Momcozy V1 Review

Released in 2023, the Momcozy V1 breast pump stands out for its hospital grade suction power, hands-free, portable design, and micro-vibration technology.

This breast pump comes with two very light weight milk collection cups and a pump motor that is connected via tubing. It is designed to be worn with the collection cups inside a bra, allowing moms to pump discreetly while going about their daily activities.

The V1 also features a creative HD touch panel, huge 7.7oz milk container capacity, comfortable double seal breast shield/flange cushion, and offers various suction modes and levels that allow mothers to customize their pumping experience according to their preferences and needs.

So, if you think the Momcozy V1 wearable pump might be for you, then you’re in the right place!

In this Momcozy V1 review, I will discuss the benefits of the Momcozy V1 that I feel distinguish it from other breast pumps.

And to ensure you get an unbiased perspective, I will also include essential factors that you should consider when deciding if the Momcozy V1 pump is the right breast pump for you.

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Momcozy V1 Hands-Free & Portable Breast Pump
$199.99 ($199.99 / Count)

The Momcozy V1 is a highly efficient, lightweight, wearable breast pump designed to provide a comfortable and efficient pumping experience for nursing mothers.

With its hospital grade suction strength, 9 adjustable suction levels, and 3 pumping modes including micro vibration technology, you can easily personalize your pumping experience for comfort and efficiency.

Other stand out features include its easy to use HD touch screen, long battery life, and huge 7.7oz transparent milk containers.

You'll also love that it is a closed system made with soft BPA free, food grade silicone.

Noise: less than 52dB

Suction Force: 290 mmHg

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momcozy v1 review

The Momcozy Brand

Established in 2017, Momcozy’s origin story is rooted in the personal journey of its founder, who was diagnosed with PCOS. This pivotal experience, marked by the challenges of conceiving, inspired her to initiate positive lifestyle changes that ultimately led to a successful pregnancy and childbirth. Her desire to share her story and offer support to other women facing similar paths to motherhood laid the foundation for Momcozy.

Momcozy has earned acclaim for its expertise in curating products that guide women through the various stages of conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. Notably, they provide distinctive items such as test strip series for tracking ovulation and pregnancy, as well as baby scales for monitoring infant growth.

In 2022, Momcozy expanded its product lineup with the introduction of two notable products that gained significant attention. The first is a fever patch, distinguished by its ability to deliver drug-free, anti-allergic cooling and pain relief for individuals of all ages dealing with fever.

The second launch marked the debut of their innovative wearable breast pumps, specifically designed to offer breastfeeding working mothers a more convenient, cost-effective, and discreet pumping experience.

momcozy v1 breast pump

Benefits of Momcozy V1

The Momcozy V1 wearable breast pump offers several benefits for breastfeeding mothers, making it a convenient and efficient option for expressing breast milk.

Here are the key advantages:

Hospital Grade Suction: Up to 290mmHg suction strength.

Adjustable Suction Levels and Modes: With 9 adjustable suction levels and 3 modes (Stimulation/Expression/Mixed), the pump allows mothers to customize their pumping experience according to their comfort and milk flow needs.

Micro Vibration Technology: The pump’s mixed mode includes high frequency & micro-vibration technology, which helps loosen milk ducts during pumping, leading to increased milk output and faster pumping sessions.

Light Weight: Each collection cups weighs just 120g (0.26lb) which is very light weight, adding to the pump’s portability. The pump motor is only 280g.

Long-Lasting Battery: The Momcozy V1 is equipped with a large capacity battery of 150 minutes, allowing it to support up to 7 pumping sessions on a single charge, making it suitable for a whole day and night of pumping.

Transparent Cups with Cushioned Breast Shield/Flange: Not only are the collection cups designed for maximum comfort and efficiency with their double sealed, cushioned flange design, but I love that they are completely transparent so you can easily see how your pumping session is pregressing.

HD Touch Panel: The V1 comes with an easy to use, large HD touch panel with five buttons, making it simple to set up and operate.

