Nicknames For Phoebe

Are you looking for the best nicknames for Phoebe?

Then, you can’t go wrong with the cute and pretty nicknames for the name Phoebe!  

Phoebe is a beautiful Greek girl’s name meaning “radiant, shining one”. And the name Phoebe has belonged to many strong, radiant ones along the way!

Phoebe is mentioned in the Bible as a strong female leader in the early Church.  

Phoebe is a Titan associated with the moon in Greek mythology.  

Phoebe is one of the most beloved TV characters from the sitcom “Friends”, and the name given to various other characters in TV, movies, and literature!

In fact, there are quite a few famous people named Phoebe!

But despite the famous and strong women named Phoebe, the name Phoebe remains an uncommon and unique name!  

Yet, even with being an uncommon name, Phoebe is deserving of the very best nickname for Phoebe!

That’s why we’ve made this ultimate Phoebe nicknames list!  

Here you’ll find the best nicknames for Phoebe, from funny nicknames for Phoebe, cute nicknames for Phoebe, cool nicknames for Phoebe, and more!

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Funny Nicknames For Phoebe

Best Nicknames For Phoebe

  1. Babe
  2. PHB
  3. Bea
  4. PHD
  5. Bean
  6. Phee
  7. Buddy Bee
  8. Pheeb
  9. Bumblebee
  10. Pheebs
  11. Deetzie
  12. Pheebz
  13. Dr. Fee
  14. Pheebzzzz
  15. Dr. Phoebe
  16. Phlob
  17. Eebs
  18. Phoeb
  19. Fee
  20. Phoeba
  21. Fefe
  22. phoebe babes
  23. Feyfey
  24. Phoebi
  25. Fi
  26. Phoebie
  27. Fifi
  28. Phoebo
  29. Peobi
  30. Phoebs
  31. PH
Nicknames For The Name Phoebe

Cute Nicknames For Phoebe

  1. Beebee
  2. Pho-eebe
  3. Beep
  4. Phobe
  5. Bibby
  6. Phobee
  7. Bibi
  8. Phoe-Bean
  9. Biby
  10. Phoebe BB
  11. Busy Bee
  12. Phoebe-geebies
  13. Busy Pho-ebe
  14. Phoebe-weebeie
  15. Buzzy Bee
  16. Phoebean
  17. Ibie
  18. Pip
  19. Little Bee
  20. Pixie
  21. Phe Phi Pho
  22. Piya
  23. pheebles beebles
  24. Posie
  25. Pho
Famous People Named Phoebe

Funny Nicknames For Phoebe

  1. Amoeba Phoeba
  2. Fleebee
  3. Buffay
  4. Flobs
  5. Bumble Bee
  6. Flybuy
  7. Bumblephee
  8. Fo Sho
  9. Ebeoph
  10. Fobe
  11. Ebie
  12. Free Bee
  13. Fee Fi Fo Fum
  14. Frisbee
  15. Fee-beast
  16. Peepee
  17. Fee-Dee-Bee
  18. Phia Seed
  19. Feebalicious
  20. Phobia
  21. Feebee Foe
  22. Phoebers
  23. Feebee-deebee
  24. Phoebert
  25. Fishy
  26. Phoebes
  27. Flea
  28. Pinto bean
Cute Nicknames For Phoebe

Cool Nicknames For Phoebe

  1. Bebe
  2. Phebo
  3. Bebo
  4. Phebsters
  5. Bee
  6. Phia
  7. Deebee
  8. Phibinator
  9. Deeter
  10. Phibine
  11. Eebies
  12. Phobelicious
  13. Evie
  14. Phoe
  15. Feebers
  16. Phoeber
  17. Feebs
  18. Phoebster
  19. Peebee
  20. Phoebus
  21. Peebers
  22. Phube
  23. Phebee
  24. Pibbles
  25. Phebie
  26. Pihu
Cool Nicknames For Phoebe

Famous People Named Phoebe

  • Phoebe (Biblical, a notable woman in the church of Corinth)
  • Phoebe (Fictional, character from “As You Like It”)
  • Phoebe Anna Traquair (Irish artist)
  • Phoebe Banks (Fictional, character from “Enchanted”)
  • Phoebe Belle Cates Kline (American actress)
  • Phoebe Buffay (Fictional, character from “Friends”)
  • Phoebe Cary (American Poet)
  • Phoebe Caulfield (Fictional, character from “Catcher in the Rye”)
  • Phoebe Goodell Judson (Canadian American pioneer, founded Western Washington University)
  • Phoebe Halliwell (Fictional, character from “Charmed”)
  • Phoebe Hearst (American philanthropist, feminist and suffragist)
  • Phoebe Holcroft Watson (UK tennis player)
  • Phoebe Lichten (Fictional, character from “Phoebe in Wonderland”)
  • Phoebe Pember (nurse and female administrator of Chimborazo Hospital at Richmond, Virginia during the American Civil War)
  • Phoebe Snow (American singer/songwriter)
  • Phoebe Tonkin (Australian actress and model)

Final Thoughts On Phoebe Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

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Best Nicknames For Phoebe