Nicknames For Audrey

Nicknames for Audrey are a must for the sweet Audrey in your life!

And our ultimate list of the best Audrey nicknames is sure to help you come up with a nickname for Audrey that you’ll love!

Audrey is an English given name that means “strength” or “noble”. And Audrey certainly is a beautiful noble name, befitting a princess!  

The name Audrey has seen a resurgence of popularity in recent years, keeping it in the top 100 names for girls for the past 20 years. Previously it had held a spot in the top 100 years from 1921-1940, but dwindled for 60 years before making a powerful comeback!

Despite it’s fickle popularity, there are many famous people named Audrey! Perhaps the most famous Audrey is Audrey Hepburn, a famous British actress who stole the hearts of everyone who saw her. She was famous for films like “Sabrina” and “Breakfast at Tiffanys”.

So, to help you find nicknames for the name Audrey that you’ll adore, here you’ll find cute nicknames for Audrey, funny nicknames for Audrey, cool nicknames for Audrey, and more!

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Nicknames For The Name Audrey

Best Nicknames For Audrey

  1. A-ray
  2. Drea
  3. Aidria
  4. Dreas
  5. Aira
  6. Dree
  7. Aquilina
  8. Drelina
  9. Aude
  10. Dresa
  11. Audis
  12. Hepburn
  13. Audra
  14. Little Aud
  15. Audrelina
  16. Maudrey
  17. Audrina
  18. Oddelina
  19. Audris
  20. Rey
  21. Auds
  22. Rey Rey
  23. Caudrey
  24. Reya
  25. Cutie Dre
  26. Squaggy
  27. Day
  28. Suga-drey
  29. Day Dre
  30. Tawdry Audrey
Funny Nicknames For Audrey

Cute Nicknames For Audrey

  1. Addie
  2. Audie-kins
  3. Addy
  4. AudiRoo
  5. Adi
  6. AudRoo
  7. Aud Bear
  8. Dre Baby
  9. Aud Bug
  10. Dre-Bear
  11. AudeBoo
  12. Oddie Cutie
  13. Audelina
  14. Owdrey
  15. AudiBoo
  16. Saint Audrey
  17. Audie Baby
  18. Sweet Auds
Famous People Named Audrey

Funny Nicknames For Audrey

  1. Aud Dawg
  2. Fawdrey
  3. Aud Frog
  4. Froggie
  5. Aud Lou
  6. Ms. Hepburn
  7. Aud Pie
  8. Odd
  9. Aud Pod
  10. Odd Aud
  11. Audball
  12. Odd Squad
  13. Audrey Pawdrey
  14. Odd Tree
  15. Audrey-Cakes
  16. Oddie
  17. Audrey-kins
  18. Pawdrey
  19. Auds Bunny
  20. Paws Awes
  21. Auds Dawg
  22. Potty Oddie
  23. Dr. Awe-Dre
  24. Sabrina
  25. Dr. Dre
  26. Tiffany
  27. Dre
Cute Nicknames For Audrey

Cool Nicknames For Audrey

  1. A
  2. Awesome
  3. A-rey
  4. Awesome Sauce
  5. A1
  6. Dede
  7. A1 Sauce
  8. Dee
  9. AudDawg
  10. DeeDee
  11. Audge
  12. Drey
  13. Audie
  14. Drey Bug
  15. Audrie
  16. Dreya
  17. Audz
  18. Dria
  19. Auggie
  20. Hottie
  21. Aurey
  22. Hottie Audrie
  23. Aus
  24. Mavirck
  25. Aussie
  26. Ms. Aud
  27. Awes
  28. Ms. Audrey
Cool Nicknames For Audrey

Famous People Named Audrey

  • Audrey (A novel by Mary Johnston)
  • Audrey Assad (American contemporary Christian musician)
  • Audrey Azoulay (French civil servant and politician)
  • Audrey Barcio (American visual artist)
  • Audrey Brown (British athlete)
  • Audrey Cameron (Chemist working at the University of Edinburgh)
  • Audrey Chapman (American actress)
  • Audrey Evelyn Jones (Teacher and women’s rights campaigner)
  • Audrey Flack (American artist)
  • Audrey Fulquard (Fictional, character from “The Little Shop of Horrors”)
  • Audrey Gordon (Fictional, character in “Audrey’s Kitchen”)
  • Audrey Hanson (Fictional, character from “Heroes”)
  • Audrey Hepburn (Brittish actress)
  • Audrey Meadows (American actress)
  • Audrey Penn (American author)
  • Audrey Richards (British anthropologist)
  • Audrey Riley (UK cellist and string musician)
  • Audrey Roberts (Fictional, character from the British soap opera “Coronation Street”)
  • Faith Hill, born Audrey Faith Perry (American country musician)
  • Little Audrey (Fictional, cartoon character)
  • Saint Audrey (an East Anglian princess who was a nun)

Final Thoughts On Audrey Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

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Best Nicknames For Audrey