Variety of Flange Sizes: The pump comes with 5 different flange sizes (17/19/21/24/27mm), ensuring a comfortable fit for different breast sizes and shapes.

Leak-Proof Design: The Momcozy V1 pump has a leak-proof design that prevents milk from spilling out. This helps moms avoid messy leaks and makes cleaning up easier.

Auto Shut-off: The pump has an auto shut-off feature after 25 minutes, preventing unnecessary battery drain.

In-Built Timer: I love the V1 comes with a built-in timer so you can easily monitor and adjust your pumping session.

Downside of Momcozy V1

The Momcozy V1, while offering various benefits, does have some disadvantages that I think you should consider:

Not All-In-One: Whilst I love that the collection cups fit nearly completely concealed in your bra, the motor is a separate unit that you will need to carry or attach to your body. It also means there are additional parts that you need to maintain.

Hand-Wash Only: The pump requires hand-washing for cleaning, which might be time-consuming compared to pumps with dishwasher-safe parts. This could add to the overall maintenance and cleaning routine for users.

Lack of Advanced Features: The V1 may lack certain advanced features that other more expensive breast pumps offer, such as Bluetooth connectivity, mobile app integration, or more sophisticated pumping modes like vibration.

momcozy v1 pump motor

Performance and Efficiency

Powerful Suction Force

The Momcozy V1 comes packed with a powerful suction force, up to 290mmHg, that you can fine-tune to your liking. This hospital grad suction, allows flexibility empowers you to match the pumping intensity to your comfort zone and milk flow requirements.

The enhanced suction capability of the V1 breast pump efficiently stimulates milk expression, resulting in optimal milk output and shorter pumping sessions.


The V1 offers three different modes – stimulation, expression, and mixed mode. Each mode is designed with distinct purposes in mind, ensuring versatility to accommodate diverse needs.

Stimulation Mode: This mode mirrors the rapid and shallow sucking pattern of a newborn, kickstarting the flow of milk, also known as your let-down. It proves especially advantageous for mothers seeking that extra nudge to initiate milk expression.

Expression Mode: Tailored for optimal efficiency, this mode excels at drawing out milk effectively, making it ideal for obtaining a more substantial milk volume during each pumping session.

Mixed Mode: The mixed mode is a mix of both stimulation and expression modes. What I truly love about the V1 is that the mixed mode incorporates a micro-vibration feature, which can aid in loosening ducts while pumping. This translates to the ability to extract more milk at an accelerated pace and thoroughly empty your breast with each session, reducing the risk of mastitis or engorgement. I think this is a huge benefit for pumping moms.

Adjustable Suction Levels

The Momcozy V1 breast pump is equipped with 9 adjustable suction levels, allowing you to fine-tune the suction strength according to your comfort and milk flow requirements.

I love that this pump has such a large range of suction levels as I believe that this adjustability is essential as the highest pump setting may not be the most effective for your milk production, especially as you need to be comfortable and relax for the milk to flow.

momcozy v1 flange


Based on my personal experience, I know that comfort is a pivotal factor when it comes to pumping. The last thing anyone wants is to be uncomfortable or worse, in pain during their pumping session.

Customizable Fit

The Momcozy V1 understands that every mother’s breast size and shape is unique. To cater to different needs, the breast pump offers a variety of flange sizes for a customizable fit.

The V1 comes with a default 24mm silicone breast shield as well as an additional 27mm silicone breast shield for those needing a larger flange size.

Additionally, it also comes with 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm size flanges that can be inserted into your breast shield flange.

I think that this range of options ensures that you can easily find the perfect fit, enhancing comfort during your pumping sessions.

I also love that Momcozy provides a nipple measuring tool to help you determine your correct flange size. I think this thoughtful feature helps you find the most suitable fit, contributing to a more comfortable and efficient pumping experience.

Double-Sealed Breast Shield/Flange Design

Another feature I love with the V1 Momcozy breast pump is its ingenious double-sealed breast shield/flange design, strategically designed to increase both comfort and efficiency throughout pumping sessions.

