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Anna is a beautiful Latin name from the Greek: Ἄννα. The name is derived from the Hebrew name Hannah which means “grace” or “favor” or “beautiful”.

Much of the name Anna’s popularity can be credited to Saint Anna (or Saint Anne), also known as the mother of Virgin Mary, grandmother of Jesus.

Anna has been a popular name throughout the centuries, and remained in the top 100 names until recently…however many other versions of the name Anna are still in the top 100!

With a name that dates back over 2000 years, it is easy to understand how there can be so many variations: Anna, Anne, Annie, Ann….but no matter how you write the letters, Anna is such a beautiful name!

So, if you’ve fallen in love with the name Anna, we know you’re going to love these nicknames for the name Anna as well!

And to help you find that perfect Anna nickname, here you’ll find cute nicknames for Anna, cool nicknames for Anna, funny nicknames for Anna, and even a full list of famous people named Anna!

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Nicknames For The Name Anna

Best Nicknames For Anna

  1. Ahana
  2. Anu
  3. Aine
  4. Anyura
  5. An
  6. Anyusya
  7. Ana
  8. Anyuta
  9. Anais
  10. Elian
  11. Anette
  12. Ene
  13. Angelina
  14. Ette
  15. Ani
  16. Hannah
  17. Anja
  18. Henna
  19. Anka
  20. Jana
  21. Annah
  22. Lana
  23. Annalyn
  24. Maryan
  25. Anne
  26. Myusha
  27. Anneli
  28. Nan
  29. Annelle
  30. Nenie
  31. Annet
  32. Nyura
  33. Annette
  34. Princess Ann
  35. Anona
  36. Princess Anna
  37. Anouk
Funny Nicknames For Anna

Cute Nicknames For Anna

  1. Ana Maria
  2. Annushka
  3. Anabells
  4. Anya
  5. Anah
  6. Anyu
  7. Anechka
  8. Hanne
  9. Anelia
  10. Lianna
  11. Anelle
  12. Mana
  13. Ania
  14. Nana
  15. Annabel
  16. Nanny
  17. Annabelle
  18. Neh
  19. Annabells
  20. Nena
  21. Annora
  22. Nyusha
Famous People Named Anna

Funny Nicknames For Anna

  1. Ahha
  2. Anna Ther
  3. Ahnnasion
  4. Anna-Conda
  5. Anilicious
  6. Anna-Gram
  7. Anisoara
  8. Anna-Lisa
  9. Ann Tenna
  10. Anna-Logue
  11. Ann-archy
  12. Anna-Ther
  13. Ann-Tenna
  14. Annabiotics
  15. Anna Banana
  16. Anne Matter
  17. Anna Conda
  18. Anny Nanny
  19. Anna Graham
  20. Annychka
  21. Anna Gram
  22. Ban Anna
  23. Anna Greta
  24. Ban-Anna
  25. Anna Liddick
  26. Handy Anna
  27. Anna Lisa
  28. Hene
  29. Anna Logue
  30. Indy Anna
  31. Anna Montana
  32. Mad Anner
  33. Anna Mull
  34. Nanny Granny
Cute Nicknames For Anna

Cool Nicknames For Anna

  1. A
  2. Ghana
  3. Anasaurus
  4. Hana
  5. Anecheka
  6. Hanaa
  7. Anita
  8. Hanna
  9. Ann
  10. Henye
  11. Anni
  12. Leann
  13. Annick
  14. Lian
  15. Annie
  16. Manna
  17. Annina
  18. Mari Anna
  19. Anz
  20. Nyuta
  21. Aska
  22. Ona
  23. Asya
  24. Panna
Cool Nicknames For Anna

Famous People Named Anna

  • Anna (Biblical, New Testament Prophetess)
  • Anna (Fictional character from Disney’s “Frozen”)
  • Anna Camp (American actress)
  • Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (American political figure, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt)
  • Anna Karenina (Fictional, character from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy)
  • Anna Kendrick (American actress)
  • Anna Khanum (Wife of Safi of Persia, sixth King of Iran)
  • Anna Nicole Smith (American reality TV Star)
  • Anna of Austria (Wife of King Philip II and Queen of Spain)
  • Anna Pavlovna of Russia (Wife of King William II, King of Netherlands.)
  • Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise (Princess Anne, 17th in line to the British Throne)
  • Anne Of Austria (Queen of Poland and Sweden, wife of King Sigismund III)
  • Annelies Marie Frank (German diarist, famous for “The Diary of Anne Frank”)
  • Queen Anne (Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland, 1702 -1707)
  • Saint Anne (Mother of Mary, maternal grandmother of Jesus)
  • Anna Friel (English actress)
  • Anna Paquin (New Zealand-Canadian actress)

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