Nicknames For Avery

When you’re considering Avery nicknames for your sweet baby, only the best nicknames for Avery will do!

So, we’ve come up with the best, most unique and pretty nicknames for the name Avery to inspire you!

Avery is a beautiful name used for boys and girls. It comes from the Old English aelf, meaning elf, and ric, meaning power/mighty/king/ruler, so Avery means “ruler of elves”.  

The impish and playful name Avery was used nearly exclusively for boys prior to the 21st century, where it has gained popularity as a female name! The name was mildly popular for boys, ranking in the top 500 names for the past century. As a female name, it has been a top 50 name since 2007!

Avery has become a well loved name that is fun and enchanting, and certainly worthy of some mischievous and fun-loving Avery nicknames!

We’d love to inspire you with your own nickname for Avery or even middle names for Avery!

So, here you’ll find cute nicknames for Avery, funny nicknames for Avery, and cool nicknames for Avery! And of course, our list would be complete without a bunch of famous people named Avery too!

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Funny Nicknames For Avery

Best Nicknames For Avery

  1. Aery
  2. Avey8ter
  3. Aeverie
  4. Bae
  5. Ara
  6. Cutie
  7. Arvo
  8. E 3
  9. Arwen
  10. Erie
  11. Avalee
  12. Lake Erie
  13. Aver
  14. Lottery
  15. Averi
  16. Ree
  17. Averia
  18. Ree Ree
  19. Averie
  20. Reva
  21. Averiel
  22. Veer
  23. Aves
  24. Verily
  25. Avey
  26. Very A
  27. Avey baby
Famous People Named Avery

Cute Nicknames For Avery

  1. Aria
  2. Avia
  3. Arie
  4. Avie
  5. Arya
  6. Avier
  7. Audrey
  8. Berry
  9. Av
  10. Birdie
  11. Av-Bee
  12. Celery
  13. Ava
  14. Curvy
  15. Avarie
  16. Evelyn
  17. Ave
  18. Eywa
  19. Ave Maria
  20. Fairy
  21. Avelynn
  22. Ivy
  23. Avery-Lee
  24. Lil V
  25. Averyan
  26. Rayva
  27. Aveyboo
Cute Nicknames For Avery

Funny Nicknames For Avery

  1. A Very
  2. Avery Wavery
  3. A worry
  4. Avocado
  5. A1
  6. Avon
  7. Armani
  8. Baevery
  9. Avalanche
  10. Bakery
  11. Avalon
  12. Brave
  13. Ave The Brave
  14. Bravery
  15. Ave-Army
  16. Mon Vie
  17. Ave-Poo
  18. My Avi
  19. Avery Flavory
  20. Savory
  21. Avery Savory
  22. Tex Avery
Cool Nicknames For Avery

Cool Nicknames For Avery

  1. Archie
  2. Eva
  3. Arrow
  4. Eve
  5. Avebabe
  6. Gravy
  7. Avee
  8. Ira
  9. Avenger
  10. Ivory
  11. Averino
  12. Maverick
  13. Averoni
  14. Rae
  15. Avers
  16. Ray
  17. Avrey
  18. Rey
  19. Avril
  20. Riri
  21. Avry
  22. Rory
  23. Avy
  24. Vee
  25. Ery
Best Nicknames For Avery

Famous People Named Avery

  • Avery Arable (Fictional, character from Charlotte’s Web)
  • Avery Barkley (Music producer and musician)
  • Avery Bradley (American NBA basketball player)
  • Avery Brooks (American actor)
  • Avery Brundage (5th President of the International Olympic Committee)
  • Avery Bullock (Fictional, character from “American Dad”)
  • Avery Cardoza (American author)
  • Avery I and Avery II (Fictional characters from “Harry Potter”)
  • Avery Jessup (Fictional, character from “30 Rock”)
  • Avery Johnson (American basketball coach)
  • Avery Lawrence Schreiber (American Comedian)
  • Avery Storm (American R&B, rap singer)
  • Dr. Jackson Avery (Fictional, character from “Grey’s Anatomy”)
  • Shug Avery (Fictional, character in The Color Purple)
  • Tex Avery (American cartoonist)

Final Thoughts On Avery Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

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