This innovative design incorporates two key components to establish a reliable and efficient seal around the breast:

Outer Breast Shield/Flange Seal: The outer flange constitutes the section of the breast pump that comes into direct contact with the breast during pumping. Momcozy has meticulously engineered the outer flange to create a secure seal encompassing the breast. This seal acts as a barrier, preventing air from escaping and maintaining a consistent suction, thus maximizing milk expression and reducing the likelihood of discomfort or inefficiency during pumping.

Inner Breast Shield/Flange Seal: Nestled within the outer breast shield/flange, the M5 breast pump features an additional inner seal. This supplementary inner seal adds an extra layer of protection against air leakage, further reinforcing a snug and dependable fit on the breast. The double-sealed breast shield/flange design effectively sustains a robust suction force, resulting in efficient milk expression while minimizing the risk of discomfort or irritation.

The synergy of these outer and inner seals guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, facilitating the seamless flow of milk during pumping sessions.

By creating a strong seal and preventing air from entering the pump during the suction process, it allows the vacuum to effectively draw out milk from the breast.

Not only is this more comfortable, but it can also help optimize milk expression and potentially reduce the time needed for each pumping session which is definitely a big plus for me!

Quiet Operation

To me the V1 sounds louder than other pumps in the Momcozy range. However, the Momcozy V1 breast pump still operates relatively quietly, generating sound levels lower than 52dB.

Keep in mind though, while this is relatively quiet, if you’re in a tranquil office setting or out in public the humming sound of your pump will more than likely be noticeable.

If using it at home, I think that it is quiet enough to allow you to get on with your everyday activities with minimal distraction.  

momcozy v1 wearable breast pump


The Momcozy V1 breast pump is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering several features that make it easy and convenient to use.

HD Touch Panel Display

The V1 pump motor comes with an extra-large HD touch panel display that provides clear and intuitive information during operation. The display allows you to easily navigate through the different pumping modes and adjust the suction levels according to your preference.

What I love about this control panel is that it is a touch panel, so you don’t have to press hard on a button to quickly adjust you settings.

You can also turn the backlight on or off with a quick press of the power button. I do love that you can control the light rather than it staying on the whole pumping session or automatically turning off after 15 seconds.

I also really like that there is only 5 buttons, which makes it very clear and easy to operate.

Customizable Pumping Settings

As previously discussed, the V1 breast pump offers customizable pumping settings to suit your specific needs.

With 9 adjustable suction levels and 3 pumping modes (Stimulation/Expression/Mixed), you can tailor the pumping experience to your comfort and milk flow requirements.


I really love that the Momcozy V1 comes with a built-in timer.

I think this is a big plus in enabling your to easily track your pumping sessions.


When it comes to accessories, the Momcozy V1 is a little limited, especially when compared to other Momcozy pumps.

Whilst you get 2 material storage bags and the nipple ruler, there is no bra adjustment buckles and minimal replacement parts.

momcozy v1 collection container capacity

Container Capacity

When it comes to the milk container capacity, the Momcozy V1 wearable pump shines! It boasts a huge container capacity of 7.7 oz, offering ample space for storing your expressed breast milk.

The ample capacity of this container proves exceptionally advantageous, particularly for mothers who require expressing a significant volume of milk during each pumping session or opt for fewer pumping sessions throughout the day.

This generous container reduces the necessity for frequent emptying, granting you the ability to concentrate on milk expression without interruptions and ultimately enhancing your pumping efficiency to the fullest.

Transparent Design

Again, where the collection cups win me over is with their transparent design! The cups on the V1 are completely clear design.

This means when the collection cups are in your bra, able to see the cups and how your expression is tracking. This means to monitor the amount of milk you are expressing at any given moment you need pull down your bra, awkwardly move your neck, or interrupt your pumping session and remove the pump.

I feel this really adds to the discretion of the pump.

momcozy v1 pouring spout

Pouring Spout

The Momcozy V1 has a large pouring spout, or rather hole, on the top of the collection container which is sealed with a silicone lid.

