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Julia is a very old name, dating back to Ancient Rome. Julia is thought to come from the family name Julius, as in Julius Caesar. Julia is the feminine version of Julius, which means “downy beard”. Further yet, the name Julius is thought to be related to the name Jupiter, meaning “the supreme god”. In addition, Julia may have roots in the Latin word iuvenis meaning youthful (think juvenile), therefore Julia can mean sky-father, downy-haired, or youthful!

Julia became a popular girls name during the Italian Renaissance, and then a resurgence again in the 18th century.

Although never at the top of the charts, Julia has remained a beloved name, always remaining in the top 150 names for girls!  

Julia has been the character of books, in Shakespearean plays, in movies and TV shows, and the name of the world famous cook, Julia Child! And there are plenty of other famous people named Julia!

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for a nickname for Julia, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find cute nicknames for Julia, funny nicknames for Julia, and cool nicknames for Julia!

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Nicknames For The Name Julia

Best Nicknames For Julia

  1. Ailuj
  2. Julieth
  3. Big Julia
  4. Julietta
  5. Ghjulia
  6. Juliette
  7. Giulia
  8. Jully
  9. Giulietta
  10. Julsie
  11. Jewelry
  12. Jyni
  13. Jewels
  14. Leana
  15. Jubilee
  16. Lee
  17. Judith
  18. Lia
  19. Judy
  20. Liana
  21. Julerz
  22. Liane
  23. Juliana
  24. Lianna
  25. Julianna
  26. Uli
  27. Julianne
  28. Uliana
  29. Juliet
  30. Ulyana
  31. Julieta
Julia Nicknames

Cute Nicknames For Julia

  1. Harmonia
  2. Junee
  3. Jdelaide
  4. Junia
  5. Jenriette
  6. Junie
  7. Jocelyn
  8. Juny
  9. Joleyat
  10. Lily
  11. Juana
  12. Loo -Li
  13. Juanita
  14. Loo Loo
  15. Julia ette
  16. Loo-Lia
  17. Julie Bean
  18. Lu Lia
  19. Julie Bear
  20. Lu Lu
  21. Julienne
  22. Lulia
  23. Julija
  24. Xulia
  25. Julinja
  26. Yulia
  27. Juna
  28. Yuliya
  29. June
Funny Nicknames For Julia

Funny Nicknames For Julia

  1. Hoola
  2. Julea
  3. Hoola Hoop
  4. Juleech
  5. J-Dawg
  6. Julia Roberts
  7. J-Day
  8. Julia-ree
  9. Jattie Julia
  10. Juliabiotics
  11. Jay Day
  12. Julias
  13. Jay Jay
  14. Julias Caesar
  15. Jekyll
  16. Julicorn
  17. Jude
  18. Juliska 
  19. Judeet
  20. Juliya
  21. Judit
  22. Julyet 
  23. Juju-B
  24. Junami
  25. Jujube
  26. Juulia
  27. Jul-eeks
Famous People Named Julia

Cool Nicknames For Julia

  1. Cool-Lia
  2. Jovita 
  3. Coolia
  4. Jrbana
  5. Hulia
  6. Julan
  7. Iuile
  8. Julcia
  9. Iulia
  10. Julcia 
  11. Jalia
  12. Jules
  13. Janri
  14. Juli
  15. Jay
  16. Julian
  17. Jerry
  18. Julie
  19. Jewel
  20. Julitta
  21. Jio
  22. Juls
  23. JJ
  24. July
  25. Jolie
  26. Juni
  27. Jones
  28. Jupes
  29. Journey
  30. Justinie
  31. Jovita
Cool Nicknames For Julia

Famous People Named Julia

  • Julia “Jules” Cobb (Fictional, character from “Cougar Town”)
  • Julia (Fictional, character from Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell)
  • Julia Almeida (Brazilian actress)
  • Julia Carter Aldrich (American author)
  • Julia Chang (Fictional, character from “Tekken”)
  • Julia Child (American cook)
  • Julia Crichton (Fictional,  character in “Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos”)
  • Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia)
  • Julia Görges (German tennis player)
  • Julia Houston (Fictional, character from “Smash”)
  • Julia Kristeva (Bulgarian-French philosopher)
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus (American actress)
  • Julia Morgan (American architect and engineer)
  • Julia Perez “Jupe” (Indonesian actress, singer, presenter, model, and comedian)
  • Julia Roberts (American actress)
  • Julia Ward Howe (American poet and author)
  • Julie “Finn” Finlay (Fictional, character from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”)

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Cool Nicknames For Julia