Nicknames For Madison

Are you looking for the best nicknames for Madison that are both pretty and cute?

Then these Madison nicknames are for you!

It’s easy to see how Madison could be the perfect name for your sweet baby!

The name Madison is an English sur-name that means “son of Matthew”. But over time the name Madison has been frequently used as a female first name. Madison is also one of the most popular baby names that is also a place name (think London or Paris).

And it’s no wonder. The name is beautiful to say, fun to write, and there are a plethora of nicknames for the name Madison!

So, let us help you on your hunt for a nickname for Madison!

Here you’ll find cute nicknames for Madison, funny nicknames for Madison, cool nicknames for Madison, and even famous people named Madison! 

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Madison Nickname

Best Nicknames For Madison

Maddie BMara
Maddy Mardison
Funny Nicknames For Madison

Cute Nicknames For Madison

AddieMadi MooMoo
Lil MMady
Lil MaddyMadzi
Lil MadsMadzies
Maddie MooshMini Maddi
Maddie MuffinMini Maddie
MaddisonMini Maddy
MaddooMini Madster
MaddsMini Madz
MaddyMini Marshmallow
Madi bearMyaddy
Madi DaddyPrincess M
Madi Moo
Famous People Named Madison

Funny Nicknames For Madison

DizzyMaddy Daddy
DysonMaddy Muffin
M&MMaddy Paddy Chicken Patty
Ma MaMaddy Patty
Maa MaaMaddy-ness
Mad HatterMaddycake
Mad to the BoneMadison Beans
Maddie BeanMcDonalds
Maddie BooMedicine
Maddie CakeMiami
Maddie GirlMonkey
Maddie McMuffinMonster
Maddie MooMoodyson
Maddie Moo MooThe Mad Hatter
MaddiferThe Madisaur
Maddy Cakes
Cute Nicknames For Madison

Cool Nicknames For Madison

AddisonMaddie McBaddie
Baddie MaddieMaddieldon
Big MMaddiesaurus
Big MadzMadie
M DogMadisaurus
Mad DawgMadtad
Mad DogMadyson
Maddie MadsMayday
Maddie MadzMaydson
Maddie McAddy
Cool Nicknames For Madison

Famous People Named Madison

Cole Madison (American football player)
Dolley Madison (wife of James Madison, fourth president of the U.S.)
Frederick Madison Allen (Doctor)
George Madison (Governor of Kentucky)
Guy Madison (American actor)
Helene Madison (American swimmer)
Holly Madison (American model)
James Madison (Fourth President of the U.S.)
James Madison DeWolf (Surgeon)
James Madison Morton, Jr. (American federal judge)
Lucy Foster Madison (American novelist)
Madison Bumgarner (Major League Baseball pitcher)
Madison Davenport (American actress and singer)
Madison De La Garza (American actress)
Madison Grant (Lawyer, eugenicist, and conservationist)
Madison Hubbell (American ice dancer)
Madison Keys (American tennis player)
Madison Kocian (American Olympic gymnast)
Madison Marye (American politician)
Madison McCarthy (Fictional, character from “Glee”)
Madison McReynolds (American actress)
Madison Nguyen (American politician)
Madison Rocca (Fictional, character from “Power Rangers Mystic Force”)
Madison Sinclair (Fictional, character from “Veronica Mars”)
Madison Smartt Bell (Novelist)
Madison Washington (Instigator of slave revolt)
Martha Madison (American actress)
Tianna Madison (American athlete)

Final Thoughts On Madison Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

And if you’re still looking for more great nicknames, try these nicknames for Victoria, nicknames for Rachel, nicknames for Grace, and nicknames for girls for more inspiration!

Nickname For Madison