Nicknames For Lauren

Are you looking for the best nicknames for Lauren that are both cute and pretty?  

Well, you’re in luck as we’ve gathered up all the best nicknames for the name Lauren that we could find!

The name Lauren comes from the Latin Laurentum, which was an ancient Roman city. Many considered it the first capital of Italy. The name of the city comes from the laurel tree which was a symbol of wisdom and accomplishment. So, the name Lauren can mean “wisdom” or “laurel tree”.

Either way you look at it, Lauren is a beautiful name full of wisdom and grace.  

Lauren is a fairly modern female name. Previously used as a male name, it was popularized for girls by Lauren Bacall, an American actress in the 40s and 50s. 

It currently ranks in the top 300 names for girls. It rose in popularity in the 80s, much to the credit of Lauren Bacall. 1989 saw Lauren ranking at #9 in the US, and Lauren has prevailed as a favorite name!

And just like the name Lauren is beautiful and grand so are Lauren nicknames!

So, to help you find the perfect Lauren nickname, here you’ll find cute nicknames for Lauren, funny nicknames for Lauren, and cool nicknames for Lauren! And a full list of famous people named Lauren.

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Nickname For Lauren

Best Nicknames For Lauren

  1. Aura
  2. Laureno
  3. Auren
  4. Laurenza
  5. Lala
  6. Lo
  7. Lar
  8. Lo lo
  9. Lara
  10. Lolo
  11. Larayne
  12. Lon
  13. Lauree
  14. Lonny
  15. Laureen
  16. Lora
  17. Laureeno
Lauren Nickname

Cute Nicknames For Lauren

  1. Lau
  2. Laury-Boo
  3. Lau Lau
  4. Laury-Dear
  5. Laurie
  6. Laurynge
  7. Laurinaitis
  8. Lolly Legs
  9. Laurnee
  10. Lolly Polly
  11. Lauro
  12. Lollypop
Funny Nicknames For Lauren

Funny Nicknames For Lauren

  1. Dull Lull
  2. Laurengitis
  3. Kylo-Ren
  4. Laurenitis
  5. L’orange
  6. Lemon
  7. Laundry
  8. Lern
  9. Laur-Laur
  10. Lobster
  11. Laureato
  12. LOL
  13. Lauren-Pourin’
  14. Lordon Ramsay
Famous People Named Lauren

Cool Nicknames For Lauren

  1. El
  2. Layla
  3. Elle
  4. Lola
  5. Elly
  6. Lollo
  7. Laryn
  8. Lollsy
  9. Laura
  10. Loraine
  11. Laurain
  12. Lorax
  13. Laurel
  14. Loren
  15. Laurene
  16. Lorene
  17. Lauryn
Cool Nicknames For Lauren

Famous People Named Lauren

  • Lauren Bacall (American actress)
  • Lauren Ackerman (American physician and pathologist)
  • Lauren Anderson (American model)
  • Lauren Zander (American author)
  • Lauren Worsham (American singer and actress)
  • Lauren Winfield (English cricket player)
  • Lauren van Oosten (Canadian Olympic athlete)
  • Lauren Terrazzano (American journalist)
  • Lauren Alaina (American singer)
  • Lauren Tom (American actress)
  • Lauren Helen Graham (American actor)

Final Thoughts On Lauren Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

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