  • The S9 is a little large, and might not feel discreet in public.
  • The S9 is a basic model. If you’re pumping exclusively, you might find it doesn’t live up to expectations.

All About Momcozy S12

The Momcozy S12 is a wearable hands-free breast pump, with a few upgrades on the standard S9.

Like the S9, the S12 comes with a massage and suction mode. But it has an upgraded 9 levels, so you have more chances to find an effective and comfortable setting.

The Momcozy S12 comes with a few upgrades for a better performance.

Alongside the added levels, the S12 has a memory function, which recalls how you last used the pump.

Quickly and easily, you can bring up your preferred settings, and get pumping! The S12 also has a screen, so you can track your session with no effort.

Inevitably, the improved performance comes with a higher price tag. But if you plan on frequent pumping, then the added features might be worth the money. 


  • With 9 different levels and 2 modes, you can tailor the pumping experience to suit you.
  • An LCD screen makes it easy to keep track of each session.
  • Quickly recall your favorite settings with the memory function.
  • Quiet, with a noise level below 50 dB.
  • Small, portable, and discreet, and can be used for pumping on the go.


  • The S12 battery shows no improvement over the S9, and with a longer automatic shutdown, it will last for fewer pump cycles.
  • The Momcozy S12 is significantly more expensive than the S9.

Similarities And Differences Between Momcozy S9 VS S12

Momcozy have created the S9 and S12 as variations on the same base model. In this section, we’ll take a look at how the pumps are the same, and key areas of difference. 

Hands-Free Pumping

The S9 and S12 are both hands-free, portable breast pumps from Momcozy. They both feature a no leakage silicone valve, and have a 180ml capacity.

To achieve hands-free pumping, you do need a Momcozy breastfeeding bra (or another breastfeeding bra that accommodates the Momcozy pump). 

Modes And Levels

Both the Momcozy S9 and S12 come with 2 modes — massage mode and suction mode. Both breast pumps create a natural feeling suction that accurately mimics a baby feeding.

However, it’s the levels where we can see the big difference between the S9 and the S12. The S9 comes with 5 different intensity levels.

This is a decent performance, and combined with the 2 modes, you can alter the pump to match your requirements.

However, the S12 sets itself apart. This Momcozy breast pump has 9 modes, offering a finely tuned intensity.

These smaller increments ensure you can really find a level that works for you, and you won’t be stuck with a pump that’s either too powerful, or too weak. 

Size And Portability

The Momcozy S12 is smaller than the S9, and more discreet. Despite the added features, you can easily fit the S12 into a purse.

The Momcozy S9 isn’t exactly huge, but it is larger than the S12. If you were pumping at work, the S9 will feel more noticeable. However, it is still a portable pump.

Another major factor of portability is battery life. Both the S9 and S12 will last for around 80 minutes when fully charged.

The S9 shuts down sooner, so you can get more pump cycles per charge. The S12 should last for 2 to 3 pumps.


The Momcozy S9 and S12 have a similar noise range. The Momcozy S9 is less than 55 dB in use, while the S12 is quieter at less than 50 dB.

This is reasonably quiet, and around the house you probably won’t notice the pumping.

If there’s a sleeping baby in the room, your breast pump shouldn’t wake them up (even the louder Momcozy S9).

However, if you’re out and about, the Momcozy S9 and the S12 can feel a little conspicuous.

The noise isn’t strong, but it is noticeable. If you plan on pumping at work, you may prefer the quieter Momcozy S12. 


One real and noticeable advantage of the Momcozy S12 over the S9 is the addition of the screen.

The S12 includes a small LCD screen on the top of the pump, providing at a glance information.

It’s so much easier to keep track of your pump with the addition of a screen. Let’s be honest, pumping is rarely the most engaging of activities!

When you’re doing it comfortably, you can spend your pumping time getting on with other tasks, or just taking a break.

With the screen, you can keep track of how long you’ve been pumping with no effort. The screen also helps you monitor battery level, another task that is easy to forget!

The S9 doesn’t have a screen, but it is still incredibly easy to use. With just a touch of a button, you can be pumping comfortably.

But make sure to monitor your start times and levels, because the pump won’t do it for you.


The Momcozy S12 comes with a memory function, so you can quickly recall your preferred pump settings.

This is a real time saver, and prevents you from cycling through settings you don’t like, just because you can’t remember the level you did like.


The Momcozy S12 has a 1000 mAh capacity battery, and can be used for roughly 80 minutes after charging.

It takes 2.5 to 3 hours for the S12 to fully charge.

The S9 actually has a similar quality battery. It’s 1200 mAh capacity, and can be used for roughly 80 minutes when fully charged.

Like the S12, it takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge the S9.

The Momcozy S9 has an automatic shutdown at 20 minutes, which does help preserve the battery life.

The S12 has a 30-minute automatic shutdown. This isn’t ideal for the battery, but it does mean you can spend longer pumping.

And if you’re finished before the automatic shutdown, you can manually stop pumping.


As you probably expect, the Momcozy S9 is significantly cheaper than the S12. The S12 is an upgrade on the S9, and that includes upping the price.

To put it simply, you can typically buy three S9 pumps for the cost of two S12 pumps. 

Final Thoughts On Momcozy S9 VS S12

The Momcozy S12 is an upgrade on the popular S9.

They have a similar base design of easy, portable, natural suction, but the S12 adds a few more details to make the overall experience better. 

With a similar base design, it really comes down to the details. This is where the S12 wins out.

The S12 has more pumping levels for a better tailored experience, a helpful memory function, and an LCD screen to keep track of pumping. 

But the Momcozy S12 is also significantly more expensive, and some areas, such as the battery, show no improvement. For moms on a budget, the S9 is the better choice.

Breast pumping is a personal experience, and the tailored features of the S12 makes it easier to perfect your pump.

But the Momcozy S9 will appeal to parents looking for simplicity. We hope this guide has helped you understand the differences, so you can pump happily!

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