Momcozy Vs Elvie

Are you trying to decide between Momcozy vs Elvie wearable breast pumps?

Then let us help you decide which portable breast pump is best for you with our Elvie vs Momcozy review. 

Wearable electric pumps have really changed the breast pump market.

They allow moms more freedom. Instead of being stuck by a socket every time you want to pump, simply slip the pump into your bra, and set it going!

These incredible devices are increasingly popular, and moms looking for a wearable electric design will find they have plenty of choice.

Elvie is one of the most popular premium brands, while newcomer Momcozy is aiming to make wearable pumps affordable.

So, which brand is right for you? We’ve reviewed both Elvie and Momcozy in depth, looking at their features, pros and cons, so you can easily decide which pump is the best choice for you for a comfortable and efficient pumping experience.

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Momcozy Vs Elvie

Let’s get started by taking a look at the brands.

All About Momcozy

Momcozy was founded to provide moms with an intuitive breast pumping solution at a reasonable price. They recognized that moms rarely had the chance to sit and pump, especially not multiple times in one day!

Offering an affordable wearable pump, Momcozy quickly became popular with busy moms. There are two main designs to the Momcozy range: the Momcozy S9 double wearable pump and the Momcozy S12 double wearable pump (with the upgraded Pro designs). Momcozy also makes the Momcozy M1 all-in-one breast pump.

All designs offer impressive suction (particularly the S9 and S12 range), even if they can be a little bulky for a wearable design. The Momcozy breast pumps are simple, but the lower price tag makes up for some loss of features.

You can learn more about the differences in our Momcozy s9 vs s12 comparison.


  • Affordable, wearable electric breast pumps, for busy moms on a tighter budget.
  • Multiple modes and settings offer moms the chance to create a comfortable and effective solution.
  • A higher upper suction limit allows for efficient pumping.
  • The compact build makes even the largest of Momcozy pumps (the S9) portable.


  • The Momcozy pumps come with limited features.
  • The larger S9 and S12 range aren’t hugely discreet, and working moms might feel conspicuous pumping.
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All About Elvie

Elvie is a premium breast pump range, offering wearable electric pumps for moms on the go. The expensive designs utilize the latest in pump technology to create a discreet and comfortable pumping experience.

The star of the range is the Elvie Electric Pump that can be purchased as a single or double wearable pump. Designed for ultimate portability, this all-in-one pump is whisper silent, compact, and uses smart technology for minimal effort.

The Elvie range also include the Elvie Curve which is a manual wearable breast pump.

The major downside to the Elvie pumps is the price. These are some of the most expensive pumps on the market.

You can learn more in our full Elvie breast pump review!


  • Incredibly compact, these wearable pumps are the ultimate in discretion.
  • Linking to the Pump with Elvie app, moms can make adjustments without reaching into the bra.
  • Adjustable modes and levels allow you to create a pumping experience that works for you.
  • The Elvie Pump and Elvie Stride target different uses, meaning there’s an Elvie for most moms.
  • Firmware updates keep the Elvie pumps running smoothly.


  • Elvie pumps are pretty expensive.
Our Top Pick
Elvie Pump Single Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump
$299.99 $275.00 ($275.00 / Count)

The Elvie is an innovative, hands-free, cordless breast pump perfect for those that are looking to pump discretely.

This easy to use pump has a 5 ounce capacity and is designed to fit securely inside your nursing bra to allow you the freedom to move around and multitask while you pump. 

It also comes with Bluetooth so you can connect your pump to your smartphone via Bluetooth which allows you to control the pump and monitor the milk flow.

It comes with both single and double pump options.


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Similarities And Differences Between Momcozy And Elvie

There are some significant differences between Momcozy and Elvie that will help you choose which brand is right for you. We’ve explored those differences (and any similarities) below.


Momcozy and Elvie both make wearable electric breast pumps, designed to give moms more flexibility when pumping. You should be able to use these pumps without them getting in the way, and without alerting everyone that you’re pumping.

The Elvie Pump is a master of discretion. The curved silhouette fits easily into a pumping bra, and with no cords and wires, you won’t get in a tangle. The Elvie Stride is a little bigger, but still slips easily into a bra, and the clip-on hub is compact.

And as both pumps connect to the Elvie app, you can make adjustments without reaching into your bra. Momcozy S9 and S12 pumps are bigger, but still wearable. In a public setting, a Momcozy breast pump will feel more obvious than Elvie.

