Nicknames For Riley

Trying to find the best nicknames for Riley for your sweet baby girl or boy?

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Riley is a modern name used for boys and girls that comes from the Old English ryge leah, meaning “wood or rye clearing”. Reilly also has Irish roots meaning hardworking, stubborn, rich and humble.

Although originally used for boys, the female version Rileigh has been shortened to Riley, and the name is now used for both!

The name Riley has climbed from being virtually unknown in the 80s to top 50s stardom for the past 15 years! And really it’s no surprise that a name that’s fresh, spunky, feisty, and gorgeous would gain such popularity!

So, of course, we’ve gathered up all the best nicknames for the name Riley we could find and compiled them here for your enjoyment!  

From cute nicknames for Riley to funny nicknames for Riley to cool nicknames for Riley, you’re sure to find a nickname for Riley you love here! We even have a bunch of famous people named Riley for even more inspiration!

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Nicknames For The Name Riley

Best Nicknames For Riley

  1. Dryly Riley
  2. Riley Golightly
  3. Eyzee
  4. Rillo
  5. Leigh
  6. Rilo
  7. Ley
  8. Riri
  9. Li-Li 
  10. Rotten-Riley
  11. Lil Ril
  12. Ry Ry
  13. Mighty Riley
  14. Ry-boo
  15. Miley
  16. Ry-bug
  17. Mistah R
  18. Rye
  19. O’Riley
  20. Rye the Sly
  21. Ra
  22. Ryebread
  23. Rale-The Alpha Male
  24. Ryler
  25. Really
  26. Rylie
  27. Really Riley
  28. Ryly
  29. Rhys
  30. Savo-Riley
  31. Ri
  32. Slyly
  33. Ri Ri
  34. Wry
  35. Ri-Bit
  36. Wryly
  37. Ri-Lee
  38. Yelir
  39. Riley Divinely
Funny Nicknames For Riley

Cute Nicknames For Riley

  1. Bubbly Riley
  2. Riley Lively
  3. Desirily
  4. Riley Muffin
  5. Gingeriley
  6. Riley Rose
  7. Lye-Lee
  8. Riley Slyly
  9. Lye-Lye
  10. Rolo
  11. Pecisely Riley
  12. Roo
  13. Rianna
  14. Rudy
  15. Rie Bunny 
  16. Rudy-Riley
  17. Riel
  18. Rylan
  19. Riley
  20. Ryland
  21. Riley Bear
  22. Smiley
  23. Riley Coyote
  24. Smiley Riley
  25. Riley Kitten 
  26. Squi-Riley
Famous People Named Riley

Funny Nicknames For Riley

  1. Ditzi-Riley
  2. R-Smash 
  3. Dizzi-Riley
  4. Ri Ri French Fry
  5. Fuzzy-Riley
  6. Ri-piel
  7. Kylie
  8. Riler Coster
  9. Mama Riley
  10. Rolly Polly Riley
  11. Nylie
  12. Ry bug
  13. R-Cade
  14. Ry Fry
  15. R-Dawg 
  16. Ryl-O
  17. R-Hunk
  18. Sugariley
  19. R-Lee
  20. T-Relli
  21. R-Lep
  22. Tomb-Ryler
Cute Nicknames For Riley

Cool Nicknames For Riley

  1. Big Dog Riley
  2. Riggly
  3. Big R
  4. Rilee
  5. Lee
  6. Riles
  7. Lee-Lee
  8. Riley the Unsightly
  9. Max-Rale
  10. Riley-rae
  11. Popu-Riley
  12. Rolex Riley
  13. Rad Riley 
  14. Rowdy Riley
  15. Rai
  16. Rylee-Roo
  17. Rails
  18. Ryleigh
  19. Reals
  20. Sly Ry
  21. Red Riley
  22. Wiley
  23. Reilly
  24. Wiley Riley
  25. Riey
  26. Wrap-up Riley
  27. Riff Raff Riley
Cool Nicknames For Riley

Famous People Named Riley

  • Riley .B. King, “B.B. King” (American Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and record producer)
  • Riley Andersen (Fictional, character from “Inside Out”)
  • Riley Daring (Fictional, character from “The Replacements”)
  • Riley Finn (Fictional, character from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)
  • Riley Jones (English actor)
  • Riley Keaton (American politician)
  • Riley Keough (American actress)
  • Riley Matthews (Fictional, character from “Girl Meets World”)
  • Riley Perrin (Fictional, character from “Baby Daddy”)
  • Riley Smith (American actor)
  • Riley Weston (American actress)

Final Thoughts On Riley Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

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Riley Nicknames