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The name Michelle is a French version of the masculine Hebrew name Michael, which means “Who is like God?”  

The name Michelle became popularized in the late ‘60s thanks to the Beatles hit song “Michelle”, and became one the top 10 names for baby girls through the 70s. It remained relatively favored in the top 50 names for girls throughout the remainder of the century.  Since then, it has slowly lost traction in popularity, but has remained a lovely feminine French girl name!

So, if you too love the name Michelle, let us help you find your perfect Michelle nickname to go with it!

Here you’ll find the cute nicknames for Michelle, funny nicknames for Michelle, and cool nicknames for Michelle! And our famous people named Michelle might even have one or two celebrities that might surprise you!

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Cute Nicknames for Michelle

Best Nicknames For Michelle

  1. Chela
  2. Michuleta
  3. Chele
  4. Michy
  5. Chelles
  6. Micki
  7. Ella
  8. Mikaela
  9. Elli
  10. Millie
  11. Emmi Lou
  12. Mischa
  13. Lil Michy
  14. Misha
  15. Lou
  16. Mishel
  17. Maia
  18. Mishka
  19. Meko
  20. Mitch
  21. Mel
  22. Mitchel
  23. Mich
  24. Mitchie
  25. Michael
  26. Shelby
  27. Michaela
  28. Shell Belle
  29. Michi
  30. Shelley
Famous People Named Michelle

Cute Nicknames For Michelle

  1. Chellerina
  2. Michy Boo
  3. Chellery
  4. Michy Mouse
  5. ChellyBoo
  6. Mickey
  7. Elmi
  8. Miguelita
  9. Lil Missy
  10. Milly
  11. Mechi
  12. Mimi
  13. Meli
  14. Mimmi
  15. Melly
  16. Minnie
  17. Mia
  18. Missy
  19. Michelada
  20. Missy Miss
  21. Micheline
  22. Ms
  23. Michelita
  24. Shay
  25. Michelski
  26. Shella
  27. Michu
  28. Shellerina
  29. Michy Bear
Funny Nicknames for Michelle

Funny Nicknames For Michelle

  1. Celery
  2. Misay
  3. Celery Chellery
  4. Mitchell
  5. Chello
  6. Mrs. O
  7. First Lady
  8. Mrs. Obama
  9. Lil Miss
  10. Richy Michy
  11. M Dog
  12. Sea Chelle
  13. M&M
  14. Seychelles
  15. Mallory
  16. Shelly Belly
  17. Me’Shelle
  18. Shelly Pelly
  19. Mee Shell
  20. Smelly
  21. Michigan
  22. Smelly Shelly
  23. Michy Mich
Cool Nicknames for Michelle

Cool Nicknames For Michelle

  1. Big Meech
  2. Michs
  3. Chell
  4. Mickie
  5. Chelle
  6. Midge
  7. Chelly
  8. Mish
  9. Elle
  10. Mishe
  11. Ellie
  12. Mishi
  13. Lil M
  14. Mishy
  15. Ma Belle
  16. Miss
  17. Machell
  18. Mychelle
  19. Meesha
  20. Shell
  21. Mica
  22. Shelly
  23. Miche
Best Nicknames for Michelle

Famous People Named Michelle

  • Michelle Borth (American actress)
  • Michelle Branch (American singer)
  • Michelle Collins (English TV presenter)
  • Michelle Dockery (English actress)
  • Michelle Jenneke (Australian hurdler and model)
  • Michelle Kwan (American Olympic figure skater)
  • Michelle Monaghan (American actress)
  • Michelle Monkhouse (Canadian model)
  • Michelle Obama (Former First Lady of the United States, wife of Barack Obama)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (American actress)
  • Michelle Phillips (American singer, songwriter, and actress)
  • Michelle Rodriguez (American actress)
  • Michelle Ryan (English actress)
  • Michelle Tanner (Fictional, character from “Full House”)
  • Michelle Williams (American actress)
  • Michelle Yeoh (Malaysian actress)

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