At home, the design shouldn’t prevent you from keeping busy as you pump. The all-in-one M1 pump offers better discretion, but it’s still reduced compared to the Elvie. In terms of noise, Elvie is a clear winner.

The Elvie Pump uses Piezo pumps with frequent oscillations to create a gentle and silent suction. If you were using the Elvie Pump at work, your coworkers might never know you’re pumping.

The Elvie Stride hasn’t got quite the same level of quiet, but the noise reduction technology ensures this pump has very little noise. The Momcozy pumps are reasonably quiet, and tend to have a light hum rather than a particularly irritating noise.

Modes And Levels

Wearable pumps have a reputation for a weaker suction than the standard pump. This is certainly true of the Elvie Pump. The pump has a suction strength of -220 mmHg. If you have low milk supplies or struggle to empty the breast, then this is pretty weak.

However, the 2 modes and 7 levels allow you to create a comfortable suction experience. The Elvie Stride takes things up a notch, This is a hospital-grade pump, with a -300 mmHg suction strength.

The Momcozy S9 and S12 is in a similar range, with a suction strength between 280 – 300 mmHg. The S12 variety of Momcozy pumps have a decent mixture of modes and levels, allowing you to create a personalized experience.

The S9 models aren’t quite as diverse, but you still have a good number of options.


Whether you choose Momcozy or Elvie, you’ll have access to a large range of shields/flanges to comfortably fit your nipple. The right size will not only improve the feel of the pump, but can also affect the performance.

The Elvie Pump is incredibly comfortable. The gentle suction, thanks to those Piezo pumps, will appeal to a wide range of moms. The Elvie Stride, with a light build and customizable comfort levels, is also good to wear.

Although the Momcozy can’t match the Elvie designs for a super gentle performance, these are also relatively comfortable pumps! Related to comfort — at least, some sort of comfort — the Elvie pumps are easier to clean.

This is one of the benefits of having so few parts. The Momcozy pumps aren’t hard to clean for a breast pump, but they are fiddly.


Momcozy electric pumps are a little bulkier, particularly the S9 and S9 Pro. If you wanted to carry your breast pump in your purse, you might find it a tight fit. The S12 and S12 Pro are slimmer, but they aren’t exactly tiny.

Elvie breast pumps are smaller than the Momcozy pumps, and easier to carry around. The Elvie Pump in particular is highly portable, with a slim design and a lack of parts.

For frequent travelers, the slim build of the Elvie might be preferable. For everyone else, Momcozy gets the job done.

Additional Features

The Elvie pumps can be linked to the Pump with Elvie smartphone app. This gives them a host of additional features, and increases the overall usability. The app tracks your sessions and settings, and you don’t have to reach into your bra to make changes.

While some Momcozy designs (such as the S12 and S12 Pro) include memory functions and timers, additional features are limited.


Up until this point, Elvie has been the clear winner. These are premium electric breast pumps that do more, and you can really see that in every aspect of the performance. You can also see it when you check out the price tag.

Elvie electric breast pumps are significantly more expensive than Momcozy breast pumps. For some moms, the price tag will render all the other comparison points moot.

Elvie is at the higher end of the breast pump market, with the Elvie Pump costing several hundred dollars. The Stride is cheaper, but it’s still an expensive pump. Momcozy, on the other hand, are mid-range electric breast pumps.

The single S9 pump is affordable, while the double is typically half the price of the Elvie Stride. If you’re a mom on a budget, or you only plan on pumping occasionally, then Momcozy is the better choice.

With that said, Elvie does offer real quality for the price tag. If you do plan on frequent pumping, or discretion is hugely important to you, then it might be worth the investment.

Final Thoughts On Elvie vs momcozy

When it comes to choosing between Momcozy and Elvie, it really is a case of you get what you pay for. Elvie is a premium brand, and the Elvie Pump is one of the best discreet pumps on the market.

The Elvie Stride adds some bulk, but it also comes with a lower price tag and a higher suction power. Momcozy is a more affordable brand, and that’s reflected in the quality.

Although these are still good electric breast pumps, they lack the sophisticated finish of the Elvie. But the suction power is excellent, and the design is intuitive for moms.

Overall, Elvie is the better brand, but Momcozy has an excellent performance at a lower price. We hope this guide will help you on your pumping journey!

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