Whilst I love that there is a pouring feature, I don’t particularly like the positioning of it as it makes it a little bit more trick to line up your container. Also, it is a hole, rather than a spout design which again makes pouring a tiny bit harder.

I like that the hole comes with a lid as this is very secure to help prevent leaks, but part of me also doesn’t like it as it is an extra part to worry about wearing and you have to make sure that before you use your pump, you have replaced the pouring silicone lid securely.


Due to the separate motor and tubing, there are a few more parts to the Momcozy V1 than other Momcozy wearable breast pumps.

That said, I think the assembly process is fairly straightforward.

momcozy v1 pump charging port

Portability And Battery Life

The Momcozy V1 breast pump is designed for portability, offering mothers the flexibility to pump on the go without being tied to a power source.

Hands-Free Pumping

Firstly, what I love about the Momcozy V1 is that it provides hands-free pumping capabilities, adding even more convenience for busy mothers.

Whilst I am personally not a huge fan of the separate motor and connection tube, I prefer a completely wearable design like the Momcozy M5, I do appreciate that the V1 provides a practical, hands-free solution to pumping while on the go.

Battery Life

With a usage time of 150 minutes on a single charge, the pump can support multiple pumping sessions (6 to7 sessions) before needing to be recharged.

This means it should last you a full 24 hours of pumping sessions.

Charging Time

It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the V1.

USB-C Type Charging

I love that the pump uses a USB-C Type charging port. This makes pumping on the go much easier as you can charge your pump from your car or even your work computer.

The USB charging ensures that you can easily find compatible charging cables and adapters, adding to the pump’s portability and convenience.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

For both safety and preserving your battery life, I love that the V1 comes with a 25 min auto shut off feature.

This safety feature not only conserves battery life but also gives you peace of mind, knowing that the pump will automatically power down to prevent any potential issues from extended use.

momcozy v1 milk collection cup

Hygiene And Cleaning

Ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness is paramount when utilizing a breast pump, and the Momcozy V1 has been crafted to simplify and enhance the cleaning procedure.

Detachable Parts

The V1 is equipped with detachable components that simplify the process of disassembling the breast pump for cleaning purposes.

Every element, from the flange and duckbill valve to the silicone diaphragm and milk containers, can be effortlessly separated. This convenient disassembly feature provides straightforward access to all the parts that come into contact with breast milk, guaranteeing a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

I really like that there are plenty of easy to follow assembly and disassembly instructions to help make the process even more simplified.

Closed System Design

When looking for a breast pump, my preference is for a closed system design. This crucial feature ensures that breast milk remains completely isolated from the pump’s tubing and motor during the pumping process.

This design serves a vital role in the hygiene and cleanliness of the breast pump, effectively preventing any possibility of contamination or the buildup of bacteria within the pump’s internal components.

The closed system design also acts as a safeguard against milk leakages, contributing to a hassle-free and mess-free pumping experience.

Happy to say, the V1 has a closed system design.

BPA-Free And Food-Grade Materials

Crafted from premium materials, the Momcozy V1 is entirely free from harmful substances like BPA (Bisphenol A). The breast pump is specifically made from food-grade silicone, ensuring it is safe for both mothers and babies.


Cleaning the Momcozy V1 is intentionally designed to be a straightforward and hassle-free process.

Following each use, the detachable components can be easily cleaned by rinsing them in warm, soapy water, followed by a thorough rinse with clean water. Ensuring the cleanliness of all components that come into contact with breast milk is of utmost importance to prevent bacterial growth and maintain impeccable hygiene.

For thorough sanitization, these parts can be boiled in water for a few minutes or conveniently sterilized using a steam sterilizer specifically designed for baby products.

It’s essential to note that these parts should be handwashed and should not be placed in a dishwasher, bottle sterilizer, or microwave sterilizing bag.

While this may be a bit of extra effort, it ultimately safeguards the longevity and efficiency of the breast pump over time. The small trade-off of handwashing the parts is well worth the peace of mind that comes with a safe and effective pumping experience, benefiting both the mother and the baby’s overall well-being.

