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Jade is a beautiful name that refers to a precious green stone, the jade, that is popular for jewelry making and artwork.  Asian countries greatly value the stone.  

The word Jade comes from the Spanish piedra de la ijada which means “stone of the bowels” based on its belief that if placed on the abdomen, it could cure ailments of the stomach and bowels.

Jade is a gorgeous name, as beautiful as the green gemstone from which it is derived. It’s been creeping toward the top 100 girl names for the past 40 years, and keeps gaining popularity.

Your precious baby Jade is deserving of the very best nickname for Jade! And to help you find that perfect nickname, here you’ll find cute nicknames for Jade, funny nicknames for Jade, cool nicknames for Jade, and even a bunch of famous people named Jade!

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Famous People Named Jade

Best Nicknames For Jade

  1. Band-Jade
  2. Jaida
  3. Beautiful Jay
  4. Jane
  5. Big J
  6. Janers
  7. Blue Jay
  8. Jayde
  9. Day-O
  10. Jaydee
  11. Diamond
  12. Jayden
  13. Giada
  14. Jaydn
  15. Homemade
  16. JJ
  17. Jada
  18. Kool-Jade
  19. Jadana
  20. My Precious
  21. Jadee
  22. O’Jady
  23. Jaders
  24. Ruby
  25. Jadis
  26. Sapphire
  27. Jadounette
Funny Nicknames for Jade

Cute Nicknames For Jade

  1. Brady Jady
  2. Jay Bird
  3. J Bear
  4. Jay Bug
  5. J Bug
  6. Jay-Bird
  7. J-Boo
  8. Jay-Jay
  9. J-Dawg
  10. Jayla
  11. J-Dog
  12. Jaylah
  13. Jadalicious
  14. Lady
  15. Jadanna
  16. Lady Jade
  17. Jadeyn
  18. Lady Jady
  19. Jadicious
  20. Lady Jadybug
  21. Jadoo
  22. M’Jady
  23. Jady-pa-tootie
  24. M’Lady
  25. Jadybug
  26. Suede
Cute Nicknames for Jade

Funny Nicknames For Jade

  1. Aide
  2. Juicy J
  3. Band Aid
  4. Junky J
  5. BridesJade
  6. Maid
  7. Famous J
  8. Mercedes
  9. Famous J’s
  10. Meter Jade
  11. Flying J
  12. Ready Jade
  13. Home Jade
  14. Shade
  15. HomeJade
  16. Shady
  17. Jadass
  18. Slade
  19. Jade Service
  20. Slim Jadee
  21. Jay-O
  22. Slim Jaydee
  23. JayDay
  24. Slim JD
  25. Jdawg
  26. Tailor Jade
  27. Jdog
  28. Upgrade
Cool Nicknames for Jade

Cool Nicknames For Jade

  1. Baby J
  2. Jady
  3. Crusade
  4. Jady Lady
  5. Edaj
  6. Jadyn
  7. Fade
  8. Jaide
  9. Green Jay
  10. Jate
  11. J
  12. Jatie
  13. Jack of all Jades
  14. Jayda
  15. Jade aid
  16. Jayds
  17. Jade of Honor
  18. JD
  19. Jaded
  20. Journey
  21. Jades
  22. Lil J
  23. Jadey Jay Jay
  24. Little J
  25. Jadie
  26. Precious
  27. Jadine
  28. Stellers Jay
Best Nicknames for Jade

Famous People Named Jade

  • Jade (Fictional, character from DC comic universe)
  • Jade Almarie Louise Ewen (English singer, songwriter, and actress)
  • Jade Bryce (American actress)
  • Jade Johnson (English track athlete)
  • Jade Leung (Chinese actress)
  • Jade Mitchell (Fictional, character from “Neighbours”)
  • Jade Puget (American musician and composer)
  • Jade Ramsey (English actress)
  • Jade Seah (Singaporean actress and model)
  • Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger (English socialite and jewelry designer)
  • Jade Sutherland (Fictional, character from “Home and Away”)
  • Jade Thirlwall (English singer and songwriter)
  • Jade Thompson (British model)

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