Regular Maintenance

All breast pumps require regular maintenance to uphold their performance, and the V1 is no exception.

It is advised to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance, which include routine checks and the replacement of parts as necessary.

The V1 comes with 2 spare valves.

Price and Value For Money

When it comes to price and value for money, I think the Momcozy V1 offers a ton of value. Especially compared with other premium portable breast pumps.

Whilst you may be giving up some premium features of other models, like a tracking app, I feel for a quality, portable breast pump, you really are getting bang for your buck.

For me the value lies in its hospital grade suction strength and 3 modes including vibration for maximum comfort and milk expression. I also really do love the HD touch screen that you don’t get with other Momcozy pumps!

When you purchase a Momcozy M5 breast pump, included in your kit is:

Double Wearable Pump Kit

  • Pump Motor * 1
  • Milk Collector * 2
  • Tubing * 1
  • Double-sealed flange (24mm) * 2
  • Double-sealed flange (27mm) * 2
  • Silicone Diaphragm * 2
  • USB Type-C cable * 1
  • Duckbill Valve * 4
  • Flange insert (17 mm) * 2
  • Flange insert (19 mm) * 2
  • Flange insert (21 mm) * 2
  • Storage Bag * 2
  • Quick start guide * 1
  • Nipple ruler * 1
  • User manual * 1
Momcozy V1 Hands-Free & Portable Breast Pump
$199.99 ($199.99 / Count)

The Momcozy V1 is a highly efficient, lightweight, wearable breast pump designed to provide a comfortable and efficient pumping experience for nursing mothers.

With its hospital grade suction strength, 9 adjustable suction levels, and 3 pumping modes including micro vibration technology, you can easily personalize your pumping experience for comfort and efficiency.

Other stand out features include its easy to use HD touch screen, long battery life, and huge 7.7oz transparent milk containers.

You'll also love that it is a closed system made with soft BPA free, food grade silicone.

Noise: less than 52dB

Suction Force: 290 mmHg

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Momcozy V1 User Reviews

  • Momcozy – 4.8 out of 5 (32 reviews)
  • And of course, Amazon which features similar highly rated reviews!

Watch The Video

Prefer to see the Momcozy V1 live in action? Then check out my Momcozy V1 wearable breast pump review video!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe the Momcozy V1 is a great budget friendly option for mothers who need a portable and hands-free breast pump.

I love that it comes with premium features such as the HD touch screen and 3rd mixed mode with micro vibration, coupled with its lightweight design and long battery life for great portability.

The pump’s adjustable suction levels and multiple pumping modes cater to individual preferences, providing versatility and customization options.

Moreover, the Momcozy V1 boasts several other positive aspects, including its hospital-grade suction power, closed system design for hygiene, BPA-free and food-grade materials, and very generous container capacity.

However, it is essential to consider some limitations, such as the separate motor design, limited inclusions, and the need for handwashing, which may be somewhat inconvenient for some users. Plus, there are no high-end features such as a tracking app or Bluetooth connectivity.

That said, I think the V1 is a well-rounded and efficient breast pump that offers exceptional affordability, convenience, and practicality for breastfeeding mothers.

Momcozy V1 Hands-Free & Portable Breast Pump
$199.99 ($199.99 / Count)

The Momcozy V1 is a highly efficient, lightweight, wearable breast pump designed to provide a comfortable and efficient pumping experience for nursing mothers.

With its hospital grade suction strength, 9 adjustable suction levels, and 3 pumping modes including micro vibration technology, you can easily personalize your pumping experience for comfort and efficiency.

Other stand out features include its easy to use HD touch screen, long battery life, and huge 7.7oz transparent milk containers.

You'll also love that it is a closed system made with soft BPA free, food grade silicone.

Noise: less than 52dB

Suction Force: 290 mmHg

GET 15% OFF BY USING THE CODE: happymama (when you buy direct from

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momcozy v1 breast pump review